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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> The One Year Training by HunterGarrow

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The One Year Training

18th July 1996

Harry had been at the facility for a week and he was already in the swing of things. The training seemed to have unlocked something inside him, an instinct to fight, to win. The regular training had started putting muscles on him, along with three square meals a day he was positive he was three times as strong as he was when he had got here.

The schedule was rather simple, get up at six in the morning, wash, breakfast, a circuit of the grounds, push-ups and sit-ups, and then lessons. They varied each day, from stealth and infiltration and hand to hand combat, to casting senses as Vis had called it during their first lesson and advanced magic, taught by a surprisingly agile old wizard. Harry also had potions which, he was pleased to find was a lot more fun without Snape.

Harry had also mad friends with the three other students at the centre with him. Mia Ling, a proper American girl who was a prime fighter, she along with Harry was the only other magical person being taught in the facility. She had pale blue eyes and blonde hair with highlights of light blue and green mixed into it. She had personalised her uniform by ripping the arms off of the top, as well as the holes that had been worn through at the knees, she was funny, witty and never afraid to break all the rules.

Lance Garret was a tall skinny boy, he was a number one in stealth and infiltration. He was blonde and pale, and could of past for Harry’s brother with the eyes, as the eyes were a shade or two darker than Harry’s. he was originally from France so sometimes in moments of stress or excitement he would lapse into his native tongue.

Rebecca Weatherly, Harry was positive could be related to the Weasleys. Her hair was a fiery red and her temper matched Mrs Weasley’s and Ginny’s. her eyes were a dark brow she fourteen and a small fourteen year old at that, but she could fight like a lioness, as Harry had found when she had floored him in his first lesson.

They were walking back to their lesson with Vis so they could talk about the Altus Caedo code.

The grinned at each other as they took their places, cross legged on small cushions. Harry at one end Mia next to him, who kept sneaking glances at him, smiling secretively. Next to her sat Rebecca who was looking serious, but she always looked serious, you could only tell what she was feeling by looking in her eyes and Lance was at the end, listening inattentively to what Vis was going to say.

“There are certain rules if you are going to succeed in this creed, they are honourable and if not followed you will either be expelled from the guild or put to death, depending on which one you broke and how seriously.” Vis told them solemnly. “You have all been recruited here within the past one or two weeks, so I expect you to know at least two each. Mia, can you tell me one?”

“Nature is out friend, respect and help it, and it will help and respect us. We must not harm the creatures of light or the woods and forests in which they live.” Mia smiled shyly, she was a naturalist, she could control certain aspects of the force. She closed her hand there was a green glow from it, opening her hand she showed the a large lily blossoming in her hand “And maybe the forces will help us one day.”

“Wise words, Mia.” Vis smiled. He would never admit it but out of the four Harry and Mia were his favourites and would go far within the Altus Caedo. “Lance can you tell me another?”

“Secrecy, we must not reveal Altus Caedo secrets to the outside world. Even to trusted friends in case they fall into the wrong hands.” Lance said smugly.

Vis nodded. “That is correct.” Vis had never liked Lance, and if he had had his way would not have admitted him to the creed, but the council had spoken against him, Lance was a powerful child, and if allowed to grow up not in control of his abilities could hold the potential to do some real damage. “Rebecca? Anything you’d like to add?”

“Protect the innocent blood.” she said quickly. “We must do what ever we can within our power to protect the innocent and must never purposely do anything to harm them. This is one of the rules that if taken to the extreme will be punishable by death.”

“well done, Rebecca.” Vis smiled. “Harry, any ideas?”

“Loyalty, although it is something I tend to live by anyway it is a rule, we must always help another member in need, whether it be emotionally or protection, we must protect, assist or just be there for a Altus Caedo member in need.”

“I’m impressed, you have been here less time than any of the others yet you still know the rule.”

