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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Harry Potter and the Altus Caedo by HunterGarrow

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Harry Potter was an unusual boy. His pale skin and black hair as well as his gaunt appearance made him look like a text book vampire. He had grown up and in, his fifth year had got to him a lot, and the loss of his Godfather as well as the loss of trust in a supposedly reliable mentor had taken it toll on the boy, not only in appearance, but his mind.

He had what most would diagnose as Post-traumatic stress. He hardly slept anymore, and when he did that night would play itself over and over again in his head, each time increasing in severity, ranging from Sirius yelling that he blamed Harry for what had happened, to Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville or Luna dieing as well. He had found himself blanking out and coming back sweating and shaking.

Harry had been avoiding any letters from his friends or from the Order, he had even sent a letter back to Dumbledore telling the old man to get out of his life. Harry had dived into his studies, reading book after book, he had also started exercises, but that along with not eating only made him worse, several times he had collapsed and slept for over twelve hours.

Thinking about it all had made him burst from anger several times a day, throwing things against a wall or going out to kick something, once he had even gone and picked a fight with Dudley, which Harry had won surprisingly, receiving a bloody nose, while Dudley had been on the end of a hairline fracture, black eye, a missing tooth and a dislocated hip. True Harry had been in trouble when he got home, but he had certainly felt powerful and better after beating Dudley, but those feeling were gone within and hour, only to be replaced by the numbing pain and splitting headache, that he now related to stress.

The one thing good about all this was that all the bad feelings seemed to be keeping Voldemort out of his mind, Harry supposed it must hurt the man to be flooded with such pain.

Harry avoided all contact with the guards the Order had placed to look out for him, but they seemed desperate to talk to him. At one point Charlie Weasley had been knocked out, mainly because he had took Harry’s shoulder from behind Harry, Harry had spun and punched out at the man, hitting him in the face, knocking him out. Harry had searched his unconscious form and sent Charlie back with the Order portkey, that was meant to be used if injured. After that the Order members seemed to keep at a safe distance.

Harry’s awareness had seemed to be improved, he was attuned to every little move and sound around him, even when he was asleep, he seemed ready to sit up and pull his wand from under his pillow, training it on the door, even using accidental magic the one time Dudley burst into his room to bundle him awake. Harry had sat up and blasted Dudley back out of the room, sending him into the wall, luckily that was before Dudley was hospitalised. It seemed that Vernon was tired of Harry staying in his room, so he had sent Dudley up to drag Harry from his sanctum to do chores, his mind was changed when Dudley dragged himself down the stairs with a bloody nose.

The one thought that kept going through Harry’s mind was the prophecy, the bloody prophecy that meant for him to kill or be killed, Harry was sure he would not be in this sate if Dumbledore had told him and started training him years ago. He would be ready, he would feel prepared, but nothing. Not a inkling.

* * * *

“We need to do something about Harry.” Dumbledore looked around at the assembled crowd. “He has been withdrawn and on edge, from what the people that have watched him have told me he is suffering PTSS. He attacked Mr Weasley,” Dumbledore indicated Charlie, who was sporting a black eye “just because he walked up behind him and placed a hand on the boy shoulder.”

“’e sounds like ol’ Mad-Eye.” Mundungus Fletcher said. “But ‘at’s a good thin’ innt? I mean, I’d prefer someone like Mad-Eye figh’in’ You-know-who, better that some li’l kid.”

“He is a teenager, Fletcher.” Mad-eye growled. “As much as I agree with you it’s better to be prepared, I was more like young Weasley than Potter when I was their age.” Mad-eye explained. “I only became like I am after my family was murdered, after watching Black die like he did Potter become more like me than I care to imagine.”

“Would it be an idea to send Ron and Ginny to go see him?” Mrs Weasley asked the elderly Headmaster and ex-auror.

“No.” Mad-eye said abruptly. “We don’t know how stable he is, it isn’t for him, it’s for them. PTSS makes the sufferer withdraw from anyone related to the inccident. That’s Ron and Ginny, or any of us. He could lash out harder than he did at Charlie. He purposely got into a fight with his cousin according to Mrs Figg.”

