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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Love is a Strong Thing, but is Friendship Stronger? by TheThreesum

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Harry was flattered by the news. He was leaving that unreal home that he had always loathed. He threw himself on his rickety bed and read the letter again, for the tenth time:

You can stay at my house for the rest of the summer! I asked me mum and she said that it would be the best thing you could do.

I would love to play Quidditch with you soon. Hermione is here, too. I’m telling you, she is getting very mean. ‘Take your broomstick out for goodness sake’ she really is getting annoying. When you come (if you come) please tell her to stop hitting me. OUCH! There she goes again…Sorry; she just punched me for writing that.

We think you might want to come here rather than stay there, so we’ll pick you up this Friday at midnight.

See you then,
Ron (OUCH)

When you get here, please, don’t forget
to tell Hermione… OUCH… Never mind…

He couldn’t believe it. It was eleven thirty, and he wished they would come early. He had to wait, though.

While he was waiting, he tried to figure out why all his dreams formed around Ginny. He couldn’t stop thinking about her fire colored hair. It was amazing what beautiful scent came from her hair. He really did smell the beautiful scent after a while when he realized that all the Weasleys (and Hermione) were stuffed in his room, a tight fit if you ask me.

“We thought you might want to come by our place instead of staying with these dreadful muggles,” Fred said. “Don’t worry about Dudley,” George said, “We already gave him a puking pastel.”

Mr. Weasley interrupted the funny conversation, “What are we here for boys… Come along Harry we have to go… Wow, a real Rubber Duck… How does it work Harry, how does it work?”

“The car is parked outside,” Ginny said. He knew she had always had a crush on him, but he never thought he would have one on her.

“Where did you guys come from?” Harry asked mostly to Ginny. “We got in through the front door, silly.” He had so many more questions to ask, but kept them to himself as he walked outside in the cold. “Wait, Ron do you want to help me pack? I forgot to when I got the note.” “Yeah, sure.
When they got upstairs in his room, Harry was surprised that Ron, who waved his wand, could pack everything in that one wand-wave. “I think that’s everything, right?” “Yeah,” Harry answered.

When they got out in the street they piled into the ministry car with Ginny and Hermione. “Are you sure you are not forgetting anything,” Ron asked. “Well, I have my wand, and that’s all I need besides everything in my trunk.” “Oh, yeah, Mrs. Weasly, can you write a note to Mrs. Dursley?” “Oh, I almost forgot, of course I will sweetie.”

It was a long time before they got to the Weaslys place, and the whole time, he had to stand the beautiful scent of Ginny’s hair. The house was as it always was. Although they drove there, they used floo powder to get to Grimmwald place.

Grimmwald place was cleaned up a lot since the last time Harry saw it. Sirius’s mother’s portrait was pried away from the thoroughly wallpapered wall. “Are there any Order members in here besides Weaslies today?” Harry asked Mrs. Weasly. She didn’t answer.

“SPIDER,” she shouted at the top of her lungs, and sure enough a three foot tall spider dropped from the ceiling screeching like a bird. Everybody except Hermione ran round screaming at the top of their lungs. Hermione shouted a spell that made the angry spider fly through a window.

“Thanks Hermione,” Ron said. “No problem,” she replied.

Ginny was holding a piece of paper in her hand and she looked petrified.

“What’s wrong Ginny?”

“Spider…. Spider…..”

“We already got rid of the spider, Ginny” Harry replied to her repetedness.

“NO… SPIDERS!” she shouted. And everyone was showered first with spider webs, then with spiders.

He had to help Ginny. He could not imagine her shrieking with spider webs in her fierce red hair.

His mind was racing. He was running toward her. He shielded her until it was over. When it was over, she thanked him until it started getting annoying.

An owl came in through the open door with a very sloppy written note in its beak:

Come quick… We’re under attack… They’re coming for you Harry!

He raced toward the fire, and started looking for the floo powder. Mr. Weasly stayed behind to get the luggage to Grimmwald place. He found the floo powder and tossed it into the fire place. The fire turned a tinge of green and then went to its regular red and orange.

“The floo network is blocked,” Ginny stated.

Harry tried again and again until finally the fifth time the fire was tinged green. He told everyone to get their wands out to prepare for attack and to go to the Burrow through the fire. After everyone went he jumped into the fire and shouted “THE BURROW!”

As he got there he realized that this was a false call. It turned out that the people that were ‘attacking’ were actually Order members. They weren’t attacking anyways they were just wearing Death Eaters masks.

As Harry realized this he lowered his wand and walked back into the already glowing fire and said in an agitated whisper, “Grimmwald place” and as he was walking up to his room he could hear everyone reappearing through the fire and talking about Harry’s sudden exit. As he was getting into his bed to get some sleep Ron entered his room.

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