“Sir, doesn’t showing that you need help a weakness?” Lance said, his voice harsh. “If showing you need help means you loose respect, surely not showing weakness is a rule here as one being weak will speak bad for the whole group.”

Harry looked at Lance sharply. “Lance, showing you need help will earn you even more respect, it is showing courage to admit you need help in one way or another.” Harry looked at Vis, who smiled and nodded.

“Harry speaks the truth, Lance.” Vis smiled at Lance. “Everyone needs help at sometime or another. The sooner you learn that the sooner you will admit it is the truth.”

* * * *

“I think we all agree that Mr Potter has indeed been taken in by the Noble Killers.” Dumbledore said serenely. “I know some of us think this is a good thing, that it will allow Harry to come into himself, but I do not think this is so.” Dumbledore looked down. “We are joined by Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, to say what they have found out from Harry through letters.”

The room turned towards Ron and Hermione, the latter of which looked like she had been crying. Ron spoke. “Harry’s sent a load of letters, to me, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville. It all sounds pretty much Harry. The usual; I’m fine, don’t worry, I’m safe. There’s three other students as he calls them with him, but he refuses to give a name, something about the rules of the guild.” Ron explained, he was reading this from Hermione’s notes. “the facility is near a town as Harry says he along with these other student go there during the weekends and some evenings.” Ron took a breath, “it was only once he had gone to this place that he had started sending us letters, and the latest ones say he will go to the Burrow for his birthday.”

* * * *

30th October 1996

“Come on, Potter.” Driller yelled at Harry, throwing a large smashing curse at him. Harry rolled, allowing to let the curse fly over him. “My grand-dad could do better than that.”

Harry grinned as he saw a plan formulating in his mind. “your grand-dad was one of the best duellers England’s ever seen, so I expect he was better than me.” Harry grinned, he fired a low stunner at Driller, as the man jumped, Harry summoned his left shoe, causing the man to land awkwardly. Harry then did a full body bind on the man, walked over and retrieved his wand.

A screen went down showing Vis, Mia, Lance and Rebecca standing there. Harry grinned cockily. “What’s my score?”

“twenty second less than last time.” Vis said looking at his stop watch. “So a minute and ten seconds. Not bad, Harry.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Harry said.

“Good news for you, Harry.” Vis grinned. “You get to lead the team through the maze tomorrow night.” Harry looked surprised. “You know what that is, of course.”

Harry nodded. The maze was an underground labyrinth, which had hidden cameras in, there were obstacles and enemies placed all around the maze, every few months a team went in to train, everyone could watch them, Harry’s team was going in the very next day. “I’m leading/” Harry asked confused. “I can’t lead.”

“Nonsense, you are strong, steady headed and think about things. Your tutors, not including me are going to be your enemies. You have from now, until seven tomorrow night to prepare yourselves,” Vis nodded to each of them, “good luck. I have faith in you.” he turned and left.

They were silent for a few minutes. Finally Lance broke the silence, “I think that is what people mean when they say, we are in the shitter.”

“No, we can handle this.” Rebecca said, ever the level headed one. “I mean we handled that bloody dog last week in creature defence.”

“That was only because I came across one when I was eleven and remembered how to handle it.” Harry pointed out. “And the only reason I knew how to handle it was because the person who owned it was a friend of mine and is easy to get information out of.”

“So all we need is to get Vis pissed and wrangle information out of him.” Mia grinned.

“No, we need to choose weapons. We know that they give us weapons, plus our knives.” Harry said, trying to think. “If I have any sword they give us. We all know that Mia’s best with the long range cross bow. Lance if you take the battle axe, and Rebecca if you take the Sai, we all know you can use those with your eyes closed, that and that new skill you‘ve built up will be useful” Rebecca blushed at the compliment. She had recently discovered if she tried she could give off an electrical shock strong enough to send Driller half-way across the training room

“Well, that’s sorted out, I wonder because you do realise the guild pulls in members of the participants family to watch.” Lance grinned. “My Mum will be well proud, her dad was in the creed.”

