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GP Contest Stories >> Make Up by potter_lover39

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Ginny Weasley packed the last of her belongings inside her trunk and closed the lid. The end of another year at Hogwarts,Ginny thought but shook her head. "Dumbledore's dead",she said to herself. "There is no use to think about what he could have said." But to her complete horror, she felt an unbidden tear slide down her cheek. She brushed it away angrily. Harry,she thought. "Oy!"she said out loud. "Ginny Weasley, get a grip on yourself. He's gone." Gone. A lump rose in her throat. Gone. She had pretended that he was not gone but the truth burst out...from...herself.

Ginny sank down on her bed and held her head in her hands. "Oh, god, Harry",she said,"Why can't you see that I love you?" The room stayed silent. Oh, god,she thought. She had been hurt physically and mentally when Harry said that their realtionship was over. Gone. Gone, gone, gone!,she thought. The domitory door opened and Hermione Granger came in. Ginny whipped her head up. "Oh, it's you",she said. Hermione nodded and sat down next to her. "We need to talk",she said. Ginny sighed and nodded. "I can't say that I haven't expected this",she said.

Hermione nodded. "What do you want to talk about?"said Ginny. "My relationship with Harry is...over." Hermione said,"I couldn't help hearing of what you said in here before I came." Ginny looked at her feet. "Yeah?"she said.

Hermione said,"You know, your relationship with Harry is not over. It's just have to...take a little break for awhile. I mean if Harry get out of this Final Battle, alive, then he will come for you." Ginny asked,"How?" Hermione laughed and said,"I have been with Ron and Harry for about six years. How could I not know?" Ginny shrugged, still disbelieving. Hermione stopped mid-giggle and said seriously,"Come on, Ginny! If you keep on acting like this then I just may go on strike." Ginny did not laugh. Hermione sighed, shaking her head. "Come on",Hermione said. "We got to get to the feast."

"I don't think that I want to go",said Ginny, studying her shoe laces. Hermione said, frowning,"And why not?" Ginny answered,"I don't think that I can face Harry." Hermione sighed, throwing up her hands. "You have to go."

Ginny shook her head again. Hermione said,"When your mind is made up, you can be so stubborn." Ginny nodded, fiddling with her fingers. "Fine",said Hermione standing up and proceeded to walk through the door but before she dissapeared through the opening, she said,"Bye. See you on the train!" And Hermione was gone. Silence reigned again.


Ginny didn't leave the domitory until she heard the great rumbling of students then she stood up, took a deep breath, and walked through the door and down the spiral staircase. The first thing that she saw when she got down was...Harry Potter. A lump formed in her throat and tears crowded her eyes. She felt numb. Go back up!,her mind cried. Ginny nodded. She turned to leave but a male voice said,"Hi, Ginny."

She stopped, her foot on the first step. She turned slowly and found herself face-to-face with Dean Thomas. "Oh, Hi, Dean",Ginny said, relieved that it wasn't Harry. Dean nodded and said,"Why're you going back up?" Ginny said, sighing a little,"Er...I couldn't face...Harry." Dean frowned a little. He said,"Harry's not going to bite your head off." Ginny said, nodding,"I know."

Dean waved his hands. He said loudly,"Fine, fine! You can go back up." Unfortunately(at least for Ginny that is)Harry looked up at the shout and immediately spotted Ginny. Dean smirked then said very quietly,"Bye, Ginny." He passed her quite roughly and went up to him domitory. There was a very uncomfortable pause only broken by the sound of their rapid breathing then Harry said,"What is about Dean?" Ginny was speechless. Harry raised his eyebrows at her. "Oh",she said, mentally shaking herself. "Oh-it's...er...nothing." Harry rolled his eyes and Ginny laughed. Harry joined in and the uncomfortable silence instantly lifted. Ginny and Harry eventually quieted down and Ginny said,"What are you doing here?" Harry sighed, shaking his head, his laughter gone. He said,"Oh, well, I'm alone, ain't I? Hermione and Ron are off somewhere...Probably snogging each other's brains out, by now..." Ginny giggled. "It's about time",she said.

Harry shrugged. "Well",he said. "Gotta get packing. See you around." Ginny nodded and stood aside so that Harry could go up to his domitory. "Bye",she called softly. Harry waved then disspeared out of sight up the staircase.

Ginny walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room, feeling in higher spirits that she was before. She practically skipped down two staircase and through hanging tapestys, all the while humming to herself. She finally reached the Entrance Hall but her progress was impeded because of all the students who had milled around the Entrance. They seemed to be crowded around some sort of commotion.

