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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Tribute. by loopykat89

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Tribute to TalkAboutRandom.

This is a tribute to my site Talkaboutrandom (TAR) Where I met the most amazing friends. Jo, Pogs, Jess, Angel, and Zara.

A loud rumble of thunder echoed in the distance as three forms huddled under one small umbrella, staring up at a shabby looking, closed down building.
“Im gonna miss this place so much” kat sighed, sniffing.

The closed down bulding had been the home of TAR, Where kat’s father had been paying rent for them to have their weekly mettings there. So many memories.

“Me too” sighed Jo, pogs only nodded, tears in her eyes. That alone was strange, pogs was always the strong one, but this seems to affect her.

Handing her a tissue kat took a deep breath.

“Remember that time we had that party here? And we ended up on the third floor when there was a fire down stairs?”

They all laughed slightly. “We never did find out who that voice was…” Pogs said thoughtfully. “It’s just gonna be one of them mysteries I suppose”

“We never did get to play twister” jo moaned. “I love that game.”

They evapertated In to silence again, each remembering the good times.

“Hey, look,” kat pointed across the road. “It’s jess and angel” They also were hunched under an umbrella, wrapped in thick coats and scarfs.

“Thought you lot would be down here” angel smiled sadly, Hooking arms with jess and kat.

“It’s the anniversary of our first meeting…and our last.” Jo said quietly. “Im glad were all together.”

Everyone nodded. “Hey jo, remember Damien?” Giggled poggy, grinning widely.
Jo turned bright red, “Eurgh, him? The crisp hating guy? I just never got why he hated crisp so much! Im mean he KNOCKED it onto the floor! Uneated and alone! Ready to get crushed!...he just wasn’t for me.”

Laughing out loud kat also smiled “you wasn’t saying that on the dance floor! Looked pretty cosey to me”

“And me”

“And me”

They all laughed, It must of looked strange from a strangers point of view.

5 girls, standing in the pouring rain while a huge storm was approaching laughing their heads off.

“You know what I’ll miss the most?” jess asked, after the laughter had fallen silent.

“I can guess’ Kat said smiling and looking at jo. “S.I.N.E!” Shouted Kat and angel loudly.

Like clock work, Pog’s and Jo shouted “ S.I.T.E!”

Jess however, like always stayed in the middle. Shaking her head she launched into one of her rants. “I personally cant decide which way to go. There are Pro and cons to both parties, but I was thinking to myself the other day while I had a staring constest wit6h my evil cat….he’s really evil by the way! He once just pounced on me for no reason at all! So anyway yea…I don’t know.”

By the time she had finished everyone was laughing hysterically. “Oh jess, you’re a legend!!”

Jess flushed but joined in the laughing.

They were interrupted by Angel’s phone. “Mum say’s gotta go home before I freeze.”


“Guess this is it.” She said glancing up at the building again.
After hugs and goodbye’s angel and jess disappeared into the distance.

“It’s not really good bye,” Jo said quietly, “ We’ll still keep in touch...”

“But just without TAR” sighed pogs.

Dabbing her eyes kat nodded, “so, who’s up for a chick flick night? Pop corn, coke…”

“I don-

“Yes, Jo I know you don’t like coke. Im sure we could find some juice for you.”

“Can we watch Dr who?”

“Aww, I love David Tennant!” Kat sighed.

“I love him more.” Jo insisted.




And as they walked away from Tar buildings, a voice whispered “Be Careful”

Thanks for being such great friends! I’ll always remember our *cough* Random but special conversations.

Dedicated to all TAR members.

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