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Non-HP related Fanfics >> The Day I Died by harry2006

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Author's Note: The story does not reflect my religious views at all. It is simply a work of fiction.

The Day I Died

I had never actually thought how it would feel to die. Would my life just slowly fade? Or would it be very painful? Living constantly in depression, I had often thought that death wouldn’t be too bad. An end of all suffering, I had decided. Just the end of everything.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I realized that day that death was only the beginning.

I was in the second-last year of high school. Life wasn’t that bad. My depression periods had lessened, and I was always busy studying. I didn’t have much of a social life. I had only one best friend, and I didn’t bother communicating with the other kids.

Life was completely monotonous. I would wake up and go to school. I would come back and sit on the net. I would hang-out with my friend. I would eat dinner. I would study. Then I would go to sleep. The next day it started all over again.

But one day there was an abrupt break from the normal monotonous day. I had been eating lunch alone in the school’s huge playground when four-five final years decided to pick on me. Those guys belonged to none other than our high-school’s most infamous gang, ‘The Devil Riders’.

It was pretty stupid actually. There I was, sitting alone and minding my own business. A salami sandwich in my hand, thinking about a story I had started writing the previous day when they crowded around me.

I was no muscle-man; I was probably what the students called ‘a nerd’. Wearing thin spectacles, and nicely washed and ironed uniform of the school, not much in the weight department, they probably thought I was an easy catch.

Another thing I should mention here is that I had foolishly chosen the furthest corner of the ground, behind the equipment shed blocking the area from the general view of the faculty and the students to have my lunch. ‘The Devil Riders’ didn’t have to worry about being caught or anything.

What happened wasn’t a pretty scene at all. First of all they called me some very bad names. When I ignored them, they got angry and grabbed my sandwich and threw it. One of them, the most tall and burly one, probably the leader, slapped me hard. My glasses flew off and landed on the grass. Suddenly something blew up inside me. I stood up quickly and made a wild swing at the boy who had just slapped me. My fist connected with his jaw, and there was a satisfying ‘crack!’ noise. I remember thinking triumphantly for a second that all my push-ups hadn’t gone to waste after all.

After the punch, it got real ugly. I myself cannot account what happened exactly after that. All I remember is pain, lots of pain. All of them pounced at me. There was a sickening crack as one of them grabbed my arm and twisted it savagely. There was a lot of blood when one fist hit me hard on my nose. I don’t remember for how long it went on. All I remember clearly is when the school’s principle suddenly showed up.

Just when I saw him, someone punched the side of my head and I lost consciousness.

My arm had been fractured and my nose broken. Other than that, no other serious or lasting damage had been done.

The boys who had attacked me were immediately suspended from our school.

Life went back to being normal.

A month had passed after the incident when I came upon the ‘The Devil Riders’ again. I had been riding my cycle through lonely country roads when they saw me. There were four of them. Of course they blamed me for getting them suspended and that made them even more furious.

I wasn’t completely unprepared myself. After the incident a month before, I had started carrying a small pocket knife with me.

When I saw them, I tried to pedal away fast, but one of them, a thin and wiry boy, ran fast enough to topple me from my cycle. He threw himself at me and wrestled me to the ground. I kneed him in his mid-section hard. He gasped and fell off to the side. Quickly I jumped to my feet and took out my knife. It wasn’t a big one, but it looked intimidating enough.

Sure enough, the other three boys stopped their approach when they saw the knife glinting in the sunlight. They stood there staring at me with eyes full of loathing. My lips were pressed thin with determination. If any one of them came forward, I decided, I would cut him real bad.

I did a mistake though. So engrossed I was in keeping them away from me, that I forgot about the thin and wiry one who had thrown me off my cycle. He crept up from behind me and pushed me real hard.

I flew into the waiting hands of the other three. They grabbed me and snatched my knife from my hand. I elbowed the face of the nearest boy and kicked at the other. Then the other two grappled me to the ground. One of them smashed his knee into my ribs and the other smashed my head against the road.

Then one of them, a big blonde with braces, crouched beside him. “This is the asshole that got us suspended. Let’s cut the bastard open.”

Another one said, “Yeah. Let’s cut him with his own knife. We will throw him behind some trees here. No one will be able to find him.”

I head a general murmur of assent and then I saw my own knife staring at my eyelids.

The blonde grinned. “Scared, pussy?”

Hot fury raged inside me and I spit on his face. The blonde’s eyes widened comically. Then his face turned red with rage.

