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Non-HP related Fanfics >> The Date by harry2006

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Author's Notes: Hey! You are going to read it? GREAT! Now look, I have written only the first chapter of this story till now. You read it, and if you want to read more, just review and let me know. I will start on the next chapter soon.

The Date

Malcolm was standing in the doorway of his girlfriend’s house. They had a date and he had come to pick her up. He was a very handsome boy of fifteen years and this was in no way his first date. Girls literally fell for him. He had dressed casually for the date, an orange shirt and blue jeans. Above the shirt he was wearing a black colored light leather jacket.

He straightened his jacket and shirt, and then taking out a small comb from his pocket, he ran it through his hair twice. Then putting the comb back, he rang the doorbell.

After a moment Malcolm heard the sound of footsteps thudding on soft carpet, and then the door was pulled open by a man who looked to be in his fifties. He had graying hair and a bushy moustache. He was overweight and his stomach bulged outwards under a red shirt which he was wearing with grey pants.

‘This must be Sarah’s father,’ thought Malcolm, I should try to impress him.

Malcolm smiled his dazzling smile and said, “Good evening, sir. I am Malcolm. I have come to pick up your daughter. We are going to the theatre.”

The father, who had been staring at Malcolm, trying to remember him, smiled at Malcolm kindly.

“Of course you are,” he replied genially, “Come in, come in. Sarah has been talking about you for quite a long time.”

Malcolm entered the threshold, feeling pleased that Sarah had been talking about him in her home for a long time. They had gotten together just last week. ‘Either the old man is exaggerating or Sarah has had a crush on me for some time,’ thought Malcolm, as he walked through the short corridor of the house.

The house was not exactly huge or something, but it was richly decorated. Malcolm remembered Sarah telling him that her dad was a businessman. She had not said what business, and Malcolm hadn’t bothered asking her. Looking at the expensive furniture around him, Malcolm thought, ‘her father must be loaded to buy all this expensive stuff.’

Sarah’s father led him into the living room and gestured him to sit, while he himself took a seat.

Malcolm sat on a very comfortable sofa and looked around the room. The living room consisted of a 29” inch flat TV which was sitting on a TV stand in the corner of the room. There were plush sofas like the one on which he was sitting and heavy golden colored curtains covered the two windows of the room.

Sarah’s father asked well naturedly, “Want anything to drink, tea-coffee or cold drinks?”

Malcolm smiled politely, “Thanks, sir. But, Sarah and I have to be going quickly, the movie’s about to start in fifteen minutes.”

“Oh! Is that so? Well, you both better hurry. I expect Sarah will come down soon. She was getting ready when you arrived.” He then asked Malcolm, “What is the name of the movie?”

Malcolm replied, “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.”

Just as Malcolm said the name of the movie, Sarah appeared in the room.

Malcolm’s breath caught in his throat. This was their first date and Sarah had dressed very beautifully. She looked extremely gorgeous in a strapless black gown which had small silver glittering which shined in the light. She had long blonde hair which made her look kind of like an angel and her face was very beautiful.

“Oh! She’s here,” said her father, “Ready dear? Malcolm just said that the movie will be starting shortly, so you two should get going.”

Malcolm wasn’t listening to Sarah’s father. He was staring at Sarah. She smiled at him, the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. His heart melted at that smile. ‘Am I in love?’ Malcolm asked himself. Then he remembered that he ought to smile too. He smile his dazzling, well practiced, especially for girls, smile. He was pleased to see Sarah blush slightly.

Then Malcolm stood up and said, “Okay, Sarah. Let’s go.”

Sarah’s father followed them to the doorway, and saying his good-bye, he closed the door behind him.

As soon as they were out of the house, and Sarah’s father had closed the door behind them, Malcolm turned to Sarah and said, “You look absolutely gorgeous.”

Sarah smiled and looking at him she said, “Thanks. By the way, you don’t look so bad yourself.’

“Thanks. Now let’s get going.” Malcolm took her hand, which felt very good and warm in his hand, and led her to his motorcycle which was parked just besides the building.

Malcolm had gotten the motorcycle as a birthday gift from his father his last birthday. It was not that costly, but it looked very stylish. It was colored black all over with silver stripes at both sides. It never failed to impress girls.

Malcolm inserted the key in the ignition and turned it. The bike started with a low roar. He put on the helmet which he had kept on the seat, and jumped on the bike. Sarah climbed on behind him.

He heard Sarah say nervously, “I have never ridden a bike before. Are you sure you know how to drive it.”

“Of course,” said Malcolm reassuringly, “I have driving it for months. Dad even got me a learning license for the bike incase any policeman questioned me.”

“Well, if you say so,” said Sarah hesitatingly. Malcolm could tell that she was feeling a little scared. He got an idea. “Give me your hands,” said Malcolm. He felt Sarah’s hands one either of his hands. He took them gently and folded them around his stomach. “Okay, now hold onto me like this.”

“Okay,” Sarah said and Malcolm felt her hands tighten around his stomach and he felt Sarah press against his backside. “My God, this feels good,’ thought Malcolm.

“Okay, all set?” asked Malcolm.

“Yeah,” said Sarah from behind him.

“Okay,” Malcolm rolled the accelerator slowly and the bike moved forward. He put both his legs on stands on the sides of the bike and rolled the accelerator more this time. The bike lurched forward, and in a moment they were on the road.

Malcolm had never enjoyed a bike road more. The girl he just may have fallen in love with, was clinging to him as if her life depended on it. The feeling of her warm body pressing against his back was heavenly. He smiled happily as the bike roared at 60 km/hr and asked Sarah loudly, so she could hear him over sound of air blasting at them. “Enjoying the ride?”

“Sure,” came her uncertain reply.

“We will reach the theatre in some minutes,” he informed her, taking a dangerous turn between two cars.


After five minutes, Malcolm stopped the bike in the parking lot. He killed the engine and jumped out of the bike. Then he helped Sarah get off the bike.

Malcolm saw Sarah straighten her clothes and moved her long blond hair away from her face. Then Malcolm straightened his own jacket and they started walking towards the mall in which the theatre was situated.

Malcolm he looked at his watch and said, “The movie starts in five minutes.”

“Yeah,” Sarah replied, also looking at her watch. “I am looking forward to seeing it. The preview of the film was just brilliant.”

End of Chapter 1

Author's Notes: How was it? If you want to read more, just REVIEW and let me know.

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