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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> on the lake by ginnypotter7

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Lily’s Story

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All the stuff that sounds familiar in here belongs to the amazingly talented JK Rowling’s…. do anyone actually read these? I could go on and on and on and no one will care in the least… that’s kind of sad …. Back on the topic: don’t sue me.
Chapter Two
on the lake

“Lillllyyyyy!” I heard James yell from the foyer. I quickly tugged my tank top over my swim suite, grabbed my beach bag and ran out of the room.
“I'm coming!” I yelled and hurried down the steps, nearly tripping twice. When I saw James in his red swimming trunks and blue T-shirt my heart gave a little flop.


I combed my hair, and quickly put it up in a ponytail, even then it curled to the middle of my back.
“Hurry up, Sara” Josie, my best friend said, settling into the gold chair that was placed by the door. “ Me and Lily would like to get to the lake before the moon rises”
“I’ll be out in a second!” Sara called from the bathroom
Josie mumbled something and I leaned agenst the door. After five minuets of waiting I called out “Josie and I are leaving, we will se you down there!” I opened the door and Sara came running out of the bathroom her polka dotted towel that matched her bikini was wrapped around her hips. She grabbed her flip-flops from the closet and a pink sweatshirt. “Ready!” she announced. Josie simply rolled her eyes and walked out the door.
We laid out a blanket at the other and of the lake so that we looking at the entire splendor that was hogwarts. This part of the lake that was surrounded by trees and few people knew of it, so we wouldn’t be disturbed. We opened a bag of chips and dumped the candy that we brought with us onto the blanket. We talked of school of boys and of our families. After and hour of tanning both Sara and Josie fell asleep. The weather was surprisingly hot for the beginning of April because I was not much of a tanner and I had no one to talk to, I decided to take a swim.
I dived right into the water and the coldness surrounded me. I did a few laps to a marker I had conjured. On my fifth lap I heard yelling and swam closer to shore to see what the commotion was. A little to the right from where we were settled at was James, Sirius, and Remus, who tossed down a few towels and a cooler, that I was sure held more than food. Gosh, I hatted James Potter.
If I headed back now they would see me, and if I stay out here I risk the chance of having permanently wilted skin. I sighed and shifted my weight onto my back as I decided the second option was better than being seen in my teeny tiny dark blue bikini. What was I thinking buying this, I wondered. I flipped my body and went under the water looking around, for I had cast a spell so I could see underwater as if I were wearing goggles before we left the dorm, hoping to see a mermaid. I had heard that they were enchanting creatures, but had never seen one for myself.
Surfacing for air, I saw James swimming towards me, Sirius and Remus had gone back to shore to eat something, or so it looked. I floated there for a moment. Frozen. Maybe he hadn’t seen me… I thought, helplessly. Taking a deep breath I went underwater. I was under for a while before I finally had to come to the surface.
Sleeking my hair back I took big gulps of air, filling my lungs generously. I looked around for James. At first I didn't see him, but as I spun around I saw him, not 10 feet from me. His gaze collided with mine and I think I felt my heart stop.
His hair was plastered to his head, and for once was smoothed out. I could see his broad shoulders sticking out of the water. He had a look of shock that I was sure matched the one on my face. He opened his mouth to speak, but his gaze roamed downward. I looked down too, the swell of my breasts were above the water, the blue bikini bearly making the situation comfortable. I kicked with less effort now, so that the water lapped at my shoulders.
“Lily…” he swam forward and I stayed where I was. His eyes were smoldering.
“What are you doing on his side of the lake?” I asked for lack of anything else to say.
“I don’t like crowds” he said swimming closer to me, not saying more.
“James!” I squeaked, realizing how close he had gotten. I kicked backward but his kick was more powerful than mine was. Defensively, I put a hand on his chest with out knowing it. I felt his well defined muscles quiver from the contact. For a moment I was baffled, and the next his mouth was on mine, his lips were soft and warm, so unlike I had expected them to be. The kiss was simple, another unexpected. His hands wrapped around my waist and I felt him kicking, keeping both of us afloat. The moment I had touched him I had stopped thinking of anything but him, even staying above the water rated second to him.
His tongue seeked access, without a thought my lips parted. Our tongues tangled and intertwined, extracting feelings in me that I had never felt before. He tasted of apples, tart and tangy, and I wondered if he had been eating one before him and his friends came down here. His hand fisted in my hair and my hand that wasn’t trapped between our two bodies held his neck.
He was the one to pull away. I think I groaned because he smiled.
“Lily…” he murmured into my hair. “Lily” he said longingly
I was shaken. That was the only way I could describe how I felt. He pulled back and I saw the lust and longing in the deep, stunning blue. “I-I don’t know why I did that….” I said backing out of his grasp. I felt cold. It wasn’t because of the frigid temperatures of the water; I had a felling it had to do with James Potter. And I didn't like it.
Before I could turn to shore and swim in, James grabbed my hand. My eyes flashed to his. “I do” he said in a steady voice. I felt lost.
When he let my hand go I wondered how in a half an hour I had gone from flat out hating James to falling in love with him.


