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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Lily's Story by ginnypotter7

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Lily’s Story

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All the stuff that sounds familiar in here belongs to the amazingly talented JK Rowling’s…. do anyone actually read these? I could go on and on and on and no one will care in the least… that’s kind of sad …. Back on the topic: don’t sue me.
Chapter one
The Potter Manor

I twisted my fingers together as James opened the door to his parents house. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.
“mum, dad?” he called out the second we were through the door, his voice echoing off the three-story foyer. He looked back at me, a big goofy smile on his face. “what's wrong Lils?” he asked lowering his voice a notch.
“nothing…” I lied.
“are you still nervous?” curse him for being able to pinpoint my feelings so exactly.
“No” I lied again. He knew that was a lie too.
“Jamsie?!” a woman’s voice squealed, his eyes lit.
He kissed my brow with gentle lips. “Don’t be, they’ll love you as much as I do” without another word he kicked of his shoes, walking into another room. I quickly slipped off my sequined ballet flats—thanking my instinct of painting my nails the night before, and followed him.
We walked through three rooms until we came to the parlor, where James’s mum, Eleanor, was sitting on a cream colored couch reading Witches Weekly. James bent to kiss her cheek, and murmured something in her ear. She laughed and looked past him at me.
James looked at me too, and smiled wider he gestured at me “mum, this is Lily Evans. Lily, mum”
“hello Lily,” she smiled at my name, like it was some secret joke. I had never felt more nerves than what I did at that moment. I gave a tentative smile, she rose and wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back, speechless.
“Mrs. Potter” I twisted my fingers together painfully.
“call me Ellie, Hon” she smiled as she sat back sown on the sofa.
James flopped onto an antique loveseat and pulled my hand so I fell next to him.
“Where’s dad?”
“There was some trouble at the ministry.” She clucked her tongue “that minister had better do something about Voldemort, he seems to be gaining power. Dark ages are ahead of us” she murmured almost to herself. James just rolled his eyes, and continued running his thumb over my knuckles, something Ellie noticed.


I was a nervous eleven-year-old girl. I slowly walked down the train corridor looking for an empty compartment. At the very end of the train there was one with a crack in the window and the curtain down, I slowly pulled the door open and the train lurched forward and I tumbled inside.
I herd the door slam shut behind me and I looked up sharply and met a pair of light brown eyes, who I would later find out to be Remus Lupin, I looked around at the other two boys, one, James Potter, had hair that was in a tangled mess, and a one Sirius Black, who was looking in a compact mirror I felt blush rising to my hair as I lifted myself off the floor and mumbled a “Sorry” and tugged on the door. As hard as I pulled the door wouldn’t budge. Someone murmured something behind me and they said “move over” I did and James pulled on the door it bearly moved. He pulled out his wand pointed it at the door and said in a definite tone “alohamorha.”
The door stayed as it was.
He shrugged and sat down in his seat and pulled out a gold ball with wings. He let it go, then caught it in a blur. I looked at Remus. He smiled at me “hi, I'm Remus Lupin” he stuck out his hand I smiled and grasped it
“Lily Evans” I smiled and he scooted over on the bench so I could sit down.
“looks like we’ll be stuck her a while” he pointed to young-Sirius who was pinching his cheek, making it red. “that’s Sirius Black ” as he herd his name and the compact snapped shut and he let his gaze run over my red hair, freckles, and green eyes.
He winked at me “pleasure to meet you, Lily Evans” he gave a smiled that would make another girl faint. I simply smiled back.
Remus jerked his thumb in James’ direction “that is-”
“James Potter” James cut in, while focusing his attention on the snitch “ Welcome to Hogwarts, you’re a muggle-born, I suppose”
“uh… what's a muggle?” James and Sirius roared with laughter, and Remus told me that was what non-magical humans were called.
“oh…yes… is that bad?”
they were silent, and James put away the snitch.
“… only to the Slytherins ”
“Slyther-what’s?” they explained to me the houses and the teachers along with the magical terms for people and places.
By the time the train had slowed, night had set in, and we were all discussing the house we wanted to be put into. The train gave one last sharp lurch and the door popped open with a loud slam. We grabbed our luggage and James and Sirius walked behind of Remus and me. They were laughing softly at first, and I thought nothing of it. When they both started laughing so hard that they had to lean agenst a wall, I turned around.
All of my clothes were scattered across the floor and James was holding his wand in his hand.
It was there in the corridor on the hogwarts express that I learned to hate James Potter.


Each holding a suite case, me and ellie walked down the third floor hallway, where the multiple guest bedrooms were. Near the end of the hall there was a large beige door, ellie opened it and walked inside.
The room was huge, while the light from the bay window cast a warm glow around the room. and adjoining bathroom and a mammoth closet were to the left, while a desk, chairs, a marble fireplace, and a queen sized bed dominated the room. I tossed my bag onto the bed and walked to the window seat.
The view was breath taking, it looked over the garden that was in full bloom.
“its beautiful!”
“I thought you would like it” she smiled and stood next to me. “James wanted you in the room across the hall from his.” She gave a laugh and I felt the blush on my face, but didn't respond. “He loves you.”
“I know.” I looked at her. She was studying me intently. Waiting. “I love him too” I told her
“I could tell” she paused “I could tell the moment I saw you look at him…” she turned and walked to the door. “ Dinner will be ready in a hour. Do you like pasta?”


I was reaching up to put my bag on the shelf in the closet when James wrapped his arms around my waist. I swallowed a scream, and instead turned and punched his arm.
“Don’t do that to me!” I squealed
“why?” he questioned
I ignored his question “ what are you doing here?” I asked and ran my hands down his arms.
He smiled “I wanted to see how you like your room.” she started to back me out of the closet “ how do you like it?” he asked, almost managing to sound like he cared as he planted kisses on my jaw. “And keep in mind, Lils, if you don’t like this room you can always move in my room with me” he grinned as he worked his way up to my temple.
I was tempted. Tempted to tell him what he wanted to hear. But instead I said “ James, sweetheart, I love my room”
He didn't give up “You’ll like my room more,” he promised as he moved his lips down to mine.
“I know” I murmured huskily. By now we were in the bedroom, and I was bearly aware that James was slightly moving us as he tormented my mouth with his. He pushed me slightly back and I tumbled onto the bed.
Ten minuets later kissing had turned hot and James was working the buttons on my shirt. As he reached the last button the clock on the mantle chimed 7 o’clock. I faintly herd it through the pounding in my head.
“James ” I whispered. He moved his hands over my stomach and I shivered. “James,” I giggled. It took me all the power I had to push him away when he didn't move.
Reluctant, he looked at me with foggy blue eyes. “What?” he sighed as I buttoned my shirt.
“James, we’ll be late for dinner, and your mother will know what we were doing.” I said heaving myself off the bed and rushing into the bathroom to fix my make-up and hair that James had ruined.
“Why do you do this to me?!” he cried and I stifled a giggle. “I’ll see you downstairs” he called and I herd the door shut behind him.

Okay guys thanks for reading! PLEASE leave a comment *bats eyelashes*
This was a pretty long chapter for me to write.
Please leave a comment. I need some feedback (feedback feedback, o-oh feedback….. like as in the song XD Hehe…… okay not so funny).
This story is taking a totally different direction that I thought it would. Hopefully its for the better *crosses purple finger-nail polished fingers*
I'll have more time to write now that I'm done with drivers training (thank goodness!) so you all wont be too long without a chapter
!!!Happy Spring!!!
Don’t for get to comment,

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