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Non-HP related Fanfics >> An Untouched Heart by Ginnalicous

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Chapter 1- The First Day

It was the first day of High School for Cijaina Robison. Cijaina was tall for her age she was five foot eleven, only fourteen, shoulder length blackish brown hair, and light brown skin.
“Hey, CJ” came a familiar voice.
“Hey Daquane” Cijaina said closing her locker door, “So what class do you have next?” she added.
“Well, I don’t know I think I have Science next, what about you CJ?” said a familiar peppy voice.
“Hey, Tateeana” Cijaina said,
“and I have Science next too” she added as Tateeana fell into step with her and Daquane.
“What about you Dame’?” Tateeana said.
“What about me?” Daquane said truly befuddled.
“What class do you have next?” Tateeana said.
“Oh, I’ve got Language Arts next” he replied as he pulled out his class schedule for ‘A Week’.
“Hey looks like we’ve got Life Science, Social Studies, and …” Cijaina paused to look at the others class schedules,
“GYM together that’s for all three of us by the way”.
“Sweet” was Daquane’s only reply.
“Well, it looks like they did a pretty good job of keeping us separated” Tateeana said.
“Yeah, I can hear Mrs. Lynch (their eight grade math and Homeroom teacher) now” Daquane said then making his voice scratchy and girlish said,
“Keep ’these three apart they are a troublesome trio’”.
All three of them cracked up laughed and continued they're walk to class.
“Well, this is our stop Cijaina” Tateeana said pointing to room 21 b.
“See you Daquane” both Tateeana and Cijaina said.
“Bye you guys” Daquane said heading off to his class.
“Hello, Cijaina” said a familiar voice. It was Joey Patterson the biggest snob on the entire school.
“No, hello, you waste of my time and space on Earth” Cijaina said coolly,
“You think I have memory loss or something ‘cause no way did I forget what happened at the pool party last year”.
“But Cijaina I’m a changed man and you’re…” Joey paused and looked Cijaina up and down,
“a very, very changed woman. So what do say can we start a new” he finished sticking his hand which is known around as a piece offering.
Cijaina laughed at him maniacally
“Do you know how badly my rep’ was trashed for most of the summer thanks to you forget it” Cijaina said turning around and getting ready to walk away, but Joey grabbed her by the arm.
“Nobody says no to me you’ll regret this” he said as he let her go and Cijaina who was trying to free her arm of his grasp hit the ground with a loud thud. She was about to retaliate when Tateeana came up behind her and whispered in her ear
“He’s not worth it girlita and besides you don’t wanna get suspended on the first day” then she helped her up and they took their seats in the second seat from the front.
“Hello class for those of you who don’t know my name is Mrs. Ethanuel and I will be your Science teacher this year” she said as she wrote her name on the board
“This year you will be learning…”she added. As Mrs. Ethaneul continued Tateeana slipped Cijaina a note. Cijaina waited until Mrs. Ethanuel wasn’t looking then discreetly opened the note.
‘What’s the deal girlita what did Joey say?’ she had wrote.
‘Nothing seriously I can handle Mc Dumb-Dumb’ Cijaina wrote back, and then passed it back. When Cijaina got the note back it said
‘Still if he’s messin’ with my girl he’d better watch out not the other way around’ Tateeana wrote in response.
‘Alright girlita calm down besides there isn’t very much he can do to me any way. Now let’s stop this before Mrs. Ethanuel catches us’ Cijaina wrote back quickly. With that they stopped passing notes. For the rest of class they were forced (without a note to pass) to listen to Mrs. Ethanuel go on about how they would have review tests and a bunch of other things before September was over. Just when class was about to end and Cijaina was about to poke Tateeana to wake up the bell rang and did it for her. Just as they were about to leave Mrs.Ethanuel called Tateeana up to her desk. Tateeana went up to her desk with Cijaina on her heels.
“Miss Robinson I did not call you up” Mrs. Ethanuel said.
“Oh sorry Mrs. Ethanuel I was ju―” Cijaina began, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was Daquane.
“Oh, hi Mrs. Ethanuel I’ll just wait for them in the hall” Daquane said as he backed out of the door.
“Miss Robinson you can wait in the hallway with Mr. Smalls” Mrs. Ethanuel said simply. Cijaina listened to Mrs.Ethanuel and followed Daquane out into the hallway. About five minutes later Tateeana came out of the door looking kind of down.
“She said I’ve got detention for the rest of the week and if I fall asleep in her class again it'll be for a month” she said as they headed to Life Science.
“Hey CJ” said a slick from behind them as they stopped at their lockers.
“Look you nimrod I already told you I—”Cijaina cut herself off when she saw who it was (Todd, Tateeana’s twin brother)
“Oh, sorry Todd I thought you were Joey” she added closing her locker door.
“Well come on then” Tateeana said,
“Time enough later for chit-chat’ she added grabbing everyone by the wrists and drag them behind her for a short while then stopping.

“Well anyway now that somebody’s let us go are you going out for football CJ?” Todd said. “Of course, why?” Cijaina said.
“Well, how do I put this I heard the coach is um… kind of sexist” Todd said, “Let’s put it this way he thinks that girls should be the ones in mini skirts and having pom-poms cheerin’ the boys on”.
Cijaina cracked up laughing “Well he hasn’t met me yet” she merely said.
“Is she always this crazy?” Todd asked his sister while instead of answering him she merely gave him a look of disdain.
“You know what you really annoy me sometimes you know that Todd” Cijaina said.
“Anyway onto a better subject besides me” Todd said “What class do you three have next?”
“Life Science” Tateeana, Cijaina. Daquane all said.
“Cool so do I” Todd replied. Both Tateeana and Cijaina emitted groans beside them, but when Todd looked at them raising a skeptical eyebrow they quickly changed their moods.
“Hey you know what maybe you and Cijaina should be partners”, Daquane said mischievously.
“Yeah you’ve only been crushing on her since I don’t know like sixth grade” Tateeana said coolly. “Nuh-Uh’ Todd replied quickly.
“Uh- huh” Tateeana said right back.
The two argued back and forth until the teacher yelled at the pair of them and told them to take a seat.
“Hello class my name is Mrs. Schultz” she said now addressing the entire class and not just Tateeana and Todd
As Mrs. Schultz began to explain that they would be starting the baby project right away this year. This caused the entire class to erupt with joy.
“So first to get theirs is Asiayana Jolly and Brad Smith-Lane” Mrs. Schultz said, “and next is Cijaina Robinson and Todd Norrison”.
Todd and Cijaina walked up to Mrs. Schultz’s desk.
“Alright your two occupations are foot-ball player or doctor and between you two and me ya’ll can pick which. By the way good luck at football tryouts Cijaina”. “Thanks Mrs. Schultz” Cijaina said before quickly saying “I call football player” she added then sitting down in her seat.
“Naw, there isn’t a such thing as the WNFL only the NFL” Todd said.
“Well to bad” Cijaina said “And by the way Doctor Norrison you’re wanted in your seat”.
This caused the entire class to crack up laughing.
Todd bowed sillilly and said “As you wish your majesty”. This caused the whole class to laugh even louder even Mrs. Schultz.
“All right everyone calm down” she eventually yelled, “But hey it looks like we have a for real couple here” she added.
“No!” both Cijaina and Todd yelled at the same time.
The rest of Mrs. Schultz class was fun and Mrs. Schultz was fun.
They seemed to breeze through the next class, but the one after that wasn’t so good mainly because Daquane and Cijaina started arguing about whether or not Todd liked her and both landed them selves in detention.

Author's Note: please don't be afraid to post C&C

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