“My dad will be ecstatic, he told me he once watched him mom perform the maze, he never got the pleasure, he’d love watching me do it.” Mia smiled.

“my mum and dad will probably turn up, what about you Harry?” Rebecca asked.

Harry’s thoughts had wondered toward another maze, one where the Weasleys had turned up. “What? Oh…I don’t know. I told you about the Dursleys, I can’t imagine them coming.” he grinned.

“What about the Weasleys, they seemed rather taken with you.” Mia grinned, remembering Harry’s birthday.

“I suppose.”

The Next Day…

Harry slipped his wand into his wrist guard which doubled as a wand and knife holster, a sword was slung carelessly over his back. He pulled his black hood up and over his head and the baggy part of his shirt up over his mouth and nose, leaving only his eyes visible.

He scanned over his team, Mia had a wand holster as well, that with the set of crossbows she had stored on her, which consisted of two one hander’s and a heavy duty over her shoulder, all the arrows were shrunk down. She too had pulled her hood up so only her eyes were the only visible part of her face.

Lance was swinging his large axe around, taking practice strikes at mid air, his knife stored in his belt. He smiled as he twirled the axe around his head, swiping it skilfully back into its protective sleeve he had on his back. He pulled his hood up and pulled the hem down over his eyes so only his mouth was visible, it had a grim smile to it.

Rebecca was so nervous she was shaking. Her Sai were at her waist, as well as ten Shurikens in a spring release up her sleeve. She wore fingerless gloves, so her new found powers, would be given the chance to spring fourth.

The sat in a room off the maze waiting for their introductions to whoever was listening. They soon recognised Vis’s voice.

“Hello, all and one. We are here to watch the newest recruits to the Altus Caedo. Harry James Potter being the leader, Mia Michelle Ling being the second in command, Lance Henderson Garret being strategist and Rebecca Hannah Weatherly being navigator.” Harry heard a loud applause, there was certainly a lot of people watching them. “The maze is one of the hardest tests a agent can participate in. these four are competing in it to earn their names.”

Mia jumped at this. “Crap, we’re earning our names, I can’t believbe it.” she grinned widely.

“They had to collect the statue and get back to their room. This is a test of team work and will. Good luck you four, do me proud.”

The four jumped as the door opened.

* * * *

“We’re nearly there.” Lance yelled as he dodged a large rock.

“Nearly isn’t good enough!” Harry shouted, he had Rebecca over his shoulder.

“It’s here!” Mia screamed. She was at the door way of the room, they jumped through as the door closed.

“YES!” Lance yelled throwing his arms into the air. He pulled the statue out from Harry’s bag. “We did it.”

While he was jumping around Mia and Harry were checking over Rebecca. “Is she okay?” Harry asked Mia.

Mia waved her hands over the smaller girl. Mia glanced at Harry and nodded. “She’ll live.”

“Forget her, we did it, and she didn’t help.” Lance said.

Harry turned on him, striding towards him, slamming him against a wall. “You worthless, bastard!” he hissed. “she saved your sorry arse. She pushed you out of the way of that mine.”

“Get off-” Lance was reaching for his knife, he was cut off by Harry’s knife slipping out of his wrist holster.

“I wouldn’t.” Harry warned. “you broke the rules of the creed, if it won’t for me and Mia you would have left Rebecca behind, and don’t say you wouldn’t, we could see it in your eyes.” Harry slid his knife back into his holster. “As it is it was only a test, so I won’t execute you like I should.” Harry turned and slammed a fist into Lance’s face, Lance’s head hit the wall and he slid to the floor.

Harry walked back over to Mia and Rebecca. Rebecca was slowly coming back. Harry smiled when she opened her eyes a crack. “Here she is.” he grinned. The door opened then and Vis and Driller walked in.

“Well done you three. Lance not so much.” Driller smiled at the three. “Here, let me.” he smiled at Harry and Mia and he lifted Rebecca carefully up and took her off to the medical ward.

