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Title: GP-ers go to Hogwarts: Year Four | Submit a Review

JimMcGuffin: 10-JULY-2011: NEW REVIEWS! First of all, let me point out how sad I am to have so many of our writers leave us. But then again, this was inevitable since after so many years, the writers who began as high school or college students suddenly find themselves with jobs and families. Well, let me at least comment on the writers still here. STEF: Good to see you back! Things don't seem to be looking good for Allie and Cedric. Allie still feels guilty after what happened with Fernando at the Yule Ball. She feels that Cedric still loves her, but I don't like the sound of that talk at the end of the chapter. And as canon requires Ced to be with Cho by the end of the book, the relationship between Allie and Cedric is doomed. ODDISH: Yes, the Ray rape chapter is the most controversial chapter of our story. It's good that Daniel was able to blackmail Rita Skeeter into revealing his adoptive cousin's attacker so he can avenge the rape. Still, I can't help but wonder how Rhiain would have closed this story arc had she remained an active writer. SARAH: I like how your chapters advance the story from canon, with the 2nd Hogsmeade visit and 2nd Task. Previous writers have done something similar, and now you're here to connect what's been happening to Jory, her friends, and the other gp'ers to the basic story from canon. ALL: February's almost over, though mainly because most of our writers have departed, leaving us with few chapters. At this point, I can't see us realistically continuing with Year Five and beyond. I'm glad that we were at least able to make it through GoF, still my favorite of JKR's books. Let's see if we can finish this year with a bang! 2011-07-10 04:50:17

JimMcGuffin: Now that the Yule Ball is over, let me give my reviews of this most anticipated section of our great story. RHIAIN: Ray and the Durmstranger? I knew it was coming, the infamous rape scene. (I assume that Cass foresees that Lavender would be attacked, and so she saves Lav, leaving her would-be attacker free to get Ray instead.) Still, knowing that it was coming didn't make it any easier to read at all. It's sad to read of a girl's innocence being taken so violently, whether it's Ginny in your "Lost Love" or Ray in the chapter here. CASS and JUSTIN: Cass and Seb? Can't say I saw that coming -- even though this was planned all the way back when Justin was still writing. Each has a different reason for kissing the other -- Cass for her continuing guilt caused by "Moody's" comments about her, Seb for seeing Allie slip further and further away. I'm glad that Marcus is there to comfort Cass. STEF: Allie and Fernando? Can't say I saw that coming -- well, I knew that Fernando would chase after Allie, but not that they would take it that far! With Cedric dating Cho in canon, then being murdered by Voldemort, we knew that Cedric/Allie had to end eventually, but I hope it won't end this! SARAH: Jory and Griffin? Can't say I saw that coming -- though I was suspicious when Jory set Griffin up with a date for the Ball. Of course, if Jory or Griffin actually left the Ball with their original dates, it wouldn't really be gp'ers now, would it? (Notice that not a single gp'er character stays with his or her original date.) ODDISH: Daniel and -- well, Daniel just plays the field. Still, there was some interesting information about Emily Braxton there, including some hints about her parentage and relatedness to Daniel. As for Daniel resolving to find Ray's attacker, I hope that he doesn't find himself in much worse trouble. Then again, trouble always seems to find him. ALL: Now that the Yule Ball is over, I hope that we don't suffer a bit of a letdown. I don't see very many January chapters in the queue, but there are many storylines just from the Yule Ball that need to be tied up. Let's keep the ball rolling! 2011-04-12 02:24:06

Oddish: *Sigh* The old saw about good girls liking bad boys proves tragically true for Cassandra and George, and also Alondra and Cedric. I know that Cass isn't evil, but she sure did make a bad decision, and it set off some nasty chain reactions, in her life and in others. It's a sad, sad, sad thing. Adding in the attack on Ray, the Yule ball is proving to be about the worst thing that could have happened to our GPers, shy of Voldemort returning, and we know that's coming in a few short months. Will the sun ever shine at Hogwarts again? Sometimes I wonder... 2011-03-24 14:33:23