Mrs Weasley looked horrified. “The big one? Poor Harry, he must be-”

“Alive, Dudley’s in hospital with various injuries, Harry damn near knocked the boy out,” Lupin said, “if it wasn’t so serious for Harry, I’d be congratulating him, from all the others have told me no one deserved it more than that fat tub of lard. I believe Harry needs help, but not in the form of us or his friends. If he’s anything like James he’s going to need room and time.”

“He’s not James, Remus.” McGonagall said. “I know him, I’ve watched him since he arrived at the school for any thing that would link him to my two favourite students, there’s nothing in there of them.” McGonagall told the werewolf, then for the benefit of the room. “When James Potter got upset he used to run off and stay quite for a few weeks, and then he’d get better, Harry needs to blow off steam, sometimes that’s saving the world, this time I think he’ll do something bad, beating his cousin up is the least of out problems.”

* * * *

He walked down Privet Drive, his black business suit making him look like a man who had just come home from work. Blank white eyes hidden behind his dark glasses and a white stick being tapped around to allow him to manoeuvre around any obstacles in his path. He mad his way to Number Four, Privet Drive walked up the path and knocked at the door.

The door opened and he came face to face with Vernon Dursley, Vernon backed away as he saw the man was blind and not in anyway a freak. “Yes, Sir, what can I do for you?” he asked politely.

“Vernon Dursley, I presume?” the man asked, extending his hand and shaking Vernon’s. “I am looking for a young man known as Harry Potter. He called us a few days ago asking for help because he was depressed, he did not call us back so I have come to make sure he is okay.”

“Urm, certainly. What do you mean he called you?” Vernon asked thinking about the strange man at the station.

“On the telephone, of course, is there any other way?” The man smiled at Vernon.

“No, of course not.” Vernon said smiling stupidly. “I’ll go get the boy.”

“Ah, please don’t, I’ll go up, if you would kindly lead me there.”

“Yes, of course.” Vernon took the arm of the man and half led, half dragged him up the stairs. The man hated to admit it, but he loved the effect he was having on Harry Potter’s uncle. “Here we are.” Vernon said, leading the man’s hand to the door so he could feel the door handle. Vernon then backed away as quickly as possible.

Feeling Vernon leave the man knocked on the door and then opened it. As he did a wave of unpleasant feelings washed over him, sadness, anger, depression, hatred, spite and the scorch on a soul that Dark Magic leaves. He cast his senses around the room, he found a young man asleep on a small camp bed.

The man picked his way through the minefield that was the Harry’s bedroom, pressing his finger to his lips in white owl’s direction. He stood by the boy’s bedside. It was time for the first test, if this boy was suitable, he would already know someone had entered his room and was getting ready to defend himself or attack, possibly both.

The man brought his stick up and taped the boy on the shoulder. Harry sprang to life, his eyes opening quickly, his hand reached out and grabbed the stick, while his other hand took the mans collar swinging the man over the bed to land on the floor, Harry’s hand clenching the mans windpipe.

“I…is that what they teach a…at Hogwarts, these days?” the old man chuckled. “How to attack old blind men?”

Harry looked shocked as he let go. “S…sorry.” Harry stuttered.

The man smiled. “Don’t be, I never was when I was your age. It just proves that you’re the one I wanted, Harry Potter.”

Harry’s face had turned sour. “Yeah, so you know who I am, who the hell are you?”

“Well, already throwing around the H. E. double hockey sticks. I am Vis Vires. And I have a offer to make you Mr Potter.” Vis smiled. “That is unless you wish to go along with Dumbledore for the rest of your life.”

Harry looked at him. “You know Dumbledore?”

“I may not be a wizard or a magical creature, but yes I know Dumbledore, a manipulative old fart if there ever was one.” he chuckled. “I’ll meet you outside in a few minutes and we’ll walk.”

Harry nodded. “Alright.”

