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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Love and the Flame by lonewolf7

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Disclamier: i do not own harry potter. its all J.K Rowling's


15 years ago…

All around him battle sounded. The entire bastion shook with the sheer force of the power being used. He raced down a long hall, moving at seemingly inhuman speed until he reached one of the many holes and breaches in the walls and stared out at the carnage. Figures duelled and fought all over the mile long and wide grounds, flashes and beams of light danced between the fighters as they casted spells at a deadly rate; dozens fell every minute. He should have been able to see for miles around from this high up but the entire mountainside and sky was full of thick black smoke. Dragons and other beasts of the sky dived and spilled though the air like massive darts, roaring as they swiped and bit at each other in Ariel combat, while many others already littered the churned earth, huge forms lying smashed amidst the carnage like lonely rocks in the middle of a fierce sea.
Dragging his eyes away he continued his charge down the hall, now passing duels between men dressed in armour of chainmail and scales and others in long black cloaks and robes, each with a mask concealing their faces. He saw bravery and courage as the armoured men fought the robed to the last, the spells being used so powerful that entire walls and corridors were exploding and collapsing. Finally he emerged in a massive entrance hall, at least a hundred meters wide and twice that in length, with a statue of a dragon, phionex and a wizard and witch at the centre of the floor. Despite the carnage around it, the statue was completely untouched, protected by the strongest magic. The walls of the great hall were covered in pictures and writings, and all along were great urns and statues that lined the width of the hall. Nearly forty of the armoured warriors duelled with three times their number, using not only wands to cast spells but their bare hands as well many had drawn swords that seemed to be channelling spells though them from their wielders as they hacked and slashed with them. Drawing his own wand he readied himself to die fighting alongside his order. He launched himself in a full tackle bringing down one of the cloaked figures hard, using the same momentum to roll to his feet instantly. A second cast a spell nonverbally at him, only to miss as he stepped back, bringing his boot down onto the fallen figures hand seemingly on purpose, crushing the bones. The man who had cast the spell had a flicker of fear run though his eyes; surly no one could be so precise? He smiled coldly as he cast his own spell of ‘depulso’ knocking the robed man flying to the other side of the hall. Drawing his sword he faced four more of the robed and masked attackers, his right handing glowing as it wielded a wand with carvings and strange symbols all along its length. The robed men began to cast spells instantly, only to watch in disbelief as he flicked his wrist and cast so quickly that every spell they had cast seemed to be hit by two or three spells each, transfiguring mid air into birds or just simply blocking them. The man rolled under the last two of the spells, in the same movement coming to his feet as he swept his left hand so fast the sword was just a blur as it cut the feet of one and slashing the stomach of another. He swayed, bending backwards at the nee so far he was defying gravity, avoiding the green light the far right man had cast. Swinging back forward he blasted the left-hand man with his wand as his sword came down, straight into the chest of the one that had lost his feet.
“AVADA KEDAVRA” someone screamed behind him. In a flash he dropped rolling in mid-air to land of his back, facing the features of one of the few he had ever trusted, as the spell hit the man on the right. He didn’t see that though, as he stared in the direction the killing curse had come from.
“ Tull! You did this? You dropped the wards?” he uttered in disbelieve.
Tull just smiled coldly at him, raising his blackthorn wand once more, his long cloak fluttering behind him as his pale sharp features flickered in the flashes of the spells and explosions all around them. His voice was cold and unforgiving.
“ You really thought I would stay your lapdog Corbec? You truly are naïve. My new lord has shown me powers beyond your imagination and now you can not hope to defeat me. The order is weak. With the dark lord I shall rebuild it in his name and…”
What ever else he was going to say was drowned out by the roar of one of the greatest and oldest of the dragons left in the world as Corbec’s dragon Ebonia swept though the broken roof, blazing her fire over a group of new arrivals of death eaters that were pouring though the massive oak doors on the other side of the statue. Her scales were of the darkest green, though many were covered by the massive plates of sliver armour that covered her vast body from head to tail, which was easily eight hundred foot long, and perhaps more than thirty high, and that was when she was crouching. Seeing her gave him new hope and defiance leapt into his eyes and he rolled to his feat to face the traitor. He drew himself up to full height, his own armour of sliver mail and dark green scales blazing in the fire that raged all around. His eyes hardened with loathing as he looked straight into his once apprentice and friend. At the same time they began to cast spells powerful enough to split the stone of the halls floor, diving and jumping at a degree of co-ordination that defied all reason of logic. Spells were ducked, jumped and dodged as much as blocked and deflected as they volleyed spells so fast at one point the trail could have been one beam instead of about twelve spells cast separately. The air was rent and ripped which the spells sheer strength. It was a duel to the death it the most extreme sense possible.
