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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> The Werewolf's Helping Hand: Chapter 2--Caught by lily_james1313

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A/N: second chapter in my story!! its my first fanfic...:-) pls R/R! thank you for the reviews, those of you who read my first chapter!

Disclaimer: i dont own any of it.

Chapter 2—Caught

“Miss Evans!” Professor McGonagall hissed.

Lily jumped in surprise. “Yes, Professor.”

“Would you care to pay attention, please?!”

“Sorry, Professor.”

“Hmph. Now that Miss Evans has deigned to grace us with her presence of mind, we return to the principles of Transfiguring the human body, not only the parts, but the being as a whole…”

Lily had tuned out again. She was watching Potter with fascination. He was actually taking notes. He had never done that before. He always got top marks, sure, but he always seemed to do it without any effort at all…something that irked Lily to no end, because she always had to work to get her good grades. He wasn’t even talking to those vulgar cronies of his. How strange…


Lily almost fell off her chair.

“This is quite unlike you, Miss Evans! I have never had to reprimand you once, and now twice in one class? Ten points from Gryffindor!”

Lily sank lower and lower in her chair.

“And what, Miss Evans, is so much more interesting than what I have to say? Could you possibly tear your eyes away from Mr. Potter for a few minutes and focus them up here?”

Lily turned beet red as the class giggled. She tried very hard not to glance at Potter. How she hated him…and McGonagall. Didn’t she know how much ridicule Lily would suffer from that comment at the hands of Potter and his Marauders?

Lily glanced at Amelia and Alice, who were sitting next to her. Alice gave her a sympathetic, but Amelia was looking from Lily to Potter and back with a gleeful smirk on her face. Lily glared at her. If she thinks this means…

The day went on much like this. That was surprising in itself, but Lily was beyond shocked at the fact that Potter did not once talk to her. He didn’t even look at her, except for the smile at breakfast. No teasing about McGonagall’s comment, no pickup lines, no…nothing. Lily couldn’t believe it. What has happened to the world? Had he finally given up on her?

She couldn’t stop herself from staring at him throughout the day. What had changed about him? She couldn’t quite tell what, but something was definitely different.

She mentioned this to Alice and Amelia at dinner that evening. “How did he manage to transform his entire personality overnight?”

“Oh Lils,” Alice sighed. “He didn’t change overnight. He changed over the summer…and it just took a day of him ignoring you for you to really see it!”

“What?” Lily was confused. “But he didn’t do all of this…this studying in the beginning of the year! And he was still hitting on me! And what about the pranks, huh? How do you explain that one?

“The studying, I’ll admit, happened overnight. But he hasn’t been hitting on you, Lily. He’s just chasing you. There is a difference.”

Lily was even more confused. “What the hell are you talking about, Alice?”

Alice sighed again, exasperatedly. “Okay. I will make this very clear. The year before last, all he wanted was another conquest. You were just a pretty face to him. And you know he can never back down from a challenge. As soon as you said no, that was it—he had to get you.

“But last year, I think you became more than just a pretty face to him. He started liking you for you—not as just another conquest. He didn’t know how to get you, other than just using those dumb pickup lines of his and stuff like that. The only thing that changed was that you mattered more to him.

“This year,” Alice continued, “He figured out that the best way to get to you would not be pickup lines. He hasn’t used them once this year. The only things he’s done are smile at you, wave, and send flowers.”

Lily was stunned into silence.

“It only took you this long to see it, because you couldn’t see past the Potter that he used to be. Now that you see him like the rest of us do, from a distance, well…there’s definitely been a big change there.”

Lily’s mouth was slightly open. “How did you ever dream up that one?”

“We’ve known it for ages,” Amelia said breezily.

“Well, why the bloody hell didn’t you enlighten me?!”

“Because we knew you wouldn’t listen.”

Lily opened her mouth to retort, then closed it again. And then she remembered something. “What about the pranks?”

“The Marauders always do a beginning-of-term prank, Lily,” Alice said dismissively. “You can’t judge Potter by his friends.”

“Watch me,” Lily growled. “Those pranks are vile. And I’m not sure he really has changed, Alice. Why would he? He has too much fun being a bullying git!”

“Duh!” Amelia cried. “Wake up and smell the coffee grounds! He changed for YOU! He matured for YOU! He’s grown up, Lils, whether you like it or not!”

“He has not! What about—”

“Not fighting, I hope, ladies?” said a voice from above them. Lily looked up. There stood Sirius Black.

“Get out of here, Black,” Lily spat.

“Alright, alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist. Consider me gone. But first I would like to let you know that Bones there”—he indicated Amelia—“is one hundred percent correct.”

And with that he withdrew his head and walked away.

Amelia looked smug. “See, what did I—”

“Oh, come off it, Mil. You know you can’t believe anything that slimeball says.”

“But Lils—”

“He hasn’t changed, okay? He’s just up to another one of his tricks.” She swung her bag over her shoulder. “I’m off to the library. I’ve got an essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts to do.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Remus smacked Sirius with the back of his spoon. “Padfoot, you dolt!”

“What?!” Sirius yelled. “All I said was that Prongs has grown up a bit!”

“Remember the plan!” Remus hissed. “Don’t—talk—to Lily! Or her friends!”

“Okay, okay! I won’t say another word to them.”

