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Title: The GPers Go To Hogwarts - Year 3 | Submit a Review

linkdude55: As it is so many chaptters, I didn't read all of them so I don't know if this is completely fair to say, but it just seemed like sometimes one of your characters is just added in to the book. Like, the book is the same, with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and then some randon character. I dunno, but I think your plotline should stray from the book titles. You know, if you've moved on to the third book, maybe have your characters be worried about something other than Sirius Black. (that's just an example) Most of the chapters are excellent though, so sorry if I was too harsh or standing by the books too much :) 2009-08-05 04:31:24

joshrhook: wow. that is the only thing that i can think of to say. this is definately one of the better series of fanfic that i have ever read. the way that you all cooperate and write this story together is amazing by itself. what makes it even better is that even though there are so many authors, it still feels like it makes transitions between different authors works excellently. keep it up guys and gals, you all deserve any and all praise given. im new to this site so i hope this is where i am supposed to be reveiwing. keep it up! 2009-07-23 15:52:25

MaskedMaiden: As always, it has been an absolute joy and privilege to work with all of my fellow GP-ers go to Hogwarts writers and friends! I think this story gets better and better with the passage of time and school years. I was inspired by year 1 as a loyal reader and "advisor" of sorts to Jean and Scott; Year 2, I was delighted to join as a writer and improved my writing and my plot with the help of all of you; Year 3, has been a joy to write from start to finish. I cannot wait for Year 4! Yes, I realize the real darkness will begin, but it also means the light is much closer. Here's to the "Prisoner of Azkaban" year, absolute joy! And Cheers to the upcoming "Goblet of Fire" year--it proves to be the best yet! XoXo, MM 2009-07-15 19:53:29

ginnywitch: Oh, man. What a ride this year has been. And I can't believe I had the last chapter! Anyway. This year was an awesome one, it was great to see where everyone elses characters were/and will be going. Can't wait for year 4!! 2009-07-15 11:43:43

JimMcGuffin: Ask and ye shall receive. Here are my final reviews for Year Three. CASS and ODDISH: Cass no longer has a real father, but now she can say she has a brother, as Julie adopts Daniel. And I must admit I'm glad that Daniel's surname is now Serenity, since I've given "Smith" a bad name (i.e. Zack and Amy Smith, even though Daniel is not related). I look forward to seeing Cass and Daniel cheer each other up over the summer after their disastrous past few weeks. STEF and SARAH: Both Allie and Jory have something to forward to this summer -- tickets to the Quidditch World Cup! Also, Jory's mother is getting remarried. Hopefully, this wedding won't be as catastrophic as the wedding that Allie attended last summer. Then again, Allie is having her own problems with romance, as Cedric is now spending the summer with Cho. We know that canon requires Cedric/Cho to occur, but that doesn't mean Allie has to like it. ALL: We've finally made it through Year Three! And I already see at least one new writer signing up for Year Four. I can't wait to see what's in store for the gp'ers, both new and old, as Year Four begins! 2009-07-15 03:23:54

CassandraSerenity: Three brilliant chapters from Stef, Jory, and Oddish! Stef I loved your sweet and sometimes sad chapter. Poor little Allie has so much going on in her life and in her heart. Hopefully someday she'll be able to find some peace and just love the one that she's really meant too. Jory, thanks for adding in the bit I did with Jory. I hadn't asked you before I did it, but it just seemed to fit and we had talked about you being around there. It was great to see someone else's views on what happens to Buckbeak though. Finally we have Oddish. I got a sneak peak of this one because I helped with Diana and Juliet. Daniel Smith is no more and from now on we have one more Serenity. While it's not common knowledge, just in my own head, it's actually family tradition in the Serenity family for the men children to keep the name Serenity even if their father's have different names. It came from Serenity being a very powerful family and always female dominate so it follows the maiden names. All of you did a brilliant job on your chapters and its with joy and regret that we see year three coming to an end. I can't wait to start on next year so everyone keep up the most amazing work that everyone has put into this epic that only the original books could compare too!!! 2009-07-09 16:16:46

CassandraSerenity: And the mighty Stef returns to GPers!! Its been so long since we've heard from Allie and Seb! I was so glad to see this chapter up and read through it *smiles* Poor Allie though. She's seeing the boy she loves, but can't be with in the arms of one of her best friends. She's right though, Hya will be good for Seb even if it upsets her. I wonder if Seb is really in love/like with Hya or if they are just comrads in arms. Both of them actually in love with someone else, but being together to make it okay in the mean time. I guess we'll see. Great chapter and welcome back!! 2009-06-13 13:19:28

CassandraSerenity: What an interesting way for the rest of the students to find out about Professor Lupin. Haivng only seen things from Harry's PoV we had never seen how the other students found out about their beloved teacher. Its a sad and abrupt way to find out something terrible about your favorite professor. *pouts* Jimmy pulled through though and he's even finished his finals! Great job on a wonderful chapter! 2009-06-07 22:13:18

JimMcGuffin: Since Cass has caught up with her reviews, it's time for me to catch up as well. Yes, it's finallly June now, both in gp'ers and in real life. STEF: I know that you've been busy earning your degree, which is of course far more important than any fanfic whatsoever. But now that's summer's around the corner, hopefully you'll have time to start writing again! Still, let me comment on your most recent chapter. Allie's 14 now, and Cedric gives her a most wonderful birthday gift! I remember back when I was in elementary school, when one of the school rewards would be a free ticket to the local Skate Depot. But I never went -- since I was probably a worse skater than Allie! Still, it was a romantic night that finally took Allie's mind off of other distractions, like Seb. ODDISH: I know you feel that you're the only writer whose posting chapters anymore, but these chapters mark an exciting end to the Daniel/Abraxas mixup. We learn a little more about how ghosts work, and how to exorcise them -- without calling Ghostbusters! It's too bad that Daniel/Ginny had to end the way it did, but we all know that it was necessary to set up the canon ships. CASS and SARAH: That was a great Shack chapter you two wrote together! But, for Cass, this was a chapter that I both expected and dreaded ever since the start of Year Three. Do not worry about how you've been falling behind in your reviews -- I agree that this and your last chapter more than make up for it! In the span of two chapters, Cass might have gained a cousin, but she has lost a father -- and I know such emotional chapters aren't easy to write. But let's focus on the positive -- the relationship between Cass and Ray has been rocky from the start, so it's good to see that they're finally realizing once again that they have each other. Hopefully they'll be able to comfort each other about Ray's lost innocence in the Chamber, and Cass's lost father in the Shrieking Shack. Even though Rhiain is no longer with us, I still like her character and hope that she'll be more present in Year Four. And I don't mean to overlook SARAH! I know that it's so easy to overlook your chapters due to the extremely dramatic plots of the third years. It's unfortunate, though, that you and I seem to be the only gp'ers left in our year. Jory still has her wolfish nightmares but hey, at least she's able to witness Buckbeak's triumphant escape! And, as Cass points out, Dean, who will eventually be the wrong guy for Ginny, may be the right guy for Jory at this time while she tries to overcome her troublesome nights. I look forward to seeing more Jory in Year Four. ALL: The finish line is near! Year Three was a challenging year for all of us, both characters and real lives. So let us all finish the year in style and look forward to the years ahead! 2009-06-03 23:49:54

CassandraSerenity: There are so many reviews that I have missed recently that I must completely and utterly apoligize. I'm the one that often says how we need to stay on top of these things and it's been myself getting into trouble with it! Please forgive me!! As a means to make up for it though please let me know how brilliant the chapters have been recently. I know that Oddish feels his chapters have been diminished by their quick order, but I want to let him know that anything is farther from the truth. Seeing the conditions from which Daniel has come are extrodinary! I'm glad that Alabrax is dead, buried, and exorsised! We can all see where Lucius and Draco both get their crulity and their flare for the damatic. To bad Daniel doesn't know any better or he could dance on the prats grave! I do hope that sometime in the future that can come to past and he can finally know why his life was ruined and that he wasn't the person to blame for it! Another major apology must go out to Jim who has tirelessly kept up with his chapters and even reviews! You are always ready and able to post your chapters on time all the time. I wish I could say that I have your dedication, but as of late even mine has faultered. Not to mention your wonderful story lines with Jimmy. That little Hufflepuff is really starting to come out on his own. While I doubt he realizes it he's come a long way from who he was last year. He's stronger both physically and emotionally. I can also say that I'm glad that his crush on his fellow beater is over and done with. She was never good enough for the Puff with a heart of the Gryffindor. Honestly I don't see how she managed to make it into Hufflepuff with the way she acts. She should be in Slytherin all the way with her attetude and hateful ways. Even his friends are beginning to see the value that all of us are in little Jimmy. GW also had a great chapter in there with poor Jordy having to continue her nightmares. I can, and I know Cass can, feel her pain in these matters. I would rather be sleepless than suffer through repeated nightmares. I hope that they will end for her soon and she can, at some point, begin to have normal dreams again. Maybe Dean can help make a few nice ones? *wink wink* Again I must say that I am sorry for not posting or reviewing eough. I hope that you can forgive me and let my 6,800 word chapter make up for some of it. 2009-06-02 20:24:30

Oddish: JIM: Another fine effort. Jimmy receives some words of wisdom from Snape (of all people), along with the usual dose of nastiness, and that prat Zack gets what he deserves. And CASS: I see why this chapter was hard, and I know what it's like. I am very glad that Cass and Ray happened to find each other. I hope that they (and Daniel too, eventually) can start to work through the damage that recent events have inflicted on them. There sure are a lot of pieces to pick up. :( Maybe Year 4 will bring happier times for the Serenity brood. 2009-05-29 17:53:37

MagicMaiden: Yay, Daniel is BACK!! This was a very, erm, violent chapter, and sure, some parts made me feel quite queasy, but it was worth it in the end. Once again, Oddish, you delivered a perfectly realistic end to this plot loop (I hope it was the end!!), and your writing style continues to impress me!! Great job!! Keep up the amazing work! 2009-04-30 14:57:26

Oddish: OK... CASS: One word... holy Moses! OK, that's two words, I guess. But still... Cass's nightmare, and the person featured within it... that's a shocker, all right. I look forward to seeing where it goes, even if I'm not sure I want to know. And MM, I very much loved the chapter about the skate party. You have a wonderful insight into adolescence, and the way that innocence ends and desire builds. And Cedric... what a guy! Is it any wonder Daniel (the real one) approves of him? Last but lot least, two by JIM, first a combined Good Friday/April Fools chappie. As someone who observes Good Friday, I appreciate it being brought up. And then, a standoff between Jim and the prattish Smiths. I hope justice is done in this matter, and soon. TO ALL: We roar past the 200 mark without slowing down, and the final chapters are now ready for queuing. I have to confess that I wasn't sure we'd make it this far, but we have. Kudos to all, and may the next year bring on new friends and new surprises. :) 2009-04-10 19:19:18

JimMcGuffin: Happy Oddish-now-ships-R/H-day -- also known as April Fool's Day. And now that we've reached April, both in the story and in real life, it's time for me to review again. SARAH: So Jory's been having some nightmares again, but now Dumbledore's here to explain them. So it appears that they aren't going away soon, and she's forced to relive every image of the wolf and its victims. That's terrible for Jory, but at least her nightmares end when she wakes up, which is more than we can say for ODDISH: So, as the title goes, the nightmare gets worse for Daniel -- a living nightmare, one that doesn't end when he wakes up! We knew that Daniel and Ginny have to break up in order to maintain canon, but I never thought it would end like this, with Abraxas Malfoy ruining their relationship. But will he even survive this apparently fatal heart attack? CASS: It's April Fool's Day today, so I might as well comment on your April Fool's Day chapter. Fred and George, move over! There's a new queen of pranksters around, and it's Cass! Year after year, she finds a way to trick the tricksters every first of April. And when she's done pranking her boyfriend George, she dreaming about him -- at least, until the dementors invade her mind again, turning her dreams into nightmares, just like all of the other gp'ers characters. So many nightmares about her ex Draco -- until they change, and you reveal that now invading her nightmares is -- Seb? Seb, you have already haunted the nightmares of another Gryffindor witch (Allie), and now you must ruin Cass's nights too! Let's hope that Lupin will be able to solve Cass's dementor problems. ALL: When will all these nightmares end? I look forward to seeing the next few chapters, and hopefully they'll put an end to these nightmares. 2009-04-01 17:57:40

CassandraSerenity: Poor Daniel has to learn about what his evil twin is doing to Ginny and he can't do anything about it. I know it wasn't kindness that made Lucius save Daniel, but at least the boy is alive to get some payback later! I hope this story line comes to an end soon. I just feel so bad for him. At least the evil twin got some good scolding from Cass later. I had no idea your chapter was about April Fools day too Jimmy! I shouldn't be surprised because you've done one nearly every year. Still it was cool to see him pick his next year classes and not have to prank someone he might be crushing on. Good work both of you! I can't wait for three year to be over and then we'll be one to fourth year. That year is really a starting point for alot of us so I'm excited for it! 2009-03-20 18:26:41

Oddish: Cass, a fine job as always on your last two chapters. It's cool to see the Weasley brothers looking out for each other as well as Ginny. And Cass has to sort out an apparently complex relationship with Remus, too. GW, I of course betaed your chapter, but let me say that your plot becomesd increasingly intriguing... it will be interesting to see where it goes. And some great Quidditch from Jimmy, including more Grayson tactics. I guess that's really the only was an incompetent twit like Malfreak could get a Snitch, aside from it flying up his arse. As always, kudos to all writers! 2009-03-05 16:46:05

MaskedMaiden: Oddish, what an amazing read! You had me teary-eyed there...Poor Ginny! I felt like giving her a hug...Poor Daniel too! He has no idea what this Usurper is doing to his life...I can tell why you would dislike writing this chapter, but, as always, it was amazing and heartfelt. I can't wait for more! But truly I can't wait to have our REAL Danny-boy back and that icky Malfoy OUT! How will this affect our Daniel and his Ginny? *sniffles* xoxo, MM 2009-02-10 15:04:16

CassandraSerenity: You might not have liked writing it Oddish, but it was a good read. Poor little Ginny though *sniffles* I hope she knows that not all of her friends will think that about her. Hell there are spells that can tell if she's lieing. I know another redhead that would use that if she didn't believe her friend. Great work! 2009-02-07 19:28:47

CassandraSerenity: We have two new great chapters to read this week! First is Duckie's chapter and we see a few glimpses at different personalities. Lucis is... well himself. Cruel, vile, and warping any kindness that Draco might have had in him from his short romance with Cassandra. Prat is too good of a term for that man. Next is Draco, the changing boy. We find out the lessons that his father is teaching him. Poor kid. He had a chance early in his life to be different, but his father is making sure all elements of kindness and love are stamped out with vigor. we also get to see a change in Lore as she facing off against her nemisis, Vane. Good show Lore! Finally we see a different look at Ron. It one a few of us would see, but one he definately has. He's known for judging people based on house, family, and looks. You would think always having his own family judged he would be better than that, but he's not. He's a human/wizard and he lets the same things that get to Draco get to him. I really liked seeing this side of Ron as he's offen painted in a better light than he deserves. Next we have a great chapter from Jim on St. Patrick's Day. He remembers to wear his green this year! I would too after last year. *pouts* We also see more of the fact that he might have a crush on his fellow Beater. Jimmy is also faced with having to fight a villian from his past. But his friend pulls out a great spell to help him out! I hope Jimmy sees that he's forming some great friendships at Hogwarts. Keep up the great work all of you and I can't believe that we're getting so close to the start of year four!!! 2009-02-02 23:48:24

JimMcGuffin: OK, review time is upon us once again. ODDISH: I was hoping that Daniel will have escaped the Malfoys by now, but of course I was wrong. It doesn't appear that he'll be getting his body back any time soon. Still, it was funny to read about the problems Abraxas is having in Dan's body. CASS: You're right -- no name seems right for George's favorite girl other than Cass. It's good to see that the romance between the two redheads is still going strong. STEF: Another plot twist -- but of course, that's nothing new with you! So Seb can't even touch Allie without hurting her? Cruel fate -- or should I say, cruel Cupid! Those opposed to the Seb/Allie ship, meanwhile, (coughOddishcough), are grateful for this plot twist. DUCKIE: So Lore learns about the fate of her favorite horse, no thanks to the Malfoys, whose conspiracy to prevent her from finding out fails -- take that, Draco! At least they donate rather than kill the horse -- interesting that Hufflepuff, of all the Founders, would be the one to set up the animal sanctuary. ALL: Notice that in the chapter numbering, 188 was skipped. Thus I numbered my chapter correctly as 190. The March chapters have been great so far, despite the fact that March is a slow month in canon. Keep up the good work, everyone, and I look forward to reading the rest of the month's chapters. 2009-01-30 19:38:20

uglyduckling: Well, hello there!! I believe I have two reviews pending. CASS: Lovely chapter. I absolutely addored seeing more Cass\George. And having then with Fred and part of the Gang. Interesting to have Dan\Abraxas of all people to suggest Princess. I wonder if he somehow actually knew it was the way Draco called her... I wouldn't put it past a body robber to do petty things like that!! Ginny's bit was lovely too. I can't help but be amazed at the way you seem to just GET the Weasleys. Fred, George, Ginny. I swear you seem to have JKR in the speed dial, or something! I swear your dialogs could just be copy-pasted into the books! You're a gem. And speaking of gems... STEF: your latest was the most intriguing of all. I'm not a huge fan of flashback chaps, but you manage to turn yours in masterpieces sometimes. This one was the case. And Hy was right to say through Allie's eye, Valentine's was endless!! Poor girl! It started out peachy, in the arms of her 24\7 knight in shinning armor *dreamy sigh* (BTW, if anyone finds a real life specimen of those, be so kind to send a photo, just to prove they're not extinct!) It's so frustrating to know she just can't give herself wholly to her saviour... because a demon stole her heart. I must confess when you write Allie\Ced, I find myself loathing Sebastian. And I do addore him!! I totally understand how Allie feels thought, when your quill moves on to Allie\Seb moments... the Starcrossed lovers just take my breath away. They're soulmates... Their realtionship is... like a force of nature, I fear. Inspite of everything they have gone through, they are still going strong.That does suggest something! Anyway... That last thing; between Fate and Cupid! Standing ovation!! Such a killer thing!! The reference to the Illiad with Helen of Troy... I trust Fate will be able to fix it, eventually!! Awesome work girls!! 2009-01-11 17:41:07

