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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Tales of the Marauders Four by jlwitch

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A/N: Alright, this story is going to be written slightly different than ‘After the Battle’. As it’s going to be the life of the Marauders. It will be starting with them receiving their Hogwarts letters. It will be done in one POV (point of view) when they are all together, but if they are not, it will be done in separate POVs this story is going to be something different for me. So please, please review, so I know what you think. Thank you.

Tales of the Marauders Four:

Chapter 1: The Letters Arrive.

A/N: James POV:

James woke up early on the 17th of August. Looking around his room he smiled. It was his birthday, and he couldn’t wait to get downstairs and rip open his presents.

James climbed out of bed and, without putting a shirt on, ran downstairs in his pajama pants. As he hopped off the bottom step, onto the landing he sprinted into the kitchen where his mum would be. “Morning mum!”

“James Potter!” Claire shrieked, “What have I told you about coming down properly dressed in the morning!?” Her hands rested on her hips as she glared at her only son, love shimmering in her brown eyes as she grinned. “Oh, I suppose I can make an exception, since it is your birthday.” Claire smiled softly again, as she watched her son sit down at the table.

James sat down at the table looking around for his gifts. “Mum, I’ll try to remember.” He muttered in a voice full of innocence. However, his mother knew there probably was an innocent bone in her mischievous son’s body. “Where are my gifts mum?” He asked curiously.

“You can have them after you eat your breakfast young man,” she smiled as her husband walked in and sat at the table, with a copy of the Daily Prophet in his hand. “Happy Birthday James. Good Morning Daren, anything interesting in the paper?”

Daren smiled as he spun around to kiss his wife softly, and then shook his head. “No, not that I can see yet. Just the usual, you know. His supporters causing havoc again.” James father sighed, before turning his attention to his son. “Morning and Happy Birthday champ.”

Just then an owl flew through the open window and landed on the table. James jumped up excitedly, and grabbed the letter from the bird’s leg. He held the letter clutched in his hand, as he lifted the owl, and with it perched on his arm he brought it over to the window to let it return to where it came from.

Turning around, he sat back at the table, just in time for his mother to place a plate of sausage, eggs, and toast in front of him. “What’s that, you’ve got dear?” Claire asked. Taking her own seat at the table, as James ripped the letter open.

“It’s my Hogwarts letter mum!” He said excitedly reading what was written on the parchment in green ink, aloud.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are delighted to inform you, that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find the attached list, containing all books and equipment you will need.

Term starts on September the 1st, please send your owl back, by no later than the 24th of August. Thank you.

Head Master,
Albus Dumbledore.

James looked over the second piece of parchment, before beaming at his mother. “It’s got a list of what I need and everything. Can we go and get it all today… Please mum?” He gave her his sweetest look, before he began to shovel his breakfast in his mouth. He passed the letter to his mum who looked it over.

“I don’t see why not dear. Now once you’ve finished your breakfast, run along to the living room to open your gifts. Then get ready to go.” She smiled as her son punched his fist into the air, happy to have gotten his Hogwarts letter.

A/N: Sirius’ POV:

Sirius grumbled as he was pulled from a dream he had been having, by his mother’s loud screeching voice coming up the stairs of number 12 Grimmauld Pl. “Sirius! Get your rump out of bed this instant! It’s nearly noon young man. At least your brother knows how to get out of bed.”

Sirius pushed his hands through his long black shaggy hair as he sat up in bed. Scrubbing his hands over his face, he got up and stumbled groggily into the bathroom to take a shower. Once he turned the water on he growled, sounding very much like a dog.

“Reg. Learn to use less of the damn hot water!” Sirius shouted, angry that he was stuck with only cold water. Why did his dratted brother have to use all the hot water.

He quickly got out of the shower and headed downstairs to eat his breakfast. “Your Hogwarts letter has come today young man, so you’d better hurry and eat before we go to Diagon Ally.” Walburga muttered to her son. Sirius just nodded his head in response and started shoveling his breakfast down. He tried to talk to his mother as little as possible.

After he’d finished his breakfast, he grumbled on his way back up the stairs to his room. He sat down on his bed to put his shoes on. “Like I want to go anywhere with you. Merlin, don’t let us run into any muggles today.” He didn’t want a scene. Why couldn’t his family just live with things the way they were.

