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HP related Poems, songs, etc. >> Goblet gone Broadway! by jamesjameson

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Voldy’s Getting Stronger (No One Mourns the Wicked)
In which Harry has just woken up to have his scar burning his face off.

Blimey! My scar!
It’s giving me a headache!
I’ve just woken up from a real bad dream
I saw a green flash, and heard a scream
It burns!
My scar!

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

(spoken) Good idea!
(sung) I’ll take out my pen,
I’ll write to Sirius!
I will tell my godfather! It wasn’t cool,
That murder was done by you-know-who
It isn’t nice to know,
That Voldy’s getting stronger!
I hate him! He is evil! I won’t lie!
He killed Frank Bryce!
That was not-

Voice in Harry’s Head:
He was with that Wormtail!
And he killed a Muggle man!
He is going to kill you, that’s his plan!

Other wizards fear him!
Through their lives, their children learn
To never ever ever speak his name!
They’ve hatched a plan!
Who knows how long I will live?
Is trying once again!
With my friends, we can beat him,
And he doesn’t know
That we willOh, yes, I know
That he is getting stronger!
Ronald knows
Never to telephone!
‘Mione knows ‘bout everything,
And my cousin,
He knows zip...

Dudley waddles in with Aunt Petunia and Vernon.
Are people born this large? Or do they have
largeness thrust upon them? After all, he had no uniform.
He had a diet, like so many do :

How in the world would she suggest it?

I think her sanity’s taken a flight!

You know that Dudley got this big ‘cause of his appetite!
But this was my dream....
Old Frank Bryce, the withered gardener
lived in a house in a small town.
He took good care of the flowers
And the spooky Riddle House.
Until one night, not long ago,
He saw a small light...
(spoken) It came from a window in the deserted house,
it seemed - well - different!

Frank Bryce:
What is that?

You see?

Frank Bryce:
I see it flicker

Harry:Dear me!

Frank Bryce:
Could it be fire?
I don’t see smoke!
Those dumb boys will get the
thrashing of their-


Frank Bryce:
(spoken) Good Lord!
(In his head) What is it? What's wrong?
sees Voldemort
(Sung)How can it be?
What does it mean?
It's atrocious
And obscene!
Like a froggy, ferny cabbage
This jet of light is unnaturally

Voldemort turns to Wormtail and gestures to Frank’s dead body.

(spoken) Take it away; take it away!

So you see - it really made me queasey!
Something bad has started!
I won’t rest ‘till he is gone!
Maybe now, Old Hogwarts isn’t safe!
And yes, I know,
That Voldy’s getting stronger!
Ronald knows
Never to telephone!
‘Mione knows
Almost everything
You can know!
Ouch! My scar is burning!
Bad Dream!
And I’ve got a headache
It burns!
Voldy’s getting stronger!
My scar!

Quidditch Cup (Dear Old Shiz)
In which Harry receives a letter from Ron.

Uncle Vernon:
Potter! Come and look at this letter!

What do you mean this letter? It can’t be mine!
That is, I get mine by owl!

Vernon: Well look!

Ron’s letter:
Harry, How are you, this fine, fine day?
Guess what? Dad got some tickets!
The Quidditch Cup is in England this year
And we wanted to know if you would like to come?
We hope we put on enough stamps
Please come to the Quidditch

Uncle Vernon:

Quidditch Cupppppppppp

The Weasleys and I! (The Wizard and I!)
In which they go to the Quidditch Cup!

Oh, Harry
(sung/spoken) Many years we have waited
For the Quidditch Cup to be here.
Why, I’d have bet that Bagman would not have bet
On a day this clear!
Harry, Harry!
We wrote at once, to your family
To ask you to come with us.
With some seats like we’ve got
Boy, there is, no chance at a shot
For the Malfoys to get better!
It’s good that we’ve good weather!

Did that really just happen?
Dad’s mind’s actually gone for good!
How dare he talk to Harry that way!
He’s embarassed me to a level to high
And I think I might die!
He says he’s a wizard!
He made me blush!
Ears go red and flush!