I hoped off James’s broom and watched him lean it agenst a tree. The Potter’s owned more land than anyone I knew. Their mannor was complete with quittich pitch, a rather large Forrest, many sprawling gardens, and an acceptably sized lake. James grinned and striped of his shirt, allowing me full view of his quttich-hardened chest. I smiled and pushed him aside and laid the beach blanket on the soft sand. Without saying anything I sat down and searched threw the cooler one of the house elves had packed us.
James flopped onto his stomach, and from the corner of my eye, I could see him watching me as I pulled out a sub and some butterbeer along with a bag of trail mix and chips. James reached up and ran his finger over my shoulder, sending chills through my body. He tugged the strap of my shirt down. I turned to look at him.
He was staring ate my arms, his fingers tracing patterns on my many freckles. “Stop,” I giggled and pushed the strap back up. James continued, saying nothing. I popped open the top on the butterbeer and took a sip, watching James stare at my arm in wonder. “What are you looking at?” I asked setting my drink down.
“You,” he said simply “just you.” He jumped up abruptly “let’s go for a swim, Lils.” he pulled my arm so I was standing he pulled at my shirt. I sighed and lifted it up over my head and wiggled out of my shorts. I folded my clothes and placed them on the cooler, looking up I saw James’s deep blue eyes watching me. His eyes scrutinizing the olive green bikini that I loved. But now, standing in front of James, his eyes roaming over me, I felt nothing but uneasiness. I crossed my arms over my chest and walked forward
“Are we going in or not?” I asked tugging at his hand. He stayed still.
“in a minuet” he said and wrapped his arms around me, his lips touching mine for a chaste kiss. His lips touched mine again, but stayed longer. “I love you so much, Lily” he whispered huskily in my ear as he buried his face in my neck.
I just stayed there, my arms wrapped around him, his mouth tantalizing my collarbone. I felt an overwhelming love for this man. I knew I could never live without him, could never face life without him at my side. I could see us in a few years, having a baby, sending that baby off to hogwarts, growing old in our own, smaller, manor.
I sighed with delight. James lifted his head to look at me; I smiled at his lust filled eyes. I knew, at that moment, that if he asked me, I would make love with him. I had been putting it off for a long time, finding ways to get out of going in too deep, and James had never pushed me farther than I wanted to go.
Something changed in James’s eyes and he said in a strained voice “come on, let’s get in the lake.” When I didn't move he lifted me up. I squealed and he ran into the water, as if I weighed no more than a feather. I wiggled, trying to get out of his grip, but all he did was duck his head and dive under.

thanks, again, for reading! PLEASE leave a comment, I love to know what you all are thinking!
This story has been on my mind constantly, and I'm putting everything I have into this!
And I lied before, about the posting soon thing. Sorry. I've been busy with so much other crazy things.
Don’t for get to comment,

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