Vis looked at the other two. “Harry, this room is bugged with cameras and voice recorders,” Harry’s stomach dipped, he knew what was coming, he was in trouble for knocking Lance out, “and I want to say I am very proud of the way you handled Lance. I talked to his parents, he is headstrong, ignorant and frankly not a team player. This is not someone I want in a group, he is being kicked from the guild. From here on it’s just you and the girls, your names will be handed out tonight at the feast, as well as Lance’s eviction from the team.” Vis smiled and left, leaving Harry and Mia in great confusion.

* * * *

“Harry James Potter’s Altus Caedo name is Blackmane, as it has been found that his courage is that of a Lion, as his friendship values and protectiveness of his friends is that of a fine loyalty, as is the relationship between that of a lion and it’s pride.” Vis smiled. Harry walked up shook Vis’s hand and took a shining golden medallion from the blind man, it had a lions face on one side and the date on another. “good work, Harry.” Vis smiled.

“Mia Michelle Ling’s Altus Caedo name will be Fire-Eyes. In her eyes blaze a fire I have not seen in many years, one that will protect everybody and anybody from harm, be it man or woman, be it adult or child, be it human or creature, magical or not, she will do her out most to protect them.” Vis smiled at Mia and kissed her cheek before hanging a medallion showing an eye with a blazing pupil. “Good work, Mia.

“Rebecca Hannah Weatherly’s Altus Caedo name will be Wind-Spirit. She treads lightly and will willingly sacrifice herself for her friends, a force to be reckoned with, or that’s how Driller put it. She will overcome anything to ensure the safety of her friends and team.” Vis smiled, kissed her on the cheek and handed a medallion like the other two, it had a hurricane hurtling around a shape which looked like a heart. “Good work.” Vis smiled. He then turned back to the hall. “In the aftermath of a battle, even a test like the one we have just witnessed, there rises people stronger, but yet there are people who are not up to the challenge. Lance Henderson Garret is one of these people, we will forever be marked as a coward and a deserter of friends, caring more for his own life than that of his friend who seconds before had saved him. He has been banished from the Altus Caedo and never return.”

The hall who had been clapping for Harry, Mia and Rebecca booed sharply, until Vis motioned for them to be quiet. “In the Altus Caedo, it is clear to me these three are stronger together, so may I introduce the Phoenix. A force that rises from the ashes, more powerful than ever before.” the hall erupted into clapping again.

* * * *

12th June 1997

Harry smiled as he silently dismantled the wards of the mansion before them, it was the Phoenix’s first formal assassination, the target was a enemy of Harry’s and an ally of Voldemort. Harry was fixed on Lucius Malfoy, tonight he was going to die. The orders were to kill him and anyone else with a Dark Mark, anyone else was to have their memory wiped.

The wards went down and Harry motioned to the two girls behind him. They moved silently and swiftly, moving from hedge to hedge, Mia quickly dismantling any spells cast on the plants, or if they were dangerous calming them. Soon they were at the door. Harry quickly tried and unlocking spell. He nodded to Rebecca, who pulled two metal instruments from her pockets, carefully she picked the lock, allowing the door to swing open. Harry nodded at her, wizards never bothered to protect against Muggle thieves.

They made their way quickly through the house, checking every room, taking anything of value, shrinking it and shoving it into their bags. Stealing was how the creed members were paid, what ever they took they could keep, ten percent went toward the up keep of the facility the rest they kept. Harry opened a bedroom quietly, finding a sleeping person in the room. His face tightened as he recognized Macnair. Harry slid his knife from his belt, walked over to the man, putting a hand over the man’s mouth, Harry swiftly slit the mans throat, pushing the bed clothes to the man’s neck to keep blood from spilling to the floor and wall.

Harry exited the room, checking the man was dead, it had taken him three executions to get used to the fact they were doing right, but doing it himself he still felt guilt rush through him, until he remembered he was cutting down Voldemort’s ranks.

