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Non-HP related Fanfics >> The Fright by harry2006

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The Fright

I looked around myself as if I was in a dream, under the moonlight, all I could see were trees, and more trees. My mind was in a daze. What am I doing in this dark and frightening forest all by myself? How did I get here? When did I get here? How will I find my way back? Questions for which I had no answers zoomed through my head at break-neck speed.

It felt disorienting, to say the least, to suddenly find myself in a dark forest with no idea how I had gotten there in the first place.

I began walking, in which direction, I had no idea, but I preferred walking to just standing alone in a forest which was probably full of wild and dangerous animals. Although if any animal decided to attack me, I didn't think walking or running would be any better than just standing still! There was no way I would be able to run far in the overgrowth of the forest in which I had somehow stumbled into.

I tried hard to concentrate, to think how I had come here, but my mind was a blank. Kind of like in the movies when the hero gets hit on his head and loses his memory, and then he has no idea where he is and how he came to be there.

I didn't remember getting hit on my head or anything like that, but that didn't change the fact that I was alone in a dark and frightening forest, almost identical to the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter books, and that I had no idea how I had gotten there.

While I was walking cautiously through the foot long grass, I heard an awful and loud cry which sent shivers down my spine. It hadn't been any cry a human or an animal could make. I had never heard a cry like that in my whole life, not even in TV. There was no way to describe that cry. All I can say that it was shrill and ear splitting. It was awful and scary, and by the sound of it, whatever creature had made that sound wasn't anywhere near. It had sounded as if it was far-off, although the thought didn't comfort me much because I was still lost and had nowhere to hide if it came for me.

That cry had shaken me, I started running in one direction, without caring where I was going; all I wanted to do right then was get as far away as possible from the creature with that horrible cry. I was scared out of my wits.

Then I heard it again, the ear splitting cry which made you wish that you were dead. This time, I realized with horror that the creature was nearer. My heart was beating so loudly anyone a mile away would have been able to hear it. I increased my speed, running with my hand in front of my face to avoid any trees leaf or branch to poke into my eye. I was already in enough danger; it wouldn't help if I became blinded as well.

While gasping for breath, my legs apparently didn't need me to tell them to run faster, bet when I heard the cry again, I was running faster than the speed of sound.

I heard it again, and this time it was louder and clearer. It was definitely following me. I started hearing running footsteps, it was just behind me. I started sobbing with fear; I was running so fast I might have broken all records of racing. You might have heard the saying that fear gives you wings, I don't know about wings, but it sure gave me speed.

After five minutes of continuous running I was so tired that I might have just passed out. The pain in my legs became so unbearable, that I wished I could stop, but if I stopped the creature would catch up to me, so I kept on.

I could still hear faint running footsteps behind me. The ground had changed from soft grass to hard soil. I hadn't even noticed it in my terror. The trees looked as if they were long dead, there were no leaves and their roots had come out of the ground. The forest looked empty. I hadn't encountered any other wild animal or creature the whole time, but who cared? Wasn't one enough?

After a few more minutes, my legs felt as though they had been ripped from my body. I had tears of fear and pain running down my face. My heart started paining from the continuous running. I had to stop before my heart exploded. Although I did stop after a moment, it wasn’t intentionally.

My foot hit some large stone, and I went crashing forward, my knee grazing in the ground. Gasping for air, lying on the ground, I looked at my knee, the jeans I was wearing had torn in the knee area and blood was flowing from an ugly wound there. I sat up, groaning with pain, I didn't have the energy to stand up, and so I listened for any sound of the beast which had been following me all the time.

At first I couldn't hear any sound of a creature charging for me, I even began to relax a little. But then I heard the sound of breaking twigs. The beast or whatever it was, had arrived and was moving stealthily toward me. I tried to get up but my legs did not allow me, I got halfway up before I crashed down on the ground. I was terrified, I never in my life had known what real fear was, but now I knew. Suddenly, I heard movement in my right side; I turned my neck so fast I could have cracked my collar bone.

The moon went behind the clouds, from the darkness came out a creature walking on hind legs. My heart came up to my mouth, the creature had black fur and had red bloodshot eyes, it was huge, bigger than two men, but it didn't look like any animal I had ever studied about or seen on Animal Planet. It was showing its pointed teeth as if it was grinning. I tried to move but I was paralyzed with fear. The creature came toward me, as if in slow motion.

This is it, I thought, I am going to die, and I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to my parents or friends. They will probably be worried sick about me for a few months, but eventually they will get over it.

The beast reached me and raised its giant paw with long nails. It slashed at my face, suddenly I came out of the paralysis and instinctively my hands shot up to shield my face. I cried out in pain as the beast's long nails cut my right hand. I almost fainted with pain, my head dropped on the ground and I closed my eyes, waiting for the agony to finish.

I lay there, waiting, for five seconds, ten seconds, and then thirty seconds. What is going on? I asked myself. Why isn't the creature cutting me open and finishing me while I lay waiting for it to happen?

I slowly opened my eyes; I was staring at a fan attached to the ceiling. "What the . . . ?" I was in my room, my own room. I couldn't believe it. It had all been a nightmare. Relief flooded my body as I realized that I was going to live after all. In my whole life I had never felt as much relieved as I felt now, lying on my bed staring at the ceiling of my room. I sat up and looked around; just to make sure that everything was normal and that there was no beast with bloodshot eyes waiting to pounce on me. There wasn't.

I realized that my whole body was sweaty, even my hair was wet with sweat. There was no beast; it had all been a nightmare. I let out a long sigh of relief.

My wet hair was coming to my eyes, so I lifted my hand to brush it back. It was my right hand; when my eyes drifted at it, I started screaming. On my hand was the cut that the beast had made with its long nails. Blood was dripping from it onto the sheets.

I kept on screaming and screaming.

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