Oddish: ARGHHH!!! Poor Ray! And poor Durmstranger: sooner or later, Daniel is GOING to get his hands on the S.O.B., and revenge is a dish that will be served VERY hot. In any case, as horrific and revolting as I found the content, that was a very affecting chapter. I hope that more of Rhiain's chapters surface, so we can see what happens to Ray next. 2011-02-19 19:21:03

JimMcGuffin: Now that we're well into our December chapters, it's time for reviews again. SARAH: I already knew that Jory would be going with Dean to Yule Ball, since she's too young to go on her own and she's already dating Dean. The big surprise of course was Griffin Reed. For some reason Jory really wanted Griffin to go to the Ball. Hmmmm... ODDISH: Daniel goes to the Ball, his first somewhat romantic adventure since the Ginny/Abraxas fiasco. He learns much about his date Emily Braxton, but not enough for him to put two and two together and find out her big secret. I look forward to seeing how this will develop. RHIAIN: Am I see that name right -- is it really Rhiain? LOL! I already knew that the Yule Ball sequence was something that you guys have been planning for years, and so some of those who are no longer with us already have chapters written for the Ball. I thought it was sad that so many people had left gp'ers over the years, so I was glad that Cass still has the chapters! It was bittersweet reading about Ray -- I wish that the actual Rhiain were still writing for us. CASS: And speaking of plots that are years in the making, I already know about the rape plot, but wasn't it someone else who was supposed to be raped, and by Draco, not some faceless Durmstranger? Of course, this ties in to what I was saying about writers leaving us, forcing us to change our plots that we've planned. (Or has it? What exactly does Cass find out at the end of the chapter after kissing Seb? The suspense is killing me!) Once again, thanks for keeping the old chapters. STEF (and apparently, THERESA? Now that's a name for sore eyes!): Canon dictates that Cedric take Cho to the ball -- but of course, for gp'ers he has to take Allie. I was wondering how Fernando was going to fit into all of this, and it does -- he takes Cho instead of Ced taking her. Seb, meanwhile, goes with Hya and kisses Cass, but will he ever get over Allie? ALL: After so many years, I'm glad to be finally seeing the Yule Ball chapters. At times I wondered whether we'd make it this far, but yes, we're finally here. Keep up the good work! 2011-02-07 01:54:20

CassandraSerenity: Yule Ball is here!! And with it comes many wonderful chapters from all of our characters even some long lost ones thanks to my anal retentive nature to keep everything I’m sent lol. First we have Sebastian leading us up to the ball with his thoughts of Alondra and the dangerous game he and his father played with her life and his heart. It’s a nice look into his mind and seeing the feelings he normally keeps locked away. Great job Stef, you always do a wonderful job of letting us into the minds of your characters. Next is Ginnywitch and Jory, a lucky third year that will be going with her boyfriend, Dean, to the ball. It’s easy to see why she would be envied by her classmates. To bad we didn’t get to hear Dean ask her out. But the real question is why does she need Gryffin there if she has her boyfriend? Drama. Good job GW. Following that we have Oddish and Daniel. Though Daniel might not be ready to move on from Ginny I’m surprised Jimmy had to set him up on a date. After all he did fight off Voldemort in second year and does have quite the reputation around school. I’m sure there were a lot of girls pinning for him to ask them. He was a nice guy though and helped out a friend making a new friend in the process. As always wonderful job Oddish! The next chapter is a long lost one from Rhiain and Ray. I found this in my stash of chapters people have sent me over the years. So if you ever have a chapter you don’t want to loose just send it to me LOL. Since we hadn’t heard from Ray in a while I thought this would be a nice inclusion. Finally, we have a collaborative effort from Stef and I. Actually this was one of the first chapters I had ever written over eight years ago! Originally written with Theresa and then modified three times with Stef this was a super fun chapter to work on with my fellow writers. Great job to everyone and I can’t wait to see what will happen next. The Yule Ball will definitely be memorable for everyone and have ramification that will last for years. Keep on posting!! 2011-02-03 14:14:14