Ginny shoved her way to the source of the commotion and found an incredible scene. No way,she thought. This cannot be... Dolores Umbridge stood in the middle of the circle, looking utterly wild. Her hair was sticking on end, saliva was dripping at the corners of her lips and her eyes bulged out and was rolling in their sockets. Umbridge shrieked,"Albus Dumbledore! And fithy wretched little students! Where is the bloody Head Master! I have a bloody duel with him!" "What's wrong with her?"Ginny asked a nearby sixth-year. The sixth-year whispered,"She was fired from her post and I think that she blames it all on Dumbledore after all what happened last year. She proclaims that she would revenge on Dumbledore." Ginny nodded her thanks and said,"But aren't any other teachers gonna put a stop to this?" The sixth-year said,"No. At least that what's I think." Ginny said,"Thanks." The sixth-year nodded. Ginny again pushed her way through the crowd of on-lookers, earning a few glares as she went.

Ginny found Proffesor McGongall, looking utterly relaxed. Ginny asked,"Um, Proffesor? There's...er...Proffesor Umbridge...and..." McGongall barked,"Miss Weasley! Dolores Umbridge, you say?" Ginny nodded and went on,"She's here and...um....she proclaims that she has a duel with Proffesor Dumbledore." McGongall said crisply,"OK. Thank you for giving me that information."

"But Proffesor, aren't you-!"

"No, Miss Weasley. I think that Proffesor Dumbledore will sort it out." And with that she swept away, tartan robes whispering on the ground. Ginny was confused. Why didn't McGongall stop Umbridge? Did Proffesor Dumbledore know? Ginny shook her head. Why did Umbridge worry her so much? She was being stupid... Ginny turned around and went back to the Entrance Hall, once again, pushing everybody out of the way.

Ginny was among the first to arrive out in the cool, crispy air. Ginny quickly scanned the grounds, looking for the carragies to take her back to the Hogwart's Express. There werea few but all of them were already occupied and sweeping down the well-worn path to the platform.

Ginny berated herself silently for forgetting to put on a cloak. She shivered.


Ginny turned. It was Draco Malfoy, a different kind of smirk on his face. "And why would I accept your cloak?" I thought that you hate blood traitors?"Ginny said, tone as cold as the surrounding air.

Draco-no-Malfoy shrugged. "I just thought that you were just cold",said Malfoy causually. Ginny said coldly,"No thank you." And she turned her back firmly to him. Two long arms snaked up her waist and pulled her towards a warm body. She shivered at the touch and twisted around to see who had hugged her. It was Malfoy, a play-boy smirk on his face. "Let me go",Ginny said cooly.

"Not until Potter come out",Malfoy said, drawing her still more closer to him. She flailed widly, struggling to get out of his grip but it was too strong. She didn't dare scream, not wanting to show any kinds of weakness. Finally she gave up, panting slightly.

They stood there, shivering slightly as a cool breeze swept the grounds and still Malfoy wouldn't let go of her. Finally Harry came out and spotted Ginny enveloped in Mafoy's warm embrace. Harry's expression turned instantly in to anger. He started approaching them, fists clenched. "Harry!"Ginny yelled, struggling again. Then Malfoy did something that Ginny never dreamed that he would do; Malfoy kissed her.

At first Ginny struggled, trying to brake contact with Malfoy but his kiss was getting deeper and more passionate. She was easily getting seduced and her defences were slowly collapsing. The seconds passed slowly. Then Malfoy broke apart, a trade-mark smirk playing around his face. Ginny was dazed, too dazed to take notice that Malfoy had finally let go of her.

There was a total silence in which Ginny was slowly coming back to her senses. She shook her head and her first though was, you kissed Malfoy! Ginny was aghast. She quickly looked at Harry, pleading, hoping that Harry would understand. But it seemed like that he didn't. Harry said angrily,"I guess that you thought that you would look good on Malfoy, didn't you? Thinked that you two would make a nice little picture?" Ginny shook her head, taking a step back from Malfoy. "No, Harry!"Ginny pleaded furiously.

Harry's face instantly darkened. He snarled,"WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT! I JUST SAW YOU KISSING MALFOY AND, AND I LOVED YOU, GINNY!" The last part struck Ginny, hard. She hopelesly watched Harry turn his back to her and walled back to Hogwarts, not taking even one look back. Ginny glanced at Malfoy then she too walked back to Hogwarts, tears running down her cheeks. She wasn't cold anymore, she wasn't feeling in high spirits now. Instead, she felt that every single thing in her body was stretched until she wanted to snap, wanted to end.

