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Non-HP related Fanfics >> The Goddess' Guard 1 by FaithWeasley

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In Cassandra, a town populated by many, people gathered around a fire. They started chanting and muttering while they threw blue sand into the flame from all directions. A blast, almost like a firework lit the night sky. It started turning Cyan and began to form a shape, a star. People watched with amazement until the star slowly dimmed and disappeared. They stood there staring at the night sky as if waiting for something to happen. Ever so slowly people gathered up their belongings and walked down the hill, disappointment showing plainly on their faces.


15 years later

Children’s laughter so rarely heard in Cassandra these days, drifted from the school hall as the bell rang. A group of 15 year olds walked out, their bags slung over their shoulders. One girl caught the eye; she was different from the others. She was unique. She had Cyan coloured eyes and her waist length hair was Cyan coloured as well, she wore a blue t-shirt, black combat trousers and trainers. But it wasn’t her appearance which made her unique but the way she acted.

‘Come on Trisha,’ a black haired girl said as grabbed hold of her hand. They ran down the corridor, Trisha’s cyan hair flowing behind her.

‘Where are we going Pam,’ Trisha laughed as they slowed to a stop.


‘What! Why?’

‘You heard Mr. K, research your heritage,’ Pam answered.

‘Can’t we just leave this project,’ Trisha moaned.

‘No way,’ Pam laughed as they walked round a corner and crashed into a group of senior boys,

‘Watch where you’re going dweeb,’ one snarled. Trisha’s gaze was drawn to one boy; he had black hair and dark eyes. Their eyes meet and his mouth turned up into a devilish grin just as Pam spun around and snarled,

‘What did you say?’

‘I said you-are-a-dweeb,’ as he said it Trisha noticed her friend’s behavior start to change, the black-haired boy must have noticed as well because he said in a bored voice,

‘Tom, leave them alone,’ the boy turned towards his friend and laughed.

‘You can’t be serious Catch,’ so this was Catch, Trisha thought, the star striker and the coolest of cool. Trisha looked down and saw Pam’s fingers twitch,

‘Pam you mustn’t, you can’t,’ Trisha said jumping in the middle of Pam and Tom,

‘Listen to your little baby friend,’ Trisha spun around and snapped,

‘Just shut up you idiotic twat,’ Tom blinked and then advanced on Trisha,

‘Tom, that’s it. You’ve had your fun, leave them,’ Catch commanded. The boys looked at Catch and nodded. They turned and walked away. Trisha let out a sigh and looked up and her gaze locked on Catch’s face. He grinned and turned his gaze onto his friends.

‘Just one little-’

‘No Pam. You made a vow,’ Trisha interrupted as they continued walking down the corridor,


‘Pam, you’re probably the only witch in Cassandra, don’t waste your powers on them,’ Pam nodded.

They walked a bit more until they stepped outside into the bright sunlight. They walked quickly ignoring the looks they got from people. The news had traveled far in an hour.

‘You know Trisha, sometimes I think you’re a witch,’ Pam said on their way home.

‘Me! Come on, I’ve tried doing spells out of your family book and nothing happened,’ Trisha laughed.

‘Maybe,’ Pam muttered as they went their separate ways.


Trisha entered a silent house and frowned. She went room to room and found no one. She bumped into a table and the draw slipped out. Trisha went down on her knees and quickly gathered everything up and put them away. As she got up she noticed a piece of Gold paper on the floor.

‘Must have missed it,’ she muttered as she picked it up. She turned it over but it was blank. She frowned, turned it over again and was shocked when she saw the writing. Her first thought was that it was a poem. She took a breath and real out,

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, I am
Goddess I am, Woman I am
Maiden of Star, I am
Goddess guard I am

She frowned. It didn’t sound like a poem or reflect anything. Goddess? Hadn’t Pam mentioned a Goddess?

‘Trisha,’ someone shouted from the bottom of the stairs, she jumped and dropped the paper,

‘Coming,’ she said as she ran down the stairs. When she looked back there was nothing lying on the floor by the table.

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