Oddish: What I meant to say in my last was that it couldn't have happened WITHOUT YOUR TALENT AND HARD WORK! Obviously it did happen... Ooops. :o 2010-12-13 18:18:55

Oddish: It's been awhile, so I won't be able to review every chapter that's come up since, but at least I can discuss some. JIM: Loved your description of Jimmy's first Hogsmeade visit, and also the way you carefully read other authors' chapters and include details from them. You, more than any other writer (me included) remember that this is a COLLABORATIVE effort, and that all of these storylines are taking place in the same universe. And your next chapter... urghh! BAD decision, Jimmy! Of all the teachers to have angry with him, he picked the worst by far. And now the 'Puffs are (justifiably) angry with him. I hope that Jimmy can find a way to atone for his actions. GW: I really loved the way you described each champion's dragon-wrangling technique. And I also love the way your chapters are almost always ready and on time as soon as you get the word. That goes double for you, JIm. And finally, MM: LOVED the descripition of the Gryff/'Puff squabbles, and Allie and Cedric being conflicted about it. And the bit with Fleur and Allie... so cool, I hope that there are more bits with our two favorite Veela together. I'll bet their conversations will be most interesting! ALL WRITERS: Thanks to all of you for sticking to the project for as long as you have, and for your continued displays of creativity. This six-year, 700-chapter odyssey could not have happened. I am honored to have taken this journey with you. 2010-12-13 18:15:41

MaskedMaiden: LOL! Jim, you are truly such a talented writer. We need to tell you this more often. Every time I read your chapters, it's like I'm shadowing Jimmy and feeling all he's feeling and experiencing Hogwarts thanks to him. This latest chapter had me rolling with laughter when Jimmy whacked Snape. Ugh! What a git that prof. is. It's like we ALL wanted to do this at one point, more than once too, and Jimmy did it for us all. I felt strangely triumphant. :) Of course, the consequences were not funny at all--but I applaud Jimmy's courage and grace throughout. Happy Holidays! 2010-12-10 15:42:05

JimMcGuffin: It's time for reviews again. CASS: It's good that when Cass has no one else to talk to, she always has her house elves, Oreste, Panthe, Quistle, and now Dobby. I wish that Cass would stop blaming herself for the Potters' deaths. I'm intrigued by the fact that Moody seems to hold a grudge against Cass for some reason, especially since we know Moody's true identity. ODDISH: Dragons breathe fire, and Daniel's a master of fire, so it makes sense that Harry would ask him for tips on how to get past the dragon in the first task. It's tough to blame Ron for his anger at Daniel, since it was Ron's sister whom Daniel allegedly hurt. SARAH: Ah, the first task is finally here! Jory and her friends sure have fun watching it. It's interesting to see how the other Gryffindors react to Harry being entered in the tourney. Some Gryffs, like Ron, think that Harry entered himself, but I notice Jory's great insight in realizing the truth. STEF: Welcome back to gp'ers! You've always been one of the most popular writers, and so our fic is so much better when you're a part of it. We finally get to see your big plot with Fernando's arrival at Hogwarts, and how Allie and Ced (and Seb) react to him. It's sad, though, to read about Ced promising Allie that he'll survive the tourney and marry Allie, as we know that he won't be able to keep that promise. ALL: My, we're speeding through these November chapters faster than expected. Maybe it's because everyone wants to hurry up to December and the Yule Ball? Anyway, let's keep up the good work! 2010-11-08 02:58:25

MaskedMaiden: Watched GoF last night! Words can't describe how incredibly thrilled I am at the upcoming events for our characters. I could almost see our GP'ers in the crowds of students. ;) A joy working with you all. Happy 700th! 2010-10-29 14:06:37

Oddish: We close in on the 700-chapter mark, with only two chappies left to go. You guys are all ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!! 2010-10-13 20:20:24

angel_in_training: Omgoodness! It's been ages since I've been on GP and AGES since I've read this roundrobin! It's amazing guys! XD 2010-10-02 18:17:54