CassandraSerenity: Stupid Cupid! How on earth and in the Heavens are Seb and Allie supposed to be together now? If her skin is almost set on fire just by touching Seb how could they ever be togethere again? Poor kids. Again I say, stupid Cupid! At least Allie has her friends and Cedric. Poor Seb really doesn't have anyone. *sniffles* 2009-01-06 16:50:08

MagicMaiden: Cass, that chapter was just too sweet! George is sooo dreamy, I absolutely adore him.... Well maybe Cassandra is just meant to be that, Cassandra. But a nickname would be cute, too! Keep up the great work, Cass! 2008-12-31 11:17:07

uglyduckling: Stef... to touching. To experience first hand Seb's thoughts. After a chapter so marterfully written there really isn't room for reviews... I feel anything I might say simply is not up to it!! Honestly I can't thing of words worthy of describing it!! Amazing falls short and so does wonderful and marvellous. Can anybody give me a hand here? 2008-12-20 16:09:54

JimMcGuffin: With Duckling and Stef posting reviews today, it's about time that I give my next batch of reviews now as well. STEF and SARAH: Allie and Jory -- two girls whose lives have been dominated by nightmares lately. What can either of them do to escape and return to pleasant dreams? Allie imagines that she is Alyssa attacking her sister, while Jory imagines that she is a wolf attacking the strange couple, and both would like nothing more than to return to their old lives. And while they're trying to rid themselves of their dreams, how about shaking off pests in Seb and Tommy? CASS and DUCKLING: Cass and Lore, two girls whose lives have become intertwined with the arrival of fugitive Sirius Black. Cass, certain that the first year is responsible for his arrival, attacks Lore. As readers, we know that Cass is wrong to attack Lore, since Sirius is actually innocent -- but there's no way for her to know that. Maggie is slow to forgive Cass, probably because her boyfriend Neville is the one who's really let Black in. Of course, George forgives her quickly, and at least the two of them are able to have a romantic V-Day together. As for Lore, at least she's out of the infirmary by then. ODDISH: Daniel and Abraxas, two wizards whose lives have been -- switched? Abraxas Malfoy was first introduced in HBP, but only as a passing reference by Slughorn to Draco's grandpa. Now you've made him a major character and part of Lucius's plan to kill Daniel and save his father. I feel sorry for Ginny for having to spend V-Day with an imposter. But I wonder what Daniel will have to do to escape this little predicament. ALL: Our characters are all in some sticky situations. I look forward to seeing what will happen next! And let's get to that 600 chapter milestone! (Since Ch. 85 was the 500th chapter, this makes Ch. 185 the 600th, right?) 2008-11-19 02:13:30

MaskedMaiden: Cass, my dear,...it's about time I see Cassie HAPPY and fluffy and free...and dreamy and romantic and loving...Thank you, George Weasley! He's an absolute dream boat and Cassie is his lady fair...Excellent way to set the mood for Valentine's...Can't wait for more, hun! XoXo~MM 2008-11-18 20:34:30

MaskedMaiden: ODDISH, that was bloody amazing!! I'm still reeling from the shock and the excitement...granted it's a twisted twist, but it's GOOD. Can't wait for more! XoXo~MM 2008-11-18 20:33:06

uglyduckling: Three more chaps!! YAY! Jory's lattest wolf tale from the past was as scary and gripping as the previous ones, I must say. This time we have a couple assaulting a single wolf. I wonder why on Earth was Vodly so vexed by the Shadow Pack that he unleashed his Death Eater's on them... And we have a brief encounter with Tommy as well. Nice girl for giving him a piece of her mind. Asphixiating unprovoqued jealusy is just unbearable! Keep the great work GW!! CASS: *dreamy sigh* Cass and George, George and Cass... Just lovely. I addored everything about this chap! Even the fact that Cass completely forgot it was Valentine's! She has been thought a lot lately, after all... But George didn't and we get to see him all fluffly and sweet and *sigh* Isn't that boy just the sweetest most perfect combination of rakish rascal and addorable hun??? Great chap!! Aaaaaand, last but not least, ODDISH: Santa Cachucha, man!!!! The instant you called Ray 'obnoxious Jones girl' -I actually had to read it three times to be sure I had got it right - I just KNEW Dan was not Dan!!! God, Malfoy is a freaking... *+!%#"@!!!!!!! Poor sweet Ginny, she was totally fooled! Not to mention that disgusting creepy old man is... Poor, poor, poor, poor Daniel!! Talk about putting characters in difficult situations! Stuck in the body of a hundred-year-old with dragon pox!! I can't wait to see how Dan (real Dan) manages to escape this hell. And hope with all my might he catches the Malfoys red handed!! BTW, how nice of you to use Manny, you've been paying attention!! :) 2008-11-18 19:17:12

CassandraSerenity: Great work everyone! First we have a scary chapter from Stef with Allie getting threating messages from her past life. I can't believe her former self was such a..... bad word! And we find out about who her sister was! Life does seem to be repeating itself, but Allie's nothing close to Alyssia. I hope she starts to realize that some time! Next we have Duckie and Lorely's outlook on the attack. I have to say that I still feel so sorry for Lorely. I know it was my Cass that did it, but still. I hope that her nightmare was just that. I can't stand the though of something happening to her poor winged horse. Finally we have Jory and her last episode of seeing the wolves die. I wonder if she'll give Tommy the time of day at some point. He was jealous, but we've seen that even perfect Cedric can be jealous at times. Great work everyone I can't wait to read more!! 2008-11-11 19:42:02

MagicMaiden: Nice chapter, ginnywitch! I really hope Jory's sinister-seeming dreams stop soon!! Keep up the amazing work! 2008-11-07 18:48:14

uglyduckling: STEF: To Allie's last words I must say this: bloody bollocks!!!! Sweetest darling chocolate-covered Allie evil????? Lucius Malfoy will become Buddist, rave his head and join SPEW before that happens!! Harry will marry Pansy Parkinson, Ron will learn to keep his tongue at bay, Draco become hypogriff tamer and join a circus and Hagrid will breed kittens before we see a not addorable Allondra Bracho. Yes, Alyssa clearly was not a nice person... but, as Hy said it, it's her past. She had changed and evolved. She'd NEVER ever do something as low as her past encarnation did. That being said (sorry if I got a bit carried off with my defending of Allondra...) this storyline just keeps getting interesting!! We get to know more about Allie's mysterious past life and Helena, her loving elder sister, Clark as Cedric and Lucien being Sebastian... Do we finally have all the pieces? And what role did young Fernando and Allie's other Spanish friends play in this eerie dance from the past... We got our hands full with details and clues, yet it seems there's still much to unveil. Can't wait to learn more... =) 2008-10-23 22:27:35

uglyduckling: CASS: Ouch!!! Maggie did tell her acouple of hard truths. I feel soo bad for Cassandra right now. Even if it was my poor little first year and her friends she smashed... A very interesting chapter. We get to see two different reactions from Cass' friends and from her sweet, darling, charming treasure of a boyfriend, George. (addore them together, BTW) I wonder if the rest of Cass' friends and yearmates think like Maggie, thought. Hope they don't, even if it's a rather sensible argument Magenta had. Can't wait to read more about the young redhead and see were this unfortunate chain of events lead. 2008-10-18 01:49:00

CassandraSerenity: So we see a different side of Cedric now! He's the jealous type, but not yet overly so. Personally I would have punched Sebastian for what he said and I even like the kid LOL. I guess Cedric is still too good for that, but we'll see if that change. Maybe him and Daniel could team up together LOL. Great writting as always Stef. I can't wait to read more about what happens with them! Keep up the brilliant work! 2008-10-08 16:59:17

CassandraSerenity: Ok I LOVE that bit at the end of your chapter Stef!! Cedric was watching!!! OMG, that is just too good for words. I know Oddish would love it as well. I think those words are really going to have alot of focus in the coming months and years. Poor Cedric though, he wants Allie all to himself and he hears her words, but he still doesn't know her heart. Great job Stef, keep up the brilliant work! 2008-10-06 17:01:05

uglyduckling: All right! It's been ages since my last review. Attempting to do it individually would be suicidal. Honestly, all the plots and things going on with the story just keep you on the edge of the seat! Daniel and the eerie mask and Lucius and his father... Cass and the chain of events Black's break-in unleashed, Jory and the Shadow Pack, Allie and Seb, their star-crossed lovers story, a Cedric who's bound to star fighting and the loathesome Alexander, Maggie and her truth of her father's absence, and Neville... Gosh!!! And the plot just keeps thickening!! I sincerely can't tell what I love more, being a part of the story or being a loyal reader!!! GPers is simply superb!! I keep on loving it! 2008-10-06 13:21:15

CassandraSerenity: So two chapters down and we have two mysteries going on. Maggie finally receives word from her aunt about why she father was never in the picture. I can see this is going to be something that will really be a problem for her in years to come, that is if she ever hears from him. I hope she doesn't blame her aunt too much though for trying to protect her. Next we have Daniel who has a relatively nice day, but then has an encounter we don't understand yet. What could that mask have done to him? And Lucius has a father in a coma now? Hmmmm... The plot thickens! I can't wait to read more from both of you. Keep up the brilliant work! 2008-10-03 16:21:14

Oddish: GW, your "shadow wolves" plot grows more and more intriguing. It's a shame that the death-eater filth did what they did. And wow, Cass and Luna... two devastatingly emotional chapters about absent and abandoning parents. I really feel for Maggie, it can't be easy finding out something like that about your father. And poor Cass and Juliet... I do hope that those two can start to pick up the pieces. It's chapters like these that are what have made this story what it is. I am honored and humbled to have been a part of this project, and hope to see it go another 600 chapters. :) 2008-09-15 15:17:49

JimMcGuffin: It's time for me to give some reviews of the January chapters. DUCKLING: That Lucius! Either he's no animal lover, or he hates Lore's pet Sly just because he's a half-breed. Considering what he plans on doing to Buckbeak I'd say the former. I can't wait to read more from you! RAE: We begin with an accident in Potions class as Colin blows himself up. Then you end with a cliffie as something happens to Ara's cat. I look forward to reading your next chapter to find out Fay's fate. STEF: Here we have a chapter from Seb's perspective. Naturally, he can't stop thinking about Allie, even though he knows she's back with Cedric. He writes down his feelings for her, but is still in denial about his real chances with her. ODDISH: So Ron catches Daniel snogging Ginny. We know from canon how he's an overprotective brother from his attitude towards Michael and Dean, but Daniel's reputation is enough to save him from Ron's wrath. I can't wait to see what happens next with the couple. SARAH: Many things occur in this chapter, from nightmares about Jordy's wolf friend, to taking a walk in the snow with her new boyfriend Dean, to meeting Hagrid's pet Buckbeak. Hopefully she can solve the mystery of her nightmares soon. CASS: Wow! You've written many chapters since my last review, since so many exciting things are happening to Cass at this moment! First Cass's friends exchange stories of their first romances, but then Trelawney gives some bad news about Cass's new boyfriend. (But does anyone actually listen to that old fraud in the first place?) Finally Lupin teachers her about Patronuses, followed by a interesting letter from her mother Juliet as the latter seeks her old friend's help in reconnecting with her daughter. Cass is upset with her mother, but at least she has George to keep her happy. And speaking of letters from estranged parents, LIZZY: Unlike Cass's mother, Maggie's father seems to have no desire to reconnect with his daughter at all. Perhaps, as her aunt tries to tell her, it could be that her letter never reached him, but then she describes her father's Dursley-like disdain for magic and wizards, so it's unlikely that they'll ever be able to mend their relationship. ALL: The February chapters are just around the corner! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading what happens next! 2008-09-14 17:43:50

MagicMaiden: Cass-- amazing job!! Your latest chapter was great. I loved having more insight on Juliet and Cassandra's relationship. Also, I'm sooooo incredibly happy about the Cassie/George fluff in this chapter. :) God how I love that couple!!!!!! You did an amazing job with this chapter, so keep writing these stunning chapters. Wow, I just loved your chapter! 2008-09-13 08:37:57

CassandraSerenity: Our little Daniel is growing up and getting himself in trouble with his girlfriends family. Tisk tisk. I'm very surprised that Ron and even the twins didn't make more out of thier little sis snogging (even if it's only in their minds) with the bad boy of Gryffindor. We saw how upset Ron got at Harry later even after wanting to get the two together so his still "little sis" kissing in an empty room I think would set his red hair a fire. Even if Daniel could kick his arse. I don't see Ron thinking before he blows up. Great job Oddish. I can't wait to see the next step in Ginny and Daniel's relationship. 2008-08-28 20:42:02

Oddish: And the story chugs onward, with the 600-chapter mark in sight... Allie is torn between two loves, Cass and George finally get their fire started, Jimmy gets ready for Quidditch and Quintet meetings, and Lor has to deal with her pestilent relatives. Rather than try to catch up on reviewing all the chapters one by one (hopeless), I will review collectively. All of you, your writing is excellent as always. It's funny, our writing styles are as different as our characters, but they blend together to make this project what it is. I am honored and humbled to have been able to be a part of it. Excellent work. :) 2008-08-26 16:16:20

CassandraSerenity: I agree with Stef, it was great to be reading along and then all of a sudden see hidden things in your chapter *smiles* Of course I've loved your inclusion of the other writer's names and this time it was mine! Plus the plan against Seb is just wonderful. I do love the boy, but he does deserve to be knocked down a peg or two. lol. Keep up the great work! 2008-08-26 00:38:54

MaskedMaiden: Uh oh yellow! Jim, your chapters are truly a delight to read time and again. I liked the twist at the end with this one...here I am reading, enjoying the return to classes for Jimmy and his classmates after the holidays...and then a Quidditch practice to be ahead of the game...and then I see Sebastian's name pop up...and with it a plan to "knock" some sense into him. LOL Brilliant! I can't wait to find out more about this plan. Jimmy is a smart and loyal kid, I hope the Smiths' impulsive and rebellious nature doesn't rub off on him too much. ;) ~MM 2008-08-24 22:47:18

MagicMaiden: Wow Cass, your latest chapter was so sweet and dreamy, I loved it! My friends say that I'm "hopeless" and such a dreamer, too, so I saw myself in Cassie in that chappie! Great job!! Awesome work! 2008-08-22 18:47:09

MaskedMaiden: Cass, my dear, I was fortunate enough to get sneak peek at this chapter--and let Allie give her little experiences with Ced and Seb's kisses too! I LOVED it then, and I LOVED it now. I especially liked, just knowing more about Cassie and George's fluffy moment--it was so refreshing and sweet! I can't wait to see more of their blossoming romance take place--I love this new "hopeless" Cassie, it's endearing and she so deserves this blissful experience and more. Keep up the great work! Can't wait for more. ~MM 2008-08-20 23:02:35

Magical_Moment: ooooooooooow great job- it was awesome 2008-08-20 22:47:59

Luna26: Ok, so in the last week I've read probably close to 20 chapters to catch up (I know, bad Lizzy, all behind!) But all I can say is fantastic jobs everyone, props all around, special nod to Oddish, who had proen he can write romance just as well as action here, and to Cass who finally post the much-awaited first George and Cassandra kiss, and Stef, for the lovely, dramatic, enticing twist, and to Duckie, who;s writing style is absolutely delicious lately. To anyone I didn't mention, you all are doing a fantastic job as well, I'm so excited. Keep it up! 2008-08-19 23:34:53

MagicMaiden: Oh, poor Sebastian! I really do love this kid, and so does Alondra! I just wish that their love could work out because that would totally make my day! Alondra and Cedric as a couple is like a fairytale, but Alondra and Sebastian together is like an epic romance!!!!! Keep up the amazing work MaskedMaiden!! 2008-08-19 14:16:27

mydarkmelody: you forgot the MY in there stef. hahahah. jk....but thank you. that was nice of you :-). as for the chapter...well you know my thoughts on the whole seb and allie thing. so yeah...keep up the good work. 2008-08-17 11:49:58

