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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Fluffy by kcrouse

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Fluffy was last seen protecting the Sorcerer’s Stone. No one really knows or seems to care what happened to him afterwards. Hagrid acquired Fluffy from a Greek in a pub. Because his services are no longer needed in protecting the Sorcerer’s Stone, he has since been released into the Forbidden Forest.
Fluffy lives the way which any normal wild dog would live. He hunts for his food, protects his territory, and sleeps in caves. But it’s a lonely life for a 3 headed dog, especially being the only one in the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid visits his cave every couple of days. Mostly just to make sure Fluffy has food and maybe throw a few bones for him. On most occasions though, Fluffy has plenty of food.
One day, Hagrid did not show up. A couple of days went by, and then a week. Fluffy is a dog, and dogs have superb instincts. Fluffy knew something was wrong. He left his cave for the first time in a long time and went looking for Hagrid.
As Fluffy wondered through the Forbidden Forest, he came across two people. One was hooded while the other was only wearing a cape and had long black hair. The voice of the man in the cape with the long hair sounded familiar to Fluffy, it was a voice he had heard regularly around Hogwarts. Fluffy recognized the voice of the one in the hood as well. It was the same voice he had heard the night the man came and left the harp playing which lured him to sleep. Fluffy heard their conversation about Harry Potter and Horcruxes, not that any of it mattered to him. But the more he heard the cloaked man’s voice; it constantly reminded him of the one time he failed at his job, understandably upsetting Fluffy. He let out a low growl, followed by a little “woof!” Finally, all 3 heads started barking and snarling at once. Fluffy charged the 2 men, but not before the cloaked one pulled out his wand.
The wand emitted one glowing red spark and then Fluffy was in the most intense pain of his entire life. It felt like an eternity, then the pain was gone, and Fluffy was surrounded by darkness. He then opened his eyes to see that night had fallen upon him. He was still extremely groggy, but more than able to get up and move around. The two men were gone and Fluffy began wondering, not recalling for a while what his original plan had been.
The only light available to Fluffy was the moon. He soon began remembering what he had set out to do, which was find Hagrid. He knew he was a long way from his hut. Fluffy was extremely exhausted and needed water. He found a small pond and began to drink. He noticed the fish and other creatures in the pond. He saw with all 6 of his eyes, a turtle head poking out of the top of the water. He pounced on it faster than a cobra strike and devoured it. It was a huge turtle, no smaller than 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. There was plenty for all 3 heads to enjoy it. After about an hour of frolicking in the pond, it was time for Fluffy to go to sleep. He lay next to the pond and dozed off, knowing he had a long journey ahead of him the next day.
Fluffy awoke to the sun shining, birds squawking and frogs playing in the pond. It couldn’t have been past 9 A.M. He began his journey again. It hadn’t been but a few hours before Fluffy ran into Firenze. Firenze had been out in the shallow regions of the Forbidden Forest trying to get some exercise. It’s hard for him on Hogwarts grounds, for there merely is not enough room for his horse legs to run. Firenze immediately recognized Fluffy, and Fluffy immediately recognized breakfast. Firenze was shocked and terrified, and without delay had made a dead sprint all the way back to Hogwarts. Fluffy was a fast dog, but not as fast as Firenze.
Fluffy was fairly agitated and bored with this journey. He was upset that he could not figure out why Hagrid had not come to check on him. He came across a dead unicorn, all the flesh had rotted off and only bones remained. Fluffy tore off the biggest bone he could find and began to dig a hole. He buried the bone and went back to the skeleton to grab another one. Then he buried that one. Then went and grabbed yet another one. The process continued. He eventually buried every single bone so that none of the unicorn’s anatomy was visible.
Fluffy again worked on his journey. Nightfall was upon him. He could see lights in the distance. It was Hagrid’s hut. Hogwarts seemed dead. As Fluffy approached the hut, he heard voices coming from the inside. There were 3 distinctly different voices, one being that of a female. He heard 3 different voices, but no Hagrid. He only heard Hagrid’s name be thrown around countless times. Fluffy poked his far left head into view of the window and saw the 2 boys and the girl. One of the boys had unkempt brown hair and a scar above his glasses. The other boy was a shaggy red head who was fairly tall. The girl also had messy hair and seemed to be the calmest of the trio. As calm as she was though, they all seemed worried.