JimMcGuffin: It's been ages since my last round of reviews, so here we go. ODDISH: As the arrival of Durmstrang approaches, we meet another member of that school, another Pyromancer to boot. With so many writers with Durmstrang characters dropping out, at least you still give us Pietr to provide us with the Durmstrang perspective. SARAH: So Jory's year has to deal with those skrewts as well. Ouch! And yes, I miss Kai and Ara and all the other members of our year, so I'm definitely glad that you're still here to fill us in on what's going on with the other third years. CASS: Marcus, Marcus, Marcus! I must admit that Marcus is a odd fellow. It's hard to fault George for being drawn in by the veela charm (and with most gp'ers focusing on Durmstrang, I'm glad that you remembered Beauxbatons). But Marcus is the first Slytherin (outside of her cousin) to be this nice to Cass since, well, Draco. I wonder what it all will mean... FAITH: Welcome to gp'ers! As I read your first three chapters, I'm drawn in to learn about this mysterious character. So Faith, who left Silver Grove because she's Muggle-born, transfers all the way to Hogwarts only to be Sorted into Slytherin, of all Houses??? I was confused, until I read that last line and found out that she's really a half-blood after all. Wow! Still, I'm glad that Faith will get to learn about her father very soon, especially considering that many of our gp'ers characters have gone YEARS before they learned the truth about their fathers. We're all glad that you've decided to join us, and we hope that you'll enjoy participating in our wonderful project. ALL: And we finally make it to November, with the tourney is now in full swing. I'm disappointed that some of us have left, so I hope that the rest of us will be able to pick up the slack. Dang it, real life! 2010-09-29 02:12:20

CassandraSerenity: Jordy and Alice together get to tell us all about the arrival of our guests from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang! we see not only the welcoming feast from Jordy and her friends, but the selecting of names as well. I loved the fact that Jordy felt no one could breathe in the Great Hall. I sure wouldn't be. And of course you help to keep other characters going by mentioning Kaisar and Ara. Wonderful job! Jim, I love reading about Alice. She's a great character with a new look at things. But I'm starting to miss Jimmy. Do we get a chapter from him soon? Pretty please! The whole betting on how the other schools would get here was priceless though. A flying house? I wouldn't have thought of Wizard of OZ like that. Great job. Keep up the great work everyone and I can't wait to see more chapters soon. 2010-09-10 16:01:05

CassandraSerenity: Great chapters Faith. I think that Faith and Neville have a lot in common when it comes to magic. I wonder if its Neville's fears that hold him back too? That would explain wny he gets better as he gets more confident. Just like Faith! Can't wait to hear more about our newest arrival. Keep up the great work. 2010-08-10 13:08:49

FaithSlaysVamps: Alright, so I'm glad to be in on this stuff!! It's awesome! I'm starting to get a feel for all of the characters, I can't wait until I little down the road and really become a part of this. From what I've read, we've got a talented bunch of writers here and a lot of amazing characters and stories!! I'm so excited to keep reading!! Everyone is doing great so far, keep it up, all! 2010-08-08 18:49:08