Minutes later Harry and Vis walked down Privet Drive. Once Vis was sure no one was following him he started to speak. “You are a very power person, Harry, not just your magic, I am sure you could hone yourself to be more.” Vis told him. “you have unmeasured potential, it runs in your family, I knew your great-grandfather, he was my mentor, much like I wish to be yours.”

“What do you mean potential?” Harry asked, his voice wary.

“I mean more than magic.” Vis told him. “I haven’t got a magical bone in my body, but I’m still more than a match for any wizard, I’ve thought Dumbledore and Voldemort to a stalemate and Grindlewald to his defeat, he fled his magic depleted, I laid the ground work for Dumbledore.” Vis smiled wistfully. “I am blind, but I am much more than that, I can sense things, emotions, objects, people, by reading these things I can tell where to go, what people are feeling and what they’re about to do, if is a person about to send a spell my way I can tell which spell it is.

“The thing is, I can put power into it so I can change those feelings, I could change a killing curse so that I conjures butterflies, imagine if they were expecting to kill, and instead their spell dissolves into small harmless butterflies.” he chuckled.

“And you could teach me this?” Harry asked.

“you would have to become part of the creed, but yes I could teach you that, as well as other skills, stealth, martial arts, balance, we have people who can teach you obscure types of magic, after even a year or two I am sure you will be advanced enough to take down Voldemort as your destiny calls you out too.” Vis smiled.

“You know?” Harry asked stunned.

“Yes, I know, it’s in your magic, it screams out for the task to be completed. You must understand this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be invited to join the Altus Caedo is a great honour, Dumbledore himself has never been invited, there was much discussion about it, but he is too controlling and he likes to be the one in charge, the unquestionable leader.” Vis told Harry seriously.

“What is the Altus Caedo?” Harry asked.

“We are Noble Killers, before you say judge us on that word hear me out, we are more than the Aurors, more than the police or the secret services, more than the Ministry hit-wizards.” Vis explained. “We kill for money, we steal and cheat, but in a honourable way, the people we kill are always proven to be corrupt in one way or another. And we always stick to our rules, which you will learn if you join, you are given a three week period in which you can back out. We are faithful to our own, no matter how low down the ranks a person is, if they are in trouble we aid them without hesitation, you will still be able to see your friends, during the holidays, you will not be able to go back to school until your training is complete, which depends on how adapt you are to the exercises. A limo will be outside you house at noon in three days time.” He walked behind Harry and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Think about it.”

Harry turned and Vis was gone. Harry had a lot of thinking to do.

* * * *

“Albus, I was out looking for one of my cats this morning, I saw Harry walking down the street with a blind man in a black suit, I don’t recognise him.” Dumbledore nodded down at the head of Harry’s elderly neighbour Mrs Figg.

“Thank you.” he muttered as he head disappeared.

Dumbledore knew only one blind man who would take interest in Harry. Vis Vires. A member of the Altus Caedo. That creed was a force to be reckoned with, they were feared and respected by governments and armies both non-magical, magical and creatures alike. Leon Potter had been the leader of it little more than seventy-five years ago, his charge Vis Vires had taken over from him, if the leader of the creed was interested in Harry then they must want him to join something bad.

It was true Altus Caedo fought on the side of good and always had, strategically taking people out to bring people down, they had been part of Hitler and Grindlewalds downfall, they weren’t widely known about, only well informed or people who dug into history knew about them, if Harry went with them he would become a champion for the forces of light.

But Dumbledore didn’t want to let Harry out of his sight. If truth be told he wanted to be the one to train the killed of Lord Voldemort, to lead the fight, people had often, behind his back called him a control freak, and he guessed they were right, in way. He was unquestioned leader, only four people had questioned him, James Potter, Sirius Black, Severus Snape and Harry. Harry seemed to be the only one who was acting upon it.

Something would have to be done.

* * * *

Harry sat up in his room, his bags were packed and all his belongings were shoved into his duffel bag. He had thought about the offer long and hard, and he had decided to go for it. He had to admit to himself Dumbledore was the cause for all his pain and anger. And Harry just wanted out, he wanted to be free to decide for himself, and not follow someone who only cared about the Death of Voldemort, but also about people innocents.

