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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Hermione Granger and the Goblet of Fire - by scotsgal101

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Chapter One: The Granger’s Goodbye

Hermione Granger was a very brilliant girl, her marks at school both Hogwarts and her muggle primary school proved this and it was her parents who really admired her academic achievement in a world they new nothing about.

Her parent’s were dentists, and considered very reliable by their pristine toothed clientele of the surrounding London area.

Mr Granger was a tall, gangly and open minded brown eyed man, the sort of man who was admired for his quiet nature and gentle appearance and wouldn’t appear out of place if he were seen at the local library or theatre and who blended in well with his office at the family’s dentistry. His hair, although usually a dark brown was beginning to grey above the ears and the line of recession was slowly but surely succeeding further from his glasses. Despite being polite and highly intelligent and had a knack for providing humour at the oddest of times and a form of unintentional therapy as his patients spoke (or tried to) of their problems while he examined intently the extent at which plaque was cheekily creeping across their molars.

Mrs Granger was much taller, with light brown hair in curls and a very pretty face. Her blue eyes were piercing and fiery and not at all suited to, like her husband, assessing teeth. She worked with many of the older patients who enjoyed her light chatter of what had happened in the news that day, other patients and her pride and joy of a daughter Hermione whom, according to Mrs Granger had been attending a school for the gifted for the past two years. However when questioned further on the name or location of this school Mrs Granger never went on and the almost mute Mr Granger was unlikely to reveal anything.

The truth was that neither of them knew anything about their daughter’s school. It was not that they were not interested but they, even with their brains could not help be a little bemused by it. They had always known of course that Hermione was a brilliant and gifted girl who had always been top of her classes at school and were thrilled when a sharp, curt woman adorned in what they considered the silliest clothing had turned up at their door informing them that Hermione, was a witch.

The family had just finished dinner when a tap at the door was to be heard. Seeing as her parents had been busy at the sink, Hermione of had answered the door. Gazing upwards she had seen an extraordinary site. A woman, decked out in dark green robes that reached the floor and a pointed hat who stared down at her over the top of her square spectacles. She had smiled briefly, her muscles taughtening afterwards as though she had just heard a disgusting swear word uttered. Hermione looked up at her unblinkingly and the woman finally spoke after these few seconds as each sized the other up.

“Miss Hermione Jean Granger?” she spoke, her voice was curt though she relaxed a little to smile more warmly after this.

“Yes…do you want my mum?” Hermione leant a little against the door, looking interestedly at the stranger’s strange attire.

“I am Professor McGonagall, I teach at a school for the gifted Ms Granger”

“Who’s there Hermione?” this was Hermione’s mother, coming to stand behind her daughter, a plate and tea towel still in her rubber gloved hands. She stopped and stared at Professor McGonagall. “Hello?” She said, almost quizzically.

“Hello, my name is Professor McGonagall. May I come in?”

Mrs Granger glanced curiously from the oddly dressed woman to Hermione who smiled up at her, obviously trusting this stranger. Mrs Granger looked back up at Professor McGonagall and then stepped aside and led the way into the living room.

“So what’s brought you here?” asked Mrs Granger a few minutes later after having called in Mr Granger and supplied everyone with tea, her own cup sitting untouched a top the saucer in her lap.

“Well I am a Professor at a school for the gifted. Very gifted”

“And Hermione’s been chosen? That’s great” Mr Granger smiled at his own daughter and she her beamed back before sipping her own tea and returning her attention to Professor McGonagall whom it seemed had quite captivated the attention of his little girl. He continued. "Though, forgive me but I haven't the faintest recollection applying anywhere...other than Eton, and we weren't expecting to hear back from them for quite some time" A thought struck him and he cut short his cup of tea and choked slightly. Mrs Granger frowned slightly as he blinked profusely. Hermione held back a small giggle. When he had recovered he finnally said, anticlimatically "You're not from Eton are you?"

“Sadly not. Though interestingly enough I recently was at the home of a young boy like Miss Granger who was destined for Eton thought I was under the impression that it was a boy's school?"

"It is" said Mr Granger excitedly. "But after they saw some of Hermione's work they said they were highly interested. We're very proud of her"

Mrs Granger, who was still sniffing out the woman calling herself an academic with a proffessor ship who was sat oppposite her in a cloak, spoke up rather curtly.

"Well if you're not from Eton which school are you from?"

Proffessor McGonagall's lips whitened slightly at being so abruptly removed from the most scintillating conversation she'd ever had with a muggle in her many trips to meet the muggle-born students. At least the most scintillating that hadn't involved an attempted daughter burning, that had been most extreme.

"You may not have heard of our school. We do not generally advertise to the wider public but it indeed a great privilege for Miss Granger here to attend, for us as much as her. You see, I don’t know how to put this any gentlier Mr and Mrs Granger but. Your daughter,” she looked at Hermione now “Is magical, a witch.”

A stony silence followed this. Mr Granger looked quizzically at his wife as though “witch” had a new meaning that Mrs Granger would explain to him, Mrs Granger stared down at her tea awkwardly and Professor McGonagall’s eyes fell on her; but It was Hermione who broke the silence.