CassandraSerenity: Two more chapters down and some great mysteries behind them too!!! Duckie, I really loved your chapter and hated Lucius with a vengience sometimes. OMG, what a prat!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate that man. More so than I did with cannon Lucius. I can't wait to find out about the stampeed, though I have an idea behind how that happen *whistels to self*. Lorely really does need to learn to be a bit more Slytherin and she would be alright with the Malfoys. But after the rescue she did get to see her dreamy guy again. *giggles* Brilliant work! Rachel, your chapter was another mystery working its way out. Poor poor Collin though! I felt so sorry for him *pouts* I hope he'll be alright in the end. Ara needs to pull herself together a bit more before someone else ends up getting potion all over them. I wonder if Snape will give them detention or do something horrible to them? He was furious after all. Great job both of you! Keep up the amazing work! 2008-08-05 19:11:15

JimMcGuffin: New Year's bring the holidays to a close, so it's time for me to review. ODDISH and DUCKLING: Those darned Malfoys again! Both Daniel and Lore have to deal with them. First Daniel spies Lucius purchasing a strange object in Hogsmeade. This leaves Lore alone with her aunt Narcissa. The two witches actually have fun together -- I've seen such nice characterizations of Cissy in fanfic before, and this is one of them. Lore gets her first crush, and then there's the big New Year's Eve party, where Lucius reveals his plans -- the execution of the Buckbeak, the attacker of his son Draco, thus advancing the plot. I commend both Oddish and Duckie for coordinating their holiday chapters so well. STEF: Allie is torn between Seb and Ced, unable to choose between them -- until Alexander Stirling makes the decision for her. That Alexander is truly a Death Eater! Though I can understand how his own heartbreak with Paloma Bridgerton would be the reason why he doesn't want Seb and Allie to find happiness together, to threaten to attack Allie's family is just evil! Still, as a Hufflepuff writer, I'm glad that Cedric has his girlfriend back once more. SARAH and CASS: Yes, nothing says Happy New Year like a kiss, and both Jory and Cass open the year with romance! No offense, Sarah -- Jory and Dean do share a great midnight kiss, but the kiss that everyone's been waiting for is between Cass and George. Once again, someone's there to interrupt them, namely Filch, but not until after the kiss. And, just as George points out, any detention from Filch will be worth it in the end. Here's to a long and wonderful relationship between George and Cass -- it's too bad that canon spoils it by having George marry Angelina in the epilogue. ALL: It's time for all our January chapters. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year 1994 will have in store for all of our gp'ers! 2008-07-16 16:33:50

Rainbow_Girl: Ahhhh! Finally! Cass and George kiss, and it's about time, too! Such a sweet and innocent kiss, too; all kisses should be like that. I disliked Filch even more in the moment that he broke them apart. Also, I can't wait to hear what the prank was, that Cass, George, and Fred all worked on that night. Amazing job, Cass, and I simply cannot wait for more!!!!! 2008-07-16 09:39:13

MagicMaiden: UD: Wow! Loreley and Draco are pretty much teamed up together in this chapter! I loved seeing that! Aunt Cissy most definietly seems to be the nicest in the Malfoy family, though. The insight on what's going on with the Golden Trio this year was really cool, too. Great job! MM: Oh my goodness, I really liked this chappie, but poor, poor Seb. he comes to Allie hoping to find her still in love with him and without Cedric, but instead she leaves him confused and alone. I did like how Allie said/sang the lyrics to "Gotta Go My Own Way" (or something very close to the lyrics). Great job! 2008-07-12 09:58:52

CassandraSerenity: Brilliant job Stef!!!!! I feel SOOOOOOO bad for Seb in this chapter!!! Will he just let it drop though? After fighting this hard for her I know I wouldn't. It would definately take more than her saying "I love you" to someone else or telling me "maybe someday". Allie wasn't cruel or mean about it. There is no way Seb could buy into that and just let it be. I can't wait to read more though and see what Allie does to really make Seb hate her. Keep up the brilliant work Stef!! 2008-07-11 00:02:34

CassandraSerenity: Great job Duckie!! Seeing Lore and Draco in a friendly manner was just wonderful. I've always been an advoke for a softer Draco and I think he could have been that way if some things had changed. I know you don't plan on changing him too much and keeping him a bit... rough, but I do like to see his softer side in times like these. On top of the cousin bonding I loved the little bit about "the hippogriff". We get to see some of the behind the scenes that was going on while Harry was at school. To bad Lore's new crush couldn't show up though *smiles* I would have liked her to have been all blushy and sweet. Keep up the great work!! 2008-07-07 22:17:58

CassandraSerenity: Good job Jim! It was nice to see Jim recalling the last year and how much better it is to be with family rather than back at Hogwarts. I also liked his sister teasing him about his new red bat. It actually sounds like something I might tease my own son about if he had gotten it from a girl lol. On side note though, the London eye wasn't created until 2000 so it wouldn't have been around in 1994. I know they show it in the fifth film, but that's incorrect as well. Just a note. A good chapter overall though and I can't wait to read more about Jimmy *smiles* Keep up the good work! 2008-07-02 23:39:32

CassandraSerenity: So Dumbledore learns a little more about Jordy and she, we hope, learns a bit more about the Shadow Wolves. Even more important she is having some very strange dreams. Perhaps the last moments of those lost Shadow Wolves? I wonder how that will continue to effect her in the future? Will she be alright? Will there be more things that happen to her because of her bonding or maybe because of her dreams? I can't wait to find out more. 2008-06-21 01:11:19

CassandraSerenity: Bravo Stef! I know I've seen sneak peeks at parts of this, but your whole chapter is just brilliant!!! I agree whole-heartedly that you've created an more terrible character than Tom Riddle. Alexander is a true Death Eater. I think he gives even Lore's mother a run for her money! This chapter is very heart breaking as Allie finds her heart, but then has to lock it away or risk shattering it even more. I can't even imagine how Seb will take this. Poor kids. Love is by far one of the most wicked things. 2008-06-21 00:58:11

uglyduckling: Excellent chapter Cass! You managed to pour into it all the strong and hard emotions our fiery red-head is enduring. And yet, you kept it frosty, and sort of detached, very appropiate considering the circumstances. Juliet certainly deserved the outburst... However, I hope Cass finds it in her to forgive her mother's absence, eventually. BTW, Juliet/Remus un solo corazón!!! (it's the equivalent of 'sitting under a tree'...) Great chap Cass!! 2008-06-18 22:20:23

MagicMaiden: I absolutely LOVED this chapter Cass! Finally, finally, Cassie's mother talked to her. I do understand why the words seemed a little less meaningful at first, though. But Juliet is really trying, and she knows Cass's secret! Great job, Cass, I can't wait for more! 2008-06-15 12:20:47

MagicMaiden: Great job on your latest chappie, Stef! Although I really don't like Seb's father, for me this chapter makes me respect (and LOVE) Sebastian even more! Actually, the most terrifying part of the chapter was when Alexander Stirling was threatening Alondra's family. Ugh, that gave me shivers to think of anything like that happening to my family! All in all, that chapter was very well-written. Keep up the great work, Stef!! 2008-06-14 09:27:34

uglyduckling: MM: congrats! You're created a character even more loathable than Tom Riddle! This is... tragical! A dissaster! I just can not believe it. Alexander Stirling is attrocious, vile... Poor sweet Allie, now that she had finally made a choice! And where the heck was Ben when you need him!? Sgniff... don't get me wrong, a very interesting twist to the story, now is Allie the one forced to stay clear of Seb. Very clever. But it is exponentially more sad than Seb being forced to stay clear of Allie... PS: I really think Allie should tell her parents about the Stirling demon. He just gave the word 'monster' a whole new definition. Bravo, Stef! A truly mastermind chapter. 2008-06-12 14:16:25

mydarkmelody: damn stef, can you say dramatic? and at the same time intense? i <3 Seb...Fox....whatever the dude's name is.....as for allie....ugh! don't like her very much.....i mean she's ok it's just....i don't know, she just annoys me. it's funny though she bugs the crap out of me yet...i still want her and seb..fox..whatever! to stay to together. i'm just a weird weird girl, eh? oh well. nicely done. 2008-06-12 01:55:21

RogueLeBeau: Can I be blunt and say, 'OMFG!'. Stef, you totally threw me for a loop there. I was so entranced with this chapter I almost cried. 3 Stirling men in one day? Wow. But the end killed me. How dare Alexander be so heartless? If this only a snippet of how he abused Seb, I love that boy for being so strong all the more. Poor Allie, right when the sweetie was set to make her choice to follow her heart at last, it crashed and burned in a bloody way. And now it the pain comes full circle. Seb has hurt her because of Alexander and now she must do the same and uphold her word or else. Jean and Scott would be proud of you. I know I am. Please keep me updated as to what happens next! 2008-06-10 16:50:55

uglyduckling: STEF: Gosh you left us with a cliffie!! What will poor sweet Ally do!? Seb or Ced... I know desisions like that can make a girl loose her mind. Poor sweet angel I feel her pain so badly right now. I just hope she stays tru to her heart; here really is no point in talking about right and wrong with someone's heart's desires... If I had to her some advise, it would be to take some distance, and consider things with a cool state of mind. But that's never really possible. By the way, and with this I'm not saying she'd be with Seb, if she has doubts, it's not fair for Ced. I mean, he loves her madly; she is still in love with someone else... Her cousin has a point, does she love Cedric enough to let him go and find someone who loves him as much as he loves her? *insert suspense music* ODDISH: I pretty much said everything by PM already... But I'll say again that I really loved your chap. The description were veeery hooky and the rhythm was incredibly catchy, especially Dan's persecution of Ethan. You're gifted for that seriously! I enjoyed having that insight into Dan's thoughts on Ally-Seb-Ced triangle, as well. Keep the awesome work guys!! Can't wait to see how there two 'mysteries' solve! 2008-06-05 18:40:20

CassandraSerenity: Little Lore's got a crush!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... it's so cute! Maybe Draco won't turn out all bad. He had some good sides with Cassandra and maybe the same will hold true with Lore? Perhaps she can get through to that stubborn blonde. I do hope so. Great job Duckie, I really loved this chapter *smiles* Keep up the great work. 2008-06-04 23:45:55

CassandraSerenity: Brililant job Oddish and Stef! It really was a relief to finally see why Kenesa had to go through everything she did this summer. I still don't like the answer and I wouldn't have been as quick to forgive myself. Dean was wrong, not once, but twice! Kenesa really is a big person though and very much refined. Plus she seems to have a new love in Armando. *smiles* I also loved, of course, the scene between Allie and Seb. I know some people don't like this couple (Oddish), but I just LOVE Allie and Seb together. They really are made for each other! Oddish, I'm still really interested in seeing why Lucien wanted Daniel to have that DE mask. I guess I'll be guessing for a bit longer as your chapter didn't really give any of it away. I can't wait for more now! Keep up the great work both of you and everyone else!! 2008-05-31 16:35:02

JimMcGuffin: Ah, those were nice Christmas chapters. RAE: We rarely see chapters from Hunter's perspective, so this was good to read. We see how he's torn between two worlds, magical and Muggle, British and Italian, as he tries to celebrate his first few days as a teenager. (Meanwhile, Hunter has a cousin named Marco? Is this the same Marco who's friends with Lorelei?) SARAH: And so Jory receives the news that's she's been waiting for, and soon she'll have a new stepfather in Randy. And it looks as if she'll return to Hogwarts a little early -- at least she'll be able to spend the New Year with her best friend Griffin. CASS, ODDISH, and RHIAIN: So Cass, Ray, and Ginny give Daniel some very wonderful Christmas gifts. Wow, I'd never thought I'd see the day when Oddish would write fluff, but there you go. And of course, the greatest gift of all is the gift of a new family, as Juliet finally signs the adoption papers. LIZZIE: Her father and Neville are the two guys on Maggie's mind the most now. She finally decides to write her dad a letter, but will he receive it? Will he even answer? Will he finally make a comeback in her life? As for Neville, she does admit that she has feelings for him, but where does his heart lie? DUCKLING: So Lore returns back to her home in Argentina, where she meets up with her old friends -- and her favorite horse. It's easy for me to forget that while it's winter in Britain, it's summer in Argentina, so she ends up having a rather balmy Christmas. She won't want to leave when it's time to return! STEF: What can I say? In this chapter, we have the resolution from Allie's cousin being left at the altar over the summer. But now, just as Allie's trying to rekindle her friendship with Seb, Cedric makes an appearance. The last four words of the chapter, "for the New Year," reminds us of last year when Allie declared her love for Cedric as the clock struck midnight. So with the start of 1994 on the horizon, she will be forced to choose again. Is this yet another case of "I love you, but I'm not in love with you"? ALL: Great Christmas chapters everyone, and I'm looking forward to reading about the New Year. 2008-05-27 17:09:35

CassandraSerenity: Awwww.... I loved Lore's holiday! While Draco is being himself as is Lucien I'm glad to see that Narcissa is at least trying to make Lore feel like more a part of the family. Maybe there is hope for her yet. Plus I just LOVED reading about Lore's old friends. I have a giggle that she's a guys gal and most of her friends are always boys and not girls. Plus we had a hint that maybe in fourth year a friend will be coming to Hogwarts for Lroe. Keep up the great work Duckie!! 2008-05-17 14:24:09

Oddish: Always a pleasure to read and rewiew your chapters, UD. I am pleased to see that Christmas has finally arrived for Gryffindor's most winsome firstie. Looking forward to more. :) 2008-05-15 15:07:18

uglyduckling: All I want for Christmas is... (“To make every one of your wishes come true.”) To have Allie and Seb together!! I know Ced is a sweetheart and a gent and bla bla bla... But Me wants Allie and Seb!! Plus there's the fact that we KNOW were poor Ced is headed... But c'mon, no even Oddish can deny how sweet and caring and even BRAVE Sebastian has been in the last chapters... Managed to gie her the moon. rainbows and was willing to confront his father for her!! Gosh, Stef... how do you do it, really? How do you create such great chaps? 2008-05-12 21:51:28

uglyduckling: Lunitas: just finished reading Maggies Chistmas chap. A great example of you gripping writing, as usual. I think I've already said it, but you have a very particular character with Maggie and I love not only her but also the way you portay her. I was really missing your chaps! Hehe! I enjoyed the insight to Maggie's thoughts on the Neville subject, and you know how I feel about that ship!! ;P And then she takes the huge step of writing to his dad. Wow! i think going for a short note was a brilliant idea, and Maggie's thoughts are right; it suit her personality much better! Anyway, cheers for the cool chap. Can't wait to see how this plot develops!! 2008-05-12 21:24:32

CassandraSerenity: BTW, great nod to motherhood on Mother's Day! I really felt like the first part of this chapter was all about the day it was posted *smiles* Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. The ones who raised us, the ones who cared for us, and the ones caring for the next generation! 2008-05-12 00:00:27

CassandraSerenity: My heart really goes out to Sebastian in this chapter! I almost cried for how he would have felt standing there looking at the girl he loves in someone elses arms. And right after he went to get his grandfather to have him know about Seb and Allie. Her poor family though, always trying to do the right thing for her and never quite making it. Though by now she should know when they have a "surprise" its not something she'll like. Last time it was at the wedding when she was kissing Fernando that Cedric came as a surprise and now as she's finally realizing her love for Sebastian. Will she ever realize that while Cedric is the safe one he not the love of her life or else he wouldn't always be the one ruining a special moment with someone else when he shows up. Poor Ced. How will Allie get through now I wonder? Will she finally make a choice between Cedric and Sebastian? Absolutely brilliant job Stef!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!! 2008-05-11 23:57:56

CassandraSerenity: Maggie's letter is sent out to her father. I can't wait to see how this affects her and what happens next! I can completely see why she would be filled with doubt and nerviousness now that she's owled the letter. But does her father even know about witches? Will he even be able to send a reply if he wants too? How would a muggle, which I'm assuming he is, send a letter to Hogwarts without an owl? And he lives in a magical dead zone. What if Maggie has magical brothers and sisters who, like Daniel, don't know they're magical? So many questions and I just can't wait to find out the answer to all of them! Great job Lizzy *smiles* 2008-05-05 14:41:37

Rainbow_girl: Wow! Cass, Rhian, and Oddish, you ALL did an amazing job on the latest chappie. Daniel really is a sweet boy; I'm glad he now has a real home and family. Cassandra's present from George was a very cute touch!! Ray, I am happy to see, is coming out of her shell a little more!! As for Juliet; she's communicating and (I hope) recovering! Keep it up: I do love the chappies written with multiple authors, and you all are SO talented. 2008-04-26 18:35:32

CassandraSerenity: Two great new chapters for the holiday season! Rae, I liked seeing how Hunter was handling his yuletide. While we so often hear from Ara we rarely get this type of a glimps into Hunter and I was really happy for it. His family sounds... well like a bunch of wankers honestly. I did like this little family sticking up for each other though and even his cousin would tried to help change the topic from his sister Emily. A great read and a wonderful time getting to know Hunter better! Next we have Jordy and some news from her mother. While Jordy seemed to expect the unexpected news it was stll a good read for the rest of us *smiles* I giggled when she ran off to write Griffin about it though LOL. Both of you keep up the great writing! 2008-04-22 01:59:22

maskedmaiden: Brava! Brava! Two brilliant chapters from two of our most brilliant writers! Duckie and Oddish, you two set up the tone that is to be the holidays for these kiddies. Duckie, I LOVE Lorie! She's feisty and sweet and strong--and I know how much she'll miss her guys...I can see her totally rocking the Malfoys' world. *LOL* Oddish, you are as brilliant to write action as to write fluff...Dan and Ginny's first kiss!! I was beaming, okay? You know I'm a HUGE fan of this pairing. Absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for more! *!*MM*!* 2008-04-16 13:13:37