Harry: (Laughs)
When I’m with the Weasleys,
Once we’re laughing here in mirth,
And when I’m with the Weasleys
Where I should’ve been since,
(Spoken: Since birth!)
And with all their Weasley goodness,
By my fame, they are not blinded!
Do you think the Weasleys are (Spoken: poor?)
Or, like Malfoys, so Slyth’rin like?
(Spoken: No!) Ron said to me,
"I see who you truly are -
A really great scar headed guy!"
And that's how we began,
The Weasleys and I:

Once I'm at the Burrow
Marv’lous house, but strange
And once you're with the Weasleys
You’ve gotta hide your change!
Fred and George will surely take it,And Ron’s sister acts ashamed!
But all the Weasleys love you,
When your parent’s lives are claimed
By a dark evil curse
Cast by that Tom
When I’m here nothing goes wrong! (March to the portkey)
When we are hand and hand -
With the portkey we’ll fly!

Mr. Weasley will say to me, “Harry, boy!
Dear boy this is our dear Minister!
Percy boy works with him all day and night.
He’s the one who solves Wizard fights!
And here comes Crouch, my old Barty boy,
Why am I saying “boy”? It sounds coy!
Would it be all right by you *gestures to Harry, Ron and Hermione*
To fetch a pail of water or two?"

And so of course
We made it plain and clear
"All right, why not?" We replied
Oh, what a team we be *cough* are *cough*
The Weasleys and I;
Yes, what a team we be
The Weasleys and...

Look at that man!
He’s wearing a Muggle dress!
And that little baby has just busted a slug!
The Irish are truly crazy
After seeing their tents, my vision’s hazy
Its just me, Ron and ‘Mione!
We’re at the Quidditch Cup today
To watch two Quidditch teams play!

And I'll stand there with the Weasleys,
Watching Quidditch with my friends!

And though I’ll never say it,
I wish I didn’t shred my hat!

And so it will be
For the rest of my life,
And I'll want nothing else-

‘Cept good marks!

I think I saw the Snitch’s gleam
The people ‘round us jump and scream,
For Ireland the Winning team;
The Weasleys
And I!!!!

In which Harry, Ron and Hermione are talking to Draco in the forest.
(spoken) Where’s your dearest darlingest Momsie and Popsicle?

(spoken) Ha! Your’s are dead!

You don’t know how much I hate you
In this forest, at the Cup!

Bet your father is with them!

Ha! Your daddy is in his grave!

And oh, how much I’d like to chuck you in yours!
(Spoken:) Yes
You had better buck up

For you see, my daddy is:
Extreeeeemmmlley, very weeaaalllllthhy
And much to woonnndderful to describe:
A Death Eater.

What is this feeling,
That’s come over you?

I wouldn’t push it,
It’s something ‘bout you.

My pulse is rushing;

Where has my wand gone?

My dad is wealthy,
And my nose is peeling!

Draco you are lame!
And I hate your name!
Yes! Loathing
Unadulterated loathing

For your mum;

Your dad;

Your big scar;

Let's just say - I loathe it all
Just like Sev’rus Snape hates us all!
You make my very flesh begin to crawl!

I hate you for your gloating!

You give me exhilaration (did I say that out loud?)
Granger should run ‘fore her knickers
Will be shown to all!
Dirty mudbloods do not make my list!

Do you want your face to meet my fist?

Weasley you should
Try tripping over a root because your
Foot’s too long!

The Trio:
Draco Malfoy, you are just too bad

If you keep at it I will tell my dad!

Oooh, your father! He's a Tartar!
He will not do nothin’ to me,

But oh Draco, you're a farter!

Ha! You think that you can scare me!
Poor “The Trio”, they are real lame!
And Granger, who came up with your name?
I just want to tell you:
You’re a pain in my behind!
I can’t believe it;

What is this feeling
that’s come over you?
We don’t know what’s wrong! Oh, what can we do? My pulse is rushing!
My head is reeling!
Oh, what is this feeling?
Are we really lame??

Harry and Draco (BACKGROUND):
Ew! Man!
How come you are very stinky!
You’re such a wimp! You’re hanky-panky!
Let's just say - we loathe it all!
Just like Sev’rus Snape hates us all!
You make our very flesh being to crawl!



You give me exhilaration *oops*


Draco: (I mean)
You fill me with detestation!

Erm... loathing!

It's So pure, so strong

So strong!

Though I do admit it came on fast
Still I do believe that it can last
And I will be...

For forever...


Truly deeply loathing you

loathing you
My whole Life long!
Unadulterated loathing

Figure in the Distance:


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