Fluffy feared for the worst. He went behind the hut and curled next to it, whimpering. As he lay there, the people continued to talk. He listened to them and every time Hagrid’s name was mentioned, he couldn’t help but feel sick to his stomach. He eventually dozed off into the night,
Fluffy awoke to the sound of two men speaking casually. These men were also mentioning Hagrid’s name fairly often. As much as Fluffy wanted to make his presence known to them, he sat silently in the woods, just beyond sight of Hagrid’s hut. He waited, and as the men left, he started sniffing around Hagrid’s hut. There was still no sign of Hagrid.
Fluffy missed Hagrid. He didn’t know what to do with himself, besides wonder around the woods all day. So, he figured that’s what he’d do. Fluffy found himself somewhat deep in the Forbidden Forest, not as deep as he dwelled, but deep nonetheless. Fluffy saw a spider. It was larger than most spiders he had seen, but not too large. He decided to follow it. He had followed it for a few feet before he nudged it with the nose from his middle head. The spider began to creep away at a much faster rate than it had been traveling before. Fluffy, of course could easily keep pace.
Fluffy kept all three of his noses close to the ground, not keeping track of where the path of this spider was taking him. Before he knew it, Fluffy was in a dark cave. He was also surrounded by spiders. They were varying in size from the little one, the size of his nose, that he has been following, to ones the size of his paw. Some were even larger than his paw. Some were so big that their backs went all the way up to Fluffy’s chest. The floor seemed to be comprised of spiders, there were so many. Fluffy tried to make way to the exit, but found it too hard to find his way out. It was too difficult for him to break through the waves of spiders.
Among the spiders, Fluffy heard a familiar voice. A voice familiar, yet one that Fluffy did not like hearing. It was the voice of Aragog.
Fluffy and Aragog did not get along. Even though Aragog was conscientious of Hagrid’s feelings towards Fluffy (seeing as they were closer, Hagrid was more fond of Fluffy), Fluffy still felt as though Aragog was a natural enemy. Given the laws of nature, they probably were.
Fluffy never saw Aragog, but his voice boomed throughout the cave, and before Fluffy knew it, he was being ambushed by heaps of spiders. Fluffy fought back though. His massive paws tore into the masses of eight legged fiends. One after another, the spiders pounced at Fluffy. And one after another, Fluffy slammed them to the ground. Fluffy began becoming fatigued. The power behind his paws could not keep up with the number of spiders coming his way. It took longer and longer for each new spider to go down, while at the same time it took more and more out of Fluffy.
Fluffy was at the brink of consciousness. He wanted to just lay down and allow Aragog’s minions to do whatever they pleased. As each of Fuffy’s three heads were losing perception, they all found one though deep inside of them. It was a thought so powerful, that Fluffy felt he could do whatever he wanted to the eight legged bugs that were pestering him. That thought was Hagrid. Fluffy began pounding away at each and every spider coming his way. They seemed to be getting bigger, not only were they getting bigger, but they were getting tougher. Fluffy had the power though.
One by one they came and one by one, Fluffy destroyed them. Fluffy made it a point to not just knock them away to save his own hide, but to make sure to critically wound these animals that were trying to destroy him. With the force behind his paws, along with their pure size, the roughness of the pads underneath, and the deadliness of his claws, Fluffy packed a mighty powerful punch.
While keeping Hagrid on his mind, Fluffy began to notice the streams of spiders becoming weaker and weaker. Their lifeless bodies began to pile up all around Fluffy. Fluffy heard Aragog’s ripened voice bellow out some type of command. It had to be a command because after Aragog spoke, the streams immediately stopped. Aragog revealed himself from behind two glowing torches. Fluffy was bloody, bruised, and battered, not to mention tired as hell.
Aragog was rambling on and on, and of course, Fluffy had no idea what he was saying. Aragog was motionless. Fluffy figured something was about to happen, and with a motion that was a crisp as his words, Aragog pounced towards Fluffy. Fluffy cowered out of fatigue more than anything as Aragog arched himself on top of Fluffy’s back.
Fluffy squirmed around, doing his best to not let Aragog bite him. He regained his composure and began to think about Hagrid again. He was not going to let himself be killed by some eight legged freak before he saw Hagrid.
Fluffy flipped Aragog off of his back and onto the ground. Aragog landed on his back, but was quick to get up. As he rose, Fluffy nailed him to the side of the upper part of his torso. Aragog let out a menacing screech as Fluffy’s claws penetrated his tough outer shell.