CassandraSerenity: Everyone is doing a great job on GPers and I wanted to tell each of you how much I’m enjoying year four so far. Oddish: We have seen a few chapters from you since I last reviewed and in all of them Daniel seems strangely contemplative, none of the normal “piss and vinegar” to you get with him. We do get to see him with Luna, which was sweet, and discussing Durmstrang with an actual Durmstrang student. I wonder if Daniel’s fellow Pyromancer will be coming to Hogwarts? And if so what trouble two fire bending youngsters could be up too lol. I can’t wait to see Daniel start to get into some more trouble though because your actions scenes are always brilliant. Ginny: Jory is certainly having fun with her new powers and her new beau. Poor Gryffin though. I wonder if his snaps of anger are over Jordy’s comments or maybe a growing, unrealized, jealousy? Best Friends might always win, but as we see with Hermione and Ron that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Stef: Alondra is really feeling the pain right now and like a lot of people in pain she’s taking it out on everyone else. At least she has a lot of people who care for her and love her. They’re right too in that she’s not really that person which is why I think we can all feel our heart break some for her. Jim: I loved that because of “Serenity and Sterling” partners now have to work without wands. I wonder if Jimmy will ever learn that it wasn’t his friend that caused the changes, but his foster sister lol. And he gets paired with two girls. Is that a statement for him? I can’t wait to see if his partners turn up as dangerous as Cass’s did. Faith: Finally we have a new writer joining us in GP-ers go to Hogwarts. Faith, I can’t wait to work with you and see what you can bring to the story. In your first chapter we don’t hear a lot from the character herself, but there is defiantly a lot of mystery in her wake. Why was she transferred? What happen that was so bad? I’m anxiously waiting to hear more about Faith and learn what type of person she is. Welcome to the mad house and I hope you stay a while. We’ve had some great chapters so far this year and things are just starting to get interesting with Beauxbatons and Durmstrang just about to arrive. Keep your eyes and ears open because I know for sure this is going to be a bumpy year and it’s just getting good. 2010-07-26 14:46:37

JimMcGuffin: It's time once again for reviews. VEGATA: Ah, that Durmstrang ship. We know that it will make its majestic entrance out of the Hogwarts lake, but now we see how Sergei and his friends prepare the ship for its trip. Great idea to write a chapter about the ship! CASS: What I like the most about your chapters is how you always refer to the main story from canon, so that all of us other writers can tell where in the story we are. So now it's time for Moody to cast the Imperius spell on everyone. And of course, kudos to Cass for being able to throw off the curse! ODDISH: Snape and his detentions are infamous among Hogwarts students, and many of them seem to take place after sunset. Daniel can see the thestrals now, another reminder of the wizard he killed back in the other universe. I like how Luna was the one to explain to Daniel what thestrals are. SARAH: Like Daniel, Jory also has a talent with fire, although her fire appears to be of a vastly different nature from Daniel's. But just like him, she needs to learn how to control it. It's good that her wolf is always there in the shadows to help her out. STEF: It's never good when one of our writers is too busy to contribute. But it was clever of you to write the lack of summer chapters into the story, attributing it to amnesia on the part of Allie. I can't wait to learn more about the secret events that she can't recall. ALL: We're well into our October chapters now, getting ever closer to the big tournament chapters. 2010-06-13 02:30:19

Oddish: JIM: Glad to see a chapter from Alice's perspective, and it's always nice to see Daniel mentioned... I hope Jimmy comes around and stops being such a prat. Also, nice compromise with Moody showing only the one curse to the firsties, rather than all three. CASS: I loved all of the Imperius commands, and kudos for getting Daniel's reaction to being Imperiused (both before and during it) exactly right. That's going to be one frightening aspect of his character for the time being: the fact that he possesses enormous firepower, and lacks the ability to resist Imperius. We're closing in on the 700-chapter mark, so let's keep rolling! 2010-05-14 20:30:14

JimMcGuffin: OK, it's time for me to review again. Let me start off with SARAH: Jory finally has the opportunity to speak to Dumbledore about the summer, but now she has her hands full with Moody. I was wondering whether he would show the Unforgivables to the third years, and apparently he does. It's good that Shadow is able to protect Jory from Moody and his Imperius Curse. And speaking of Moody ... CASS: I was afraid that seeing the Unforgivables in class would remind Cass of her father, and sure enough, that is exactly what happens. It's definitely painful when his victims' son is sitting right in the class with her. Hopefully, she'll learn not to blame herself for her father's actions. At least she's happy to get her brother back. Speaking of which ... ODDISH: And so Daniel is back in his own world. But I was shocked when Diana tells Daniel everything about not only his trip to the other universe, but Abraxas as well. Now he finally knows why he lost Ginny, though knowing this information won't bring her back into his arms. But at least he knows all about his victorious fights with the Malfoys and the Inferi at Durmstrang. Speaking of Durmstrang ... VEGATA: At least this the Durmstrang of this world hasn't been taken over by Inferi. Sergei's return to school marks the end of his summer pet project. I enjoyed his conversations with Viktor and Fernando about the tournament. Speaking of Fernando ... STEF: Allie will certainly have her hands full with the De La Vega wizard once he arrives at Hogwarts. But now she has to deal with the always fickle Seb, who can't decide whether to accept that she is another wizard's girlfriend, or succumb to his feelings and kiss her. It's good to see that you're back to writing again! ALL: The school year is in full swing now, and as Cass points out, this figures to be a big year. I can't wait to move forward into the major plots for Year Four! 2010-04-14 17:05:42

