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Title: Aurors and Schoolgirls | Submit a Review

Swan15: I think your fanfic is the best about the after Hogwarts and how Ginny and Harry get back together. :) Is there a following to this fan fic because I love it? 2012-08-23 05:46:51

dlongbottom: Excellant chapter,very well done.I liked the way you were able to get Ron on the cause of things rather than the effect if you know what I mean. 2012-03-30 17:21:42

dlongbottom: A fine heart-warming read.The suspence is killing me as to what happens next. 2012-02-20 05:58:31

dlongbottom: I loved this sneak peek into Slytherin House.I truely think you captured them.I love the character of Fennella,that's exactly how a Slither would think and act.Brilliant. 2012-02-20 05:34:22

dlongbottom: Again a really enjoyable read I like your inventivness. 2012-02-20 04:59:42

dlongbottom: Another excellant read,great dialogue,loved tht tete'dtete between Ginny and Romilda.I'm glad to see the two witches H and G are vulnerable in some way. 2012-02-20 04:18:20

dlongbottom: I liked the Ginny\Hermione scene very very much.I guess I just don't buy Harry's insecurities.He's faced so much,and triumphed,it seems incredulous.Still an excellant read. 2012-02-20 03:48:28

dlongbottom: Best chapter thus far,your prose is worthy of professional publication.Good plot developement,I agree with your assessment of the situation of the characters. 2012-02-20 01:43:37

Northumbrian: @ dlongbottom. First: I'm Northumbrian everywhere I post, so if you've seen Grave Days under a different name, someone has nicked it. :-( Second: Harry's virginity. This story begins four months after the battle, and therefore after our couples get together. They are taking their time. 2012-02-19 02:26:01

dlongbottom: I truly enjoyed reading this chapter. 2012-02-17 02:08:45

dlongbottom: Good dialogue good plot developement good relationship building,nice suspence factor at the end.Still hard to penetrate why Harry is still a virgin. 2012-02-14 19:17:05

dlongbottom: I forgot to rate chapter two,I gave it an 8.This one I was unsure about.Writing has to do with choices,neither Harry nor Neville seemed to have grown much.Harry seemed more mature in 'Grave Days". 2012-02-14 01:58:45

dlongbottom: I enjoyed this very much.I thought you got into their heads and hearts in goodly fashion. 2012-02-14 01:32:25

dlongbottom: Really good start.I read your 'Grave Days'a long time ago under a different name,Savageheart I believe,to date it was the best fan-fic I've have ever read. 2012-02-14 00:52:08

Mh80: Excellent continuation of Grave Days. Can't wait to read each chapter. Really gives the emotional depth and range of the characters that we have grown to love. These are my favorite fan fiction adaptations. 2011-09-05 23:01:05

budarthur: If you consider this a flame, then I guess it is. I was severly disappointed to get to the end of the chapter with Ginny sitting on Harry's lap only to find that that was all there was to the story. I am a disabled American veteran (Army--Viet Nam). I really enjoy reading Harry Potter stories on the computer. This story has a certain smooth continuity to it. Please write more! Bud Arthur 2011-08-30 14:11:38

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