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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Sleeping On The Job by xoania

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The gardens were uniform in their beauty, each one containing some variation of exactly one (1) pear tree, four (4) rose bushes, and two (2) marigolds in potted vases contained on exactly one “weathered” porch, facing the pond each backyard had. In fact, these gardens were known for their uniformity, one that was only matched, or perhaps even surpassed, by that of the front exteriors of the houses whose gardens they were.

The houses were painted an unvarying shade of beige, with white front doors and windows. Each house had blue shutters accompanying their windows with a box of flowers (chosen to suit one’s one taste but mostly marigolds) to decorate it. The houses stood beside each other, year after year, as the cars (all mostly the same make and color, only varying in age) parked on the driveways outside.

Residents of this neighborhood were renowned for their conformity; most were bankers with a few doctors and lawyers tossed in for good measure. The lawyers composed the uppermost tier of conformist hierarchy, having wives who hosted teas and brunches and children who attended prestigious boarding schools. The doctors followed the lawyers, having their own slew of meetings. Their meetings, however, were often cut short by pages from their respective hospitals and sometimes, on the quiet, mistresses.

The bankers, though most plentiful, composed the lowest ring of society in their tiny utopian community of sameness. Their children mostly attended private schools, a few venturing into the fields of public education. Wives did not work, apart from a chosen few who doubled as secretaries, having their own covert affairs. Husbands came home each night at precisely six o’clock, ate dinner at seven, and were seated in front of the television set with a newspaper in hand by eight. Children were placed into their beds by nine, teenagers by eleven. Conformity ran deep in the veins of those who lived there.

As most conformist societies know, there tends to be one person who sticks out, who stands apart from the crowd, be it by choice or birth. In this particular neighborhood, that one person was a small red-haired girl who went by the name of Lily Evans.

Lily Evans was often summed up as exotic. This was the word used by those who had no idea what to make of her long red hair and pea green eyes. Exotic was used to describe her because no one could think of a synonym. Lily, personally, could think of a few: striking, remarkable, salient, out of the ordinary, interesting, and appealing were a few of her favorites. However, she had little power over what she was called and she felt she could not complain about being called exotic by strangers when she heard that she was ugly, plain, stupid, idiotic, odd, and strange on a regular basis by her own flesh and blood.

Not everyone in her family felt thought that Lily was ugly, plain, stupid, idiotic, odd, and strange. To be honest, only one person did. But that one person had no trouble vocalizing the fact that Lily did not categorize easily. Besides being striking, Lily was also a witch.

Now by no means was Lily a witch in the manner of cruelty or harshness of manner. In fact, it was quite the contrary. Lily was known for being kind and helpful, though sometimes sarcastic. But try telling that to someone who wants nothing more than to hate one.

Lily was a witch by means of magic, of wand-waving and incantation saying. She brewed potions, transformed mice into teacups, and a variety of other things that the magical-lacking can not possibly imagine. The world she lived in had a name for people who could not begin to fathom the lifestyle she held dear, “Muggles”.

As one might imagine, she did not learn magic by sitting at home and cutting a branch off of a nearby tree. No, instead she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Indeed, the exact moment Lily received her letter informing her of her upcoming sixth year at Hogwarts, she was seated beside the person who hated her most in the world.

“Oh look, the freak’s got more mail.” Petunia Evans said nastily, buttering a piece of toast.

Lily bit her tongue and tasted blood but she refused to reply. Instead, she quickly opened the envelope that had dropped from the beak of a dark brown barn owl.

Dear Miss Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as Hogwarts’ Head Girl. Your duties contain but are not limited to:
Directing the prefects in their duties
Overseeing the younger students and that of your own year
Planning the annual Yule Ball with the assistance of the Head Boy
Monthly meetings with prefects
Monthly meetings with Headmaster and Head of Gryffindor House

You are also awarded the following privileges:
Private Heads Bathroom (password:divirtirme)
Private Heads Common Room (password:academia)
Access to any corridor, classroom, etc,. apart from those specifically marked by Headmaster, at any time

Please meet with the Head Boy aboard the Hogwarts Express in the train compartment specifically marked “Heads”. Your friends are allowed to accompany you there.

It is required of you to patrol the train and to meet once with the prefects.