Aragog then began to poke at Fluffy using his front two legs. The limbs penetrated Fluffy’s exterior. As Aragog’s legs were still lodged in Fluffy’s shoulders, Fluffy violently pulled away. This caused one of Aragog’s legs to be almost cut in half, while the other was completely ripped out of his torso.
Aragog began to climb the walls with what was left of his limbs. Fluffy began to bark at him. Aragog took some time to tend to his wounds, while Fluffy continued to bark wildly at him. Aragog was not going to be made a fool of and decided to make his way back down to floor of the cave. Before he could get all seven and a half limbs on the ground, Fluffy leapt towards him. With his right paw, he delivered a destructive blow. This knocked Aragog unconscious. Fluffy sprawled on top of his lifeless body and with all three heads, began to devour his inert corpse.
Once he was finished, Fluffy realized exactly how exhausted he actually was. He had fought Aragog and his minions for hours on end without stopping, except for Aragog’s rambling which presented him with somewhat of a break. He had to get out of the dim cave and experience sunlight.
Once Fluffy left the cave, it was still daylight and the warm sun felt extremely therapeutic on his sore back. Nearby there was a meadow. Fluffy drank from the cold water and then lied down. He still missed Hagrid. All three of his heads had the same look every dog has when his loving master goes on vacation, or even leaves to go to the grocery store.
After a long nap, Fluffy awoke to notice the sun was close to setting. He worked to get his sore body off of the ground and slowly trudged towards where he had come. He figured if he was going to see Hagrid again, the only way would be to spend every night next to his hut. This way, when Hagrid ever got back from where he was, there was no way he could miss seeing Fluffy.
As he approached Hagrid’s hut, he saw no lights on and no sign of Hagrid being home. He found his spot from the night before and proceeded to fall asleep.
Fluffy woke up early the next morning to voices in Hagrid’s hut. It was the same three voices from two nights before, but no Hagrid. Fluffy started growling at them from outside. The growl evolved into a ferocious bark. Fluffy wanted the three people out of Hagrid’s hut, but they would not leave. Fluffy began to stand on his back two legs, with his front two on the hut, like the way dogs do when they stand against a fence. Fluffy was standing at the back of the hut when he heard the crackling noise of the front door opening.
Out of nowhere, the three people busted out of the front door of the hut and started running. Fluffy bolted after them. There was only one problem, the three people scattered. Each one of Fluffy’s three heads tried to go in a different direction. In the confusion, Fluffy’s body fell to the ground. He was quick to hop up and notice the red headed one running in the direction of the Forbidden Forest, while the other two were making their way towards the castle.
Fluffy was hot on this one’s trail. Fluffy was running so much faster than him, that when he had caught up to him, he ran beside him for a bit. Fluffy then burled into him and knocked him to the ground. As the both stumbled to get up, Fluffy began to snarl at him. The red headed boy had the most terrified look in the world on his face. Fluffy then began to brutally bark at him with all three heads.
The red headed boy immediately turned to the tree he was standing in front of and began to climb it. Fluffy was slow to react and by the time he charged the tree, the boy was almost half way to the first branch. Fluffy stood on his back two legs and placed his front two on the tree, similar to the way he did upon Hagrid’s hut, and started barking at the boy. The way Fluffy was acting was related to the way any dog acts when they chase a squirrel up a tree and cannot climb it.
Fluffy knew it was foolish to waste energy like that on something he could not catch, so he stopped what he was doing and began to circle the tree, the way a shark circles its prey before it attacks. He could hear the boy weeping on his branch, but he also heard rustling coming from behind him. He turned to see the girl with unkempt hair and the boy with glasses.
They began to speak to him, but Fluffy really had no idea what was being said. Fluffy was angry, because all he wanted to do was see Hagrid. He had not seen him for so long, but these people were in Hagrid’s hut in his absence. He began to snarl at the young boy and girl.
Then suddenly from behind him, the red headed boy fell from his branch and began to run as fast as he could, deeper into the Forbidden Forest. Fluffy quickly turned and darted towards him. He chased him down for a while and proceeded to pounce on him. But while in mid-air, it felt as though he was hit by a lightning bolt.
The strike left Fluffy lying on the ground. He was completely aware of what was happening, he just couldn’t move. The three people quickly began to scurry away while Fluffy was left lifeless on the ground. As he was watching them run away, all feeling came back and Fluffy was able to move.
Fluffy quickly darted towards the three people. As he got closer and closer, he began to bark. He was gaining on the three quickly. His main target was the boy with the glasses who had plagued him with the inability to temporarily move.
