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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> James vs Severus-chp1 James saves Severus by potterfanone

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The full moon was outside the Gryffindor common room window. James sat at the fire, continuously yawning of his great boredom. Peter was snoring on the couch beside him. James stirred up the fire a little bit thinking to himself “Where the hell is Sirius?”

Just then, Sirius walked in through the portrait hole. “Where’ve you been?” Sirius just chuckled and said “I went on a little walk.” As Sirius sat down, and happily picked up the idea of pestering Peter in his sleep. James noticed an unusual joy in his walk and his voice. He asked “What’s up with you?”

Sirius looked up from poking Peter’s nose. “Oh, nothing.” He gave another sly chuckle. James didn’t like it, he knew Sirius was keeping something, something really good. James chuckled and asked “C’mon, tell me.” Sirius smirked mischievously. “Awright.” He paused a moment, increasing suspense. “I let Snivellus in on something and you’re gonna love it.” James frowned. “What?” Sirius leaned back on the couch and looked out at the full moon. James looked at it and his eyes widened.

“You didn’t?!” Sirius smirked impishly, “Yes. I did. He’s probably on his way down.” James jumped up. “You stupid idiot!” He ran past hitting Sirius on the top of his head. “OW!” Sirius turned and watched James run through the portrait hole rubbing his head. Sirius’s cry had woken Peter and caused him to roll off of the couch. Peter got up from the floor and asked “What’s up?” Sirius looked down at him.

James ran down the corridor with great speed. “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" He turned a corner and ran down the stairs. He ran out the castle doors and out onto the grounds. In the bit of distance he saw a figure go down the passageway of the Whomping Willow. “HEY! Hold it! Stop! Damn it!” James took off running towards the great tree. Right before he got to the trunk something knocked him hard several feet away. He hit the ground and looked up. The Willow’s branches were thrashing everywhere. James wiped the blood dripping from his lip and stood. He ran toward the passage again only to be knocked down again. He crawled quickly, and felt the branches whipping at his back.

He jumped up, ran and slid down into the passage. With a cough he landed on the dirt floor of the tunnel. He kicked at the dirt as he struggled to gain his feet and ran. He saw Severus, and he was just about to climb through the top. He tackled him. “OW! WHAT THE--?!” James slapped his hand over Severus's mouth and held a finger to his own lips and said “Shh!” James looked up and listened carefully. He could hear nothing. Then he heard claws scraping the floor above. James felt fright filling his heart. He was frozen there, staring like a fish up at the trapdoor. He heard a few growls. James forgot how to breathe for a second. And then thankfully the claws scraped away. James sighed quietly with great relief.

James looked back at Severus who was holding James’s wrist with his free hands. "Mmph!" James was sweating but he said firmly, “You’re a real fool for listening to what Sirius says. If I hadn’t come, you would’ve been face to face with a big, hungry werewolf. ” He uncovered Severus's mouth; grabbed his shoulder and dragged him to his feet. He swatted at James's hand. With a deep glare he said “I bet you were in on it. You wanted to get me killed, Potter.” James shook his head. He walked off down the tunnel. For a moment, Severus looked up at the trapdoor. He heard a high-pitched howl and quickly followed James.

James arrived back in the common room to be greeted by a frantic Peter and a guilty Sirius. James assured them that he was okay and he told them what happened. “Sirius, I know there's things in the past but this is WAY too far. Never do something like that again.” Sirius nodded and promised he wouldn’t. James leaned back on the couch with an annoyed moan.

They all got up early just as the sun began to rise from over the distant trees the next day. They went down the stairs and sat down in the common room. James ruffled his very untidy hair, making it even messier. Sirius yawned. Peter yawned. And then, James yawned. he asked, "Strange how those are contagious isn't it?"

Just then the portrait hole opened. Peter, James and Sirius looked up to see Remus limp in with a hand clutching his left upper arm. His face was scratched and his eyes were filled with great exhaustion. They stood and greeted him. Sirius took Remus’s hand from his arm and saw a slash thick layer of bandages around his arm. “Stop at the hospital already? No one to bite, so you bite yourself.” Sirius said as they all sat down again. Remus shrugged “It’s nothing.” James scoffed and said “Actually last night you would’ve had yourself a meal because of Sirius.” Remus looked over at Sirius quickly and asked “What?” James explained what happened last night, leaving no details untold. Sirius gave James the 'do you HAVE to slap more guilt on my plate?!' look.

Remus looked over at Sirius who looked down at his feet with guilt. “You could’ve gotten him killed.” Sirius looked up “Yeah I know. You should’ve heard what he said ‘bout us though. I knocked his papers to the floor and he said some pretty bad things. I was mad, couldn’t help myself.” Then some footsteps were heard coming from the girl’s dormitory stairs. They turned their heads in curiousity.

A girl with lovely red hair and emerald eyes appeared from the stairs. It was Lily. She and James exchanged looks. Her's was a nasty 'Leave me alone or I'll destroy you' look. James just smiled a bit and blushed deeply. Remus closed his eyes and shook his head and said in an annoyed tone, “Here we go again.”

Hee hee. Do you like how I ended it? Great, now that you've read it, REVIEW IT! next is chapter 2! ^.^

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