A few hours later Sirius’ was to be found inside Quality Quidditch Supplies. He knew he’d be in dreadful trouble from wandering off, with all these ‘mud bloods’ around. But he didn’t care. It was worth it to get away from his family for a couple of hours. Besides if they left him behind he’d just floo back when he was ready.

As Sirius stood admiring the newest broomstick, he pushed his hand through his hair. He jumped when someone spoke from behind him. “It’s a beauty isn’t it?” The voice of a young boy asked.

Sirius turned around, to find another boy about his age, tall and thin, with black hair that stuck up in every possible direction, and glasses. “Yeah, it sure is. Are you starting Hogwarts this year too?” Sirius asked and the boy nodded. “I’m Sirius, I’m starting too.” He said, purposely leaving his last name off. He knew what people thought of him, just because he was a Black.

“James, James Potter. Nice to meet you. Maybe I’ll see you on the train. But I have to run, my parents are signaling for me.” James rolled his eyes, pointing at the window where his parents were standing, signaling for him to hurry up. “They get so tired of my looking at Quidditch supplies constantly.” He laughed before waving and heading off in the direction of his parents.

Sirius grinned. He couldn’t help it, James just had a way of making you smile. Sirius figured that James would probably hate him when he found out he was a Black. This brought Sirius’ gloomy mood back, as he slumped his shoulders and shuffled out of Quality Quidditch Supplies.

A/N: Remus’ POV:

Remus was awoken by his mother sitting on the edge of his bed, shaking him slightly. He grumbled a little and buried his head in the pillow again. “Remus dear, drink this. It will make you feel better I promise.” His mother offered him the potion in her hand, feeling horrible for her boy.

Remus opened one eye, before pushing himself up, into a sitting position. He had fresh scratches on his arms that his mother could see as he reached for the potion. “What time is it mum?” He was getting used to this ritual every month. The full moon would come, he’d wake the next morning, drink the potion his mum brought him, to make him feel better, then she would tend to his fresh wounds.

“It’s almost 1 in the afternoon dear. Your father has already gone off to work. I thought I would take you Diagon Ally today. You got your letter from Hogwarts.” At hearing this he grunted. Remus was looking forward to going to Diagon Ally, but how could he get his hopes up, when… When he wouldn’t be at Hogwarts more than a month or so anyway.

“What’s the point mum, they’ll just kick me out when they find out about my…” He paused trying to think of a word that wouldn’t cause his mum to wince, “problem.” He sighed drinking the rest of the potion as Tanya healed his wounds with her wand.

“I’ve already spoken with Head Master Dumbledore young man. He’s setting everything up, to allow your secret to remain just that, a secret.” She smiled at her only son, before hugging him briefly. “I’ll go, and let you get showered and dressed. I think I’ll buy you something special today.”

“You don’t have to mum.” Remus said as he waited for her to leave his room, knowing he wouldn’t have anything on beneath his blankets.

“I know dear, but I like to.” Tanya said just before she closed his door behind her.

Remus got up and took a shower, washing all the dirt and grime from himself, before getting out and getting dressed. Once he was dressed he headed down to the kitchen where his mother was preparing breakfast. “Just toast for me mum, thanks though. I don’t have much of an appetite this morning.”

Tanya nodded at her son, before setting some buttered toast in front of him. “Here’s your letter dear.” She handed his Hogwarts letter to him and he read it over quickly, before setting it down, and nibbling at his toast.

After they’d finished eating, they flood to the Leaky Cauldron, and made their way through the barrier leading to Diagon Ally. Remus almost instantly started wishing he hadn’t come with his mum. He tended to get nervous and jittery around people right after a full moon. He kept his head down as they walked from store to store buying his supplies.

A/N: Lily’s POV

Lily was sitting in the kitchen finishing up her lunch when she heard a knock on the door. Her father was at work already, and she heard her mum go and answer the door. “Hello, may I help you sir?”

A soft, kindly voice responded, and it peaked Lily’s curiosity. “Yes, are you Mrs. Evans?” at hearing the man speak Lily bounded from the kitchen into the sitting room to see a tall, elderly man standing in her living room. He was dressed oddly; he wore a long violet cloak, and had white hair, and a white beard that hung down to his waist. He wore half moon spectacles and he had a twinkle in his eyes.