He was running at the pace of the trio, when the Fluffy’s head on the right side grabbed the red headed boy and threw him to the side. He pounced on both the boy with glasses and the girl with unkempt hair. As Fluffy was standing on them barking and snarling, his hot smelly breath all over their faces, they thought it was the end.
Out of nowhere, the red headed boy had shouted something from behind Fluffy and next thing Fluffy knew, he was floating. He was at the will of the red headed boy’s wand. He snarled and barked and scurried his legs, but to no avail. He scampered himself dead tired, before he realized there was no use. He succumbed and went limp. The three people began to run away. And after they figured they were far enough from the danger presented by Fluffy, the red headed boy relieved Fluffy of his levitation duties.
Fluffy hit the ground with a demanding thud and then carried on in his pursuit of the three people. He was a good ways behind them, but was also sure he was capable of catching up.
Fluffy did catch up, and circled around the three people as they made a halt, realizing that they had no other choice. Fluffy circled around a few more times before stopping in front of them. Fluffy snarled and barked, but he noticed some rustling behind the three people. They also turned and looked.
At first, he could not make out what was coming up behind the three people, but his uncertainty did not last long. It was Aragog’s offspring. They were looking for vengeance for their fallen leader and parent. They quickly swarmed around the three people and Fluffy, similar to the way he had done to those three.
Fluffy was also looking for vengeance. Vengeance for the way they treated him, the way they maliciously attacked him while he was all alone. He was not weak this time, for he had his rest and was ready and willing to attack.
Fluffy’s concentration was on the swarm of arachnids, but he could not help but notice the boy wearing glasses, the unkempt haired girl, and the red headed boy all draw their little sticks, sticks previously used to attack Fluffy. In his mind, Fluffy knew he had to defend himself, for all he knew; the three people were teaming up with the spiders to attack him. Fluffy started barking violently at the masses of spiders.
The spiders crept close to him and would quickly back off after each loud, vicious bark. Fluffy felt as though he was in the same situation he was in the evening before. It was the many spiders vs. the one and lonely Fluffy. Only this time it was not that way. The three people knew how much Fluffy meant to Hagrid and when he returned, he would be saddened to hear about Fluffy’s demise due to the swarms of spiders, even though Fluffy had no idea of this.
Many spiders pounced at once. Fluffy knew he did not want to feel one of their bites and fought back as solid as he could, again, not knowing that he was not alone in this battle. He fought them off as soundly as he could, but their masses were too much for him. One by one as they leapt at him, he tore at them with his huge, deadly teeth. Deadly teeth, that when added to the power of his jaws, were no match for one measly spider.
Fluffy began to notice that they were only attacking from one direction, which was the one he faced. As he fended off the spiders by the dozens at a time, he could see sparks and blasts of light in his peripheral, along with inaudible incantations. These three people he had been trying to destroy were actually helping him.
Their numbers began to break down and he could see victory in sight. His mouth tasted of the green ooze that composed their insides. He began to feel fatigued again, but this time was different. He could see the end in sight, last time he couldn’t. Their swarms were severely weakened by the threat of four foes as opposed to just one.
As the masses winded down even more, the spiders were more menacing than anything else. Before too long, it was just Fluffy and the three people. Tired for Fluffy was an understatement. He could barely stand and he needed water.
Fluffy did not escape the altercation unscathed. There was gash in his leg, which bled green ooze. He had been bit. The girl with unkempt hair was quick to address Fluffy’s wounds. She put her little stick to the gash in Fluffy’s front leg and said something and it was healed. Fluffy was grateful. They headed back towards Hagrid’s hut to find that the lights were on. Fluffy’s tail began to wag as he made a dead sprint towards the small cabin.
Once Fluffy reached the hut, he poked each one of his heads in the door one at a time. He was like a small puppy again, so full of joy. The three people were not far behind him and were also full of glee.
Hagrid had a sack with him which he seemed to be extra careful with. He reached over and started a fire in the fireplace. He emptied the contents of the sack into a pot and placed them over the fire. The bag contained numerous, ostrich sized eggs. He then acknowledged Fluffy and began to pet him and love on him, he could see Fluffy had been upset. He apologized for being gone so long and leaving Fluffy so worried. Fluffy didn’t know what he was saying; he also wasn’t worrying about the pain in his leg. Fluffy was just so happy to have Hagrid back.

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