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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Best Friend - A Poem by harry2006

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Authorís notes: This is my first poem that I am submitting. It is a very long poem and nobody has ever read it. So please, I am depending on you all to read it and let me know how is it. Please leave a review.

This is dedicated to my best friend ĎAhmed Nazeemí

Best Friend

I dreamt of you yesterday
It broke my heart when I woke up
Realizing that you were away
Far away
In distant lands
I canít see you
You canít see me
Life is as terrible as it seems

Donít worry
This isnít a love poem
Or maybe it is
It is not for a lover
It is for a friend

Then how can I say it isnít a love poem?
Donít I love you?
Or donít you love me?
Donít we love each other?
Of course we do
We are friends
Bound by our very hearts

It pains to know that you had to go away
After so many days I saw
In my dream
I wish I had never woken up
I wish I could have dreamed that dream forever
Stayed with you forever

Itís a strange world, we live in
We donít know how much we love each other
Until we are separated from each other
We never know how much lucky we are to have a certain thing
Until it is snatched away from us
Taken away from us

Why does it have to be this way?
Why do you have to life so far away?
These are the questions that I ask to thin air
Knowing no answer is going to come my way

I could drone on like this for a long time
Typing my feelings in a robotic way

This may be a masterpiece
This may be quite good poetry
But actually
Itís a piece of my soul speaking out
The soul I had given to my friend in exchange of his
Its still here
Do not fret!
You will for all eternity as long as I live
Stay in my heart
I only ask
That I may also live in your heart

I do not know how you may be feeling
I just hope you are feeling just like me
Living in misery
I do not wish to curse you!
I would rather cut out my heart
It is just a hope
That you still miss me as much as I do you

I am scared to show anyone my feelings
I am scared to show them my poems
Although like everyone else
I have hunger for appreciation
I feel insecure
This is a disease
For alas
There is no cure

We may meet someday
We may greet each other someday
We may talk someday
I am forever waiting for that day

This is an overflow of feelings
Do you know where this is coming from?
From the remembrance of you
No other
This poem is exclusively for you

One dream of yours
Broke the dam
Which had been storing my feelings for you
Feelings overcame me
I was helplessly thrown in a sea of misery

I do not want to exaggerate
So I wonít add anything to make it more dramatic
I donít know how many people have went through this period
All I know it is killing me deep inside
The monster that had been buried inside me for two years
Broke free in an instant
When I saw your face in my dream

What can technology do?
It can enable us to see each other
To talk to each other
But it canít enable us to feel each other
It canít enable us to feel our presence together

Thousands and thousands miles separate us
Hundreds and hundreds seas separate us
I feel so helpless
Nothing can be done to bring us together

They say distance brings people closer
In a philosophical way
It may be true
I am no philosopher
I may not be a true poet
But I do know
That living apart from you
Is nothing less than torture

How I yearn for your company
Days are hot
And nights are cold
I need you to keep me warm
Deep inside my heart
I think I am getting the cold shoulder from everyone
They donít want to be with me
I can tell
When we used to be together
I could forget all my problems altogether

People take to drinking alcohol
When they feel that the world doesnít like them
They are weak
We have to fight it
God Almighty tests us
He tests our faith in Him
I try to pass that test
May God Almighty forgive me if I do anything wrong

Itís just that I miss you too much
Life seems like a black and white movie
With no colors for happiness
Itís just dark and misery

I hope I will be able to continue my life
Trying to show the world that I am happy and content with life
What is going inside me
Only I myself
And God Almighty knows

How I miss your smile
How I miss hearing your voice
How I miss you
Only I myself
And God Almighty knows

Right now
I have written more than eight hundred words
Only by thinking about you
I guess I know now how some poet feels when they write poems

Nothing can be done
Nothing can be done

Do you know why some poets repeat certain lines many times?
It is to emphasize the point that they are saying
Did you know that when it was time to say the final goodbye
My eyes had been wet with tears?
Of course you did not know
Nobody knew except me myself and God Almighty
God Almighty
Who knows everything there is to know
May He help me and you
May God help me and you

The grammar may seem a little weak of this poem
There may not be good pair of rhymes
But Shakespeare
The great poet
Himself did not rhyme words is his poems

Now before I start repeating myself
It is time to end the poem
Now I shall save the poem and close this window
Now I shall close my heart
Now I shall try to face the world again

May God Almighty bless you
May God Almighty protect you

May we meet again

The End

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