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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> With Love Comes Trust by ginnypotter7

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Disclaimer: if I was jk I would have this published…enough said

November 14th

“Hey Evens, will you go out with me?” James Potter asked sitting down across the table from the love of his life and fellow 7th year
Lily looked up, form her history of magic assignment and glared at his big mop of Black hair before lowering her gaze to his “ no” she said and went back to her parchment.
“Why?” he asked looking outraged
She sighed and looked up again “why? Why, wont I go out with you? Because you are James-I-know-it-all-and-am-an-extreemly-hot-god-now-all-kiss-my-ass –Potter.” she took a breath “ And wipe of that look from your face Potter, you knew what I would say,” he did as he was told, after all she did speak the truth,
“That is not a very good answer,” he said as she gathered up her books and parchment and started to leave the library.
“Excuse me, and what exactly do you mean by that?” she spat at him, whirling around to see his face. She was met with a look of, was it sorrow?
“I mean that it is not a very good answer because that is like all the other ones you have given me… I want a real heart felt answer on why you refuse to give me a chance.”
She was taken back by what he said, “Wh-why would you care?” she asked, “Black probably just dared you that you couldn’t get me to go out with you”
He sighed “I can see how you could get that,” he took her hands and she pulled hers away “but you still haven’t awnsered me.”
“So? You never told me why you care”
“I love you,” he said softly
Her eyes were huge, she calmly turned around, and walked out of the doors into the hallway, but from there she ran and she ran fast, and far. She didn't know where her feet were leading her but she let them. In about a half-hour she found her self by a rock at the edge of the lake. Once she was there she collapsed, not knowing till that moment that she was exhausted.
Her mind kept repeating his words. She wouldn’t let him get to her, ever! She had told herself and her best friend, Amy, repeatedly.
Three months passes without a word being uttered to each other. If the two were in the same room people were no longer afraid to be at the receiving of one of their fights. James unintentionally caused these fights, from asking Lily out repeatedly.
This had stopped, and so had Lily’s many head aches, and she soon realized how much she missed those head aches, almost as much as she missed the little notes that would hit her head in class, or the chocolates and the flowers he would send her. Not a holiday but just to send her them, lilies, he always sent her lilies, her favorite.
But she never appreciated him, until he was gone.
Isn’t that the way it always goes? He admitted his love for her and all she did was walk away form him. How much had that hurt him? She couldn’t imagine.

May, 17
Black Lake

“James!” Lily yelled running after him, the quittich mach ended 45 minuets ago and he had be nowhere to be found, he stopped and turned to face her, he was still in his uniform, and his hair was messed up even more than usual.
“What?” he asked his voice was icy
“James” she put a hand on his rigid shoulder, he didn't move “I-I love you too” his face showed the most joy she seen on his face in a long time.
And soon she was swept up into a huge kiss. When they pulled away, he asked “really? Do you really mean that?”
“James, I-I wouldn’t have said it if I didn't mean it”
“I was just making sure about that.”
She sighed “I never want to make you question me again” he gave her a pointed look “and how might one go about…. Earning back your trust ”
He smiled at her “it was earned back when you said you loved me”

so???? what do you think??? was it good? bad? ok? leave me a reveiw!!!!!1

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