Congratulations on receiving this honor.

Professor A. Dumbledore

Addendum: The Head Boy is James Potter. Please contact him before the school year begins. Thank you. –A.D.

“Mum! Dad! Guess what!” Lily cried after reading the letter.

“That freak school burned down?” Petunia asked.

Lily ignored her. “I got Head Girl!” She shouted.

“Oh darling, that’s wonderful!” Mrs. Evans, a small blonde haired woman with kind eyes and a welcoming smile, said.

Mr. Evans smiled at his daughter over his cup of tea. “That’s fantastic, Lily. I’m so proud of you.”

Lily grinned at her dad as Mrs. Evans engulfed her in a hug. “You’re such a wonderful girl, Lily.” Her mother whispered. “I’m proud of you, darling girl.”

“This calls for a celebration. What do you say to a dinner Friday night?” Mr. Evans suggested. “You could invite your friends from school… maybe include the Head Boy?” He added with a small smile.

Lily rolled her eyes. “A dinner would be lovely, Dad, but I’m not certain about inviting the Head Boy. It’s James Potter.”

Mrs. Evans looked over at Lily as she bustled around the kitchen. “Isn’t that the boy that bothered you so much?” She asked.

“Yes.” Lily replied. “That’s him.”

“You said he got better though, didn’t you darling?” Mrs. Evans buttered a slice of toast and placed it on a cheerful green plate.

“Only slightly, Mum. I don’t think I want him here.”

Mrs. Evans passed the green plate to Petunia, who was watching the scene with narrowed eyes.

“I think it’s a delightful idea, Lily.” Mrs. Evans said. “It’d be a wonderful opportunity to connect with someone you’ll have to work with for the entire year.”

“Think of it as a business deal.” Mr. Evans paused as he took a sip of his tea. “You remember the Camdens, don’t you?”

Lily shuddered. “Oh Merlin, yes, those bloody awful people.”

“’Merlin’,” Mr. Evans smiled at her, teasing her for the words she had grown accustomed to using, before continuing. “Yes, them. I couldn’t stand that family either. But we needed to figure out a way to work together on the account for that big corporation. And therefore, you remember we had them over for dinner? Your mother made that delightful lasagna and salad…” Mrs. Evans broke in laughing. “What is it, my dear?” Her husband asked.

“I can’t believe you remember what I made for dinner nearly nine years ago when I asked you just yesterday to call your doctor about that appointment and you claimed you had forgotten!” She teased, gently.

“But my dear, the doctor doesn’t serve such wonderful meals!” Mr. Evans smiled as Mrs. Evans sat down beside him at the table.

“You’re such a mess, darling.” Mrs. Evans laughed. “A sweet mess.”

Lily loved moments like this, when it was obvious how in love her parents really were. They weren’t perfect; they fought like any other parents but there was affection at all times. They had such an ideal relationship. It was exactly the kind of marriage she someday wanted, one with gentle teasing but with an added tenderness. Lily didn’t want someone who would acquiesce to her every whim but would make everything fun.

Mrs. Evans broke into Lily’s reverie. “Petunia darling, you could even invite Vernon.”

Petunia scowled. “There’s no way in hell I would invite him to meet those freaks.” She snapped.

“Petunia!” Mrs. Evans said sharply. “That’s no way to speak about your sister’s friends.”

“Forget it, Mum.” Lily interjected, trying to smooth it over. No need for her mother to get all worked up over something that would never change.

Petunia looked down at her green plate, taking a piece of toast off of it. “I’m not going to a dinner for her.” She said.

“Yes you are, Petunia. You have no choice in the matter. Your only choices are your wardrobe and your dinner date.” Mr. Evans looked at his eldest daughter in disappointment. “I don’t know why you don’t want to celebrate your sister’s accomplishments.”

“Whatever.” Petunia rolled her eyes. “I’m done.” She took her plate to the sink. The blue water contrasted with the lime green of the plate, creating a shimmering effect. The scrambled eggs she hadn’t finished floated in the water.

“I don’t understand that girl.” Mrs. Evans said, looking at her daughter’s retreating figure.