Rainbow_girl: Oh my goodness! Danny and Ginny's first kiss!! I've been waiting so long for this and... Oh my gosh!! How sweet!!! 2008-04-15 21:06:34

uglyduckling: Oddish: I'll just say I'm literally MELTING over here... Ginny and Daniel's FIRST KISS. I think I've got palpitations or something! Superb man!! That chapter was TOTALLY worth the wait!! 2008-04-15 15:08:45

CassandraSerenity: I know I've said this before as I got a sneak peak, but Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! It SO sweet to see Ginny and Daniel get that first innocent kiss. I loved the chapter Oddish. It shows your range as you can do amazing action, which we've always known, but now we've seen you can do brilliant romance too! Keep up the great work!! 2008-04-14 18:26:08

CassandraSerenity: Poor poor poor poor poor Felix!! Not a good way to start off his holidays. Locked out of the tower, almost late for the train, and then he forgets his wand!! I think I would be having a terrible day by that point. He's lucky to have someone to help try and cheer him up. Oh and I was happy to see a softer side of Cho. While I know alot of people don't like her for dating Harry or because of how Stef makes her mean to Allie I think she's generally a soft sided character who gets a bad wrap to often. Thank you for showing more to her than just those things *smiles* Keep up the great work Ny! 2008-04-06 05:41:00

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful chapter Stef as always!! I LOVED seeing Allie and Seb together again. More than that I LOVED seeing Seb's good side again *beams* You know how much I love that lad and he really can be the great man if he's given the chance. *smiles* A perfect start to their holidays. I wonder if it will stay that way? Even more so I wonder what Allie will do about Cedric? How can she pour her heart and soul into a kiss with Seb and then kiss Cedric too? 2008-04-06 05:38:13

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Oddish: Just finally got caught up on MM's chapters, had to download them and take them home to do it... *sighs* Poor, sweet Allie... even when things should be going well, she certainly has a rough go of it, doesn't she? Her "older brother" faces unbrotherly feelings, her dare goes awry, she's dealing with nightmares, and she can't just tell that that pestilent creature Sebastar... ah, Sebastian to take a 900-meter walk of an 899-meter pier, preferably into a lake of acid. Still, your writing is very convincing and full of wonderful details. Your characters, be they adorable or detestable, seem to leap off the page. It has been quite an experience to follow Allie on her journey, and I look forward to more. 2008-03-15 19:18:40

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JimMcGuffin: Review time! SARAH: See, Jory has nothing to worry about -- her Gryffindor friends are accepting of the shadow wolf after all! I'm looking forward to see how much fun the gang of Gryffindor second years will have now with Jory's canine pet in the near future. RAE: Yes, everyone's glad now that Ara is out of the hospital wing. I enjoyed reading about how Ara is trying to catch up in all the classes she missed since being infirmed -- knowing her, she'll be able to catch up on all of her classes in no time! ODDISH: And so Daniel learns that his foster father is now dead. Of course, nothing Professor McGonagall can say can undo what he did to Daniel and his sister. Also, there was some interesting conversation there with Dumbledore and the death penalty. TONKS: We haven't heard from the Ravenclaws in a while, so this was nice. We get to see how Felix is faring in his classes, and of course there's also the Hufflepuff Quidditch match, during which Felix broods about not making the team -- better luck next year! STEF: The relation between Allie and Oliver is a highly complex one (like all of yours are). It starts out platonic (as he calls her "sister"), but then he starts to feel more for her. It's good that the two of them are able to sort things out and go back to being friends -- and maybe Oliver will be able to choose someone better next time -- hmmmm. CASS: Well, that was not bad for a first attempt at a Patronus. I'm looking forward to Cass's real lessons after the holidays with Harry. Will Cass, like Harry, be able to produce a corporeal Patronus? And if so, I can't to see what form it will be. ALL: Yay! We've finally made it into the December chapters. Meanwhile, on the RL calendar, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day -- and a happy anti-Valentine's/Singles Appreciation Day, for those who are unattached. 2008-02-12 15:28:24

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newkidontheblock: so if i may ask, what happens to all of the characters who come in when Book seven ends? will their be additional years added, or will it just all come to an end? 2008-01-25 23:26:58

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uglyduckling: ODDISH: wow, interesting twist of events for young Daniel. A bit though to hear of what happened to his fosted father. But I have to agree with Dumbledore, he most surely desserved punishment. Although a long, lonjg, long stay in Azkaban migh have been more suited to my personal tastes. I wonder if Daniel's ever going to find out and how would he react to such a thing... 2008-01-18 11:43:15

uglyduckling: CASS: I wanna get my hand of Fred Weasley in this instant! And I assure you he would not like it!!! GRRRRR! PRAT! Awful timing! Awesome chap, thought! Herms and Cass discovered Lupin's furry little problem, YAY!! 2008-01-18 11:28:26

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MaskedMaiden: GW, it was so great to see Jordy finally tell her friends about Shadow! They were pretty cool about it too, which may be a relief to her since she was so dreading it. See! When they are true friends, nothing gets in the way no matter what we may believe. ;) Rae, your writing just gets better and better! I was totally in sync with Ara and her turmulous feelings and fears...Although I have to say, I'm ready to see Ara have some light after all this darkness! ;) Cass, full-blown beaming and giggling for me towards the end of the chapter...Cassie and George are just too cute for words! The first kiss attempts continue and just seem to get more cuter! *LOL* I loved how Hermione and Cassie figured out Lupin's secret too. ;) Oddish, WOW! I was, as the British say, gobsmacked! That was ruddy brilliant. I loved how the chapter went from cute and funny, with Dan's voice changing and him realizing he's growing up quite quickly, to a little darker and more deep with the emphasis of the news Dan gets from his past and linking it to a possibility in his future, i.e. his sister mystery. I'm stoked, everyone! Can't wait for more. Please keep up the wonderful work. *!*MM*!* 2008-01-17 19:22:36

uglyduckling: First of all... a HUGE thanks to Luna26 for posting our chapie!!! You're a sweet, Elle!! Secondly, another HUGE thanks for actually writing the chap with me!!! It was wonderful working with you and I do look forward to another one! Now, to the reviews... GW: bot your chaps were really cool. I really like seeing more of Jory's interesting shadowy friend, her relationship with the she-wolf is very amusing. I enjoyed seeing Hagrid playing a part in the first one, and Jory little exchange with Buckbeak was a sweet touch as well. From the second one, Griff did deseve it, maybe not as hard as for a red cheek. But he definitely had it coming!! I really look forward to all of the 2nd year gang's reaction's to having a wolf added to their pack!! K4L: a very dark chappie. Again I find myself gaping at you descriptions of Ara's state of mind and feelings, no wonder your character's an empath!! You're really gifter for that, girl!!! I'm a bit sad for Ara, of course... she seems to be in such a bad situation. I hope her misadventures with the Dementors come to a happy ending or just to an end... Being sent to St Mungo can't be a nice thing, all alone in that hospital *shivvers* Let's hope she finds a way to block them! CASSIE: woah! Seeing Cass and Seb actiang like that was very very comical. And Marcus, such a gent... Charming as always (too much irony?) Seriously, it's a nice change seeing a decent side of the Quidditch Captian, specially when it annoys Sebastian and makes him admit he's wrong. I do love the Slytherin Bad Boy, but he is quite an arrogant prat sometimes... And the Marcus / Sky mystery continues! Are they or are they not going out!!?? ODDISH: I always enjoy your action packed chaps, pokemon writer, but this realtive quiet chapter was not less enjoyble. It was like having an open window on Daniel's mind. We got to see the way he thinks and feels about many things in this chap. He has his doubts of a possible Harry / Ginny (and with reason) and still clearly loathes Seb, but at least he understands why Allie still cares so much for him. BTW, a pretty peculiar insight of Allondra, too. Personally, I enjoyed the mention of, quoting Luna, Romildew and this little gang and, of course Lore's sweet yet naughty friends. Thanks for those, Oddish. The only thing I still want to see is Dan's reaction when (and if) he discovers he has his own little fan club *giggles* That might be fun, specially if Gin is about when he does... Last but not least, Gryffindor's fair MAIDEN: let me tell you... my head's still spinning with all the twists and turns of this chapter!!! I won't even try to list them!! Not only the realtions that exist, but those that we hint and the ones, that Allie suspects + all the secrets told and untold!! BTW, did Vlad do it on purpose!? Leaving Allie his robes with Ollie's poem in it!? Can't wait for 'the chat'... AWESOME work everyone! I know I'm quite repetitive, but this story only improves with the time!!! Tara-ta-ta-ta... GPers, I'm loving it!!! 2008-01-07 14:54:39

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MagicMaiden: Cass, that was a very well-written chapter, infused with some of Allie's aquaintances too. Although I do wish George appeared in this chapter. George and Cass do make such a sweet couple! Great job to Oddish, with his 3-conversation chapter... it was nice to see Daniel learning more about Seb. Klutz4life, great job on your chappie, as well, but poor Ara!! I do hope that she gets better! MaskedMaiden, Alondra's keen eye does get her into some tough times... But we all love her anyway. I'm glad that she and her older friends are all going to work this out soon! Ginnywitch, so Jory finally told her friends about Shadow, and as far as we know, her friends took it pretty well! 2008-01-03 14:45:30

JimMcGuffin: Once again, Cass is complaining about the reviews, but this time she has good reason to. It's a shame that most fansites have to restrict reviews to members only, yet it must be done. (Sometimes I find an interesting fic at a site of which I'm not a member, and become upset when I discover that I can't review it!) But since I'm a member here, I can surely review this fic now. LIZZY and DUCKLING: So Maggie meets Lore. It's interesting how Lore shows Maggie her pet bird, while the third year introduces the firstie to her favorite hippogriff -- they have their love of animals in common. "Romildew"? LOL! I thought that only Oddish/Daniel could come up with that sort of nickname! LOL! SARAH: So Jory is contemplating revealing Shadow to her other friends -- by which I assume you mean Ara, Sadie, and so on. I believe that her roommates will be tolerant enough of her wolf friend. Meanwhile, Jory becomes closer and closer to Dean. RAE: Welcome back to gp'ers! And I hope that soon, we'll be able to greet Ara as she returns to Gryffindor Tower. It is good that she seems to be recovering well -- we all hope that the dementors' influence will end so that Ara can have pleasant dreams again. ODDISH: Daniel has three conversations with some of his fellow Gryffindors. After reassuring Harry that there is no Daniel/Harry/Ginny triangle, he starts asking Allie tough questions about Seb. (Truth or Dare, Part Two?) Then Kai suggests that the Quintet reform soon. As a Quintet writer, I hope that the meetings start up again as well. CASS and STEF: First of all, happy birthday you two! (I remember how you both have birthdays right after the start of the year!) But while Daniel's romantic path is now clear, Cass's and Allie's have become much more complicated. For Cass is grateful that Marcus has defended her against Seb, but she likes George now, not Marcus. And poor Allie, confusing Oliver's feelings for herself with Vlad's feelings for Hy! Yes, I believe that Allie and her older friends do need to sit down and have a discussion. (Truth or Dare, Part Three?) ALL: I'm glad that Validation and Anonymous Flame Crises are now over, and this fic can move ahead without having to deal with either of these problems. I wish you all a Happy New Year, and 2008 will be a productive year for the gp'ers fic! 2008-01-03 01:12:03

CassandraSerenity: Great chapter Stef! The plot thickens for Allie, Ced, Hy, Roger, Oliver, and Vlad. What a crazy messed up love mess. You can't even call it a triangle LOL. Allie's gotten a glimpes of people from watching them and who they are watching. More importantly she's found a note from, she thinks, Vlad. I wonder if this "big chat" will really be good for everyone or the start of something bad. Keep up the great work Stef!! I can't wait to read more *smiles* 2008-01-02 12:53:27

CassandraSerenity: Great chapter Oddish. Daniel finally gets an idea of what Seb was like before he came to Hogwarts. Though I don't see those two ever being mates, maybe they will learn to understand each other some day. The talk between Harry and Daniel was nice too. It's also good to know that Daniel doesn't feel jealous of Harry because Ginny liked him first. Keep up the great work Oddish! I can't wait to read more from Daniel. 2007-12-28 20:33:19

newkidontheblock: well, that should stop them, then! 2007-12-26 17:27:09

CassandraSerenity: On a side note, Harry has banned all annoymous reviewers from GP. So if someone wants to review they will have to sign up like everyone else and be held accountable for what they say. 2007-12-26 10:34:47

CassandraSerenity: Yeah Rachel is back!! *does the happy dance* I'm SO glad you're back with us Rachel! I've missed Ara terribily! And what a great chapter to return on *smiles* Poor little Ara though. She wakes up in the infirmary with no idea how she got there and a big bang to her head as well. I hope she'll be alright! Even more I hope she figures out why she had that reaction to the dementors. Keep up the amazing writing Rachel and WELCOME BACK!! 2007-12-26 10:33:53

CassandraSerenity: And Jordy struggles with telling her friends, other than Griffin, about her magical wolf friend. I wonder how they'll take it? but I think that Shadow is right. If they are real friends they'll be ok with it. If not then Jordy really doesn't need them. Keep up the great writing!! 2007-12-25 18:46:09

CassandraSerenity: Lizzy, Great job on Start! I loved your chapter! I can see how it would be hard for Maggie to deal with being afraid like she is with the Dementors. She's a tough girl and something that frightens her like that would be hard to deal with. I liked seeing what her greatest fear was too. We hadn't seen that before. Though I think Lupin would know what they were being the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Still a brillaint job! Keep up the great work!! 2007-12-25 18:16:24


Oddish: Oooooooooo, I made him thwow a TANTWUM! I think someone didn't get a nap and now he's CWANKY!! 2007-12-23 16:33:31

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Anonymous: and we should take you seriously, oddish? a thirty-ish year old man who nerds out over children's books? probably still living with your mommy begging for pizza bagels. 2007-12-20 19:10:58

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MaskedMaiden: Dear Cass, Oddish, Lizzy, and Rhiain...It was a true pleasure working with you all on ToD! It really did turn out wonderfully, and I am proud to be a part of "The Gang". *giggles* I look forward to more collaborations soon. Happy Holidays! *!*MM*!* 2007-12-07 16:26:33

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Silvertongue13: Keep up the good work! 2007-12-04 19:29:20

uglyduckling: Oops... I sent it unwillingly! Let's see... Oh! I really can't wait to see how Red-haired Maggie will turn out. Specially after Allie's insights on her own hair changes. I there a connection there... And more importantly will the hair change attract certaing boy's attention. Neville or Fred!? Wow!!! Just bloddy awesome! Next, Ginny's confession I don't know who's idea that one was... but a great touch!! Just what I felt she'd have answered! I have to admit I'd have liked to hear Daniel's answer to similar questions... but so far, he only has eyes for Ginny, so it wouldn't have been as funny! Next is STEF: PRANKING SEB!!! YUPIIII!!! Just can't can't cant' wait to read about THAT!! I hope it's something that teaches him a good lesson!! Cause even if I like him in the end, he has been quite awful to Allie once in a while... So you shwo him girl!! Even if later they make up and put together a couple of pieces of their broken friendship... And last but certainly not least, CASS: is was really curious as to where was Cassie aimed after school and rather surprized she had never even given tought to her future, with all those long nights up reading. And her George secret finally is unveiled to everyone!! Yickes! It was soo enthalling the way you narrated it! Your writing is trully phenomenal! And her question and subsequent dare to Allie! Gosh!!!! Wow... really this ToD chaps are only the begining of a series of highly amusing chapters!!! Can't wait to learn more!! 2007-12-04 17:56:18

uglyduckling: Hey! Long time no see! Same old excuse... hectic life... sorry guys! Now, to the reviewing... NY62: I enjoyed you chap very much... Felix is such a sweet boy, your chapters are innocent and filled with suggar. I enjoyed reading how he practised and improved his charms! He even got to meet Hermione! That was lovely, really! And then... TOD! WOW guys... that was just awesome... All the Gryffindor girls + Daniel! (BTW, his fear and shyness in this chap were so enchanting, like a innocent little boy enven with everything that's happened to him... just ahhhhhwwww!) Hearing from Ray was really cool too. Her absence is deeply felt, specially by Sev rooters (like myself). Reading of her past and her thoughts about the sorting was pretty neat as well... But Jim's alredy covered all I had to say. Other than... I miss RAY! And I like her a lot too! 2007-12-04 17:23:41