“Yes, I am. Who, might I ask, are you?” Her mother’s voice sounded, as Lily stood surprised in the kitchen doorway. “I am Albus Dumbledore, and I am here to speak with you, and your daughter Miss. Lily Evans, about being accepted at my school. I am the Head Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Lily gasped when she heard this, and before her mother had a chance to respond she blurted out. “I’m a witch? Your kidding… Please tell me your not kidding.” 11 year old Lily Evans was giggling girlishly.

“Oh!” Her mother said, before signaling for Albus Dumbledore to enter. “Please have a seat.” She took her daughter’s hand and her and Lily went and sat on the couch opposite Dumbledore.

“I know that this must come as a shock to you. But yes, your daughter Lily, has been accepted to Hogwarts, and is indeed a young witch. I would be honored to have her at my school, to teach her to control and strengthen her powers and abilities.”

Mrs. Evans nodded her head, before standing. “I need to get my husband home before we can make such a large decision.” She walked over to the phone, looking at Dumbledore one last time, who simply nodded his understanding. Then she dialed the number to her husband’s work, and office.

“Hello, Mr. Evans speaking, what can I do for you?” The strong voice of her husband soothed her nerves enough that she didn’t sound half panicked when she spoke.

“Dear, it’s Janet. I need you to come home, immediately.” She spoke calmly, but a little quicker than normal. Her tone obviously urgent.

“Janet, what’s wrong? Is it one of the girls?” Mr. Evans’ voice came back through the phone.

“No. It’s well, yes. It’s about Lily, but I really can’t talk about it on the phone. So please just hurry home.” Lily said, and received an affirmative, before hanging up the phone. She returned to the couch, just as Petunia walked in the door.

“Mum, what’s going on? Who is this man?” Petunia said in her high voice, sounding slightly snobbish.

“It’s nothing--” But Mrs. Evans’ couldn’t get anything else out as Lily jumped up and ran over to Petunia.

“Petunia! Guess what! I’m a witch. I’m a witch, and this is Albus Dumbledore, the Head Master to my new school if mum and dad let me go. Isn’t it great?” Lily said excitedly as she let her sister go from the bone crushing hug that she had enveloped her in.

“Oh, rubbish Lily. You really are getting too old to believe in such nonsense!” Petunia’s voice took on an exasperated tone as she spoke now, glaring at Dumbledore.

“No, dear Lily is not lying. Apparently she is what she says she is.” Janet Evans looked at her older daughter, and Petunia looked completely shell shocked.

About a half an hour later, Mr. Evans came into the home and sat down with his wife, and Lily. Petunia had gone up stairs and locked herself in her room. Dumbledore explained everything once more, and sat in silence as Lily looked to her parents, her eyes pleading with them to let her go. “Well,” Said Mr. Evans. “It all seems to be true. I don’t see why she can’t go.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear this,” He handed the Hogwarts letter over to Mr. and Mrs. Evans, “This is a list of the supplies she will need, I will have Professor McGonagall come over within the next few days to help you to get these things. She will also explain how to get onto the platform for the Hogwarts Express.”

After having said this Dumbledore stood, and bowed regally at the waist, before disapparating, to show his honesty in the matter, bringing gasps from Lily and her parents.

A/N: Peter’s POV:

Peter came running down the staircase as he heard his mum announce that he had gotten his Hogwarts letter. His beady little eyes scanned the parchment quickly as he read the letter. “Awesome! What’s for breakfast mum?” He mumbled in his mousey voice as he sat at the table.

“Pancakes dear, would you like to go to get your school things today honey?” His mother asked sweetly as she looked over at her young son. Peter nodded his head as he began to eat his breakfast.

Once he was finished with his breakfast he watched his mom exit the room, before he too took off to get showered and dressed.

A/N: Okay, yeah I know. I didn’t do much for Peter. But I don’t like him much, and for the first half of the story, he won’t be a large part. I also don’t know, or have any idea from the books of what his home life was like. So that is just thrown out there. Please forgive it’s briefness. As for Lily, yes, before anyone starts saying it. I know she’s not a Marauder. But she plays a large part in the story, so I figured I’d throw her letter and acceptance in as well. This is only my second ever Fan-Fiction and my first ever try at the Marauder era. So give me some slack. But please review so I know what you think. Thanks..

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