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Title: Always Heard Never Seen | Submit a Review

GinnyP87: WooooW I love your story and that was awesome! Please don't take long in uploading the chapters :D Xxxxx 2012-07-17 13:55:46

gg: who do you think of all this? 6 chapters!!! your going to be fine author yourself!! im a guitar player myself!!! 2011-08-30 07:36:28

Afoust2: Enjoying the story. Liked the new chapter and the fast update. Looking forward to more 2011-08-24 22:45:17

heartablazed: hey I missed this story please update this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU 2010-11-16 07:26:18

heartablazed: wow I like this chapter please update it soon hehehe... (cliff hanger hehe) 2010-04-08 12:00:21

FlameHairedBonnie: Good story, keep updating cuz I wanna find out what happens next! 2009-10-30 02:08:09

pamtamez: Im liking the story a lot! please update to read what happens next. 2009-08-17 15:45:29

sunlitdays7: I really like this idea- I'm also a musician, so it's interesting to see how Ginny behaves in a different environment! :) I'm really looking forward to chapter... five? Hope you can update soon! 2009-08-15 16:15:48

IleanaGoddess: Oh! By the way: It's "Ginevra," not "Ginerva." 2009-01-27 15:23:35

IleanaGoddess: Mmmmm, yes, definitely original fiction. This ain't Harry Potter at all, love. Well, what I noticed in this chapter weren't so much the commas (though yes, there were a few comma errors) as the apostrophes. Just . . . watch them, you know? Also, sometimes as a writer, one tends to see each sentence as its own. We see the parts, rather than the whole. While this is fine in the beginning, always check over your chapter to see how it sounds later. Sometimes you would have a really excellent line, and then the next line seemed a bit . . . modern. "Music has a separate world that is too beautiful for our own. It is one that seems to be made of emotions sung out in all different ways, with different styles." This is actually really good insight, put in a very lovely structure. But then the next line is, "A world of feeling as corny as that sounds . . . not something that can be made clear by reality." I think the word "corny" pretty much broke my focus here. It's like you're shying away from what you just wrote because it's too deep for comfort (ha, don't I know THAT feeling) and you need to excuse yourself for it, but then it just sounds ridiculous. Hoping to see where this goes. ~Illy 2009-01-27 15:22:09

IleanaGoddess: CAROLYNN VINELLI??????? *cracks up* Is this who I think it is? Because that's just hilarious. (insert paragraph break here) All right. Fine. I'm a judgemental,m emo, can't-even-say-that-word-on-Ginny-Potter. Are you happy now? But hey. You got me to talk to you face-to-face during lunch, so that's something. (insert paragraph break here) So, I'm reading it. The grammar still bugs the flobberworms out of me, and I still think that if you just got a beta this would be a whole lot easier, but whatever. Plotwise, I definitely agree: This could quite easily be your best story yet. I've only read the first chapter so far, but I can tell you that you DO have a certain eloquence of words . . . it's just that the commas (grrrr, commas) or lack thereof seem to be breaking the flow. This is all I'm saying. Oh, and Mrs. Weasley's voice seems a bit off, too, but she's not really a central character so I can see how that might happen. What I don't get is: Regardless of the fact that this is an AU story . . . if you're going to change the personalities, world, and events, why bother even making it fanfiction? What if you switched it to original fiction instead? There are places you can post OF, you know, like Fictionpress or the Muse Bunny. This just seems like it would fit so much better if it wasn't Harry Potter at all. (paragraph break) My final words of advice (at least for this chapter) are: Please, please, PLEASE change your summary and spell "musician" correctly. PLEASE. ~Illy 2009-01-27 15:11:40

IleanaGoddess: How weird is it that this is the second story on the "Recent Stories" list the first time I bother popping in in weeks? Anyway, I started to read, but to be honest, I just can't do it until you go and get yourself a beta. Take a quick stroll through PI, just find someone to send your story to. You might just make a friend, your stories will be much cleaner, I'll quit nagging, and I swear to God it's going to improve your grammar skills. Just give it a try. 2009-01-09 20:31:09

GryffindorGirl444: brilliant, as your previous chapter before it. i love the beautiful descriptions. it reminds me a lot of the way i think about and describe dancing....it was stunning. two thumbs up without question. continuing on as your best story to date. the only thing i feel the need to point out is that you said "truth is" or "to tell the truth" a little too often in the last paragraph of so. but over all it was brilliant nontheless 2009-01-05 21:09:10

GryffindorGirl444: Brilliant. I actually really loved it! I agree, definitely your best work. I only found one slip up in your first person point of view; an instance when you said her, and it should have been my. Other than that everything was wonderful. Let's hope things stay at this level :) 2008-11-17 15:49:00

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