“Don’t worry about it, Mum. It’s alright. It doesn’t bother me, at all.” Lily smiled, lying through her teeth. It bothered her more than she could comprehend, this feeling of hate her sister had towards her. But she had long since learned to deal with it, to push it down and keep it invisible. She only wished Petunia would act civil towards her for her parents’ sake.

Mrs. Evans sighed before smiling again. “So Lily, James Potter is invited, yes?”

Lily laughed. “Yes Mum. If it pleases you so much for him to be here, he’s invited.”

“And whom else are you inviting, darling?”

“Um… definitely Caroline… I think that since I’m inviting Potter I ought to include his mates, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. I doubt Peter will be able to make it but I’ll invite him.” Lily looked over at the calendar. “Friday you said?”

“Yes darling. Friday. We’ll have a go of it. Dad can set up a barbeque and we’ll have a regular grill.” Mrs. Evans began scrubbing the dishes that were piled in the sink.

“Oh please Mum, let me.” Lily said with a slightly wicked smile. Whipping out the wand that had been hidden in her pocket, she flicked it in the direction of the sink and murmured “levarse”. All the dishes began to wash themselves; warm water flowed from the sink.

“Thank you, darling.” Mrs. Evans hugged her again. “I’m so very proud of you.” She repeated, quietly.

Lily hugged her mother tightly and, when released, walked upstairs to her bedroom. She had the attic bedroom, the one the furthest away. This was not to serve as a punishment; in fact it was a reward. When Lily and Petunia were little, the matter of the bedroom was settled by a flip of a coin. Heads it went to Petunia, tails to Lily. The only reason Lily could deal with her sister was because the fates had granted her this bedroom. It was where she could hide from Petunia’s tormenting laughter.

The room was painted a bright and cheerful yellow. The wooden floorboards were covered by a circular and colorful rug. There was a white wrought-iron bed that stood underneath the sloping ceiling. The window had a single chair beneath it, beside it a bookcase filled with books with titles such as “When Potions Go Awry” and “The Tales (And Head) of a Tritecha”. Her trunk stood open, empty of all her belongings except a picture of her and her last boyfriend.

Lily pulled that picture out and stared at it. The Lily in the picture waved to her and pointed at the boy beside her, Edmund Terris. He had been a fright of a boyfriend, terribly insecure and worried that she’d leave him. He also had a gift of timing; every time Lily planned to break up with him, he’d tell her he loved her. Lily was a kind girl and couldn’t possibly dump a boy after he confesses his love, could she? It took almost four months of dealing with such nonsense but by the time she was finally free of him, he decided he hated her. So in the end, it all worked out.

With a quick apology and a blown kiss to the picture Lily, she tossed it into the fireplace that covered half of one of her walls.

Closing her eyes and summoning the knowledge she acquired from her Apparition lessons, she used her magic to take her far, far away.

“Lily!” Caroline Pruitt cried. “Merlin! I haven’t seen you in ages!”

Lily grabbed Caroline and hugged her. “I know! I’ve missed you so much!”

“Likewise!” The girls laughed as they let go.

“I love what you’ve done with the place.” Lily said, taking a look around the small apartment, taking in the pictures.

“Thank you, honey. It took me ages to get Sirius to agree but once he did, it was easy.” Caroline looked around and smiled.

“You’re so gorgeous, Caro. How do you do it? How do you stay so skinny?” Lily pointed at the mound of food at the table. “Don’t tell me you eat all of that.”

Caroline laughed. “Merlin no. That’s Sirius’s. I couldn’t eat all of that in three years.” She pushed back some of her long brown hair. “Nope, I have no secrets, honey. All I do is workout.”

“Finally, an honest woman!” Lily cried. “Everyone else in the damn world says they eat their hearts out and manage to stay skinny. What they forget to mention is their trick of puking or exercising.”

“Shut up, Miss Prima Ballerina.” Caroline glanced at the clock on the blue wall. “Sirius should be back soon. He went over to the Potters with Remus. They’re all coming back here for happy hour.” She glanced at the blender that was situated on the kitchen counter. “Sirius plans on doing it the Muggle way.”

“Oh no…” Lily trailed off, thinking off all the damage Sirius had caused doing things the magical way. She could only imagine the aftereffects of his Muggle methods.

“They should be here in a few minutes” Caroline said happily.

“Fantastic! And when everyone gets here, I’ll give my news.” Lily smiled deviously.

