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HP related Poems, songs, etc. >> Let it Rain by Blackthistle

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A/N- This is a strange story and there are certain points where there is some humour but not much. Most of my stories end up very lame so if this is like that, feel free to say so. But please don't say so rudely.
In this story, Voldemort is back but Sirius is still alive. The fight at the ministry never happened and neither did the fight in the graveyard. He came back without Harry's blood so he still can't touch him.
I know the story is hard to follow but bear with me.

Her chestnut curls dangled loosely down her back. Her dark honey coloured eyes gleamed with happiness. It was only a week left until she returned to Hogwarts and got to see Harry and Ron again. She looked at herself in the full mirror. She wasn't the gawky little fifth-year that had left school the year previously. She certainly hoped Ron noticed. She loved the way her long black dress hugged her body before swishing out after her knees.
She quickly pulled her hair up into a loose bun and applied plum eye shadow and black eyeliner. She finished it off with a quick brush of deep blue mascara.
Most people would find her low-cut v-neck halter dress with her makeup and hair a rather odd thing. To the people she hung out with it was perfectly normal. She was expected to dress like this. She was pretty much their queen.
She curled her lips into a mean, knowing smirk before turning around quickly and stalking out of her room, grabbing her black overcoat off the back of her chair as she went.
Her father looked up from the book he was ready. She saw him open his mouth to speak but she had swept passed him and out the door before he could make a sound.
She looked about the empty street for a moment before walking away down the road, her knee-highs clicking on the old asphalt as she walked.
His parents looked up as he entered the kitchen but did not acknowledge him. His platinum blonde hair was swept back out of his face and held in a loose ponytail. His blue-grey eyes glimmered with a ferocity it was rare to see in him. It was a look that clearly showed that he knew what he was doing and what was right.
He snatched an apple from the bowl on the table before he grabbed his cloak and strode out of the house. His pale skin seemed to glow as he walked out into the moonlight.
His eyes darted around sharply before he trotted sauntered down the hill towards the small town.
The town was purely muggles, yet it wasn't unusual for people to walk about in cloaks and capes. 'That rich family on the hill' had shaped them. Therefore, it was expected that they try to dress similar.
The pale boy saw several faces poking out of windows as he walked through the dusty streets. He knew his family was only respected because they were feared. You didn't get in their way. Especially not the young teen that was often kept barred in his room. Children had grown up learning that this was not a boy to be trifled with.
For most of the year he was boarding 'God knows where', because he was a 'nuisance to society'.
He saw a small girl sitting on the doorstep of the house he was going to. She looked up at him, frightened, before leaping up and rushing into the house. He heard the key turn.
He rapped lightly on the door. A few moments later the door was opened by a middle-aged, balding man.
"Master Malfoy!" He gasped, throwing the door wide for the boy to enter. "To what do I owe this pleasure, sir?" Draco sighed. He hated it when he was called 'sir'.
"My father has been wondering why he did not see you at the party last night, Mr. Ketleburn." He spoke with a cold and harsh attitude. He knew the man didn't deserve it but whom else would he take his anger out on. He saw Mrs. Ketleburn and their two little girls huddled in a corner of the small sitting room.
"Please, Master Malfoy. Can we speak of this at some other time? It's little Tina's 6th birthday." The man begged. Draco looked at his and scowled.
"Father is very displeased. I'm afraid I shall have to mention this to him. Not even telling him it's your youngest child's birthday. I'm sure he would have come to wish a bonne fÍte." His voice was icy cold. He looked down at the man quivering before him.
"As it is... Father knew it was her birthday and asked me to bring this to her. He doesn't think he could have come and spoken to you in the state he is in." he put his hand into one of the deep pockets in his robes and pulled out a small parcel. He stepped forwards to the little girl and knelt down to be the same height as her. He handed her the small package.
"May I open it now, Master Malfoy?" She asked, her small voice quavering with fear.
"Yes. I hope you appreciate it, little Tina." He told her standing back up and striding out of the door. He paused on the step and turned to Mr. Ketleburn.
"I'll be back." His voice was once again cold and harsh and the hard glint that had faded when he spoke to the little girl was back. He walked away from the house and disappeared into the night.
Tina slowly and carefully removed the wrapping paper to reveal a small ornate pair of unicorns. The first was made of diamond. The second was a small foal. It was of ebony wood. The features of the two were so realistic and the details so perfect it was as if they had been real and just shrunk and turned to stone and wood. The little girl gasped as their eyes flashed red for a moment.
A/N- So I know that didn't make much sense but what did you think? R&R if you want.
Next time on Let it Rain:
Fyn! He called to her, Come back! But she was not likely to listen to him. It didnít matter that up until about 10 minutes ago, they had been dating. She had told him it was over and when she made up her mind, she didnít change it.

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