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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> On The Banks Of The Black Lake by ginnypotter7

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disclamer: if i was JK why wouldnt this story be on its way to teh publishers?

Hogsmed, 3:15 p.m.

“JAMES AUSTIN POTTER! LET RICHARD DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW” 17 year old Lily Evens yelled at James Potter. Who currently had her hogsmed date suspended—upside-down—in the air outside the Shrieking Shack. All the blood was rushing to his face. “HE’LL PASS OUT ANY MINUET!”
“I’ll let down your ‘date’ when you say yes to going out with me! ” James called over to her
“Wow Evens got herself a potty mouth ” Sirius Black said from behind Lily, she turned around her eyes flashing—emerald green connected with cloudy grey—“looks like your ol’ boy gone and fainted” he smiled as her eyes stayed on his “What Evens don’t care about your date? What kind of person are you?” she didn't answer, she simply stood there glaring at him, “you obviously don’t like him as much as you thought, not even bothering to turn around!”
“EVENS!” he yelled back, she squinted her eyes at him and turned her attention to the two boys behind her, wait theres only Potter there, where’s Ricky? Dammed you Potter, how can you stand there looking so sweet, cute and innocent after doing something so horrid—wait did I jut call JAMES POTTER cute and sweet? Oh Merlin I'm losing it…I think I might die…yes mabey that’s it, Potter made me faint not Ricky! She thought to herself that she didn't see Sirius pick her up and swing her over her shoulder.
She immediately started beating his back “BLACK PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” she hollered “I MEAN IT OR ...I’LL…I’LL”
“Put a spell on me?” he suggested walking through the door James was holding open for them, he brought her into a small room that was filled with ripped furniture, and linens. How did they get in here, no one I know has ever been able to do that! Lily thought, she was set down on soft bear rug, James had conjured. “But then again, Evens why hadn’t you helped…Ronald?”
“Richard” she corrected
“That’s his name, Padfoot”
“Why do you want me here?” Lily asked viciously
“We wanted to talk to you”,
“You could have just asked”
“Would you have listened?” James asked in his defense
She thought over it a moment, not noticing Sirius slipping out of the double doors “ no ” she said
“Exact- Wh…what did you say?”
“I wouldn’t have listened to you, James not after all that all you and the Mauderers have done to me…and my friends” she said slowly, noticing Sirius’s absence.
“I'm sorry!” he blurted out fast “for everything I’ve done…ever!”
“You heard me” he said walking over to the window looking out the dirty glass has that glass ever been washed? She asked herself oh Merlin I'm thinking about dirt and James Potter just told me he was sorry, sorry for everything he's ever done! What a weird day!
“What?” she asked as James said something while she was in her daze
“I said that I would like it if you gave me a second chance” he sighed and ran a shaky hand through his hair “ I really would” he whirled around to look at her “I love you Lily, I really do”
Lily sat there in shock, James-come-here-and-kiss-my-big-fat-ass-Potter, said he was in love with me! Me Lily Evens! Wait what do I care if James Potter is in love with me, you hate him! Right? Yes, yes, you do!
“Y-your lying”
“What?” she asked his eyes filled with sorrow “why would I lie to you?”
“Who knows?” she snapped “ Black is the only one who ever knows what's going on in that thick head of yours!” she ran to the door, but stopped and turned slowly as she got there “STAY OUT OF MY LIFE POTTER... FOREVER!” and she blast through the doors and out into the yard nearly crashing into Sirius.
“Wow, there hot stuff”
“Leave me alone, black!” and she ran past him, the tears hit her cheeks before she was out of the house and she was sure that Black had seen them.

Library, 7:30 p.m.

“Lily! What do I have to do? I'll do anything to prove my love…I’ll jump off bridge; i'll fight voldermort! Anything your heart wishes!”
“LEAVE ME ALONE” she yelled
“Never Lily, you could be and old married woman and I would still be chasing after you.”
She studied the spine of a book before answering, “ but you’re a seeker, James” she said
“So?” not noticing that she called him buy his first name.
“You said you would chase me forever right?” he nodded “ well your not a chaser you’re a seeker” she paused deliberately, then added “james”
He gaped at her “ you called me…” his voice trailed off; “does this mean you'll go out with me?”
She hesitated “no” his head lowered so she put a hand on his shoulder and his eyes met hers “but we can be friends”
“Better than what we used to be” he muttered
“I suppose I should see what Gabby is up to.”
“Sure” she reached up and placed a small kiss on his cheek
“Were just friends, James ”and she walked out of the library, no books in her hands
“Friends” he muttered and rubbed the place were her lips met his skin.

4 months latter

Black Lake, 6:10 a.m.

“Hmm?” she asked as James came up to were she stood by the back of the lake,
“What are you doing?”
“Waiting for the sun to rise… it’s my favorite time of day”
“Yeah, I love to watch it rise on weekends it makes me feel as though I'm the only one in the world”
“Oh sorry am I intruding on your privet-alone time with the sun”
She laughed “no, you can stay”
“Good, because I wouldn’t have left anyway!”
She laughed more but said nothing, for the next twenty minuets they talked abut life after school and what they would do without their friends.
After the sun was up they sat there and talked until Lily’s watch said 7:18, “James we should really get going”
“I guess” he responded staring at the hair that tumbled over her eyes when she looked down, how would it feel to have her hair in my hands? He wondered
He got up from the spot where they sat down about 40 minuets prior “umm…James, I-I ” she took a deep breath “and I have realized you have truly matured and you aren’t as arrogant and pigheaded as I thought you were.” She let out a big breath but kept going, “and I love you too, and I'm sorry how I act-” but James never found out what came next because his mouth clashed with hers in a feverish kiss. The kiss was everything it should have been, sweet, innocent, pure and full of love contributed by both sides.
30 minutes latter the new couple walked into the common room, their hands clasped. The Mauderers and Lily’s friends, Gabby and Amy, all sat around the fire, talking civilized. Apparently when two people become friends their friends become friends too. They all looked up when the hinges squeaked shut. Amy squeaked as she saw the clasped hands, soon the others saw the commotion and congratulated their friends.


They spent many more mornings watching the sunrise, but neither one them would forget their very first one, spent by the banks of the Black Lake


so what did you think? this is one of my fav stories! tell me what you think

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