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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Tomatoes by happy_kid

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“If you drop me then I will personally kill you, James Potter!”

He knew she was kidding. She was always kidding. Because she was happy. He smiled at her and mimicked dropping her onto the hard earth floor.

“James!” she shouted, kicking out. And this time he really dropped her. Not on purpose. He would never drop her on purpose. Never.

“Sorry!” he said, hurrying up to her. “It was an accident!”

“Just stop talking and help me up”, she said in a muffled voice which was hard to tell if she was angry or not.

James grabbed her hand, pulled her up, and hovered around her cautiously, waiting for her outburst.

But it never came.

Instead, he found a smiling Lily who seemed to acquire a trademark smirk worthy of Severus Snape.

“What’s up with you?” he asked, still unsure if she was gonna scream at him. It was their wedding day after all.

“Nothing”, she said in a sing-song voice, “Just wondering if…”

“If what?” James inquired, a smile, a great big smile appearing on his face.

“If you should”, she answered, her smirk now more devious than ever, “say sorry? Around those lines anyway.”

James stared at her, his hazel eyes searching her green orbs intently. Was she kidding? Or was she mad at him?

“Er”, he said finally, “sorry?”

“What do you mean ‘sorry’?” she asked, her smirk wider than ever. “Maybe…” She jumped on him and kissed his whole face.

“Lily!” He tried to fend her off to keep his face from becoming a red, lip-sized and otherwise an ugly face. He couldn’t be that way. He’s the handsome James Potter.

“I’m sorry”, she mocked him playfully. “Need a hanky?”

James glared at her and began searching his pockets to find anything, anything to wipe his face. The problem was: There wasn’t a single one.

“Looking for this?” said Lily, waving a blue and white, checkered ‘hanky’.

“Hey!” He made a dive for it but missed. “Lily!”

“Lily what?” she said playfully, stepping nimbly out of his reach.

“Just-give-it!” he cried as the hanky jumped out of his reach once again.

Just then, there was a loud CRACK and a black-haired, dark brown eyed man materialized in front of them: Lily holding the hanky and James’ hands stretched towards it.

“Low, Lily”, Sirius Black greeted them. James quickly put his hand down. “Nice face too”, added Sirius. He was obviously trying not to laugh.

Then James snatched at the blue hanky, pried it from Lily’s frozen hands and wiped his face. Now his face MUST be clean.

Sirius Conjured a mirror and handed it to him, cheeks puffed out and face red from the strain of trying not to laugh.

James peered at it and screamed; a high, girly scream. His face looked like a tomato that had a bad sunburn.

“AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!” shrieked James, his high voice drawn out in a scream.

He threw the mirror on the floor and ran(“For his life”, sniggered Sirius).

Lily doubled up, laughing so hard that she had a hard time breathing.

Sirius was on the hard earth floor, laughing and snorting.

A Year Later

“I shoulda’ known that you had put a jinx on that hanky”, said James as he landed on his feet, having been thrown from the basin.

“Well, it was too good of a hanky to wipe your face”, said Lily, landing next to him.

“Actually”, said Sirius, stumbling out of the basin, “me and Lily planned it from the start.”

“Why couldn’t that had been on Remus?” asked James.

“Because you looked real funny as a red tomato”, said Lily, snorting. “I also had a picture of you as a tomato face.”

“Where is it?” demanded James.

“In the Daily Prophet.”

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