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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> I never knew... by BlackEagle

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{All right… This is my first fan fiction… So please only constructive criticism… other than that please R&R (Read and Review… lol I didn’t know what that meant for a while)}

~~Lily Evans!
"Lily wait!" She heard her sister yell, but it was too late, her wand was out and pointing at her muggle friend. He had told the entire community that she had a crush on Snape. Lily lowered her wand, knowing that she would be suspended if she did magic. She put the wand in her pocket and walked over to the laughing boy, and punched him square in the nose. She turned and walked towards her house, thinking. Her emotions were going bonkers, she was an excellent friend with Snape, but she nearly always, thinking about James- wait POTTER! Her mind was always fighting lately, about him. She was also thinking about chances. Yes would mean dating James, he seemed sweet- to her. No would mean living with him bugging her all year. She had changed her mind many times, but always changed it again. Now she promised herself not to change it anymore, and she had her answer. It was her night home before she boarded the Hogwarts express, for the last time. She got home and checked for the third time that she had all her possessions. She walked to her bedside table, and put the last of her most desired possessions into the trunk, everything except her diary. She carried it over to her desk and wrote:

Dear Diary,
Today Jesse told everyone that I have a crush on Snape, but I don't. I think I really have a crush on James, that boy I told you that I hate. I think he might be really sweet inside; I'll say yes and do my best to bring it out of him. Well I'll write tomorrow.

When she was done writing, she walked to her bed, and lie down, then almost instantly fell asleep. She woke up to her alarm clock beeping she threw it into her trunk, and locked it shut then put the large trunk into the car and came back to grab her Diary, that she always carried on the train. She got in the car and rode in silence, listening to her parents talk. When they got to the train station, Lily grabbed a trolley and walked through the barrier. She boarded the train and walked past James Potters’ compartment, and didn't notice her diary dropped, as she walked off.

~~James Potter
James had been laughing with his friends, when who else than Lily Evans, distracted him even though she was just walking by. He watched with a dreamy expression on his face, and when the book fell to the floor. When Sirius, Remus, and Peter noticed he wasn’t laughing anymore, they froze, and looked at him with worried eyes, but when he stood and walked out picking the book up, Sirius saw what he didn’t. On the cover it had the title: Lily Evan’s Diary, in elegant golden script. James looked at him, and noticed the evil glint in his best mates eyes. The glint his friend only had when he either just found a new prank to pull, or he had beat James at something, other than the number of girls to have in one month, in which James had quit in 5th year, when he discovered the love in his heart for Lily Evans.

“What?” James asked raising an eyebrow suspiciously, as he stared at Sirius.

“Diary.” Sirius cooed, almost causing James to drop the book in his hand. He turned it and stared at the cover, his eyes wide. “Go on! Read it!” Sirius exclaimed jumping up.

“No.” James said looking away from the book that held the secret to Lily’s heart.

“Then I will!” Sirius said prying the book from James’ fingers, and opening it to the latest page. “Dear Diary, Today Jesse told everyone that I have a crush on Snape, but I don't. I think I really have a crush on James, that boy I told you that I hate. I think he might be really sweet inside; I'll say yes and do my best to bring it out of him. Well I'll write tomorrow. Lily” Sirius read while James looked out the window, with a half-smile rested on his lips.

“Well, I can’t blow this single chance can I?” He asked turning to Sirius his smile still not faltering.

“Even if you try your best, you’re screwed. As soon as she notices you won’t change, she’ll leave you.” Sirius said still staring at the book. “Wanna read some more?” He asked to the compartment in all.

“Who says Prongs won’t change, and are you sure that’s a good idea? Either she’d kill you for reading it at all, or you’ll defend yourself, and end up sending her to the Hospital Wing, then Prongs’ll be the one killing you.” Remus said after a long minute of dead silence.

"Well I'm going to anyways." Sirius said as he flipped to near the beginning. "Dear Diary, I was on the grounds, at the Lake, talking to my friends, after exams, and then Potter started to bug Snape, so I tried to help. In return, I lost my best friend, got called a Mudblood, and then Potter told him to apologise! He's probably even worse than the slimy git! Boy is she harsh!" Sirius said staring at the book, he was smirking slightly. "Poor Lily eh... crying an' all!" He added shaking his head slightly.

"How do you know she was crying?" Peter asked, speaking in his wheezy tone for the first time in the entire conversation.

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