“Like the ones in Macbeth?” her voice was both timid with excitement and yet typical as though she was enquiring of tomorrow’s weather forecast.

Professor McGonagall’s gaze switched back to Hermione as she spoke kindly to the small girl in front of her. “Not exactly Ms Granger, we’ve less warts and our future telling skills are less factual. Witches and Wizards have been living in secret for centuries you see…well of course you don’t but – ”

“Pardon?” interrupted Mrs Granger.

“I said, witches and wizards have been living in secret for centuries. Mrs Granger, your daughter has a wonderful affinity with magic and our school can help her to learn to master it. It’s free as well, no charge”

“But…witches can’t…it’s…we’d have known” Mr Granger collapsed back in his seat on the sofa next to his wife, his brow furrowed as he tried to comprehend this new revelation.

Professor McGonagall smiled and when she spoke it was in a much gentler and quieter tone. “Most witches and wizard are born to magical parentage with either one parent or both being a witch or wizard themselves but there are times when a witch or wizard has neither. We call these Muggleborns, that’s how she is when you aren’t”

"Is this some kind of joke?" said Mrs Granger, a little hopefully.

"I can assure you Mrs Granger I am the utmost serious of the existence of magic and your daughter's powers. Watch"

And with that she drew her wand, flicked it and a boquet of tulips sprouted from the tip. She handed to them to the mouth opened Mr Granger who began examining them with awe. Hermione too appeared invigorated, her eyes moving between them and the wand; and sparkling as she saw ahead of her the new subject in which to determine her future.

There was another long silence. Mrs Granger was gazing at Hermione with look of slightly worry and Mr Granger was still frowning over the flowers. To relieve him of his concered look, Professor McGonagall waved her wand and vanished the flowers. This however confused him even more.

Looking to Hermione and speaking again in the gentle voice she’d used with her mother Proffessor McGonagall spoke again.

“Has anything ever happened to you that you can’t explain. Anything that now you know could be put down to magic?”

“Hmm” Hermione had thought long and hard and concluded finally on the oddest thing that all she could not remember herself her parents had told her about.

“My birth”

“I beg your pardon” Said Professor McGonagall perplexedly.

“When I was born one of my fingers was broken, just by accident but after a few hours it fixed itself, all better within an hour. Mum and Dad said the doctor’s couldn’t explain it.” Hermione finished her story and turned to look at her parents to see if they would back up her story. Her father, who was still looking puzzled but had sat forward to listen as she talked nodded slightly and her mother gulped and turned to Professor McGonagall.

“So…magic?” she asked apprehensively.

“Yes” Said Professor McGonagall

“So if I’m magical? Can I do that?” Asked Hermione,
gesturing to the now vanished flowers.

"Well there are more advanced forms of magic which you will study in your later years but that is a very basic"

"What sort of advanced magic is there?" Asked Hermione, sitting up intently and crossing her legs as though back in her primary school once more. This seemed to indulge Proffessor McGonagall who smiled and kept it there this time. She drew her wand again and pointed it at herself. After a few moments she shrank down quickly and became a small furry, tabby cat with peculiar square markings around the eyes.

Mr Granger gaped again and Mrs Granger choked on the tea she’d been sipping. Hermione simply looked animated and astounded, marvelling at the beauty of the magic done before her, despite it being only the second piece she had laid eyes on. After a moment or two the cat mewed and then became again the tall austere, yet still smiling woman.

“Animagi transformation is quite a complex bit of magic, I apologise if it appears I’m boasting. The Ministry of Magic monitors all Animagi so as to stop wizards from using the ability to their own devises. You must register with the Misuse of Magic Office before becoming a legal Animagus”

“Ministry of Magic?” Mr Granger was still shocked at what had just happened on his living room sofa but now his thirst for knowledge was getting the better of him.

“The governing body for the magical community. You need not bother. The current Minister is a bit of a fool who keeps sending Owls to Dumbledore every time so much as an ink bottle smashes”

“Who’s Dumbledore?” Mr Granger had not been perturbed.

“Professor Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, a very good one at that. Hermione will be in safe hands if she is taken on, we can arrange everything, that is if you allow her to attend?”

And so now it was her fourth year at this school and Mr and Mrs Granger were hugging their daughter goodbye on the platform, early on in the summer because her friend “Ron” had invited her to watch the world cup of something called Quidditch.

Hermione seemed to like Ron but it was her friend Harry Potter whom her parents had been told so much about and who Mr Granger believed she was smitten with. Mrs Granger, being a woman, suspected otherwise.

“Bye Mum” said Hermione as she stepped back having already bid her father goodbye. Her school trunk was packed and at her side and Hermione was beaming at her parents as her father lifted up her trunk onto the train to the countryside town of Ottery St Catchpole where her friend Ron lived.

“Have a good year dear” Mrs Granger said smiling.

“Enjoy the Quid Ditch” added Mr Granger beaming back at his daughter who didn’t have the heart to tell him he was wrong as she backed towards the open train door.

“Goodbye. I love you”

“We love you too Hermione”

And with that she turned on her heel and boarded the train. Their daughter really was brilliant, even if they would never know just how brilliant.

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