“Why you piece of -”He slashed the knife at my face. The bastard’s aim was so bad that instead of my face, the knife slashed my throat.

Blood started flowing from the gash at my neck in a great speed. My eyes got blurry and I could hear gurgling sounds issuing from my own mouth.

After a few moments, I was dead.

Everything went black. Then I opened my eyes. I could stare at the horror-struck faces of my foes. Evidently, the idiots had not meant to actually murder me.

But wait a second…if I am dead, then how can I see? And I am thinking, right? I tried to move my arms, but they didn’t work.

“You killed him, Frank!” said one of my killers. I was pleased to see he looked close to panic.

“Shut the fuck up, Jack!” shouted the leader, the one with the ugly braces, Frank. I saw him as through a cinema screen as he lifted my right arm and checked for a pulse.

“He’s dead,” the ‘genius’ announced dubiously.

‘Well, duh!’

The thin and wiry one was looking around panic-stricken. “There’s no one around, let’s hide his body quick!”

“Matt’s right,” said the last one who had been quiet the whole time. “Let’s move his body behind those huge trees.” he said pointing to the large trees at the side of the road.

Frank and the other boy, the burliest of the four, picked me up. They carried me behind the trees at the road side.

Behind an enormous tree, they unceremoniously dumped my body. Though of course, I didn’t feel any pain. I couldn’t feel anything at all.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” said Matt almost hysterically.

Frank stared at my life-less body. “We can’t just leave him here. If anyone finds the body, there will be an inquiry. The whole fucking school knows that we had a beef with him. We have to hide the body.”

Jack came running from the road. “There are cars coming on this road! What if they stop and come here?”

“Why will they?” said the one whose name I had yet to hear.

“Are you a complete idiot, Dan? There’s that cycle fallen there. Our car is stopped near the middle of the road. What if a policeman shows up?”

I could see that they were really scared. It made me feel good to see them almost wetting their pants.

Suddenly police sirens from a little far off could be heard, The four ‘Devil Riders’ lost their nerve and ran off like little pussies in the direction of their car. I heard them get inside and close the doors. Then there was a loud screech as the car’s rubber burned on the road and it vanished from the scene of the crime.

I lay there staring dumbly at the tress in front of me. Eventually I heard the sound of someone stepping on dead leaves. A figure clad completely in black came in front of me and peered at my life-less body.

He was adorned in a perfectly ironed suit. He was wearing a black hat and a stylish sun glass covered his eyes. He was very slim, and stood straight as a rod.

“So…they didn’t bother to bury you, did they?” he asked me in greeting. His voice was very soft and melodious.

I tried to answer, but of course, I couldn’t even move my jaws, let alone speak.

The man raised his right hand and directed it at me, palm-open. A red flash of light erupted from it and engulfed my body.

I realized I could move again.

I sat up on the grass. “What’s happening? And who are you?” I asked him.

The man replied expressionlessly, “You have died. I came too…pick you up.”

I furrowed my brows in thought. “Right…I am dead. So how the hell can I still move my body and all?”

“Oh, that’s just temporary.” He said waving his arm off-handily. “The important thing is, do you want revenge on those who killed you?”

“But you didn’t answer my question,” I informed him, “Who are YOU?”

“I am one of the…angels, as you mortals say. Now, answer MY question. Do you want to take revenge?”

I touched my chin in thought. Those guys had killed me. They had destroyed my life. I had had such a long time to live, and those assholes had cut it short. Damn I wanted revenge!

My heart blazed in my un-dead chest. “Yes! I want revenge!” I told my new friend venomously.

The ‘angel’ smiled. Sharp carnivorous teeth gleamed in the dull sunlight.

“Good,” he said, still grinning. He raised his right hand once again, and this time blue light, like lightening flashed from his hand and struck me in the chest. Instead of being electrocuted (as I had feared), I was lifted off the ground some inches. A strange feeling, as if I was in some kind of magnetic field filled me.

Then I found myself standing on the ground again.

The ‘angel’ smiled like a wolf. “I have given you some powers which will help you to take revenge on the four boys who killed you. Now I must be going. We will meet again though…”Then before I could say anything, the ‘angel’ just vanished in front of my eyes.

I stood there for some time, digesting everything that had happened the past hour. I had been killed. Then I had been brought to life. Then I had been given some special powers to take revenge on my killers. ‘Just another ordinary day for Jeff Michaels,’ I thought sarcastically.

To be continued…

Author's Note : I hope you guys liked it. Review if you want to read more.

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