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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Explainations by BlackEagle

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"How do you know?" Peter asked in his wheezy tone for the first time in the conversation.
"Because, there are tear stains, fduh. God Peter when'll you learn?" Sirius teased harshly.
"Hey, I'm not the one with the stupid book!" Peter retorted heatedly.
"Well sorry, that you didn't come look at it!" Sirius said as he leaned back in his seat.
"Guys, I'm taking it back." James said standing and grabbing it out of Sirius' hands.
"Hey! NO way, I'm gonna read that!" He exclaimed tackling James from behind.
"What the only book you'll ever read!" James yelped as he came crashing down to the ground.
"Yes! Now give it back!" Sirius yelled lunging for the book.
"No, it's Evans!" James called as if Sirius was a mile a way.
"What's mine?" Came the cool voice of Lily Evans. As soon as Sirius noticed who it was, he leaped off James, and smiled innocently at her.
"I repeat what's mine?" She asked in a fake sweet tone.
"This." James grunted tossing her the book, but letting his head fall back to the ground. Lily's eyes widened, when she saw what it was.
"Did you read it?" She asked in a dark whisper, and by now Sirius wasn't looking so cool, because the one person who could tell when he wasz lying was asking him something he didn't want to answer.
"No." James, Peter, and Remus replied in unison.
"Sirius?" She asked looking at him, with a raised eye brow.
"No." He replied in a squeaky tone, that could have passed for Peter's voice.
"Sirius tell the truth." She said her eyes flashing like lightning.
"I did." He whispered.
"Sirius Balck!" Lily screached, as she lunged for him, but James grabbed her arm, stopping her from attacking him.
"Alright Lily," He started calmly. "How about we talk this over, it'll be a lot less messy." He joked slightly, but his serious tone showed it all.
"Fine." Lily said turning and sitting on the bench opposite of Sirius. James plopped down next to her, and Sirius was looking a little more like Peter, he was ringing his hands at a mile a minute.
"Right well, who's first?" Remus asked.
"Sirius needs to explain what happened from the beginning.
"No!" Sirius said looking more himself. "Fine. Well Prongsie went into the corridor, and brought a book back, and he was so dimwitted, that he didn't even read the title, but being me, I was smart enough too. It was your Diary." He gestured the book in Lily's hand. "And he," He gestured James, "Wouldn't read it, so I took it from him, and read the first entrie." Sirius said, he had lied slightly, but it was for James, so he looked casual.
"Alright... what do you have to say, Sirius?" James asked creully.
"Fine!" He hissed in return. "Evans, I'm sorry." He said grumpily.
"Great, now we can all live even though he read my diary!" Lily exclaimed angerly.
"Now, now I'm gbetting to the best part, since he read it, not us, you," He gestured Lily. "Get to obliviate his memory of that and only that." James explained winking to Lily... or Sirius. Either one worked for her.
"Rightieo." Lily said and she pulled her wand out. "Obliviate." She said calmly.
"What's going on? Duck and cover!" Sirius exclaimed getting to the ground and rolling under the seat, making everyone laugh.
"Right. See you later Evans." James said as she walked out the door.
"See you later James." She called, as she walked back into her compartment.
"What was that all about?" Lynn asked smirking.
"Black got my Diary." Lily explained as she put the book that had caused havec on the Hogwarts Express, into her trunk.
~Speacial thanks to Steve~

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