CassandraSerenity: OMG I am finally caught up! The gods for work time internet! I’ve been reading for three days straight to get caught up on all the chapters I’ve missed. While I’ve been skimming them to make sure that my chapters fit in I hadn’t had the time to really get my teeth into any of them in some time. But I’m very glad I did. While I’ve always said that we have amazing writers with GP-ers go to Hogwarts I find it truer as each year passes. Unfortunately we do see some writers fall away, but we also see new and wonderful writers join us as well. This year we have Vegata joining us with a character that is unlike anyone we have had before. Not only does he come from another school, but he is a darker character than we are used too bringing a different side to how magic works and is used. This is the first character to have a single year to make an impact on all of us and Sergei is definitely doing just that. I also want to thank everyone who has shown such amazing dedication to this story. From time to time we all have points in our life where other things become important and we need to back way from things we love. We’ve lost many brilliant writers for just that reason. Even I have struggled at times to keep myself involved in this project that is a passion for me and has been since I first read Oddish’s amazingly fantastic story that pulled me in and never let me go. So thank you to all of the writers who have come to GP-ers go to Hogwarts. And thank you even more to the ones who have, for over seven years, showed a dedication that few professional writers have to stay with a single story. Let me also say that the plot lines, the characters, the danger, and the romance for year four looks to be the most intriguing and tantalizing we have seen ever. No one will leave this year the same and it will have impacts on everyone for the rest of their lives in this universe. So reader…. Get ready we’re going to put you through hell and bring you back this year! 2010-03-31 19:03:41

Oddish: VEG: Blood-chillingly creepy. I look forward to more of Sergei's adventures; it's good to finally have a "not so nice" GPer on board. Again, welcome. CASS: Awww... now I feel bad about having poor Daniel get spirited away, even though it's not really his fault. All will end well, but I know that's no consolation. JIM: YES!! I was hoping Alice would make Gryffindor, just to give Jimmy a bit more angst (not that I don't like him, he's one of my favorite characters, but a little angst can be fun). A superb effort, as always. 2010-02-18 15:45:22

JimMcGuffin: It's been a while since anyone's reviewed -- most likely because the writer who draws the most reviews (Stef, especially from outside readers) hasn't written much lately. And so here I am to provide some much needed reviews for our Quidditch chapters. SARAH: The Quidditch World Cup is a good time to meet up with friends, as Jory runs into both Griffin and Seamus, and also allows her to bond with her future stepfather. Of course, the appearance of the Dark Mark is scary for all of us readers. VEGATA: Welcome to gp'ers! The structure of Year Four allows us to see into the minds of a Durmstrang pupil for the first time. At first, I thought that Sergei was an evil wizard trying to create dementors, until I read that he's actually trying to DESTROY them. Once again, we're all glad to have you here as the newest member of the gp'ers family and look forward to your next chapter. CASS: Now Cass survives a rollercoaster of emotions here as she nearly loses her mother Juliet at the World Cup. Fortunately, she finds her, only to have her newly adoptive brother turn us missing. Of course, to find out where Daniel is, we must go to ODDISH: So Daniel is in a parallel universe. (At first I half wondered whether in this universe Ginny would be expelled from Hogwarts, only to end up going to some American school -- oops wrong story!) Still, with Harry and Dumbledore dead, Durmstang under Inferi control, this world is scary enough! Of course Inferi hate fire and Dan's a pyromancer, so he's the perfect guy to attack them. I hope that Dan will be able to return to his own timeline soon. ALL: We've made it to the September chapters. Year Four is now in full swing. I look forward to seeing what happens next for everyone! 2010-02-17 00:03:21