She had lost the man that she loved, and she felt that she had lost everything. Everything was slowly collapsing around her. Her dreams...her fairytales that somebody, Harry, was going to swing her up and carry her down to a little cottage of which they would get married...have children but all those thing were gone. All because of Malfoy. White-hot anger licked her insides. She suddenly wanted nothing in the world but to beat and punch Malfoy until he curled up, whimpering.

Ginny brushed at her tears, smearing her cheeks with warm salty tears. Those tears reminded her of which she had lost, all in those few seconds that she had kissed Malfoy. Why did she just had to let Malfoy kiss her? She sat on a step, holding her head in her hands. She had been so stupid. She should have run away from Malfoy. She should have- Ginny smacked her head. There's no point wondering about what she should have done. It's all over. Harry would have told the her family by now and there would be no doubt that they will avoid her or worse...

"Ginny? Ginny Weasley?" Ginny jerked her head up. It was Lavender Brown, a concerned look darkening her feautures. "You all right?"Lavender asked. Ginny nodded. Lavender frowned. "There's something wrong",she said, sitting next to Ginny. "You were never that good at lying." Ginny shook her head violently. Lavender sighed then said,"I just heard the rumour that you were seen...er...kissing Malfoy. Is that true?" Ginny couldn't lie. She nodded slowly. Lavender said,"But how? I know you. You wouldn't let Malfoy kiss you." Ginny muttered something so low that Lavender didn't quite catch what Ginny said. "Pardon me?"Lavender said softly. Ginny said a little louder,"He....he, Malfoy, he wouldn't let me go. Then Harry came out. Then...then Malfoy kissed me..." Ginny hung her head. Lavender looked suprised. Ginny nodded. "Now are you going to spread the word that it's true that I kissed Malfoy?"she asked. Lavender was quiet for a moment then she said,"No. No of course I wouldn't. Come on, Ginny. You need to go outside. Hogwarts gonna close for the summer." Ginny sighed then stood up slowly. Lavender stood up to, grasped Ginny's hand, and led her to the packed Entrance Hall.

"Thanks",Ginny mumbled. "But when did you changed?" "Huh",Lavender said. Ginny looked at her in the eye and said,"When did you changed? You used to flirt al the while, not caring about others..." Lavender said airily,"I matured, I guess." Ginny raised her eyebrows. Lavendet giggled. "Guess that you thought that I wouldn't ever matured?"she said, eyes twinkling. Ginny shrugged. Lavender said more seriously now,"But are you sure that you're gonna be okay?" Ginny shrugged again, not knowing the answer.

"Oh, dear, there's Harry Potter and his two friends!"Lavender said suddenly, pointing at the Golden Trio. Ginny jerked her head up so fast that her muscles cricked. Lavender was right; Harry, Ron and Hermione appeared to be in a deep conversation and they were all frowning. Ginny dragged Lavender behind a large vase. "What?"Lavender said. Ginny put her finger to her lips.

Harry was saying,"....Ginny was actually kissing Malfoy!" Ginny swallowed. Hermione said,"You must be kidding. You know the Ginny Weasley. She probably slapped his face." Ginny heard Ron snap,"I'm with Harry. We all know Harry. What ever he says is the truth!" Hermione said angryily,"Then tell me about Sirius! Was Harry right, then?" "Well, no",admitted Ron. "But Harry just said it. This is definitely not a vision. The whole Sirius thing was a damn vision, Hermione!" Hermione said to Harry,"Was this a vision?" Harry shook his head. "See!"Ginny heard Ron say. "This is not a stupid vision!"

Ginny let out a involuntary cry. She clapped a hand to her mouth. Lavender said quietly,"They will hear us anyway. I think it's time for us to go." Ginny shook her head. She didn't want to risk being seen by the Trio.

"....What was that?"Hermione said.

"Dunno",said Ron. Wanna take a peek?" Harry said,"Probably just a mouse." Hermione said,"That cry was too deep to be a mouse." Ron said,"Well, then, let's see." Ginny stood frozen in her spot as foorsteps approached, nearer and nearer.

Ginny fumbled blindly for Lavender then shot out from behind the vase, practically dragging Lavender. "Wh-",shrieked Hermione. "Bloody hell!"Ron said. Harry tripped and fell on Ginny, dragging her to the floor. Lavender, Ron and Hermione watched the scene. Lavender looked amused, Hermione just looked shocked. Ron eyes immediately narrowed when he recognized Ginny.