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JimMcGuffin: With 22,960 total words, you've all outdone yourselves with Truth or Dare this time, beating last years by 4K+ words! (Though I'm counting the three chapters together -- last year's ToD is still the longest single chapter.) And naturally, ToD deserves its own reviews, so here goes. RHIAIN: The bottle lands on Ray first, so my review begins with Rhiain -- but is she still even an active writer of gp'ers anymore? If so, then welcome back -- oh, and happy birthday! Anyway, Ray reveals how even though she has no Slytherin friends, her being Sorted there made a huge difference -- and she wouldn't have it any other way. But of course, I'm still waiting to hear more about the secret dare she receives from Maggie. Speaking of which, LIZZY: Maggie and Neville, sitting in a tree -- or whatever plant's growing in the greenhouse! Oh, I should have suspected that their taking advanced Herbology would lead to some chemistry. I look forward to hearing more of this new pairing. STEF: So Allie considered kissing a guy other than her boyfriend Cedric? When I first read it, I assumed she meant Oliver, whom she nearly kissed in your last chapter. I'd forgotten about Fernando -- but then again, she could be thinking about kissing some other boy who's not so obvious. CASS: She finally admits to the others that she likes George, but the questions asked have to remind her of her failed relationship with Draco. Hopefully, she'll be able to put Draco out of her mind as she takes her friendship with George to a new level. ODDISH: I suspected that Ginny would join the game this time, but I wasn't expecting Daniel to join in the formerly all-female game as well. Well, it's always fun to see Daniel prank the Slytherins and put his Portal to use! LOL! Also, it was nice seeing Ginny teach the Bat-Bogey hex, and we see her evaluate her feelings for Daniel and Harry. ANONYMOUS: OK, so you don't like gp'ers because it is not "original" writing, right? In a sense, no fanfic is "original," but all based on JKR's work. Still, I wish that you would at least read the Truth or Dare chapters and then reconsider your position. It's chapters like Truth or Dare that make gp'ers worth reading -- there's nothing like this at all in JKR's books! Sure, we write in JKR's universe, but from a perspective not found in canon. So I "DARE" you to read the ToD chapters and not laugh at any of the questions asked or the dares that performed. And if you still don't like it, then at least let us write it in peace, and heed to the site rules, "Please be constructive. No flaming is allowed." We all enjoy writing ToD and gp'ers in general, and that's the "TRUTH!" 2007-11-30 02:11:16

Luna26: And there it is, our beloved and much-labored on ToD! Everyone did an absolutely fantastic job, I love how our writing styles all stick out but mesh anyways, it's great! Cheers on finishing it. Everyone else has been doing a spectacular job as well. Sorry I've been so behind on reviews, but know I have been reading! Keep it up ladies and germs! PS: Anonymous, why don't you learn to type with correct capitalization and maybe then I'll read your comments. If you're going to insult myself and my fellow writers, do it correctly. Kiss kiss- Lizzy. 2007-11-29 16:47:14

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MaskedMaiden: "I can honestly say", Anonymous...Good on you. Criticism, constructive or otherwise, is a natural part of life in general. You can't please everyone, and we obviously have not pleased you. So, tell you what...don't bother reading our story if you think it "sucks" so bad. It's that simple! "Have a little freakin ingenuity" and stop irritating yourself with our supposed "copy cat off of JK" story, and stop pestering us with your non-constructive and just plain rude "reviews". By you coming back and leaving more rude remarks retorting to our defensive ones, you make it seem as if you "like" the story so much you can't get away from it! Oh, lord forbid you'd want us to think that, right? So, tell you what...LET. IT. GO. There, I've said my peace and shall never address this petty issue again. To all my fellow writers and our loyal, and pleased, readers: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! December proves to be a roller coaster of goodies. Stay tuned! *!*MM*!* 2007-11-27 12:18:40

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JimMcGuffin: Oh, sorry, I posted that review -- I just forgot to log in. With all the flames you've been receiving from anonymous reviewers, I want to make sure that the last review doesn't get mistaken for an anonymous review! 2007-11-26 13:59:07

Anonymous: So hopefully, the Validation Crisis is over, and we'll actually get to see chapters again. And so, let me celebrate the return of gp'ers with some reviews of the November chapters. LIZZY: Like Harry and Cass, Maggie also lost a parent just after the Halloween of 1981. What I'm curious about is whether Maggie's mother was murdered by Death Eaters, or did she die naturally, coincidentally four days after the fall of Voldemort. I bet Maggie would like to know that, too. RAE: This chapter marks the start of the Quidditch chapters. Unfortunately, the dementors get to Ara, causing her to collapse and sending her back to the hospital wing. Drats -- she was having so much fun at the match before the accident happens. Anyway, I do hope she gets better soon! DUCKLING: You already told me how this chapter would turn out, but it was fun reading it anyway. Lore and her friends have fun watching the match, but then she has to spend detention in the Hufflepuff changing room. As she finds out, the Puffs sure know how to party! STEF: As the title of this chapter implies, Allie must make a choice between her boyfriend and her House -- and she ultimately chooses Gryffindor. Meanwhile, Katie discovers Oliver's secret and feels betrayed, even though she's no longer his girlfriend. CASS: And so Remus reveals that he once knew Cass's mother and father. I'm glad that Remus offers the same dementor lessons that he offers Harry -- I know that Cass will certain find that the lessons will come in handy. TONKS: So Felix meets Hermione in the library and find that they share the same love of reading. (I bet Ara would've been there too had she not been banned!) Wizarding Monopoly? With so many versions of Monopoly out in the real (Muggle) world, I'm surprised that I haven't seen a Harry Potter Monopoly yet! ALL: Truth or Dare is coming soon! I can't wait to read it -- it's always a fun sequence of chapters to read! 2007-11-26 13:57:27

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uglyduckling: Divided Alliances - OK: first, I knew it!! Ollie-Woolie-what-a-Hottie is head over heals for Allie! (but then again, whata boy in his right mind wouldn't!?) VERY interesting twist of fate for our little Gryffindor angel! I'm terribly sorry for Katie, thought! I feel her pain like a stab in the heart, honestly. I only wonder, did she ever get serious with Trent and is she still dating him? Anyway, poor girl, she clearly still has feelings for Oliver and finding out about his crush on Allie like that and even promising to keep the secret!!! Gosh! I can't wait till the next chapter. Also, were Alondra's last reactions a dith, perhaps for Ollie. Are her feelings for her sibbling changing! *bites fingernails* how do you do it , Stef!? Honestly! Every chapter is so cramped with twist and rollercoasters! BTW, fea la actitud de los Gryffindors en la enfermeria! Fea, fea la actitud!!*giggles* 2007-10-24 13:37:35

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Silvertongue13: keep up the good work and bring us a new chapter soon.=) 2007-10-02 19:00:00

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Anonymous: Loved the 'Puff version of the game, Jim! Cass, you did it again... you wrote an amazing chappie. I enjoyed seeing the insight into George's feelings for Cass at the end, and the part with Allie. I hope Cassie's enconter with the dementors ends up okay! 2007-10-02 14:36:18

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful jobs to Rachel, Jim, and Lizzy! A great way to start off Nov *smiles* Poor Ara, first she is banished from the library and when to rub salt in the wound she had to go back for one day to do detention. At least her and Addie made up, that's good. And then she's off to Trewlany's place and has her palm read. I wonder how that will turn out? On to Jim and Hufflepuffs unexpected turn at Quidditch. We all know what happens, but I wonder how Jim will do on that stormy day. I hope he doesn't hurt himself with that bat or the storm! The jokes were funny though and the transforming into a stick was just hilarious LOL. Finally we're saddended a bit by Maggie and her tale of her mother. Poor poor girl. I feel so sorry for her. Nightmares and dreams about her mother. I hope everything turns out alright for her in the end. Hopefully she can turn to her friends. Keep up the great work all of you!! 2007-09-26 17:21:55

JimMcGuffin: With Cass and Rae catching up on their reviews, it's time for me to review as well. ODDISH: And so Daniel meets Sirius Black face-to-face. We know that Dan's a tough fighter, but his going against a fully grown wizard such as Black would have been rather dangerous. STEF: So you have a two-part Halloween chapter. We begin with Allie, who had been having a perfectly fine date with Cedric until she meets the Seer, and ends up dreaming about the stranger Lucien again. At first I thought that this Lucien fellow was just another Tom Riddle, until you reveal the mystery in the Seb chapter, where we find out that Seb's been having the same Lucien dreams -- and he even went to see the same Seer! I can't wait to see mysteries continue to unfold. RAE and SARAH: Two related chapters about the second-year Gryffindors. In the daytime we see Colin take pictures with Ara and her friends in the fallen autumn leaves -- cleverly showing us what Harry would have done had he decided to join Colin -- and then at night they feast. Jory's still a bit miffed with Hunter re: the Tommy issue, but it's good to see their being congenial again. CASS: A fine day with the twins ends up with a visit from Black and the reminder of her father's "death" on the 12th anniversary. It's good that her friends try to cheer her up. But Cass would be devastated if she ever finds out the truth about Wormtail -- let's hope that she never does. DUCKLING and TONKS: The first years have a new guest -- Lore's former pet falcon. How cruel of Lucius to mistreat his niece's pet! Let's hope Hagrid can convince the others to let her keep the bird at Hogwarts. ALL: It's time for the November chapters, and so far November's shaping up to be a big month. Keep up the good work! 2007-09-10 23:59:29

CassandraSerenity: Awwwww... Lore and Felix get to bond a bit more and Lore gets to meet Hargid too! Sounds like a great day to me, even if the poor girl has to have an injured pet. Tony should be up and flying soon though, which will be wonderful for Lore *smiles* I'm wondering how her dormmates are going to take her asking to have her falcon there though. I hope we get to see that one in a chapter. Maybe blackmail? Maybe a prank? A threat? Can't wait to see how Lore manages to pull it off *smiles* Keep up the great work!!!!! 2007-09-10 23:47:02

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CassandraSerenity: Great job everyone!!! I'm so sorry I've been lacks on my reviews recently. Being sick is a pain. Plus we've had alot of wonderful chapters added recently!! Another amazing chapter from Stef, this time from Sebs PoV. I do love that Slytherin boy even when he's a prat LOL. He gets on nice with Katie, it just seems he can't talk to his once best friend. Maybe sometime in the future thought (here's hoping). And he has his own meeting with Glenda too! It was SO interesting that he found the necklace as well and that Glenda gave it to him for his "fair lady". I wonder who that is? *giggles* Next we have Ara who is sentence to another ill fate because of her journy into the restricted section. Poor poor girl! First she can't go into the library again and now she has to clean the dishes after the Halloween feast *makes a face* Not fun at all. And without magic too! Now that's just sad. Aren't they were to learn magic in the first place? I wonder what her reaction will be when she hears that Black was in the castle? How will she deal with that and will she tell her parents? Jim is next with another brilliant chapter about his name sake. He must be loving the Quidditch practice even if he didn't get to learn some of Grayson's moves. He'll get there soon enough, I know it! He's right though. Two years in a row, actually three, there has been a tragidy on Halloween. Will the cycle ever end? Lastly, but not least, in our burst we have Sarah and Jory's experiences on Halloween. She's still mad at Hunter, but at least they seem to be getting on better than last time. These guys at least get to discuss what is going on with Black. I hope they fill in Ara and that she doesn't freak out too much. I'm sure Hunter will do that though, protectively mind you, but he'll tell her. Keep up the great work all of you you're doing an amazing job!! I love writing and reading this story more than I normally say, but working with all of you brilliant writers is a true treat. *beams* 2007-09-06 00:12:32

Anonymous: MaskedMaiden, rollercoasters and romance are your forte. Alondra being the sweet, lovely girl that she is, I hope things get better for her... and it seems that Seb/Lucien really is her destined one. Although Seb is hurtful sometimes, I can still see what made Alondra like him so much! Keep up the great work- I am already anticipating the next chapter! 2007-08-31 14:50:29

Anonymous: I love roller coasters. And this last one MM, just makes me want to shout 'Again, again!'. It seems with every new post comes a new twist to the Ced/Allie/Seb love triangle. Keep it up for romance is your gift. __J__ 2007-08-29 17:11:46

MaskedMaiden: Isn't Halloween just a scare? *giggles* Cass, what can I say? You know I just adore any fluff between two of my favorite redheads. Cassie and George are just too cute for words--the stolen glances, the whispered words...the butterflies in the tummy and the rapid beating of the heart...*sighs* I do hope Cassie doesn't shun George though as he reaches out to her during this stressful and painful time for her with Black. ;) Tonks, I just love to get Felix's perspective about Hogwarts, his friends and those events around him. He is such a refreshing and spunky kid, I just adore him. I can't wait to see more of him and watch him develop as a wizard and a person. And that was a nice touch to see Lore face her worst fear in Boggart form...poor girl, I just about cried with her. :) Let's keep the Halloween scare going! *!*MM*!* 2007-08-27 14:32:58

Luna26: Woo, Stef! *cheers with Cass*. I reallllyyy dug that chapter, as I let you know earlier. As for Allie's dancing, well, I'm 15 and I still do that quite often... N62, it was awesome to see everything from another point of view... Felix is very realistic, I like him very much so, more every time you write a new chapter, keep it up!! 2007-08-25 02:59:44

CassandraSerenity: Great job Ny!! It's wonderful to see what a non-Gryffindor sees in cases like these. I also loved poor Lore's Boggart (though I'm not sure first years would be learning about them just yet). I feel so bad for Lore and her visions of her mother. What a haunting thought that your worst fear would be your own mother *pouts* Felix is fastly becoming a favorite of mine with your well described chapters and wonderful character. I can't wait to read more! Keep up the great work Ny!! 2007-08-24 21:48:35

CassandraSerenity: Go Stef Go Stef Yeah Stef!!!! *puts away her pompoms* Great chapter Stef and, at least for me, so much better than the original work. (You know what I mean). It was great to see the orange true love test *coughCharmedcough* and the mysterious older woman, Glenda. I hope we'll see her more, maybe even in other peoples chapters *giggles* Poor Allie though, that storm really upset her again didn't it? I wonder when she'll begin to love her storms again or if they'll always be a torture to her from now on. Also what a great mystery with Glenda, Allie, and Cedric (or should I say Clark). Keep up the great work Stef!! 2007-08-18 16:55:30

Luna26: Aww, poor Ara, her sanctuary, gone! Stupid Addie... oh well. Term will end soon. What's Ara going to do instead? 2007-08-16 10:54:58

CassandraSerenity: Great job Rachel! Though I have to feel for poor poor Ara. I mean she's banished from the library! How on earth will she survive? It's only till the end of term, but still. That's at least two full months of no more books for poor sweet Ara. I hope she can forgive Addie, though I can understand if she doesn't right away. The library was Ara's home away from home really. It was also really interesting to hear that the reason for her missed trip was because her parents were "expecting a visit". I can't wait for more! Keep up the great work Rachel!!! 2007-08-16 02:06:31

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job Jim! I loved our little Jimmy finally making the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. I also really enjoyed you mentioning Oliver having a new crush *giggles* I wonder why he wouldn't tell Ced who it was??? *rolls eyes* That's what he gets for crushing on his best mates girl! It was also really nice of Jim to ask Ryan about being a reserve. *smiles* Keep up the great work Jim! 2007-08-01 18:49:14

CassandraSerenity: Sorry I'm so late for reviews lifes been a bit more than full as of late, but I'm here and reviewing now!! Oddish what a wonderfully sweet and fluffy chapter with Daniel and Ginny's first date!! I loved the piano that plays by itself, though why no one thinks of wizarding songs I don't know. lol. I wish Daniel would have gotten a chance to kiss Ginny just once. She does snog Dean, Michael, and might even peck Nevillie. Still I know Daniel will be a complete lady's man in the future with a sweet date like the one he thought of *smiles* Next we have Sarah and Rachel with Jordy and Hunter going at it. I completely understand her friends being mad at her for keeping secrets (Cass will get it too, trust me!), but why they are yelling at Hunter I don't get. He had an honest question as to what was going on with one of his friends. Poor guy! Keep up the amazing work both of you *beams* I can't wait to read more!! 2007-07-31 23:44:00

Luna26: Mk, so it's been a while... K4L and GW: Aww, poor Jordyn! I;d have smacked Hunter if it were me... MM: As ususal, beautifully written, but poor Cass and Allie! I hate Seb sometimes... such a... let's not go there. Jim: Excellently written, I loved it... yay for Jim making the team! :) 2007-07-16 14:54:33

Anonymous: Yay, something great finally happened to Jimmy! Not only did he get the spot as Beater on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, but he showed his friend Ryan that it's skill not the broom you have that gets you on the team. Great chapter Jim! 2007-07-16 09:39:45

Anonymous: MM I love the Seb/Allie ship! Ced is ok but I know that Allie is meant for Seb. Thank you for pairing them up in AR class to keep that ray of hope for them. As for Cass and Seb they obviously will need a mediator to not kill each other anytime soon. May I suggest that new girl Sky? Magic as always!! 2007-07-12 13:54:02

uglyduckling: *glares hard at dear writer Oddish* No kiss. That's just mean! After all this wait for THE date chappie! I must say I'm a little disspointed about it... But I have to admit it was a marvellous piece of work all the same. Ced and Daniel's exchange, Puree a la Seb... Liam's help and Daniel's sweetness, Elvis... All factors that make the kiss-ness detail easier to swallow. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, kiss!!! 2007-07-10 13:01:50

