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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Lumos by Kionon

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Disclaimer: This is fluff; any occurrences of plot are to be
considered purely accidental. As such, there will be no
references to years, ages, etc. Assume what you will.

A Harry Potter H/G Fluff Fic
By Kevin "Kionon" Callahan

The barrier dissolved around Ginny Weasley as she ran
through it for what seemed like the umpteenth time in her life.
True, it had only been a few times, but as it was part of the
yearly ritual for getting back to Hogwarts, Ginny felt as though
she had always done it. Once past the barrier, and onto the
platform of 9 3/4ths, she pulled off to the side and adjusted
her shoulder length red hair. Making sure it was in place as
she wanted it, she continued towards the Hogwarts Express.

Not long after Ginny finished adjusting her hair, George
and Fred came hurtling through the barrier followed by Ron,
Harry, and Mrs. Weasley, albeit not all at the same time. "You
didn't *have* to follow us, Mum," Ron was insisting.

"It'll be years before I forget that whole rubbish with
the car," said Molly Weasley, cheerfully but firm.

"Awww, mum," whined Ron, but he said no more. When their
trunks were fully stowed on the train, Mrs. Weasley kissed each
of them good-bye, including Harry, and watched them pile up the
small stairs into the cars of the Hogwarts Express.

The twins disappeared at once, and Ginny wandered off to
find some of her girlfriends. Harry and Ron quickly found what
they considered to be their "usual" cabin and opened the door
finding Hermione already inside. "I was wondering when you two
were finally going to show up."

"Oh, brother," said Ron, "It's not like we're even late."

"Hello, Hermione," Harry said neutrally.

"Hello, Harry!" replied Hermione quite cheerfully. She
characteristically had a pile of books next to her. She saw the
pairs' eyes move to them and back to her. "For reading on the
train in case either of you get into a conversation I don't wish
to be a part of," she said by way of explanation.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He sat down on the
opposite side of the cabin from Hermione. "Sometimes I wonder
why you even sit by us if you're at some point planning to
ignore us."

"Honestly, Ron," hmphed Hermione. "I thought that should
be obvious."

Harry rubbed his temple. "I'm going to go to the
bathroom. I'll be right back." Harry turned and walked out of
the cabin. His original intent was indeed the bathroom.
However, he noticed Colin Creevy, camera in tow, coming out of
another cabin. Harry ground his teeth automatically and turned
around, hurriedly making his way through the cars' corridors
until coming to suitable closet and hiding inside of it.

Not a moment after, a piercing scream had Harry running
straight in the door he had just closed. "Lumos!" he cried
after the screaming had subsided. In his wand's light he could
make out the figure of girl staring up at him. For a moment the
girl did nothing, and then she squeaked and backed away. Harry
blinked. "Ginny?"

"Go away," she said, turning around and covering her face
with her robe. "I didn't want you to see me like this."

Harry blinked in the small amount of light given by the
lumos spell. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean."

"Why are you here?" Harry asked.

"Because of you," Ginny said, momentarily dropping her
robes. "I'm here because the other girls were teasing me about
you, and, and..." Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. "I just
couldn't handle it... and I couldn't handle you seeing me like

"Oh, Ginny," Harry said quietly, "It doesn't matter to me.
You don't need to be embarrassed." He crossed the small gap
between them and held her in his arms. "I want to see you, and
I don't care how. To me you'll always be beautiful. Don't let
them get to you."

"Why are they so mean?" Ginny wailed as she pressed
herself closer to Harry inside the barely lighted closet. "Why
don't they understand?"

Harry pressed his own chin into Ginny's hair. "They just
don't know the power of love yet. When they do, they'll

Ginny looked up at him, a pleading in her eyes, "You
really think so?"

"I know so," insisted Harry with a hard certainty. Bending
slightly, he pressed his lips up against Ginny's and only pulled
back only after the lumos spell had finally exhausted itself.
"I'll always be there for you, but next time, let's try not to
squish into a closet, ok?" Ginny chuckled and the pair walked
back to the "usual" cabin.

Harry opened the door to reveal Hermione and Ron sitting
on the same side of the cabin, the books pushed to the floor.
Neither seemed to be doing anything amiss, but Harry had a very
strange feeling he had missed something. He said as much as he
and Ginny took the opposing seats.

"Absolutely not," Hermione informed Harry just a bit too

"You didn't miss a thing," Ron said after. "We were just,
uh, reading over Hogwarts: A History. There's this cool map in
it that shows some of the unused grounds..."

Harry and Ginny just looked at each other and started
laughing. Hermione and Ron glanced at each other momentarily
and then decided to join in the laughter. Not long after, the
Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmeade Station and the trip was
over. Harry helped Ginny off the train and they headed towards
the castle. Hermione and Ron were not long after. Ginny squeezed
Harry's hand as they looked up the way. Another great year at
Hogwarts had come again.

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