“Tell me!” Caroline shouted. “Now!”

“Nope, sorry darling. You’ll have to wait.” Lily stuck her tongue out at her friend.

“You are something awful!” Caroline retorted.

“Oh well. So are you, Caroline!” A third voice chimed in.

“Ollie!” Lily ran over to Olivia Braxton, a tall girl with short light brown hair, cut to frame her face. “Love the new hair!” She said, hugging her.

“Thanks Lils. You look fabulous, may I add?” Olivia smiled before turning to embrace Caroline. “And you Caro. Merlin only knows.”

“Oh sod off, Ollie.” Caroline said good-naturedly. “The boys should be here soon. I’m actually expecting them to use the front door!”

“Woah…” Olivia laughed. “Quite a feat that would be.”

“Definitely so.” Lily added. “What remains to be seen is if they’ll actually do it.”

“Oh they will, trust me.” Caroline said. “Sirius has been looking forward to using that door for ages. He’s obsessed. No one uses it anymore since all of us can Apparate and have no need for it.” As if on cue, the intercom rang. “Get that, Lily, will you?” Caroline asked, busying herself in the small kitchen.

“Alright.” Lily picked up the small white phone beside the front door. “Hello?” She said into it.

“I’m looking for a Miss Caroline Pruitt and I won’t take any excuses.” A deep voice replied.

“Sirius!” Lily cried. “It’s Lily, Lily Evans!”

“Lily!” She could hear Sirius’s hearty laugh. “Well that’s a surprise. Buzz us up, will you?”

“Of course!” She pressed down on the buzzer, letting in the three boys she knew stood out there.

During that exchange, Olivia and Caroline had managed to set the table for six, complete with lovely margarita glasses and were wearing sombreros. “It’s Mexican night, Lily.” plopped a sombrero down on Lily’s head. “It’s one of the Marauder traditions.” She said by way of explanation.

“Oh okay.” Lily knew all about the Marauder traditions. It was that group of boys who managed to prank everyone in the school worth pranking. They had even managed to prank Professor McGonagall a few times and that was quite an accomplishment in itself.

The doorbell rang again, signaling the boys at the door. As Caroline flung open the door, Lily couldn’t help but appreciate the sight.

Three boys stood in front of the door, clad in jeans and shirts with their heads covered by brightly colored sombreros. This in itself was quite an unusual sight but added to it was the fact that each of the boys could have been a model. Sirius Black, who was currently being hugged by his beautiful girlfriend, stood tall at 6’2” and had long shaggy brown hair that peeked out from beneath his hat. His eyes shined as he looked down at the only girl in the world that had managed to tame his wilder ways.

Beside him stood Remus Lupin, a bemused smile playing upon his slightly tired face. His sandy blonde hair was cut short, almost buzz cut. Instead of making him look strange, it strengthened his masculine face and kind gray eyes. He was the shortest of the trio, standing at only 5’11”.

Leaning against the doorframe stood Lily’s former nemesis, James Potter, in all of his shining glory. His jet black hair fell onto his face, perfectly in fact. His blue eyes were a bit surprised at the view of Lily in a sombrero but they quickly cheered. His smile, which caused many girls to swoon, was on at full strength.

“Hello ladies.” Sirius said, wrapping an arm around Caroline.

“Hey Sirius!” Lily smiled, walking over to hug him. “How’ve you been?”

“Great. How’re you?” He asked, hugging her tightly.

“Wonderful.” Lily replied before moving on to hug Remus.

Olivia did the same behind her, waiting to hug Remus as Lily stood in front of James, feeling a bit awkward.

“Hi Potter.” She said, biting her lip.

“Hey Evans.” He replied. “Congrats.”

“You know?”

“It was in the letter…” James looked at her oddly, which was perfectly understandable. Lily was known for being one of the smartest people in the class. How could she not have realized that Dumbledore would’ve told James the same way he told her?

Lily blushed. “I forgot.”

“It’s alright.” James turned away from her to open his arms to the waiting Olivia. “Merlin Ollie, you’ve gotten even more gorgeous!” He said, hugging her tightly.

“Shut up, James. You’re such a loser!” Olivia replied teasingly. “You know I look the same.”