There was a moments pause when Harry and Ginny got up and surveyed each other. "Ginny, Harry was just telling us that you were snogging Malfoy",sad Ron, his tone was dangerous. Ginny looked helpessly at Lavender. Lavender quickly stepped foward. She said,"It wasn't Ginny's fault. Malfoy wouldn't let her go and when you came out."Lavender nodded at Harry. "Malfoy kissed Ginny only to get you angry." Harry snarled,"And you actually believed her?" Lavender said calmly,"Ginny never had lied. You should know that as you was Ginny's boyfriend for a few months." Harry opened and closed his mouth, apparently at loss for words. Lavender continued,"Sometimes things are not always you see them."

There was tence silence followed in which Harry and Lavender glared at each other. A loud speaker crackled over head. "Students!"it said. "Please do to the carrigies that will take you to the train." There was more crackling then silence.

Harry shot daggers at Lavender and Ginny then said to Ron and Hermione,"Come on." Ron instantly went with Harry but Hermione looked at Ginny with some odd pity then followed after Harry and Ron's retreating backs. "Thanks",said Ginny wearily. "Anytime, now come on",said Lavender. Ginny took Lavender's waiting hand then ran over to the big fron oak doors. The cold air hit them with a blast when they finally got outside. Ginny jerked her head over to an unoccupied carragie. They opened the door and hurriedly jumped inside. Ginny closed the carriage door and the cart swayed in to motion, rocking to and fro. They were silent all the way to the platform and only talked when they got on to the platform. The Hogwart's Express was belching steam over the crowd and Ginny walked the length of the platform to find empty seats, fortunately there was one unoccupied one. Ginny beckoned to Lavender and, together, they climbed in and settled themselves on opposite seats.

Ginny took out Arnold the Pygmy Puff from her pocket and conjured a little cage. She gently shoved Arnold in and closed the wired door. She stood up and pushed the cage on the luggage rack. She sat down again and said,"I bought him at the "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes."" Lavender nodded. The compartment door opened and Neville appeared. "Seats taken?"he said casually, shooting an oddly furtive glance at Ginny. Lavender shook her head. "Except us, of course",she said. Neville nodded with relief and sat next to the window.

There was a long pause. Then Neville said abruptly,"Er...There's a rumour going around that Ginny was spotted-" "Kissing Malfoy",finished Ginny dully. Neville shot a confused look at her. Lavender hastened to tell the story. It lasted for ten minuted but it seemed like decades to Ginny. "What?!"Neville nearly shouted when Lavender had finished recounting the story.

Lavender nodded. "The foul-mouthed breathing git!"Neville said angrily. Ginny said,"Of course he is. The foul wide-mouthed tree frog." Neville nodded. Lavender said,"Well, there's no use lamenting about what haas been done. Exploding Snap, anyone?" It was nearly one 'o clock when the three finished their sixth game and for the second time the compartment door slid open and the women that pushed the trolley appeared.

"Anything off the trolley, dears?"the smiling women said. Ginny, Neville and Lavender at once stood up and bought a bit of everything. Ginny dumped the sweets on the seat and slid the door closed. She took a large bite out of a pumkin pasty and savoured the sweet taste on her tongue. The only sound within the compartment was the sound of crunching, a usual cough and a occasional slurp.

They finished their food and was busily swapping Frog cards when the compartment slided open for the third time. Ginny looked up. Draco Malfoy and his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle were standing, framed in the doorway. Neville stood up so did Ginny and Lavender. "What do you want?"said Ginny as coldly as she could. Malfoy smirked at her and said,"Just wanted to check up upon...my girlfriend." "She isn't your girlfriend!"snarled Neville. "Oh really, Longbottom?"drawled Malfoy, glancing at Neville. Ginny pulled out her wand. "If you don't leave",she hissed. "I'd jinx the hell out of you." Malfoy took a step back, trying to smirk but failing miserably. It was widely known that Ginny Weasley was particaulary good at the Bat-Bogey hex.

"Come on",Malfoy said resentfully to his body gaurds. They left, sliding the compartment door closed. Ginny sat down, breathing heavily through her nose. Neville was still standing up, staring at the place where Malfoy had stood. Lavender pulled him down on to the seet and Neville sat down. "Well you two handled it pretty well",said Lavender braking the silence. "Yeah, yeah, we did, didn't we?"Ginny said, for the first time a smile was braking across her face. Neville nodded. "I'm not so timid anymore",he said, biting the head of a chocolate Frog. Ginny nodded sagely.

The rest of the train ride was devoted to Exploding Snap. Ginny, Neville and Luna changed back to their Muggle clothing and looked at each other. Then they got their stuff from the luggage rack. Lavender, in the lead, got off the train with Ginny and Neville in tow(Arnold the Pygmy Puff was in Ginny's pocket) and together they walked back in to the Muggle world.

Kay, guys. Reviews would be good and everybody wait for chappie 2, The Painful Summer!!!! Hope you like it!.

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