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HP related Poems, songs, etc. >> In 525,600 Minutes by GinnyPotter777

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Six best friends walked down the corridor of the seventh floor. Each of them having some sort of cut or bruise on their bodies. Dark circles were under each of their eyes, and their hair was messy and unkept.
Harry, the one with naturally untidy jet black hair, and brilliant green eyes with glasses, was holding his girlfriend Ginny Weasley's hand as they walked down the corridor. Ginny had firery red hair, and deep brown eyes.
"I dont think this was one of our best days." Ron weasley, Ginny's brother said, scratching his neck with his free hand. his other hand was wrapped around Hermione Granger's hand.
The friends would usually have laughed at their friend's remark, but they didn't. Now wasn't a time of jokes and laughter, even though laughter is, one of the best medicines.
Hermione had bushy brown hair, and big brown eyes, but they didn;t pop as they usually did because of the severe circles under her eyes. Her muscles ached. She had so many emotions running through her; she was sad because of all the losses, happy that Harry had finally defeated Voldemort, stressed because she knew there would be much pain for the next few months.... maybe even years..... and excited, that she could finally start her life with Ron. In peace.
Neville felt the same way. Never in his life was he more sad, or happy, or just filled with emotion than right this minute. He didnt know wether to break down and cry, or jump for joy.
Luna Lovegood, finally had emotion on her face. She had a determined, solemn look. She had come to terms that not everything her father told her was true, and that this was reality.

The friends stopped, and walked to a corner, so they could talk.

"Is everyone allright?" Harry asked his friends. They all nodded, except Ginny, who hit him.

"Ow!" Harry exclaimed, clutching his stomach where Ginny had hit him. "What was that for?"
Ginny's face and ears went red with anger. "What was the whole, playing dead thing about? You scared me to death!"

Harry breathed out, rather sharply, like he was holding his breath and it hurt to keep it in. "I'm sorry, Ginny! I was trying to-"

Trying to what, harry? Oh, wait, let me guess...... protect me, right?"
Harry gave another sharp breath out, look of disbelief upon his face. Luna spoke up, "I think harry made the right decision by acting like he was dead."
Everyone looked at her in surprise. Luna had some emotion in her voice now, instead of her usual dreamy tone.
Ginny got even angrier, "Oh, I'm sure you do, Luna! You just love him dont you?"
Luna looked taken aback. "THINK, Ginny! THINK! What would have happened if Harry just decided to pop back from the 'dead' right in the middle of Voldemort's little speech? THINK, about all of the people that Voldemort could have killed! THINK!"
Ginny's face softened. She turned to harry and burst in to tears.
Harry held her.
Ron turned to Hermione, "What the bloody Hell what that about?"
Hermione sighed, "PMSing I suppose."

When Ginny had stopped crying she hugged Luna, and said she was sorry. "It's ok." Luna said now back in her dreamy tone. "We all turn in to blubbering idiots sometimes."

The friends stood there for a second, thinking.
"You know what would be great?" Ginny thought fondly, "If we all had a place to sing. To sing our hearts out. Singing always makes me feel better. When harry left, i sang alone in my room all the time."

Suddenly, a door appeared along the corridor. Neville noticed it first. "hey guys!" He siad, getting his friends attention. "Look!"

They all turned to see the door. They were all familiar with the room of requirement.
"Reckon we should take a look?" Ron asked Harry quietly. Hermione shook her head in disbelief. "But I thought the room of requiremnt got burned down when we were in there before!" she said. Ginny was confused. So was Neville and Luna, for they had not yet heard the whole story of the past year of Harry Ron and Hermione's lives.
"Well it hasn't!" Ginny said happily. "C'mon, lets go! It cant hurt to look!" Ginny sped off towards the room of requiremnt. with her friends chasing behind.
When Ginny got to the door, she turned the knob, and walked inside.

It was a stage. A dimly lit stange, with a few chairs towards the back of it and dust everywhere.

Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville all walked on to the stange, standing next to each other.

Ginny closed her eyes and remembered a song she had favored when Harry was away.

"525,600 minutes..." she sang, her voice rising and falling gracefully with each note.

Harry, who was next to her, smiled, knowing the song. Without really caring that he was never exactly the greatest singer in the world, he joined her,

"520,000 moments, oh dear...."

But Harry's voice was good too, and then everyone joined in, everyone's voice sounding like they belonged on the radio.

525,600 minutes
525,00 moments oh dear
525,600 minutes
Do you measure?
Measure a year?
In sunrise
In sunsets
In midnights
And cups of coffee.
In inches
in music in burns.....
525,600 minutes
Do you meausre?
A year in the light?

How about?
How about?
How about?
Measure in love
Seasons of love
Seasons of Love

Hermione sang out, much more confident with her voice now,

"525,600 minutes
525,000 journeys to plan
525,600 minutes
How do you meausre the life of a woman or a man?

Harry sang out,

In truth that she learns
Or in times that she cries
In bridges she burns
Or the way that she dies

The friends clapped with the beat

It's time now
To sing now
But the story never ends
Celebrate remember the minutes
In the life of Christ

Remember the
How about?
How about?

Meausre in love
Seasons of love
Seasons of love

Everything went black.

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