“Incendia ledo” Corbec snarled as he cast a second spell non-verbally with his free hand, the power of the first splitting Tull’s shield of magic allowing the second to smash him down with all the fury of ancient powers that Corbec possessed. His eyes lit up in fear as he stared in horror at the sight before him; Corbec stood framed against a swirling inferno of flame and death, his eyes lit in the anger of betrayal, power crackling all around him in an aura of energy, his cloak of emerald green billowing in the air. It was a sight to inspire fear in all that beheld it. All except one. Tull’s new master strode uncaringly thought the fire, contempt filling his face. His name was one that the entire wizarding world shook in fear of. Voldemort.
His presence seemed to fill the entire atmosphere with fear and suffering as he strode up to the two figures. The titanic fury of the battle around him was ignored.
“The esteemed Corbec I assume?” he said, bowing mockingly “ such an honour I’m sure…… then again, maybe not as you wont live long enough to savour it” he smiled
Corbec matched his smile with one of his own, full of contempt.
“Well if it isn’t old mouldymort himself, come to see what a real duel is?” he asked sweetly, smiling inside as the features of the snakelike face in front of him snapped into anger. Voldemort’s wand already rising as Corbec ducked into a fighting stance.
“ Tell me were the potter’s are or you shall suffer beyond your imagination!” the dark lord hissed with his voice full of malice. Corbec just calmly said exactly what he could do with his ‘suffering beyond imagination’. Unsurprisingly Voldemort was not amused.
“Crucio” Voldemort screamed, the power he was pouring into the spell evident as the air crackled once more. Corbec calmly shot a large piece of rubble from the ground into the spell’s path, effectively stopping it. “ Incidere, Redimo, caliga vultus” he snapped back in return, casting the three spells straight after each other.
The first one looking like it had missed, the second stopped by Voldemort’s “protego” and the last hid the air around Voldemort in smoke, hiding Corbec from view. Barley a second later and the smoke formed in a great black snake which was shot forward with Voldemort’s wand directing it toward Corbec.
“Incendia contego mihi ex vulnero” he rapped out quickly as the snake sped toward him. A disc of fire burst into existence, flying straight the down the middle of the snake which split in half and was consumed by the flames. Voldemort then saw Corbec was watching something behind him and whirled around to see one of the huge urns that lined the hall falling straight toward him. His thought flashed to the first spell Corbec has said, recognising a more powerful version of ‘diffindo’. He jumped to the side to avoid being crushed but the ancient urn smashed as it struck the floor, shattering into hundreds of pieces, many of which became embedded in Voldemort’s arm. Both men stared at the blood leaking down the dark lord’s arm in the colour of tar, one in delight and one in disbelieve; Voldemort had not been harmed anyway since before he could remember. He felt fury rise up in him and spun to face Corbec. Before he could do anything the huge dark green form of Ebonia leapt though the wall of fire around them, sliding to a halt before her rider. Corbec leapt a full forty foot into the air, defying everything that remotely linked to logic, rolling mid-air to avoid the spell Tull had finally found the wit to cast. He landed with practised ease in the large leather saddle on the mighty dragon’s back and she crouched immediately, in preparation to launch herself up and out of the now collapsing hall. As she leapt Corbec turned in the saddle, casting spells to defend them both from both Voldemort’s and Tull’s fury as they rose above the ruined fortress.
“ Voldemort, you will fall. This I know. It’s just a matter of time.” Corbec yelled as they sped away. Ebonia roared, giving the signal to flee. Almost at once they could see other dragons rising from the ruins and joining them from the sky, each with its own riders, some carrying those they had saved spells flying backwards into the attackers that began to rush forward to stop escape. But their wasn’t much they could do to stop the mighty creatures. Falling into formation the remaining forty dragons of the order of flame raced away to regroup and warn those who were not present at the time of attack. Around them others arose on brooms or being carried away by the phoenixes that the order had many off. Behind them, the fortress that had been their ancestral home for thousands of years burned and collapsed into ruin. Corbec swore that both Voldemort and Tull would pay. He knew that he could only deal the revenge to one but for now the only choice was to go into hiding. Ordering the riders to regroup in the mountains he left the column of flying beasts to travel north to Scotland. As the dragon and rider flew he could only hope that one day he could rebuild the bastion. The order of flame had been broken but not lost. For thousands of years that had remained in the shadows, appearing to help and defend the world when darkness and tyranny arose. He swore to himself that they would do so again but until then He could only hope.
He cast a protounus charm, and transferred a message to the glowing patroni phoenix that kept pace with Ebonia as they raced though the sky.
“ go to Dumbeldore and tell him this: he is looking for them. Time has run out, you must perform the charm tonight and get them into hiding. The order is broken and the last members must regroup and mourn before we can do anything else. I am on my way now but waste no time. You must get the potters into hiding NOW!”
With a flick of his wand Corbec sent the patroni on its way, before collapsing against the back of the saddle. It was going to be a long night.

A/N: this is my first ever fic and i really hope you like it. this may have seen somewhat strange but its important for the rest of the story. Big thanks to my Beta GinnyPotter777 and if you could leave a review i would really appreciate it. again hope you enjoy the fic

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