The Altus Caedo seemed to be the people who could help him with that. He smiled, three minutes to go. He scribbled a note to Dumbledore that Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon could give to whoever came calling.

I USED to have faith in you, but no longer, I am leaving, I’m not saying where. You have your war I have mine. You will see me every now and again, I will NOT be coming back to Hogwarts this year.

You have caused me much pain, more than Voldemort himself has, you and your Order can run around and fight, but I’m not part of the Order of the Phoenix (Speaking of tell Fawkes he’s welcome to find me, I’d love to see him), you can’t tell me what to do.

Good bye old man


Harry would write to the others when he got the chance to once settled in. Harry smiled as a long black SUV limo pulled up outside Privet Drive. Harry smiled softly as he pulled his trunk down the stairs, Hedwig hooting in her cage, which was strapped to the trunk. Petunia saw him.

“Where are you going?” She asked him harshly.

“I’m leaving, there’s a car waiting outside for me.” he said as he walked towards the door, he opened it and as he did a man in a white suit stepped out from the drivers seat.

“Mr Potter, we were hoping you were coming.” The man ran round the to the back passenger door and opened it.

Harry took one look at Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon’s faces and smiled. Talk about going with style, he pulled Hedwig off the trunk as the man took it to put it in the boot of the car. Harry climbed inside the limo and they started off.

* * * *

Vis was waiting for him inside the limo. He smiled when he saw Harry climb in. “Welcome Mr Potter, I am glad you have decided to come with us, I am sure there is much we can learn from each other.”

“I hope so, Mr Vires, I was hoping you would explain how this will work. I mean is there a set schedule? Other students? What?” Harry asked, his mouth spouting the questions he had been pondering since he had first met the man.

“Ah, too be young, with so many questions.” Vis smiled. “And please it’s just Vis to you, the officers call me Mr Vires. As to your questions there is a schedule. Your learning day starts at seven in the morning and continues through to four in the afternoon, then you can go into the town that the HQ and training facility is near and do what ever you want, so get weekends off, and fifty pounds a week to spend or to save, it’s your choice. There are four other students at the facility at the moment, two are your age , the other is fourteen. This will be explained to you. For now, put this on, you will have to wear this whenever you are inside the building or its grounds.”

Vis handed Harry a suit that reminded Harry of what the ninjas dressed in on Dudley’s TV programmes. Harry went behind a screen to change, he left the top loose and head gear down. Vis smiled.

“You look like one of us now, you will receive personalised weapons as you learn how to use them, your rank is determined by the slits in you belt.” Vis pointed out the blood red belt running around Harry’s belt. you must always wear the trousers and belt, you can replace the shirt with a plain black or white shirt in spare time, and you can wear jeans or joggers into town, but apart from that you eat, sleep and swim in these trousers.”

“Swim?” Harry questioned.

“There is an inside and outside pool, you will swim in both at all times of the year, the trousers are designed to be warm but not to soak water.” Vis explained. “Take this as well, it was you Great-Grandfather’s Leon Potter, he was the leader and my mentor back in the twenties.” Vis handed Harry a dagger, it was gold hilted and the blade had a lion engraved towards the top. Harry hilt a flow of warmth as it he held it.

Handling the knife, he instinctively slid it through a notch in his belt.

The car pulled to a stop as Harry placed it at his side. “We are here.”

Harry got out of the car, the first thing he saw was what looked like a large public house, the grounds were immense, as was the house, four or five stories high, balconies running the length of the house. Steps led up to a pair of big double doors. The limo started its engine and drove of turning around the side of the house.

“He’s taking it to the garage’s Vis explained, your things will be taken to your room. Do not worry. Let’s go in.”

A/N: Do tell me what you think. R&R…
Think I should continue this story? I like it and got the idea while playing Assassins Creed so just tell me what you think
Vis Vires - Nature force
Altus Caedo - Noble Killers
I have not got a beta reader, would anyone like the job?

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