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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Moonie Wormtail Pdfoot and Prongs present! by bremen_2

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James Potter tip-toed through the dark hallways, not able to see his own hands. He took the marauders map out of his pajama pocket.
“Lumos” whispered James lighting the hallway up just enough to see the next ten feet in front of him. He whispered the incantation with his wand held to the marauders map,and searched the tattered worn map for his friends and anyone able to get him in trouble.
“Now Moonie where are you?” whispered James, “aw. That’s were you are.”
James walk ten feet and came to the witch statue in the hallway of Hogwarts and entered the secret passage way.
“Remus what in god’s name are you doing in here?” asked James
“Just having a late night snack, I don’t see the harm in that do you?” replied Remus
“I do when I see a big pile of dung bombs lying beside you. And you didn’t even bother to wake me up. The nerve” laughed James.
James sat down beside Remus and joined him in his midnight feast.
“Oh yes by the way Peter can’t make our nightly stroll tonight” laughed Remus “Probably thinks that the prefects our on to him again”
“They probably just looked at Peter and that gave him the idea” replied James sarcastically.
He and Remus waited there awhile for Sirius, usually he would have arrived by now.
“Where’s that menace of a friend we have?” said James.
“Probably stealing a few ingredients from the potions lab in the Slytherin common room lab” replied Remus.
“Still he could have told us.”
“Well I’ve arrived you fussy farts” said Sirius
“Black you menace you nearly scared me out of my skin. Hardly a thing you should do to a friend” said Remus still breathing hard.
The trio sat there talking for a while but decided to head out to the potion in the seventh highest tower, only used for a prison . It was a frigid night, and the wind warned of omens but the cocky trio took no notice to it and carried on.
“Well Sirius do you have the Kelpie scales?” asked James
“Would I have come if I did not?” retorted Sirius
“Then just pour them into the cauldron and get this potion done with” said Remus obviously anxious to get back to the castle.
Sirius Black stepped up to the cauldron and dropped the Kelpie Scales into the bubbling potion and divided it into three portions.
“Okay I’ve got what I need do you Sirius?” asked James.
“Once again if I didn’t would I have come tonight?”
“Just a simple question”
James took the cup which held his portion and dropped a few mane hairs from a black stallion, and let the potion absorb them, and then drank the concoction.
Sirius took his portion in a cup, and dropped in a few hairs of his animal, it wasn’t a stallion it was the hair from a black dog, a big black dog. And he also drank the potion.
Both men started to twich all over. There skin changed from the health tanned color to black and back again. James’ face elongated and came back it original form. He hands turned to hooves and back to hands. His bottom grew a tail. Sirius’ skin bubbled and hair started to sprout all over his body, his teeth grew to sharp point flesh ripping teeth and he also grew a tail and then returned to normal. Both of them obviously warn out from the transformation collapsed on the ground.
James woke up back in his bed with the covers half drawn over his clothes, with a head ache. James slowly got out of bed still tired from last nights events, and decided not to go to potions class that morning figuring he was already far enough ahead of the class, and some what close to surpassing the teacher himself. James walked to the end of his bed and reached into the warn-out trunk and pulled out some tea bags and headed down to the common room. The fireplace was a blaze and the common room felt warm and cozy, making James glad he wasn’t going to potions class. He poured boiling water out of the kettle over the fire into a cup with an enchantment to fit all the water in it. James sat down at one of the common room desks, pulling out one of the redwood chairs and sitting down. He sat there for a minute spacing out wile his tea was becoming strong enough for him to enjoy it. James look up at the high ceilings with the Gryffindor crest banner displaying the Gryfiffindor colors hanging from the roof.
“Well James I see you decided to skip potions also” said Sirius.
“How did you get in here?” asked James
“Well when you have first years trying to yell at the door so the picture would open it is not hard to over hear”
Sirius walked to the table and also sat down.
“Thought I’d bring you a little something that I found” whispered Sirius pulling a tattered notebook out of his cloak
James took the book and read the first page
“Is this the potion masters personal notebook?” asked James
“Yes I believe so, and to think I found it on his desk, why would he leave something like that lying around?” said Sirius
James flipped through the book, reading little tidbits here and there, werewolf antidote, he marked that page for Remus, Underwater breathing potion, truth potion, and others unknown to him.
“Well I think it is safe to say that the potions master has ever been able to turn him self into an animagus.” Said James in a hushed tone.
“Do you think it worked?” asked Sirius inquisitively
“Don’t know but I’m hoping that last night was proof it did” said James
Sirius and James talked for the remander of the time left before the next class, and then walked together to Magical Creatures class. The class was fairly uneventful except for the fact Tom Riddle was attacked by a little Kneazle after he stepped on his tail.
The rest of the day was finished without anything happening. Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter Pettigrew walked down to the lake where James was hoping to see Lily there, and sat down on the green grass in the shade under a weeping willow. The four friends pulled out there text books and talked well they studied. Naturally James was done first followed by Sirius and Remus finishing at the same time, and Peter Pettigrew finishing 10 min. after the rest. James looked around searching for Lily, but didn’t see her. The Sun started setting giving a red glow to the sky. The four started heading back to the great hall for dinner and then study time, or as James and Sirius called it the mischievous hour. The four arrived at the Great Hall and sat down at there tables according to the house they belonged too and started to eat.
Dumbledore stood up from the professors’ table and waited for silence, he had a grim look on his face. The whole of the four houses waited for Dumbledore to begin his speech.
“Because of recent events” said Dumbledore in his raspy voice “I have temporarily taken the role of headmaster of Hogwarts, because the current head master is away on business. All students after dinner are to return to there dormitories immediately after dinner and there is to be no wander in the halls, all students will be escorted from each class by the head boys and girls, and prefects. Now eat and forget your worries for now.” Then Dumbledore returned to his seat, and the great hall remand quite trying to figure out the meaning of this most recent speech.

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