JimMcGuffin: Review time again! (For some reason, it seems as if every time Stef reviews, I get the urge to leave reviews too. Oh well.) CASS: The name Cassandra is obvious associated with Divination, from the Trojan to Vablatsky and even to Trelawney's great great grandmother, and now Serenity is beginning to show her powers as well. But now her powers as a Seer are greater than Trelawney and her so called "Inner Eye," so I can see why Cass feels that Sybill is no longer a worthy teacher. LIZZY: This chapter introduces the Neville/Maggie ship. It will be interesting to see how their shared love of Herbology and the extra classes they are taking with Sprout contribute to their "budding" (OK, bad pun) romance. And speaking of romance, ODDISH: No wonder you've had trouble writing this chapter, since fluff is not your forte! Still, this chapter was well-written, with Daniel and Ginny having their first (interrupted) kiss -- with McGonagall, not a Dementor, as the culprit. I bet they'll have a second chance after ToD. RAE and SARAH: So Hunter finds out that his friend Tommy once dated Jory, but why is he so upset, anyway? Why is it Hunter's business whom Jory dates anyway, since we all know it's not Jory on whom Hunter is crushing, eh? STEF: A Seb chapter. Two classes, two partners. Seb is glad to be partnered with Allie in Ancient Runes, but not with Cass later on during the Arithmancy class. Also, it's interesting to meet two teachers who barely make an appearance in canon, if at all. ALL: Next stop, Truth or Dare! As last time, I'll be leaving an individual review for each author who participates. I can't wait to see in how much trouble the girls will find themselves this time around! 2007-07-10 00:38:32

MaskedMaiden: Oddish, two words...BLOODY BRILLIANT! OMG, this has to be like my fave chapter for this year so far. :) Maybe it was the fluff...I'm biased I know. *giggles* Seriously though...loved it, loved it, loved it! I'm touched Dan considers Allie his "romance mentor" too. *giggles* I'm SO glad these two lovebirds had a proper first date--Dan's singing to Ginny just had me beaming...and I LOVE Elvis btw. Oh, and they almost had their first kiss! Darn McGonagall. *LOL* I'm looking forward to more fluffy chapters from you, Oddish because you did an amazing job and Dan and Gin need their first kiss soon. *!*MM*!* 2007-07-09 12:07:20

Anonymous: stef, thanks for FINALLY introducing skyler :-)!!!! it was well written! love ya! 2007-07-08 21:02:48

Anonymous: Oddish:This chappie was so cute and sweet, its nice that Daniel and Ginny finally had a proper date,too! K4L&Gwitch: Poor Jory her relationship with Tommy was discovered... leaving many of the girls angry with Hunter! great chapter MM:Great chapter! Allie and Seb are partners for a while in Ancient Runes, a new character is added into the mix; Skyler, and Seb is partnered with Cass in Arithmancy! Poor Cass, she was really hurt by Seb... but apparently Seb dislikes her very much as well. Keep up the great work guys 2007-07-07 19:28:04

klutz4life: Oddish: Amazing chapter, alot of valuable self-reflection for Daniel, it really makes light of his development as a character and a person. And he returns to Elsynore Academy, I really can't wait to see more of how he handles himself there. Cass: I really feel for Cassandra, it's so sad that she knows less about her farther then the entire HP community. At least she has George *hums Elton John song* Her conversation with Remus explained alot of where Cassandra is going this year though. Well written, excellent job. Nymphadora: Tryouts! I love the mingling between the Ravenclaws, Felix seems to be fitting into his house just fine *smiles* I do feel bad that Felix didn't get the position though, next year maybe... Duckie: I have to say that I love Lore, and I am so glad that she finally met some kids who aren’t complete prats, (or part time prats in someone in particular's case..) you're descriptions of her childhood in Argentina are wonderful as always, please keep up this amazing work. Cass, again: So Cassandra finally dislikes a teacher, all I have to say on that it it's about damn time. One of my favorite chapters so far this year, beautifully written, hilarious at the same time, and I really liked the ancient Greek references. Stef: I love how there are so many layers to this chapter and they just unfold as it goes along. Truly wonderfully to read and you can feel how much magic you have to your writing, completely brilliant. Elle: Awh, I love Neville and it was so great to see him a little more in GPers, no doubt he'll be in much more from now. He and Maggie where so cute in this chapter, and it was defiantly a herbology class to remember, please writer more often Hun! 2007-07-05 07:46:43

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CassandraSerenity: Always wonderful to see references to GJ, which I agree with U.D. Rocks *smiles* And I loved how Jim finally got to talk to his hero and found out that his own father is more than he had thought before. Strange how you sometimes need someone else telling you what your heart might already know. Keep up the great work both of you; Oddish and Jim!! 2007-05-30 16:09:48

uglyduckling: CASS: I enjoyed reading about Cass's 'nervous feelings'. I particularly enjoyed the way you played with her little non-human friends and showed that each of the elf's had a different idea about love. I wonder if we'll see what's behind Orest scoff sometime. I also liked the way Cassandra tried to compare her feelings for Draco with what she felt for George. Finally, Ginny's interference in the subject was a wonderfull detail. I hope Cassandra realizes soon that Daniel's other half's right and goes for George!!! 2007-05-30 12:03:04

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klutz4life: Stef: I always love hearing from Allie, she's learned so much about Magical healing, Ced should be proud of her. And she's grown up so much too, not many people who knew better would have helped Draco like that, wonderful read. Oddish: Recounting a pivotal moment in Dan's young life. A darker read then most, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, it really adds alot of layers to Dan as a character and finally lets us into some of the mysteries of his past. Like Stef said, this has to be one of my favorites. Cass: this chapter really brought a smile to my face, Cassie finally worked out her feelings, I could almost hear the Hallelujah chorus in the background! Wonderful, character driven chapter, can't wait to see what stems from this. Nymph: So our first official Ravenclaw finally gets the chance to explore his magical prowess. And Felix is such a sweet kid, and first day at a new school is hard enough without blood prejudice buzzing around. I want to see what else Felix gets up to this year. Duckie: Another beautifully written chapter, I love the way you describe emotions, I really feel where Lore is coming from in this. And it seems that most of the new first year girls have formed a clique, funnily enough they remind me of people I knew when I started high school. I loved the mention of Addie and Felix, also the Slytherin’s attitudes towards Draco, and it was nice to see Seb's good side once again. Oh! And I loved how Lore really stuck it to Draco, I'm sure I'm not the only person who wished they could have been the one to do that. And finally, Oddish & Jim: Excellent chapter both of you! A guest appearance of Grayson, good to see Dumbledore is getting security matters settled by someone who knows what they're doing, and the mention of what’s happening at Silver Grove was quite interesting. And I think it's wonderful how the Hufflepuffs look up to Grayson, but what I was really glad to see was Jimmy trying to reconnect with his farther, I think it might have almost broken my heart. Everyone: Excellent chapters all of you, I can't wait to see what you all come up with once the year really gets started. 2007-05-26 03:58:57

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MaskedMaiden: Review time! Jim, you just never disappoint with Jimmy's ever fun and growing adventures. I really am thrilled that he's so much more Puff proud and sure of himself and his talent. This year seems much brighter indeed and I'm so happy for him. :) Oddish, OMG this chapter has got to be one of my favorites. And I have plenty, trust me. :) It was just amazing how much information we finally got, what with all the mystery from before. I'm happy Dan can now see that he's that wonderful, noble little hero we all know he is. I'm anxious, like Cass, to see what this new information does to his character too. You never disappoint. Cass...YAY!! Finally...Finally...Cassie realizes that she does have a big place in her heart for that irrepressible, irresistible, red head George Weasley! I mean who wouldn't fall in love with that sort of boy? *giggles* I'm so touched that Allie leant some more help as "Miss Match" in a way, to help Cassie realize this beautiful new chapter in her life. Let the real fluff begin! I can't wait for more from all of you. Keep up the wonderful work! *!*MM*!* 2007-05-21 22:35:28

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Oddish: LUNA: Most interesting, too bad Malfreak spoiled everything (he's good at that, isn't he?) I hope we see Octavia again. K4L: Another person who did not react well to Dementors. I like the way you and the other Seconds coordinated your chapters, too. JIM: I am glad that Jim's second year is starting out better than his first. Of course, he would excel at Defense, given the extra instruction he's been getting. MM: *Sigh* Allie and Cedric are still together (and so adorable), but that Sebastian is still out there, circling like a buzzard. Too bad Allie's such a good healer, I'd have liked to see Malfreak lose something. ALL: 17 chapters to go! You guys totally rock! 2007-05-16 14:40:56

newkidontheblock: what? Have there been more insults like this coming in other stories? Oh and I started reading this, btw, nice. 2007-05-14 19:03:28

Anonymous: Whoever is writing all these insults-- please stop. 2007-05-14 14:13:32

newkidontheblock: No, no! I didn't write that! my brother got on again! Sorry, UD! 2007-05-13 23:49:18

newkidontheblock: Wow, anonimous! Nice spelling smart one! Eat crap UD! 2007-05-13 23:46:56

CassandraSerenity: Good chapter Sarah, though I was hoping, based on the title, for more about the second years working with Professor Lupin. I hope you do share some of those insights for us in the future. But keep up the great work!! 2007-05-12 16:14:03

Anonymous: I agree w/ Duckie and Luna26!!!!!! 2007-05-10 14:28:42

uglyduckling: I totally second Luna's review!! And I'd like to point out that posting an anonimous insult must really take a LOT of courage. 2007-05-10 10:26:53

Luna26: Oddish rocks more than you. Insults won't change it. Kthxbye! 2007-05-09 21:49:48

Luna26: Oddish rocks more than you. Insults won't change it. Kthxbye! 2007-05-09 21:48:08

Oddish: I need to get BENT?! Sorry, but I am not a lawbreaker, nor am I gay, and I have no desire to become either. 2007-05-09 18:22:23

Anonymous: I think Oddish is nice... 2007-05-09 14:31:53

Anonymous: ODDISH NEEDS TO GET BENT........ Cassies' okay, though. I like her, she's nice. 2007-05-08 19:59:43

Anonymous: Great job Lizzy and Rae, you guys did fantastic jobs on your chappies: Lizzy, I love Oct as I'll call her and Maggie's connection in spirit is cool! 2007-05-08 17:16:40

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job Lizzy and Rachel, but then I know how amazingly talented you both are *smiles* I can see Maggie will be making a new friend with that Hippogriff, they seem alike with that strong spirit *smiles* And then Ara finally gets out of the hospital, I bet she was jumping for joy. Also the mystery of Hermione starts with her as does the letter mystery continue. Keep up the great work both of you! 2007-05-08 17:01:36

Anonymous: I wonder what is wrong with Ara and who is the mysterious girl she sees so vividly in her mind. Arabella is an empath like Cass mentioned in her last review... All this mystery, I'm very intruiged! I can't wait to read more about Ara and the aura of mystery that seems to surround her! Great job Klutz4life!* 2007-05-05 10:56:26

CassandraSerenity: Ara gets to meet Professor Lupin! How interesting and something about him seems familiar to her. I wonder what it could be? I also wonder what all of those feeling are that are gonig through her? Is she feeling everyone elses fears I wonder? She is an empath after all. Keep up the great work Rachel! 2007-05-04 21:20:07

JimMcGuffin: Wow! With a posting burst of six chapters in the last three days we just steamroll right through the Sorting chapters! And so believe it or not, it's already time for me to review again. SARAH: Jory's Dementor sequence is indeed the most mysterious of all, as she remembers an incident with her father when she was young. I wonder what her dad did that was so scary. ISSELA, MATT, and RAE: The Gryffindor second years are finally reunited. I'm not surprised that Kai's Dementor memory would be the death of his parents, but I wonder what the others saw that was so scary, especially Ara who was deeply affected by the spirits. TONKS: It's good that Felix meets Luna on the train, since he ends up being Sorted into her House, Ravenclaw. It's also nice how you mention the other first years, including Romilda, Jasmine's Claire, and even my own Mike. DUCKLING: And so Loreley, despite being a Lestrange, is Sorted into Gryffindor. But it's too bad that her new roommates are apparently already judging her because of the actions of her older relatives. I hope that she'll be able to make friends among the Gryffindors soon. STEF: Allie once thought that her parents would never let her see the castle again, but here she is! I enjoyed reading the flashback with Fernando. I wonder what will happen to him now that Allie is back at Hogwarts again. ODDISH: The Dementors sure have a terrible effect on Daniel. I notice that Ginny reacts to his recklessness the same way the others acted after his attack on Dudley. I also enjoyed the chapter from Matt's perspective. I wonder whether we'll hear more from the Ravenclaw once the Quintet is re-formed. ALL: So the school year is set to begin -- I can't wait to read more. To our American readers, I wish you Happy Mother's Day, and to our non-Americans, Happy, uh, Cinco de Mayo, or whatever holiday you celebrate in your respective countries at this time of year. 2007-05-02 23:36:15

Oddish: OK... so many of us had a rough go of it thanks to those dirty Dementors. I am glad they are gone. To our new writers: you are most welcome. UD, it is always a pleasure to beta your chapters; you have an interesting character and a compelling storyline. N-62, I like the way you write. Also, it is good to have another male character, and a Ravenclaw to boot. I look forward to hearing more from you. And Rachel, Ara`s situation is getting quite interesting; update soon. Finally, MM, your description of everyone reacting to Daniel`s vanishing was wonderfully done, all characters were spot-on. Only 24 chapters until the big five-double-oh! Let`s keep up the awesome work! 2007-05-02 19:24:00

CassandraSerenity: *shudder* Poor little Daniel. He may pretend to be fearless, but like you said Oddish he really isn't. And fear isn't something we should think we can live without, it helps us in more ways than we can imagine. Keep up the brilliant work though! I love Daniel's talk with McGonagall and the talk between the Headmaster and Gryffindor head of house too. I think Daniel got off a bit easy with Ginny though LOL. The twins were a bit harder though so that's good *giggles* Keep up the amazing work as always *smiles* 2007-05-02 18:41:10

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MaskedMaiden: Oddish, Matt's perspective is always SO awesome to read! I mean we get insight into Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin...He's just a bright and perceptive little tyke. ;) Nymph, Felix has really endeared himself to me already. He is sweet and funny and bright! He'll make a wonderful addition to Ravenclaw, although we'll miss him at the Gryffindor Tower. ;) Duckie, Lore is a Gryffindor! I just love her personality, I want to be as witty as she is, I swear. Those other firsties though...SO annoying. Lore is better than them anyway. ;) You three never disappoint! I can't wait for more from all of you. *!*MM*!* 2007-05-02 14:44:05

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Oddish: Hear hear, UD! Cedric and Allie are just such a cute couple I can't help myself. And Sebastian... *gag* is a creepy little snot, totally unworthy of Allie. He should wind up with Pansy Parkinson or some other heavily inbred pureblood (not saying all PB's are inbred, just that Seb should be stuck with one who is). 2007-04-19 17:42:18

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Luna26: Oddish, you are so talented. I felt for Daniel that entire chapter. I can't believe what happened. :( Excellently written. I await your next chapter impatiently :). 2007-04-18 19:59:09

Anonymous: I was just watching the 4th HP movie last night... and was thinking how great the GPers story of that year is going to be! With Cass seeing the future most likely, Alondra probably being Ced's most prized possesion in the 2nd task, and all the other exciting things that'll happen to the characters.... Please please please make sure you keep going with this! Thank you! 2007-04-17 09:36:33

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MaskedMaiden: Jim, always such a pleasure to hear from Jimmy! I must confess that Ryan is a ruddy show off though...although he does have a reason to, right? He has a Firebolt my goodness. I think Jimmy shouldn't worry though, it's about skill not the broom that wins a spot on the Quidditch team, I'm sure Cedric thinks the same way I do--I'm just saying. *LOL* And Jimmy has got more than skill and talent. ;) I did feel bad that he had to relive that scary and painful memory from muggle school though...kids can be so cruel. Bright side he had plenty of chocolate to share...so he saved the day. Keep up the wonderful work! *!*MM*!* 2007-04-11 19:32:46

Anonymous: Oh my! Cass and George almost got their first kiss but those dementors just HAD to ruin it! *pouts* Keep up the great work Cass! 2007-04-11 14:35:24

Anonymous: Oh my! Cass and George almost got their first kiss but those dementors just HAD to ruin it! *pouts* Keep up the great work Cass! 2007-04-11 14:34:29

uglyduckling: AHH!! DID HE KISS CASS OR NOT!? Ehm... sorry for the outburst, but seriously... that's an anvil sized cliff hanger Cass! that was a hell of an amazing chappie. The romance with George and the drama with Voldie's (?) laughs... Jimmy, I really enjoyed the bit about Quidditch practice at Justin's, and I must say I don't like Ryan much. I hope Jimmy makes the team!! Also the part about his awful experience in muggle schoool was very interesting!! Awesome work! 2007-04-10 22:27:26

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful chapter Jim! Poor Jim with his nightmares about Muggle school. He really was different, no wonder he wanted to go to Hogwarts and be away from all of that. I would want to be a wizard or a witch gladly if it kept me from feeling so out of place. It would be a good dream to cling too. Keep up the great work! 2007-04-10 18:48:30