JimMcGuffin: These August chapters have definitely been a challenge to write, but it's good to see that we're finally moving again! SARAH: When I first read about that bracelet and its special powers, I thought about Dean -- until I remembered that he gave her a ring, not a bracelet. Still, I wonder where the bracelet came from. Yes, Dumbledore will be the one to ask. STEF: Allie's in trouble yet again, and where there's trouble, there's Seb. She can't even take a trip to Rome without running into him -- and one moment she's kissing Cedric, and the next she's kissing Seb????? I can't help but wonder whether Seb is up to no good here. CASS: So Peter continues to haunt Cass's nightmares. It's only understandable that she will have trouble with the reality that her father is a murderer. The last part of this chapter brings us back into canon, with Cass dreaming about bad things happening to Harry (probably right around the same time that Harry's scar starts to burn). LIZZY: As Cass pointed out earlier, Maggie's first kiss is certainly nothing to write home about. But then she engages in underage binge drinking, and the next thing she knows, she finds pictures of her mother. What are those pictures doing there anyway? I can't wait to find out more about this mystery. ALL: Hopefully this fic will start moving again, especially as we reach the Quidditch chapters. I've enjoyed what I've seen of Year Four thus far! 2009-12-13 21:06:10

CassandraSerenity: Poor Maggie! She gets to find out things the hard way. I hope Ben is held accountable at some point. I've never understood why a girl would hit another girl when it was her own man that was running around. I would smack him down first anytime. Great chapter Lizzy and thank you for filling. 2009-12-01 19:46:59

joshrhook: Great chapter. You and Oddish are my fave fanfic writers. Keep up the geat work! 2009-11-16 18:42:57

CassandraSerenity: OMG Maggie gets her first kiss!!! I really love how you made it so real. You're right, alot of people, even in this series, have had wonderful, frightening, or passionate first kisses, but Maggie's I think was by far the best because it was so true. 90% of girls don't feel fireworks when they first get kissed it just feels.... kind of wet and possiblity sloppy depending on the guy/girl you're kissing. It's so sweet to see Maggie growing up like this and in many ways really sad too. Her father, who said he wanted her around, seems to have liked the idea of daughter better than the real life thing. Stupid man. I hope he soon learns what a gem he has with her for a daughter. Great job Lizzy!! 2009-10-06 18:02:40

CassandraSerenity: I am VERY VERY late in my reviews. Please forgive me! I promise to not be so late next time *smiles* And I have alot to review because of it!! Stef, I've gotten to see a few sneak peaks here and there this year so I had a good idea of what was coming, but it's still such a pleasure to read your chapters. Allie is by far the sweetest, and the most promisusious, of us all LOL *wink* She sure does have the guys flocking to her.... again. I wonder who was watching her kiss Fernado? More over, I wonder what she's going to do when she sees Cedrix again! Will she tell him about her.... indescresions? I'm thinking not. Maybe someday she'll stick to just one guy, but somehow I doubt it lol. Oddish, you had two great chapters which I didn't get a chance to comment on. I really liked both of them, but your second one with little Sassy was just too sweet! Of course, I also liked that you mentioned Cass not seeing George because its true. But the little kittens just sounded too adorbable!!! I bet Sassy and Algy (Cass's cat) will get along famously, even if Cass's kitty isn't a Kneazel. Jim, you had a great chapter in there too which not only got us a confirmation about Alicie coming to Hogwarts, but also we got to hear a terriblly sad story from Jim Sr. I can definately imagine some blood crazy family doing that to their son once they found out he was a Squib, but it was still so hurtful. I really hope we get to hear more stories from Jim's parents. Like how they met! You know his mom wasn't friends with Tammy or Rita so there has to be an interesting story behind that!! And of course, we have a few great chapters from Lizzy! I can't believe it, just like in real life, our little Maggie is growing up! She's finally started to notice boys aren't just girls without skirts lol. But there is alot more going on in her life right now too. She's far away from her family and even from her friends. It's nice that she's making some new ones and maybe she'll even have a real conversation with her father, but we'll see. I'm on pins and needles for her to see what will happen next! To all of our writers I want to say how wonderful you've all been this, and every other, year! Fourth year is by far the one I've been looking forward to the most and I can't wait to really get going with it! 2009-09-29 18:30:28

