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Non-HP related Fanfics >> A Boulfull of Trouble: Chapter 1 by Hermione11

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Chapter 1, Aqua School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The afternoon sun filtered in to one of the Aqua Express compartments warming it. The compartment door slide silently open and three girls walked in.
They quietly sat down on the red velvet seats and the girl nearest the window stared out of it as if something very interesting was on the other side.

There was a few minutes silent before the girl by the window spoke.
“I’m nervous.”
“Well that’s a surprise.” Replied another girl “any way what you thinking, Amelia?”
“I’m thinking of how far the island is out to sea.” Amelia said.
It was quite strange for Amelia to be nervous because she is a very brave, kind, tough and strong opinionated girl.
She lives in a family of four in a cottage with 8 rooms.
Amelia’s eyes are light brown and she has wavy golden brown hair that hangs to her waist.
“Well it’s not that far.” said the red headed girl with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
“Oh, Jo!” said Amelia shaking her head.
Jo is a happy girl she is always laughing and likes doing things.
But when it comes to school work and homework she is very studious and very clever.
She lives in a family of four and she is quite poor.
Her hair hangs to her elbows and is a bronze-red colour. Jo’s eyes are a light blue.

The compartment door slide open again and a young woman in her 30’s came in.
“I am Professor Clearwater.” She said smiling at them.
“I am here to inform you that is time for you change in to you school robes now, thankyou.”
“How far until we reach our destiny?” asked the girl in the corner speaking very quietly?
“In about 2 hours. And your name is?” replied Professor Clearwater.
“Lily, Lily Felton.” said Lily timidly.
Lily is a plain and simple girl.
She is a girl who does things teachers want without complaining.
She talks freely to her friends but is quiet around teachers. She is very sensitive at being caught breaking rules but the other two manage to talk her in to it.
She is an only child and the only magic person in her family. Lily’s hair hangs to her waist and is a dark brown and her eyes are a light grey.
“It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Felton. But I must be going.” And with that she left.
“What you think of that Professor Clearwater, Lily?” asked Amelia.
“I don’t know. I personally think she’s to pretty for her own good.” said Lily with a grin.
“Anyway I hope they make rules because we all know rules are made for breaking!” replied Jo.
With that they all fell around laughing, before get change in to their pure white dresses
As Amelia was pulling her robes out of her trunk a piece of paper fell out.
She picked it up and stared at it.
It was the letter that had told her she had been accepted at Aqua School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Her thoughts flew back to when she had got to the letter, when her mum had screamed in joy and her brother had clapped her on the back.
How they had celebrated and invited all her aunts and uncles. How she had escaped to the wood to let it all sink in that in a month she was going to go to a school of magic.
It seemed she had fallen into a fantasy story….
A voice floated in to her head.
“Amelia? Are you alright?”
She looked round and saw both Jo and Lily looking at her in concern.
“You’ve been standing there for at least five minutes staring at your piece of paper.” Lily gestured to the letter Amelia was still holding.
“You sure you’re alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”

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