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CassandraSerenity: Wonderful chapters Ny and Rachel!! Ny, you're making a great impression with your first chapter. I can't wait to learn more about Felix. I thought the two cord wand was very interesting. *smiles* Rachel, you always know how talented I think you are and if you don't then you're just mental LOL. You're brillant and it really shows in this chapter. Though I know I would have read the letters first, of course I'm nosy too LOL. I wonder what Ara will find in them though, letters from her friends? From Sirius? What else or who else could they be from? Questions... questions.. questions... Keep up the great work!! 2007-04-06 23:35:44

Luna26: Rae, m'dear, you are SUCH a talented writer. I really felt all of Ara's pain! This seemed like a tough chapter and you [ulled it off so well. keep it up! Nymphadora, a promising first chapter, you have a lot of potential, keep on working! :) 2007-04-06 09:20:45

newkidontheblock: what!? Omg, did my brother get on again? I am sorry, my little brother must've left that review burning all of you lot. Sorry. 2007-03-31 19:00:52

Anonymous: Sadie got braces and a new family all in one hectic day... Wow! That was an interesting plot twist for Sadie. Nice work, Issela, I think Sadie's really cool. I hope her step-sisters and step-father are nice although not everyone is. 2007-03-31 18:13:27

uglyduckling: Ouch! Poor Sadie, new dadd and braces all in one day! Hope her new little sisters aren't some tinny devils-in-training... a really unexpected twist to her story, I really liked it Issela. To newkidontheblock: this is GP.com, we ARE geeky nerds, and we are proud about it!! Or at least I am... 2007-03-30 08:57:37

CassandraSerenity: Very one is welcome to their own opion I just find it interesting that you spent three weeks trying to join a story that you dislike so much. Remeber though that just because we asked you to work on your character doesn't mean you couldn't join, just that you needed to work on your character. 2007-03-29 19:56:52

Anonymous: newkidontheblock: I don't agree with you at all and think that this story is really good..... 2007-03-29 19:53:24


CassandraSerenity: How interesting for Sadie!! Her mother is getting married and without Sadie ever meeting the guy. You would think that a single mother would know better than to just force their child into something. this is exactly why real marriages fail. I wonder how Sadie will deal with "new family". Thankfully she'll be away at school alot so she won't be dealing with them a ton. Also her new "dad" is a wizard so Sadie won't have to hide that magical side of herself. Still, a very interesting plot twist I can only imagine how it will affect Sadie in the long run. Keep up the great work Issy! 2007-03-29 11:21:54

uglyduckling: Merlin ain't you guys just awesome writers! ODDISH: first, let me say you just made my day with that mention of Loreley! So, thanks a lot!! :D I totally agree with Stef about your chap. It was really cool to see some 'macho' interaction. The way you portrayed the Weasleys giving Daniel a sort-of hard time. The Welsh Green part was full of action and so many cool details! Wonderful!! CASS: OMG! Allow me to say you melted my heart with the C/G scene you wrote!! Soo, cute and sweet and lovely and... *major sigh* Again I agree with Stef... me want kissy-wissy, badly! I also enjoyed the way you portrayed the intecation between the Gryffindor gang and their adorable Slythering protegee. I hope I can keep up with such high standards you're setting!! 2007-03-27 14:31:07

MaskedMaiden: Boys are so much fun, I swear. *LOL* Oddish, that was such a delight to read. I love how the boys just talk about everything, anything, and then some...all the while keeping it fresh and intriguing. That bit about the girls...so cute. That bit about Ginny wanting a real kiss...even better! Plus that bustly at the end where Dan saved George's neck...awesome. Always a joy to read your work. And isn't it true when people say "I scream, you scream...we all scream for ice cream!" Cass, that was SO cute! I was anxious to read this one because of the fluff...and boy was I satisfied. George is so...dreamy...he almost, just almost makes me forget Cedric. *giggles* I can't wait to see more sweet stolen moments between these two red-heads ultimately leading to their first kiss. Because we all know what a sucker I am for first kisses. ;) *!*MM*!* 2007-03-27 12:44:04

CassandraSerenity: Great chapter as always Oddish! You have a nice mixture of action and a type of boy fluff LOL. I really liked all the boys giving him a hard time about his relationships with Ray, Maggie, Cass, and Alondra. You never know maybe someday he would get a crush on one of them LOL. He does spend alot of time with them after all LOL. I also loved the kicking under the table, but then you know my soft spot for George *smiles* Then a bit of action to keep it from being too fluffy LOL. Keep up the great work!! 2007-03-27 01:50:57

uglyduckling: WOW! Masked Maiden I must say you've done an awesome piece of work with 'Midnight'. It's certainly wonderful. You've crafted an incredibly dark and interesting twist for Alondra! Poor girl, she's such a nice and lovable kid... But 'by the Fates!' What have I got myself into!? The GPers series is full of character-cruel-writers... AND I LOVE IT SOO MUCH!!! He he he, I'm happy I joined! 2007-03-26 11:50:46

CassandraSerenity: And the plot thickens! Alondra is having visions/memories/thoughts of a long lost relative that looks just like Allie herself. Not only that, but the relative, Alyssa, seems to know Allie is there (or is that only in her mind?). What an interesting twist Stef! I can't wait to see where you go from here with this piece of Allie's life. Poor girl though, as if she hasn't been though enough. You're starting to act like me with your characters LOL 2007-03-24 13:32:21

JimMcGuffin: Wow, seven chapters in one week! So it's already time for me to review again. ODDISH: So Daniel and Cass finally talk to each other again. Hopefully Daniel learned his lesson, and the fiasco with Dudley will never happen again. (But meanwhile, Uncle Vermin -- LOL!) LIZZY: So it's time for Maggie to return to England and Diagon Alley. Not only does she have her father's photo and her best friends back, but she runs into an old friend, Josh. I can't wait to learn more about him. CASS: So one Slytherin, Marcus is still very obsessed with her, while two other Slytherins, Draco and Pansy, continue to irritate her so much. I look forward to reading more! And speaking of Draco, DUCKLING: I can see how much Lore hates her cousin Draco and his father Lucifer. (I meant Lucius -- LOL!) In a way, Lore's life is just like Harry's, forced to live with a mean aunt, uncle, and cousin. SARAH: Jory and Griffin have fun together at Griff's house. And one look into his eyes and suddenly she's forgotten that Tommy is her boyfriend! Kind of reminds me of Alondra in a way! And speaking of Allie, STEF: So many things have happened to Allie since my last review, but one thing is certain -- at least she finally remembers that Cedric is her boyfriend! But now the mystery begins. So apparently Alyssa Bridgerton is a late relative, probably on her mother's side, who was raped by her father's kidnapper Lucifer. (I meant Lucien -- LOL!) He must be scary if Allie would rather see Tom again than this Lucien! ALL: As usual, keep up the good work, and happy April Fool's Day and Easter coming up! 2007-03-24 02:34:12

MaskedMaiden: So behind on my reviewing...but never on my reading! *giggles* Quick recap, Lizzy--I really think you should write more often...you're incredibly talented and your chapters are always a delight to read! I like that Maggie is back having fun with the gang, and I want to find out more about her father too...I'm a sucker for mysteries, did you know? ;) Cass, you're just such an incredible writer...a true inspiration to all of us here at GP-ers. It's always fresh and alluring to hear about Cassie and her adventures...be it with the gang, with Draco, with George, with Pansy...and now with Marcus!! GW, your chapters get better and better! I do hope you post more of Jordy's adventures more often too. ;) UD, I think I agree with everyone of us on GP-ers when I say, it's truly a pleasure and a joy to have you on board! Loreley is fresh, spunky, sweet, and funny, and mysterious too...I can't wait to learn more about her as the year progresses! It looks to be a bright and awesome ride. Year 3 is about to begin, let's sit back and get ready because it only looks like more wonder and success lies ahead. *!*MM*!* 2007-03-23 20:22:26

Anonymous: I must say, MaskedMaiden.... I love Alondra! JeanGreySummers has created a very sweet and lovable character... and I absolutely love your fantastic writing as well, MaskedMaiden! Keep up the great work with Allie, their is such an interesting storyline around her. She's what all girls should have a little of! 2007-03-23 19:20:17

CassandraSerenity: I've already told you how wonderful you chapter is UD, but I plan on doing it again. *smiles* You are making a wonderful and outstanding impression with your chapters and I'm SO happy that you decided to join us here in GPers. Lore is an interesting girl and I can't wait to see what she does with the information that her cousin was once scalped, by a girl no less. hehehe As I told you before I love it when characters work together or include pieces from others characters chapters. It gives the whole story a strong feel that it's happening at the same time. Jim is a wonderful example of someone who does that and it always makes his chapters stronger. You seem to have the same gift *smiles* Keep up the amazing work! 2007-03-23 13:45:00

Anonymous: Kisses, kisses, kisses!! You spoil any girl with the description of a guy like Cedric Diggory aka Tristan! MaskedMaiden romance is your gift. 2007-03-22 23:11:55

CassandraSerenity: Good job ginnywitch. Seeing Griff worry about Jordy is kind of cute, though I wonder how he affords such a big house. Will we get the story behind that I hope? I also liked the mention of Crookshanks and the pet shop since it does play a big part of this years plots. Keep up the good work! 2007-03-22 15:48:26

Anonymous: Cass: Great chapter.We see a little of other GPers cahracters and Cassandra's perspective on them. Really well done, poor Cass. Hopefully we'll see more of her and Fred very soon.... 2007-03-22 14:28:38

uglyduckling: Cass: a magnificiently dark chappie, you really like giving Cassandra a hard time, don't you? Very enjoyable, you sure know how to portay Draco, being himself rather skillfully as well! Oh! The part about Draco and Pansy getting scalped: totally awesome... 2007-03-22 00:13:21

Oddish: Well! STEF: Romance romance everywere! And it is good to see poor Kerensa at least starting to recover from that truly horrific wedding debacle (I hope Dane`s new love gives him some exotic incurable VD). LUNA: A little ahead, but we understand that it was due to a last-minute chapter shuffle. The reunion with Cass and Ray was really well-handled, looking forward to more, and I hope Maggie can learn more about her dad, too. U.D.: As I said before, an excellent effort; you are so dead-on with the characters of Lucius and Draco. You are a worthy addition to our fellowship. CASS: Argh... Draco and Pansy are such blood-freak prats, Cass is lucky to no longer be associated with them. I see a much better choice in her future, someone with red hair, freckles, and a more developed sense of humor. 2007-03-21 02:47:52

CassandraSerenity: *shudder* Oh Lucius can be a ******, but I truly LOVE what you did with him UD!! It's SO him and I'm loving seeing him being himself. lol. Poor Lore though, I feel so sorry for her. And Draco... well he's a pain in the **** sometimes too. Maybe he'll learn that Lore is a friend, but I doubt it. He's just not the type. Keep up the amazing work though, you really are a wonderful writer. 2007-03-20 13:36:36

CassandraSerenity: Good job Lizzy! I'm glad to see Maggie back with everyone else and that her ordeal at Moore Castle isn't going to haunt her as much this year.... well hopefully not as much. At least she got to see an old friend, right? *smiles* And I loved the girls getting back together again, they really have some bridges to mend and feelings to put back in place. Keep up the great work though and I can't wait to hear more from Maggie!! 2007-03-20 13:10:18

uglyduckling: Marked Maiden: what a lovely chappie! Allie and Cedric's first kiss!! Allie sure knows how to play innocent when needed, doesn't she? I can surely immagine her pretending to be naive in front of Cedric! *giggles* Luna: Cool chapter, shopping Diagonally. Very enjoyable... I sure like your Magenta, especially her greenish musical tastes! She's a girl after my own heart! 2007-03-20 12:42:22

CassandraSerenity: Awwwwww... Allie and Cedric share their first kiss! *dreamy sigh* And it was so sweet and romantic too. I do agree with Kea though that he really should have done it much sooner LOL. Poor Cedric though not hearing those three magic words back. I hope he can some day *smiles* Keep up the great work!! 2007-03-18 20:27:10

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job Stef as always!! You're chapters are never boring, that's for sure *giggles* Boy does that girl get kissed alot LOL. I wonder if her lips will be woren out anytime soon LOL. But Cedric is back by her side. I wonder if she'll tell him about Frenando or not. Will he stay her secret? Will they kiss agian? What about Seb? Will he ever learn about Frenando? Questions.... questions... questions. Keep up the great work though!! 2007-03-17 13:29:47

uglyduckling: Jimmy: cool chappie! You're surely nicerto your character than me! He he he! I sure liked the idea of a birthday party!! And Justin's lil'sis is going to be in my year! That's cool because there aren't many canons in this year!! 2007-03-16 14:26:10

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful chapter as always Jim. I loved seeing into Justin's house and the history behind it was impressive. How much of it was true? Historically speaking of course, since we don't know anything about Justin from cannon. I also liked that Jimmy finally found out about his dad's job and the nod to Sirius Black on the news. Seeing the muggle side of things is great. I wonder what they think he did or was it just a bombing to them or something? Keep up the great work though *smiles* 2007-03-16 10:23:13

Oddish: OK... JIM: Well, I guess our boy Jimmy has found out that it can`t rain every day, or even every Friday the 13th: new friends, new discoveries, and new toys to boot. Jim and Dan may be pelting Bludgers at each other before they know it. MM: Yay! Cedric has shown up! he is my favorite of Allie`s suitors by far. Even Daniel likes him. I am NOT looking forward to losing him in Y4... maybe we could make it so Crabbe is Triwiz Champion instead; no great loss if he croaked. And Allie WILL be back at school, that is good to know. 2007-03-16 01:25:56

Anonymous: Very good! But Bill is the eldest Weasley, not the second eldest. Charlie is second. 2007-03-16 00:44:56

Anonymous: Whats a girl to do?! if I had three such rugged males chasing after me,I'd be as confused and torn between them as Allie is. Masked Maiden please tell me there's more juicy action to come for this love square!! 2007-03-12 09:38:55

JimMcGuffin: So we're well into August now. LIZZY: Welcome back to the gpers story! So Maggie makes a discovery about her long lost father. Will she be able to find him? I can't wait to find out! Meanwhile, I hope that you'll be able to write more regularly in Year Three. RAE: And so Ara's also involved with a mystery involving her parents. With her parents gone all the time and all her friends away in New York, I can see why Ara is so lonely. ODDISH: Oooh, Daniel's in big trouble! I assume that his summer part-time job with Ara Figg is now over. In her earlier review, Stef wants to see less fighting in more fluff in your chapters, which brings up a good point -- what will Ginny say when she finds out what he's been up to? STEF: As always, so many things have happened to Allie since my last review. It all begins with a big contest between Allie and Fernando, and ends with the two of them and Seb meeting a gypsy. For someone who supposedly has a boyfriend, Cedric, Allie sure thinks about other boys a lot -- but what's new there? Well, I'm glad that Allie will be going back to Hogwarts -- and Ced. ISSELA and MATT: The girls take Kai shopping -- naturally he's not into it, until Sadie and Sarah convince him to buy gifts for Ara. At least they're thinking about her back at home. It's back to pranking Kai I see -- can't wait to see him with his pink hair. LOL! DUCKLING: Welcome to gp'ers! Your character Loreley sounds like another good Slytherin, just like Rhiain's character Ray. Her relatives, the Lestranges and Malfoys are totally awful Death Eaters. I can see why she'd be reluctant to go to Hogwarts. Of course she'll miss her half-unicorn friend ("Semi-corn?"), but I hope that she'll change her mind once she arrives at the castle and starts learning magic. ALL: Great chapters everyone, and happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! 2007-03-06 00:00:50

Oddish: OK... U.D.: You have created a very intriguing character, and am looking forward to following her on a most amazing journey. It was an honor and a pleasure to aid Cass in mentoring you. RAE: Every chapter by you I read gets better. I hope tgat this mystery in Ara`s life is solved soon. M.M.: *sigh* Allie, Allie, Allie. That Sebastian is just an addiction she can`t beat, isn`t he? I hope the little prat doesn`t hurt her too badly. But another very interesting thread is woven into your tapestry-like plot. ALL: As we slowly approach the 500-chapter mark (Ch. 85 will get us there), the story shows no signs of stopping. Truly awesome work, everyone. 2007-03-02 02:33:45

CassandraSerenity: Amazing job as always Stef!! I loved seeing Seb and Allie being friendly again, though having Fernando there seemed to cause a bit of tension *evil grin* The gypsies were wonderful too! And that Queen. As if we don't have alot of predictions about our Velea already, but I'm so excited to hear that people have already said Allie and Seb will end up together. Keep up the amazing writing skills. I just love your characters and chapters *beams* 2007-03-01 11:33:02

Anonymous: a brilliant set of pieces of writing! where do you all get so inspired?!please make sure to write all the way up to 7th year no matter what the 7th book may say this coming summer 2007-02-28 11:57:42

MaskedMaiden: Oddish, you just never, ever disappoint with your chapters. This was such a blast to read!! Dan is such a sweet and noble boy, but how he can kick butt!! *LOL* It's such a great combo, I swear. I'm curious to see where you take Dan next--after the back to back action, I despise that Dudley even more now...how about some fluff? Just a humble request. :) I also hope Cassie and Ray and Diana don't give Dan such a hard time for long. I really can't wait for more! *!*MM*!* 2007-02-27 22:34:57

