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Non-HP related Fanfics >> The return of TAR! by loopykat89

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The Return of TAR.

Laying on her bed reading Heat magazine Kat laughed at the article about Daniel Radcliff’s play Eqqus, she was interrupted from staring at the picture of naked Dan by her Mobile ringing.
Instead of answering Kat sang along with the ringtone until she thought she’d better answer it.
“It’s Jo”
“Yo jo”
“yo flow”
“So what’s up?”
“Oh that’s a nice way to answer the phone!”
Kat cleared her throat and threw the magazine on the floor. “Sorry, I was distracted….So how’s you?
“Im ok, Bit bored though…thought I’d ring you up and annoy you.”
“Oh, well I was going to ring you up actually I got some good news!” Kat squeed down the phone. “You know the building where TAR used to be? There building a new community centre there!”
“So?” Jo said thickly.
“So….we can rent out a room and start TAR again you twat head!” Kat heard an intake of breath from the other end of the phone.
“Tar’s going to start up again?! Whoa!” There was a strange noise coming from her end now.
“Err…Jo? What are you doing?!” Kat laughed.
The noises stopped and jo coughed. “I was dancing ok?!”
“riighttt…anyway, we have an interview to see if we’re “responsible enough to rent it out” this Monday. Angel said she cant make it so it’s just me, you and Pogs ok? Wear something smart. Now I got to go and beg for money off my dad. See ya.”
After hanging up Kat picked up her magazine and continued to stare at it.

Early Monday morning Kat opened her front door to see Pog’s and Jo standing on the door step.
Kat looked them over “Hmm….It’ll have to do. Jo get rid of the gum! Honestly!”
Jo and pogs rolled there eyes. “What do you mean It’ll do?! “ pogs growled “I spent two hours desiding what to wear this morning!”
“Yes well I think the “We’re responsible, honest!” badge is a bit over the top.”
Jo laughed but nodded “yea, nice thought though!”
The walk to the Old TAR building was short and full of future plans for TAR.
When they got to the gates there was a old frail looking lady standing outside the doors smiling at them.
Kat shoved Jo forwards “Jo on jo, your good at speaking”
Jo scowled at Pogs and kat but walked up to ther lady muttering “Just act it out….breath….”
“Hello, Im Jo Kingman, I believe you we’re expecting the Tar party?”
Pogs tried not to laugh while kat elbowed her.
“Yes” the lady said” do come in” They followed her into one of the halls and looked around.
“This will be the hall you will rent if I find you adequate for the it, firt I must ask you a few questions.” She took her clip board out and a pen. “Now how many people would be using this hall?”
“Usually about 10 of us give or take.” Kat answered, while the lady scribbled away.
“And who would be the banker?”
All three of them burst out laughing, “banker!” laughed pogs, “that sounds like wa-“
Jo coughed “that would be kat’s father would it not kat?”
Recovering kat nodded, “Indeed it would Joanne”
“You sound like that greasy git Snape” jo complained, rolling her eyes.
“Don’t call him that! Seriously I thought we’d agreed no savvy hating or the orangeswill come out!”
“I’ll go get the clown then!” jo yelled.
“Bring it on orange girl!”
“Your –“
They were interrupted by a coughed and jo and kt turned to find the lady leaving shaking pogs hand.
“Pogs? Where’s she going?!”
“calm down…while you two were being oh so responsible, she said the hall was ours!”
Jo, Kat and Pogs started jumping up and down.



Sorry this is a bit rushed but someone *cough* Jo! Was impatient!

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