James slammed down his fork. “Padfoot! What were they saying? What did she say about me?”

Sirius looked uncomfortable. “Um, mate, I’m not so sure you want to hear it…”

James slumped. “What was it,” he said in a defeated voice.

“Well, it wasn’t that bad,” Sirius said consolingly. “Her friends were trying to convince her that you’d grown up, changed, matured, yadda, yadda, yadda, and then she told them you hadn’t changed and had too much fun being a…well, being a, um, a bullying git.”

Everyone was silent. Then Peter said in a shocked voice, “James matured? When?”

Remus threw a sourdough roll at him. “You tosser.”

Peter opened his mouth to retort, but was silenced by Sirius. “Shut up, Wormtail! Look! Phase Two of our plan is about to begin!”

James perked up and they all watched as Derrick Macmillan, looking slightly pained, excused himself from the Hufflepuff table to use the bathroom.

An impish grin grew on Sirius’s face. “Bingo,” he whispered. “Nice work with the Constipation Concoction, Moony!” He turned to James. “Got the cloak?”

James patted his bag, eyes alight with the prospect of a prank.

“Then let’s go,” Sirius murmured. They all picked up their bags and exited the Great Hall amidst a group of Ravenclaws.

However, they weren’t counting on being watched. Amelia nudged Alice and pointed at the Marauders. “They’re up to something.”

Alice turned to her excitedly. “Let’s follow them!”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Six minutes later Amelia peered cautiously around a corner. There stood the Marauders, in the fifth floor corridor where Filch the caretaker’s office was. It had taken Alice and Amelia a while to find them—they had somehow disappeared outside the Great Hall, and the two girls had to run all over the castle to locate them. All four of them were facing away from the corner that hid the two friends…when suddenly, they turned as one and pointed their wands directly at Alice and Amelia.

“Don’t run,” James said very quietly, stuffing a certain piece of well-used parchment in his back pocket. “You will regret it.”

Amelia stepped out from behind the wall, tugging a reluctant Alice with her. “What are you up to this time, Potter?” she growled.

“Like we’re going to tell you,” Sirius scoffed.

“Just leave this corridor alone tonight,” Remus said darkly.

“What,” Amelia repeated, “are you up to?”

Suddenly, Alice stepped out from behind her and said softly, “Does this have something to do with Lily?”

“No!” Sirius snarled, but the two girls could see by how James stiffened that he was lying.

Amelia whipped out her own wand. “You have some major explaining to do, boys.”

“Make us,” Remus whispered.

Alice and Amelia pointed their wands straight at Remus. Amelia narrowed her eyes. “I believe there is a spell…a spell that can…erm…snip certain—certain body parts…”

Remus turned chalk white. James could see Alice trying not to laugh. He, too, began to smile at the expression on Remus’s face—until Amelia turned her wand on him. Alice pointed hers at Sirius. Now none of them were laughing. Peter looked deadly scared, and was trying to cross his legs while standing up. James glanced at Remus and Sirius, trying to figure out what to do. Sirius’s hand began to inch towards his wand, which was in his pocket.

“Don’t even try, Black,” Amelia spat. “Just give me a reason, and I swear I will do it.”

James looked at her fiery brown eyes; her tall frame packed with energy, and decided she meant it. “Moony, old mate, I think she’s serious.”

“She’s not Sirius, I am!” Sirius singsonged, cackling.

“Shut it!” Remus growled. “I don’t want by bits hexed off, thank you very much! I think Prongs there is right…we’ve got no choice.”

“Wise move, Lupin,” Alice breathed. “Now, why don’t you tell us what’s going on, hmmm?”

Sirius sighed. Remus glanced at James, as if for permission. James looked reluctant, but nodded. He didn’t see that they had any other options. Remus turned back to the girls. “Well, everyone can see that they’re made for each other,” he said matter-of-factly, indicating James.

“Duh,” Amelia said dryly.

“And James really has changed—we just need Lily to see it. So Padfoot here came up with a plan. If James became Head Boy and he spent more time with her, we thought she might finally get it. But to get James to be Head Boy, we would have to get Macmillan in trouble, and—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Amelia cried, holding up a hand. “Hold up a minute there. What makes you think Dumbledore would make Potter Head Boy, even if he took away Macmillan’s badge?”

Sirius smirked. “Let’s just say old Flitwick owes us a favor. He’s promised to persuade Dumbledore.”

Alice stared. “You actually think that’s going to work?”

Sirius’s smile faded a little.

James spoke up. “It’s sort of a last ditch attempt, because if this one doesn’t work I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ll never give up on her, but…”

“I suppose this is it, then,” Sirius sighed. “They go tell Lily, then we…hmmm. What will we do? We’ll think of something else, Prongs, don’t worry—”

“What makes you think we’re going to tell Lily?” Amelia interrupted curiously.

All four Marauders stared.

“We want to help!” Alice said excitedly.

James looked up, hope blazing in his eyes. Did they mean it? Remus opened and closed his mouth a few times, and Sirius tugged on his earlobe, as if to make sure it still worked. Peter just stared.

“Okay, then,” James said, his voice slightly hoarse. “We’re…um…planning on framing Macmillan for destroying Filch’s office…”

A/N: PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!! whether you liked it or not, i welcome constructive criticism!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE reviews and they are my inspiration :-)

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