MaskedMaiden: Welcome to GP'ers, Uglyduckling! Thank you so much for reviewing so many of our chapters, such nice and sweet reviews they were. You were being modest about your own talents, however. I really enjoyed your first chapter! Loreley seems like such an interesting girl, she's admirable for putting up with the likes of the Malfoys. *LOL* Keep her story coming, you're doing great so far! I can't wait to learn more about her and her interesting parentage. *!*MM*!* 2007-02-27 22:29:26

uglyduckling: Such a sad ending for such a wonderful chapter!! But I guess the Serenities couldn't possibly be happy about Daniel's fighting... Even so, the way you describe fights always amazes me Oddish! It's a brilliant chap! 2007-02-27 13:23:48

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job as always Rachel *smiles* I can't wait to learn more about what is keeping Ara's parents from being honest with her! I can see how much Ara misses her friends though and I'm sure they miss her too. Keep up the amazing work Rachel! 2007-02-24 15:19:05

CassandraSerenity: Welcome to GPers go to Hogwarts U.G. Such a wonderful to start off with too *smiles* As if all of the new writers we have this year I'm seeing alot of talent and I can't wait until all of our plots start to come together and everyone can react off each other *rubs hands together with an evil grin* Goddess do I love plotting! LOL. Again, a wonderful chapter U.G. and a very interesting character too. Keep up the great work and welcome to the story! 2007-02-24 10:25:03

uglyduckling: One word: Fan-Bloody-Tastic!!!! 2007-02-20 19:28:54

uglyduckling: I really like Alondra and Fernando's kind of love-hate relationship! And I surely looove Fernando!! PS: my brother's called Fernando! he he he! 2007-02-20 18:50:31

uglyduckling: Hi Jimmy! I like your character... Specially the párt of him being Hufflepuff! I like Hufflepuffs! (not only Cedric) But does he have to be so mean to his father? By the way, I'm trying to get into the fic this year... Cass is puttling me through the wringer right now to see if I'm up to the task!! love the fic! 2007-02-20 17:01:05

uglyduckling: Your out burst chapter was spooky. And that's an understatement!! The was you described her feelings was soo cool! Envy envy envy... such a great storyline! By the way, did you get my PM? I sent it 3 times but it does not appear in my Sent Box! 2007-02-20 16:47:54

uglyduckling: Your such a wicked writer Oddish! I mean, really, Figg a kneaze-cat breeder! It's fan-tastic, wonderful! Envy envy envy! - U.D. 2007-02-20 03:09:29

uglyduckling: I really have to say this: I love Alondra! your character is just so loveble and interesting! I love Seb as well, of course! I sent Oddish and Cassandra my character bio and hope against odds they'll let me join the story! I'm not a quarter good as you are, though *snif, snif* PS: how come she hates being called Lark? 2007-02-19 14:50:44

Oddish: Only reviewing the most recent chapters; I'm on a library computer... CASS: Sometimes a stroll down Memory Lane can be a difficult experience, can't it? Daniel and I both know that all too well. It will be interesting to see how the events of this year affect Cass. LUNA: Some great descriptions of Maggie just being a regular kid, followed by a revelation that could change everything! Write more soon, OK? JIM: Grayson may not have done everything Jimmy says he did, but he is certainly a fine role model, for a Hufflepuff or anyone else. Jimmy may be meeting him sooner than he realizes! MM: Wowzers, first a wedding debacle, then Fernando steps to the forefront... the motley list of potential suitors for Allie is approaching encyclopedic proportions. Cedric is still the only one I trust, though. And a scary revelation about the gift that Allie has, which may make her even more dangerous than Daniel. Yeek. Nice work, everyone. :) 2007-02-15 23:39:40

MaskedMaiden: Ella, I got a sneak peek of this one early on and I was, we'll use British slang here, gobsmacked! It was just brilliant, with the right touch of humor and realism...A great insight into Aunt Viv, she's such a girl I love her *LOL*, but she's also a loving aunt and guardian. And of course, the cheery a top the sundae was the surprise information on Maggie's father! I can't wait to see more of this mystery unravel. Keep up the great work! *!*MM*!* 2007-02-09 18:54:43

MaskedMaiden: It's the younger generation versus the older one. Jim, you must think I'm like a broken tape recorder saying the same thing in all my reviews, but's it's just the truth! Your chapters are always a pleasure to read. You get so much insight into not only Jimmy but those who surround him. I love his spunk, I swear. His sister is adorably funny too. I like his Mom, she's such a Mom it's great. Of course now we also got more of an insight into Jim Sr. and his standing on certain aspects of the magical world as well as Jimmy's perspective on his Dad's lack of magic. I think it's a very Freudian feud ensuing between father and son over power...Okay, I'll leave it at that since I'm bound to go off topic now. *LOL* Can't wait for more! *!*MM*!* 2007-02-09 18:51:30

JimMcGuffin: Ok guys you know the drill...Cass complains about how no one's reviewing this fic, which is my cue to write my next set of reviews. ISSELA and MATT: Welcome back to gp'ers, you two! I know the two of you were busy during Year Two, so I hope that you'll have time to write more in Year Three. It's fun to read about Kai, Sadie, and Sarah having fun together in the States! STEF: What a sad chapter, with Allie's cousin being left at the altar. But it ends with Allie catching the bouquet. Let's hope that whoever proposes to her (not Ced -- he'll be dead by then) won't be as cruel to her as the groom is in this chapter. RAE and SARAH: Happy birthday to you! So Ara and Jory have fun on their birthdays, but gloom looms in the back of their minds with Ara's parents' disappearance and the discovery that Jory's sister is a Squib. ODDISH: So Daniel gets a job. Since he's working for Ara Figg, who lives so close to Harry, I wonder whether Dan'll get to see Harry again just like last summer. CASS: Third year figures to be a big year for Cass, with not only the promise of a new romance with George, but more importantly, the story of her father Wormtail comes to the forefront. Sirius breaks out of Azkaban, and Cass, like everyone else, thinks he's a murderer. Of course, I know she'll be devastated if she ever finds out the truth about her father -- let's hope, then, that Cass never finds out about the truth then. ALL: These are all such exciting summer chapters. Keep up the good work and enjoy your Valentine's Day! 2007-02-07 23:59:07

MaskedMaiden: Dan gets a job! Oh, that was so much fun to read, Oddish. All your work really is, I just love Dan's spunky attitude. Underneath all that spunk is heart though and that endears him to me and all of us I'm sure. I can't wait to see what adventures lie in store for him being so close to Dudley and Harry. ;) Cass! Ooo...when Cassie gets angry, she gets angry. Poor Sirius, if he only knew what awaits him. And I love hearing more about Cassie's mom and Remus too! I can't wait for more of that. ;) *!*MM*!* 2007-02-06 10:32:34

CassandraSerenity: Daniel gets a job... and working for Mrs. Figg too *smiles* Though I doubt that warning from her is going to stop Daniel from beating up on Dudley at all. He may think it now, but I know the young chap too well to think it will stick lol. It was good to hear about his shopping trip though and how much he liked it. Or at least how much he got while out. Funny how growing kids need new things huh? lol. Keep up the great work Oddish *smiles* 2007-02-06 10:18:52

CassandraSerenity: Great job Sarah on your latest chapter. I love when more than one of us bring up an important point in the story, like the escape from Azkaban. I also like the addition of Jory's sister, who apparently, is a squib. We haven't seen many of them yet in the story, besides the two crazy ones of Flinch and Mrs. Figg. I hope you can show them a slight better light *smiles* Keep up the great work! 2007-02-06 10:05:56

MaskedMaiden: Oddish, it's so nice to see Dan at Tranquility Grove! It's been a summer full of fun and learning for the little guy and I hope it only gets better from here on out with Ginny coming back soon and with Ray and Cassie by his side. ;) Cass, it's so much fun to see Ray and Cass out and about and shopping and having laughs! It's just what they need after such a crazy and dark year at school. Now they have Dan to joke with and tease too, it's just so much fun to see them hanging out. Keep up the great work, you two! *!*MM*!* 2007-01-27 16:21:15

CassandraSerenity: I'm sorry Anny, but the only "missing chapters" from GP-ers are writen by our writers (normally coming from things that happen in the past or random fluff moments). We do that because you might not get our characters right even in a missing chapte. 2007-01-25 15:29:32

Anonymous: I have a question: Can anyone who feels as if they can't commit to the story post a "missing chapter story" with all the characters in the Gpers story but post on their own time? With a character not already in the story? Just an idea... sorry! 2007-01-25 14:30:58

CassandraSerenity: Great chapter Oddish. I know I got to help out on it, which is always a pleasure, but I still had to say how much I liked it. *smiles* Daniel has come to Tranquility Grove and may even find a home there. I hope the three can have a wonderful summer together and get some good bonding. *smiles* Keep up the great work! 2007-01-24 22:08:56

CassandraSerenity: Allie will be a bride!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Wonderful chapter Stef, you always leaving me wanting more and in this case I want about five more years to be done right now so I can see 1) Who she marries 2) When she marries 3) and who will be there! Amazing chapter all around, though I really pity Kenesa right now *pouts* The poor girl having her heart broken like that and on her wedding day too. *sniffles* But Allie knew it was coming, could feel the thoughts in all of their minds. And that little bit with Seb was just brilliant. I can't wait to read more Stef, keep up the great work!! 2007-01-24 22:06:13

CassandraSerenity: Kai, Sarah, and Sadie seem to be having fun! *smiles* It's good to see them smiling again after year two and Sadie's friends are great, wonderful job you two. I can't wait to read more about their time together and the holiday in America. Keep it up! 2007-01-24 17:34:20

CassandraSerenity: No matter what Jim is always such an interesting character *smiles* We're getting to see a sweeter side of his sister, which is fun and getting to know a bit more about his family too. We might not yet know what his father does, but maybe we'll learn someday. I wonder if Jim will ever get those Quidditch supplies? Keep up the great work Jim. *smiles* 2007-01-23 17:29:51

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job Jasminemoon!!! I'm really excited about having a true Slytherin in our group *smiles* We have some nice Slytherins, but what fun is that lol. I can't wait to see what trouble Claire gets up too. *evil grin* And I've already told how amazing of a writer you are. You may just be starting with us, but I can already see the talent you have by the way you write and I can't wait to read more. Keep up the great job! 2007-01-23 17:22:09

MaskedMaiden: Jim, be it at school or at home Jimmy is just too adorable for words. I just like how confident he's becoming in his own skin. Plus how proud he is of his Badger background. ;) I can definitely see him being a valuable asset as a Beater for the Huffs next year! Hopefully his parents can get him the necessary equipment. Cass, I have to admit that while I don't like Draco--he was a sweet one with Cassie. He changed his ways or at least tried, for her. That's admirable from a Slytherin. ;) So, of course it makes sense Cassie will always have a special place in her heart for him. Although I still can't wait for George to own all of it. *LOL* Can't wait for more! *!*MM*!* 2007-01-22 11:26:49

Anonymous: Klutz4life: Great chappie, Hunter's sis is going to Hogwarts! MaskedMaiden:Poor Kerensa!!! I hope Allie, too, goes back to the bright and bubbly girl we all know... 2007-01-21 09:40:52

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful chapter Rae! Ara's dreamy, as usual, but Hunter is finally noticing his best girl friend LOL. Maybe next he'll start to see her as more than a friend *giggles* We also have Hunter's younger sister Addie becoming a future student of Hogwarts! Yeah for Addie! Great job *beams* Keep up the amazing work *hugs* 2007-01-18 13:59:59

CassandraSerenity: Wonderful job Stef, but then when don't you do a smashing job! *smiles* I loved hearing about Seb and Hya, then to top it off we see Allie, Katie, Tent, and a new man for Allie Fernado *giggles* Where do they all come from? lol. I hope Seb and Allie can deal with their surprises, but for some reason I think they'll be ok lol. Maybe even enjoy their summers *smirk* Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to read more! 2007-01-18 01:11:58

JimMcGuffin: It's finally Year Three! And here are my first reviews for the new year. CASS: No sooner does Cass realize her newfound feelings for George than the whole Weasley family goes to Egypt. It's sad that they won't be able to see each other, but soon the Weasleys will return, and Cass will be with her George once again. STEF: So both Seb and Allie have surprise guests this summer. Seb tries to flirt with Hyacinth even though he knows she has a boyfriend -- how Slytherin on him. And Allie meets Fernando, though we all know she'd much rather see her brother Armando. RAE: So Ara won't go to France after all -- I wonder why not. You're beginning to introduce some new mysteries involving your character. ODDISH: Ouch! What a painful treatment -- I can only imagine what Daniel's feeling now. It's sweet that Ginny comes to visit him just before the Weasleys' trip. JASMINE: Welcome to gp'ers! Your character Claire doesn't sound very nice. Indeed, I bet she's going to end up in Slytherin. I can't wait until you post your next chapter so we can find out! SARAH: That's an interesting new creature, a shadow wolf. It's good that the wolf likes both Jordyn and Griffin. ALL: Great chapters everyone. I look forward to reading more -- and I hope that Jasmine is not the only new writer this year. Whatever happened to all those people who tried to join right in the middle of Year Two? 2007-01-17 17:34:54

Luna26: Haha, i liked that, Jim, a very realistic family, hehehe. Good beginning to the year! 2007-01-17 17:15:01

Luna26: Hmm, I have to say, ginnywitch, you've really grown since you started this story. Good first chapter! 2007-01-17 15:32:44

Luna26: Well, Stef, you always impress me. You write so beautifully, I love it. Rae, you did a great job. I love how that chapter went. Of course, another fast paced, interesting chapter from Oddish. Ginny and Daniel are sooo cute. ::giggles::. And lastly, a new writer, Jasmine. Good first chapter! You have a nice writing style. and I like Claire alot. Keep it up, all of you! 2007-01-14 00:37:26

Oddish: OK... RAE: Nice chapters. You've grown a great deal as a writer since your GPers' debut, and I expect you'll grow even more over the coming year. CASS: It's tough for both our characters, finding out that our "other half" is headed to Egypt for the summer. That was a really sweet "farewell" chapter, though. I'm greatly enjoying watching the developing Cass/George ship. MM: Sebastian is definitely one of the most complex characters in the story, but his chapters are quite interesting to read. And it's nice to know what's up with Allie as well. JASMINE: A very strong debut chapter: Claire may not be the most admirable of heroines, but she'll nonetheless be an interesting addition to the story. Welcome aboard! EVERYONE: Looking forward to a fantastic 3rd year with all of you! 2007-01-13 15:59:15

klutz4life: Year 3 is finally here! I can honestly say I've been worried about this year coming, but I'm so glad it did and everyone’s done such a great job so far. Oddish; I'm always interested in what Dan gets up to but this chapter really pushed the bar a little further again, I absolutely loved it. The characters you introduce are always great and I'm really glad that we finally know what’s wrong with Dan; he stands a much better chance of a drama-free year now. But where’s the fun without a little drama? Keep up the great work! Cass; I've told you before that I loved your last chapter and I still feel the same. I'm with Stef, gotta love the fluff. I can't wait to see how things go for Cass and George later in the year, and how Cass copes through the summer, excellent work. Stef; Well it seems that you've been very busy writing lately, and it really shows through you're last two chapters. I always love to hear about Seb's family, I find them really fascinating characters, and Hyacinth's expiation was so endearing, I'm beginning to really love that girl. Another girl I love would be Allie, also coming from a family that I adore. It's funny how much she's changed over the past year, though I think it's fully justified that she did, (at least she’s got Ced,) and it's wonderful how she's surrounded by so many warm and loving people- even if there are a few I’d personally be a little carefully around. The three of you are all such talented people and it defiantly shows thought you're writing, amazing work all! 2007-01-12 09:14:10

MaskedMaiden: Rae, I feel an interesting mystery coming on for Ara. ;) I like how warm and comforting her home and family are, but why no trip to France? I can tell how much Ara looks forward to them. Hopefully we can find out soon what difficulties really arised to prevent it. Cass, I got a sneak peek of this one some time back and I loved reading it again. You know I simply adore fluff!! I can't wait to have George back from Egypt and get the George/Cassie ship full steam ahead. ;) Keep up the wonderful work you two! *!*MM*!* 2007-01-10 11:28:51

MaskedMaiden: Goodness it's great to start the next chapter for these boys and girls. Oddish, you never disappoint. That was truly a wonderful beginning for year 3 and for Dan. I can't wait to see more of the new characters introduced, more of Gin and Dan, and of course loads of action-packed fun. Keep up the wonderful work! *!*MM*!* 2007-01-08 11:15:47

CassandraSerenity: And the year starts!!!!!!!! Year Three of GP-ers go to Hogwarts is underway and of course our founder is making his mark with Daniel being at St. Mungles and even seeing Bill. *smiles* I hope Daniel gets better soon though, but I think that can be guessed by them finally figuring out what was wrong with him in the first place. lol. And we also learn that he's been being threatened by the brothers of his new girlfriend. I hope he doesn't get them on his bad side LOL. Keep up the amazing work Oddish and I can't wait to write with everyone else!!! Here's to a new year and a new year of fun for the gang. 2007-01-07 00:24:25

Luna26: A good beginning Oddish, I like the character you introduced, Ms Chabala. A strong start! 2007-01-06 00:18:52

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