“If the same is stunning, I wouldn’t be complaining, Ollie.” James grinned at her.

“Who says I’m complaining?” Olivia laughed. “I missed you at all the charity events!” She said, pouting her bright cherry red lips. “My mother made me go through all of them with the Dailey boy and you know how much I cannot stand him!”

James rolled his eyes at her, smiling widely. “I begged off. My mum decided I was old enough to decide if I wanted to attend. I didn’t.”

“Lucky you.” Olivia muttered.

“I know.” James reached out and hugged Olivia again. “I’ve missed you though.”

“I learned to appreciate you.” She retorted.

Lily coughed, trying to clear an odd feeling from her throat. She couldn’t figure out what it was but it was definitely bothering her. She tried to cough again. This time, James and Olivia broke apart, Ollie giving Lily a strange look.

“Something’s in my throat.” Lily said. “Sorry.”

James merely smiled at her while Olivia narrowed her eyes for a minute, obviously deep in thought.

“Let’s go watch Sirius make a fool of himself, shall we?” Remus suggested, breaking the awkward silence that followed Lily’s coughing.

Lily nodded furiously, so thankful for good old Remus, who could always be counted on, “Sounds good to me,” she added.

“Shall we?” Remus offered his arm to Olivia, who laughed and took it.

Leaving her and James alone with only a backward glance from Ollie as guidance, Lily looked at him. He had grown taller and even better-looking, if that was even possible, over the summer.

“Congratulations.” Lily said quietly, looking at him.

“Thank you.” James replied curtly but not unkindly.

There was a moment’s silence before James’s spoke again. “You look great, as always.” He said, looking at her.

Lily felt that familiar blush creep onto her cheek, knowing full well there was no way to hide it. One of the worst things about being a natural red head was that her face quite visibly showed her emotions. “Thank you…” She trailed off for a moment. “You look great too.”

James smiled. “Thanks.” He looked down at himself. “I think you look better though.”

Lily rolled her eyes but smiled at him. “I think someone’s trying too hard.”

James paused for a moment. “Let’s go see the others.” He said lightly.

Lily bit her lip again, tasting blood. The way she was headed her lips would be bloody and chapped by the time school started. She didn’t know what it was about James but she was absolutely terrible at talking with him. That might end up posing quite a problem for them, too, since they were the Dynamic Duo, as Sirius had so dubbed the Head Boy and Girl back as first years, for the year.

As she followed James into the kitchen, she tried to keep her mind off of a few certain subjects, among which were James’s butt and the fact that every Dynamic Duo had ended up dating and sometimes getting married after their stint as Head Boy and Girl.

“Happy hour, my friends, has begun!” Sirius Black greeted them each with a margarita class. “Enjoy.”

Lily took a sip from the pretty blue glass and looked at Sirius in amazement. “You made this the Muggle way?” She asked incredulously.

“I’m insulted you even have to ask!” Sirius replied, eyes widening with shock.

Caroline laughed, smacking him playfully. “Shut up, Sirius. You know I did it.”

Sirius looked down, attempting to appear remorse-stricken. “Oh yes… my one true love cannot give me credit for an attempt. Yes friends, it’s true: Caroline made the margaritas.” He hung his head down in pretend-shame.

“Cheer up, love. I forgive you.” Caroline replied, kissing him on his cheek. “I’m sure they do too.”

“Well, it may take another one of these margaritas…” James teased, looking pointedly at his empty glass.

Caroline rolled her dark brown eyes but obligingly flicked her wand in the direction of the blender, sending it across the room to perfectly pour itself into James’s glass. “Anyone else?” She asked.

Remus and Olivia nodded but Lily shook her head. “I’m good, thanks.”

“Alright. Who’s up for some tapas?” Sirius asked as Caroline sent the blender back.

“Tapas?” Olivia looked at him curiously. “What are those?”

“Spanish for appetizers.” Caroline explained. “I taught it to Sirius this morning.”

“Interesting…” James said quietly. Everyone in the room turned to stare at him. “What?” He asked.

“What’s interesting?” Sirius replied, raising an eyebrow.

“What? Oh. You actually knowing something in a foreign language that it’s a curse.” James mimicked Sirius’s raised eyebrow. “Seems that Miss Caroline is a bloody good influence.”

