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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Harry Potter and The Power of Aranio by ReAmusLupin

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N/A This is first ever long fanfic its gana be long trust me, I am hoping to focus on Harry and Ginny’s relationship and Harry’s power, I admit to using a beta but I swear on my eye that I check for authenticity and spelling.

Yes also grammar, but be reasonable is my first so please cut me some slack, in your reviews I would love for you to hand me ideas because you are the fuel of my fire and the legs of my chair so without you I go out and fall flat on my face, meaning that I need your reviews to fuel this fanfic, or for a more direct approach you could pm me or email me at gun_ down_wing@hotmail.co.uk OK HERE GOES!

ADDED NOTE!: i will be writing the rest of the chapters 4+ on the account that has just posted this chapter due to password probelms with the forgeting and not remembering to save it on my drafts! For all you fans the story wil go on from here.

Harry Potter and the power of Aranio

A Tall skinny raven haired figure stepped out of the darkness, he was covered in a blue baggy t-shirt and long baggy jeans.

This at first appearance seems like your average teen boy. Though thinking that you would be greatly mistaken as this boy on the street side walk is none other than the infamous Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, soon to become the most powerful wizard of the age he just hadn’t a clue he was going to be it yet.

A sudden squeaking and hooting filled the young teenager’s ears, it was sound of an owl.

The owl flew onto Harry's out stretched arm. He slowly removed the letter from the owls out stretched leg. It read.

Dear Mr Potter

I am pleased to inform you that as you have recently come of age your underage ban has been lifted you may now use magic freely. Though the ‘State of Secrecy still applies to underage and age wizards/witches. Use your new ban lift to any extent though you must keep the state of secrecy. Your apparation test will be held at the Ministry of Magic on 9th of August

Hope your enjoying your holidays
Jeremy Godson
For the Improper Use of Magic Department

Harry's mind lept, so did his stomach as his brain processed the letter that was held in his shaking hand.

“YES” Harry yelled with the first true smile he had worn for days stretched across his tired worn face, he looked around to check if any muggles had there lights on with a flick of his head he had concurred that his yell had not been heard. “Porto Incendio” Harry muttered. Like lightning a great ball of fire hovered in his hand and he used its light to find his way back to Privet
Drive. He passed a few animals on the way and a very tired Mrs. Figg.

Harry having reached Privet Drive turned the door handle, but it was locked.

Harry whipped out his wand and muttered” Alohamora” But instead of a click his wand started to vibrate. It shook harder and harder until it shook so violently that it flew out of Harry's hand and hit the grassy lawn. The wand started to levitate and suddenly whipped round in Harrys direction and fired a vivid bolt of crimson light his way.

Naturally he was so shocked he was rooted to the ground, then the bolt hit it all went black.


Harry's mind suddenly switched on.

”What, where am I, why can’t I hear, or move “Harry thought

Hundreds of images suddenly flew passed his eyes

Red hair,

A key,

A stone,

A red light,

A lightning bolt scar

Suddenly he felt a searing pain burn through him like a white hot poker had been jabbed through each of his arms in turn.

He let out an ear piecing shriek of pain and a wrinkled hand grabbed his already searing arm. The he had the sensation of being forced through a very tight rubber pipe.

His rapid breathing slowed and he fell into a sleep from exhaustion.


His eyes slowly, his eyes where all blurred. Someone had taken his glasses off, he reach out blindly and his hand found the cold metal frame of his glass.

He tried gripping them, but his fingers wouldn’t close.
He remembered Dumbledore could do spells without wands

accio glasses Harry thought.
His glasses flew to his eyes, Harry looked round. He was in a small room that was practically empty.

He untangled himself from the tight covers that had been tucked around him.

He stiffly got out of bed, and was walking to the door when CRASH.

The door burst open and the next thing he knew his eyes where engulfed by a great bush of brown hair. The bush of brown hugged him so tight all he could manage was.

“Hermione….need…. air……please” Harry choked.

“O sorry Harry, it’s so good to see you” said Hermione with a hint of apology in here voice.

Ron stepped into the room.

“How are you mate” said Ron smiling ear to ear.

“Couldn’t be better” said Harry.

The trio Walk down to the kitchen of the Borrow.

“O Harry dear your all right” shouted Mrs Weasley with glee pulling him into a rib cracking hug.
“Dumbledore is waiting for you in the library.
“It’s nice to see you too Mrs Weasley “

Harry opened the door to the library. He saw his favourite professor sitting in an arm chair gazing dreamily into the fire.

“Good morning sir” called Harry bringing Dumbledore out of his trance.

“O hello Harry glad to see you awake, you really gave us a scare when u collapsed out side your aunt and uncles” said Dumbledore that illegal twinkle in is eyes.

It is then Harry's body seized up he collapsed and went numb.

A/N Sorry to leave u at a cliff hanger, but I fell like I have to make this a short one that gives you some of the details. Plus I like holding the suspense. Chtp 2 on its way.

Thanks to

Arimus Lupin

Thank your for being my first draft beta and I know you like AL but I like being formal on this subject

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