JimMcGuffin: Year Four is finally here! And so let me give my first reviews for the new year. Let me begin with my fellow third-year, SARAH: That scary man -- a hunter I'll call him, since he kills wolves -- haunts Jory in her dreams. But at least Dean's there to give her a great birthday date. I enjoyed reading the contrasts in your chapter. STEF: Just as Year Three was Cass's big year, Year Four figures to be Allie's big year. A former love interest, Fernando, is poised to make a big return to her life, just as her current boyfriend Cedric will start to fall for Cho. Of course, we all know what will happen to Cedric at the end of the year, too. With all of this happening to Allie, what about Seb? I look forward to reading about Allie's most dramatic year. LIZZY: And so Maggie's father returns. Understandably, Maggie is reluctant to embrace her father. He takes her away from her home and to Las Vegas. Of all the exciting jobs he might have in Sin City, he has a rather pedestrian job at -- Trader Joe's? (Of course, even Vegas needs its grocery stores!) I liked the 1994 references in this chapter. (First the SNES, then Cobain's death.) CASS: As Cass recovers from her tumultous third year, at least she's beginning to reconnect to her cousin Ray, as well as accept her new brother, Daniel. I'm not quite sure why Cass seems to be pushing her boyfriend George away though, but I look forward to finding out more about her mixed feelings. ODDISH: Daniel Serenity, certainly has a nice ring to it. And not only does Daniel have a new loving family, but he has a new pet as well, as Mrs. Figg gives him one of her many feline companions. But the way you make a big deal about Daniel getting a cat, I can't help but wonder whether Sassafras will play a major role in the subsequent chapters. ALL: I've always considered GoF to be my favorite book of the series, due to the way JKR writes the plot twists in this book. And I hope that I'll enjoy Year Four of the gp'ers story just as much! 2009-09-20 05:40:14

MaskedMaiden: Oddish, as always, you set the stage for the mystery and the action. I LOVED getting an inside look into Malfoy Manor and the evil doings of DE's. Lucius just has it out for Dan, doesn't he? What a prat! I can't wait to read more as this new mission for Malfoy unfolds and plays out for Dan's 4th year. ;) XoXo, MM 2009-08-22 21:38:00

Luna26: Oddish, you are a truly awesome writer. The description of Malfoy Manor was amazing... I loved how I could picture it without you having to detail every little thing. And you have a serious knack for Death Eater dialog. I can't wait to read more. 2009-08-22 17:05:00

MaskedMaiden: Yay to Year 4! It's off with a BANG! Cass, I was lucky to get a snippet of this chapter before posting--I've said it before and I'll say it again: BRILLIANT. It breaks my heart to see Cassie so broken and so angry...Damn Peter and his sinister consequences! He's so loathesome. I hope in Lupin, Cassie finds a friend and a father figure. ;) Lizzy, I'm just gobsmacked by how talented you are in your writing--and you're so young! Can you imagine when you're like...my age? I think we have a next best-selling author in our mix. I loved how detailed and precise your descriptions are. I could Vivi's emotions, I could clearly see Maggie growing up and I was equally as shocked by the arrival of Maggie's DAD! OMG! I can't wait for more. XoXo, MM. 2009-08-20 02:55:32

Luna26: And finally, Fourth Year! Anyways, heart-wrenching start, Cass. Poor Cassandra... she feels so alone for something that is in no way her fault. It's... well, heart-wrenching. I loved it though, great job! 2009-08-17 21:43:02

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