“But of course, Mr. Potter dear. I’m absolutely angelic.” Caroline winked at James as she sat down in one of the chairs she had previously arranged. “I’m darling, don’t you know?”

Sirius nodded. “She does keep me from going mad.” He said.

“Mad? Do tell.” Olivia plopped herself into the seat beside Caroline, her long and tanned legs stretched out. Lily looked at them a bit enviously. It was a shame to be a red head; there was no way to tan to a nice crisp brown like Olivia could. Ollie’s legs stretched on for what seemed to be miles and were perfectly tan.

“Mad as in crazy, psychotic, loony ward-esque.” Sirius explained, helping himself to some the tapas.

“Oh. How good of Caro.” Olivia said teasingly.

“Aren't I?” Caroline smiled before turning to Lily. “You’ve been quiet, honey. Is everything alright?”

Lily nodded. “I’m perfectly alright. These drinks are delicious.” She took a sip to prove her point.

“Where’s Peter?” Olivia asked, wrinkling her nose a little with distaste. It was no secret that Ollie couldn’t stand the fourth and final Marauder but she attempted to be civil.

“Petey’s at his uncle’s in Albania. He went down there for the summer. Haven’t heard from him since June.” Sirius answered. “Have any of you?”

Remus shook his head. “I sent him a few owls but he didn’t reply. I figured he’s just been too busy.”

James agreed. “I sent one to him inviting him over for a spell but he didn’t reply so I’m guessing he meant no.”

Olivia and Caroline raised their eyebrows at each other, agreeing silently that Peter was a bit of an oddball. Lily refrained from that action, hearing that phrase too often to take it lightly.

“Lils! I almost forgot! You had news!” Caroline cried out, sitting straighter in her chair.

Lily smiled. “Oh yeah. I almost forgot too.” She said a little bashfully.

“Prongs here has some too!” Sirius shouted.

“Let’s hear Lily’s first.” James said, quieting Sirius down.

Lily shrugged. “It’s nothing really. It’s just… I’m Head Girl!”

Caroline and Olivia both bounded out of their chairs, hugging Lily tightly. “We’re sooo proud of you, Lils!” Olivia shouted.

“Thanks,” Lily laughed, “it’s really no big deal.”

Caroline stopped hugging Lily and backed up from her. “No big deal?” She asked incredulously. “Of course it’s a HUGE deal! You’re HEAD GIRL! You have free reign over the entire castle!”

Lily rolled her eyes at her two best friends. “Potter? Your news?” She looked at him, raising her eyebrows a bit.

“I’m Head Boy.” He said simply, shrugging his broad shoulders.

“You are?” Caroline’s jaw dropped.

“A Marauder, Head Boy?” Sirius’s eyes widened. “Dumbledore must be off his rocker!”

“Congratulations, mate.” Remus said kindly, shaking James’s hand.

Olivia ran into James’s arms. “Congratulations, Jamie!” She kissed him on both cheeks. “I’m so bloody proud of you.” She said, laughing. “Your mum must be ecstatic.”

James nodded during the embrace. “She definitely is.” He said, holding Olivia tighter.

Caroline and Lily looked at each other, exchanging confused looks. What was going on here?

“Excuse me for a minute, I’m going to get some more. Anyone else want some?” Caroline gazed pointedly at Lily.

“Me.” Lily stood up and grabbed the glasses of Remus and Sirius. James and Olivia she left alone, obliviously hugging.

The two girls basically ran into the kitchen, looking at each other with wide eyes. “What the bloody hell is going on in there?” Caroline asked as soon as they were inside.

“Damned if I know.” Lily replied, shaking her head. “It’s bloody strange.”

“Are they dating, do you think?”

“Wouldn’t Olivia have told us?”

“Or Sirius would have told me…” Caroline sighed. “Merlin, I don’t even know what’s going on. It’s bloody odd.”

“I always thought Ollie and James were like siblings?”

“So did I… maybe they’re just very close siblings?” Caroline suggested.


“Jealous?” Caroline winked at Lily.

“Of what?”

“You know what!”

“No, I do not know what.”

“OLIVIA AND JAMES!” Caroline practically shouted.

“Of course not! What would I be jealous of?”

“That Olivia is getting it on with the boy you happen to be crushing on?”

