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Non-HP related Fanfics >> Home Alone by harry2006

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Home Alone

Jack was sitting at his study table staring at nothingness. In front of him, a text book of mathematics, a guide book of mathematics, and a notebook of mathematics were scattered about. Needless to say, he was studying mathematics. Or rather, to be more precious, he was trying to study mathematics.

Tomorrow was his mathematics exam. Okay, don’t kill me, I was just kidding, I won’t say the word mathematics again. Oops! I said it again.

Well, anyways, tomorrow was his exam of You-Know-Which subject. But his creative mind refused to concentrate on stupid theorems and problems with never-ending solutions.

Want an introduction? As you all can’t possible answer, I will give it to you anyway.

Jack was a 15 year old boy. He had wavy blonde hair, wore thin rimless spectacles over his blue eyes, and was of average height. He had a slim and slender body physique.

Well, back to the story then. Oh! Wait! I forgot the most important thing in the introduction, Jack was also a writer. He had a very creative imagination and wrote stories and poems both.

So... now, Jack sat at his study table, his eyes glazed over. He wasn’t thinking of any particular thing. Just routine things like sports, school, games, etc. There was a window on his right side. Suddenly, the street light which the window had been reflecting went out. Startled, Jack broke out of his reverie and looked at the window. In all the five years he had spent living in this town with his parents, never had such a thing occurred. He stood up, interested and curious. He went towards the translucent window and pulled it open. It was 11’o clock, Thursday night, and the road beside his house was deserted. But that wasn’t what Jack was interested in. All the street lights of the road were off. Total darkness reigned on the street visible to him. And for all he knew, the whole town was in total darkness. He closed the window abruptly.

In a normal situation, the incident would have only intrigued him. But right now the situation wasn’t normal, his parent’s were out and he was all alone in the house. Now the incident not only intrigued him, but also scared him.

‘Well, one thing that this incident does clear,’ he thought, after admitting to himself that he was scared ‘is the fact that I really should lessen reading horror novels.’

‘I am just being stupid, why should I be scared when what has occurred outside is probably a power failure?’

His mind replied, ‘Because you are having an eerie feeling that something is wrong.’

Jack sat down on his chair near the study table, all worries and tension of the You-Know-Which subject forgotten. He was trying to reason with himself. But just as he was on the brink of deciding that the reason of his being afraid was because of his overactive-imagination, the window pane rattled loudly as if someone had knocked on it very hard. Jack’s head jerked up and twisted towards the window at break-neck speed. He felt Goosebumps erupting all over his body.

He thought he saw a shadow move quickly in the translucent window pane. His stomach turned to jelly, Jack stood up on wobbly legs. ‘This is NOT possible. My room is on the second floor for goodness sake!’

He started moving towards the window when he stopped abruptly. Suddenly he was reminded of the horror novel of Stephen King he had read a few weeks earlier. Its name had been “Salem’s Lot”. The novel had been about vampires. In this story, vampires couldn’t enter anyone’s house until they were invited inside by the occupant or occupants themselves. So they would knock on windows and doors. In one such incident, a boy of 11 year old had woken up at night to see a vampire knocking on his window. But that hadn’t been the worst part, his window had been at the first floor of his house and there hadn’t been any support for the vampire to stand or sit while knocking on the window.

It was this incident that Jack was reminded now. ‘What if there is a vampire sticking to the wall beside my window like a damn spider?’ Jack asked himself.

‘Yeah, right,’ his mind replied sarcastically, ‘It’s right there. With a deathly pale face, blood red lips, with sharp fangs jutting out of its teeth – “

“Aw, shut up!” Jack said out loud. Still, that feeling of dread did not leave him.

Then it came again. Two hard knocks against the window pane. Jack actually shuddered as he heard it. He ran a hand through his thick blonde hair as he contemplated the window. He then suddenly grabbed the handle of the window and jerked it open before his mind could protest.

Ice cold air greeted him as he looked outside. The street was as deserted as it had been five minutes before. He looked sideways. “Aha!” he said out load, “No damn vampire is sticking on the damn wall.”

Triumphantly he then moved his head inside his room and closed the window. “Nothing but my over-active imagination,” he said decisively.

‘Oh boy!’ his mind said, ‘You are losing your marbles, Jackie.’

Wait a minute! He thought, if there is nobody there, who was knocking on the window for goodness sake!

Again the accursed knocks came, this time louder and harder. The window pane rattled loudly. Suddenly, Jack was completely scared.

“Who’s there?” he said shakily, directing his voice towards the window.

I am a friend, replied a voice in his head.

“What!!” Jack whirled around 360 degrees. He had not anticipated a reply to his question to the unknown fear which was haunting him.

I said I am a friend, the same voice said.

But his ears hadn’t heard that voice. He had heard that voice in his head.

Open the window, Jack. I am here to talk to you.

Now that he had been expecting to hear that voice, he was able to get a tone in his creative mind. The tone was of an elderly person, maybe a kind priest.

Nevertheless, the voice sent shivers down his spine.

This CANNOT be happening! Jack thought frantically. What IS happening?

To be continued…..

Author's Notes: How was it? I am going to start working on the next chapter soon. if you are interested in reading that, please REVIEW.

My life right now is going through a valley. I am living in misery and dissapointments. Want to make my days brighter?
Just leave a thoughtful review. It will make me very glad to know that someone enjoyed my story.

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