“I am so not crushing on Potter.” Lily retorted, downing some of her margarita.

“Yes, you are.” Caroline replied simply. “Let’s go back though. We’ll have plenty of time to continue this argument, later.”

Lily sighed but followed her best friend out of the kitchen and into the small living room, where James and Olivia had stopped hugging each other but were seated in a very close proximity, with James’s arm resting around Olivia’s shoulders.

“Everything alright, love?” Sirius asked Caroline as she handed him his drink.

“Just fine.” Caroline replied before turning towards James and Olivia. “Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt you both earlier but would you like some more margaritas?”

Olivia giggled. “Sure.”

James nodded. “That’d be great.”

“Let me do it, Caro. Sit down with Sirius a bit.” Lily interjected, taking Olivia’s glass from her.

“I’ll help you,” James said, taking his own glass in hand.

Lily didn’t say anything but led the way back to the kitchen.

“Thanks.” James said quietly.

“For what?” Lily felt confused. She really hadn’t done anything worth gratitude.

“Saving me.”


“You know…”

“Um no?”


Lily stepped back and looked at him. “What? I thought you two were dating or something. Isn’t that why she’s here?” She asked.

“No… I thought you invited her…” James shook his handsome head. “Sirius didn’t mention her being here but I thought you and Caroline invited her.”

“Definitely not.” Lily sighed. “At least, I didn’t.”

James didn’t say anything and silence came between them until Lily, in a flash of madness, broke in.

“Are you sure you’re not dating?” She asked.

“Fairly, yes.” James looked at her strangely. “I think I’d know if I was dating someone.”

Lily blushed. What with him and making her blush? “It seems like you are.” She continued, deciding to ignore the red that was taking its place on her normally light cheeks.

“Appearances can be misleading, Evans.” James replied, a bit harshly Lily thought.

Lily bit her lip, for the millionth time that day, but said nothing. Grabbing Olivia’s glass, she walked out of the room.

She didn’t get far, though, as James’s strong arm came and pulled her back. “Where are you going?” He asked.

“Away from you,” she retorted, “and your little comments.”

“We’re in the middle of a bloody disagreement, Evans. You’re just going to leave without defending your opinion?” He looked at her in disbelief. “Just like that?”

Lily shrugged. “Your love life, or lack thereof, is definitely not my problem.”

“But you made it your concern by asking, didn’t you? And now because I gave you an answer that you didn’t like, you’re just going to leave?”


“That’s not how you resolve arguments, Evans.”

“It is when it’s an argument I have no point in caring about.”

“So you don’t care who I date?”

“Definitely not.”

“Then why did you bother to ask?”

Lily paused for a minute, trying to regroup. “Because Olivia is my friend!”

“The bloody hell she is. I know you can’t stand her just like I know you can’t stand me.”

“Well then you two should be perfect together then, united because that damned Lily hates your guts, right?” Lily shot back.

James just shook his head. He walked over to one of the chairs that stood near the counter and sat down, laughing.

“What the bloody hell are you laughing about?” Lily cried.

“This argument… it’s… it’s… it’s so stupid!” James laughed.

Lily stared at him. “You’ve got issues, Potter.” She said.

“Can’t we quit with the surnames yet?” He asked, pausing in his gales of laughter.

“Why? It’s worked fairly well for the past six years.”

“Because we’re supposed to be growing up. You know, becoming adults?” James raised his right eyebrow. “But I suppose Saint Lily already is one, right?”

Lily glared at him. “What I am is none of your concern. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go give Olivia her drink.”

James looked at her and was sorely tempted by an idea. But no… he couldn’t. Well more like he shouldn’t… but maybe it’d work out? But it probably wouldn’t. He really shouldn’t… but he would.

James reached his hand to grab Lily again as she walked by him. He took the drink from her hand and pulled her close to him. And then, he kissed her.

‘Merlin it felt fantastic to be kissing her,’ he thought, ‘this is so amazing!’

Lily melted into his embrace.

James shook the image away from his brain. He knew he couldn’t, shouldn’t do that. And he wouldn’t. Not until she was ready.

Lily walked out of the kitchen without any kisses. She did, however, notice that something was going on in Potter’s mind, which made her all the more eager to leave him.

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