The three reunited outside the master bedroom. Harry nodded and he carefully slid the door open. Seeing Narcissa Malfoy sleeping next to her husband he cast a stunning spell on her so she would not wake up until their deed was done. Harry nodded to Mia, indicating for her to do it, while he kept watch with Rebecca. Mia slid in and put her fingertips over Malfoy’s throat. Harry knew what she was doing. He watched as she took them away. Malfoy started choking, his eyes bulged and slowly the life was pulled out of him. When he was found a flower would be coming out of his mouth, with its root system snaking its way through out his body.

Mia moved back. “Right, let’s move.” Harry whispered, the other’s nodded.

* * * *

“Lucius Malfoy was found dead this morning.” Snape told the assembled crowd. “A unknown plant was found, it’s flower filled his mouth, whiled its roots and steams had sucked the life from him, feeding off of his body, it was most likely he died of suffocation. Macnair was also found, he was staying with the Malfoys over night, he had his throat slit, it was done tidily.”

“Thank you, Severus.” Dumbledore said. “I think we have an unknown ally in this war, Voldemort lieutenant dieing like this wasn’t good luck. Macnair’s murder was confirmation of this.”

“Does it really matter who did this?” Remus asked. “What matters is that they’re both dead.”

“We have suspicions about who did it.” Dumbledore continued ignoring Remus.

“Who?” Bill asked.

“Harry Potter.” Snape said. “I was the one who examined the scene for Voldemort, I sensed his magical traces around the wards. He was the one who dismantled them.” Snape told the startled room.

“H…Harry?” Molly stuttered. “H…how?”

“Molly, Harry has been taken in by the Altus Caedo, a league of assassins.” McGonagall told the Weasley mother. “He has been with them almost a year, it is evident this was his initiation, along with his team.”

“What I want to know is how did Harry lift those wards?” Bill said suddenly. “I’ve seen the designs for Malfoy Manor’s wards. It would take me at least three days to figure them out and dismantle them, if Harry did them in a night, he must be advanced.”

Dumbledore nodded. “Indeed, I think it is time we speak with the leader of the Altus Caedo.”

* * * *

Three days later the Order was assembled, this time there were four people in front of them. Three had their faces covered and were armed with a knife each and had the appearance of bodyguards, the other was in a suit. Vis Vires was smiling.

“Mr Vires, was it absolutely necessary to bring a team of your assassins with you?” Remus asked him.

Vis looked at him. “You are the werewolf?” Vis asked. Lupin nodded. “I have heard great things about you from certain members, a trust worthy character, I go with what my instincts and my trusted tell me. It is not you, or the Weasleys I mistrust, it is those two.” Vis said pointing at Snape and Dumbledore. “They have between them made a young man’s life very difficult.”


“Shut it, Snape!” Vis snapped. “I heard about your attempts to teach Harry to block his mind. I have worked past the obstacles you placed within him, and I have taught him to be such a good mind specialist he is probably better than you, me and Dumbledore put together.”

“I’d like to see that.” Snape snarled.

“Then you may.” Vis smiled. “Blackmane, if you please?” Vis said turning to the figure dressed in black on his right.

“Yes, Sir.” the figure stepped forwards and pulled his hood down, Harry’s hair now grew long and was slicked back, his glasses were gone due to the healers powers within the group, he had a long scar down one side of his face, as well as a dash on the side of his head.

The crowd gasped when they saw him, he showed no emotions, his eyes purely focussing on Snape. “Okay, Snape, you wanted to test me go ahead.”

To the room it appeared as if Snape levelled his wand at Harry and muttered something. A beam of light connected them, then suddenly Snape was thrown backwards, he curled up and clutched at his head. His face was a mixture of fear and revulsion. Harry had his eyes shut and looked peaceful. Finally Harry opened his eyes and Snape slumped, unconscious.

“What method was that, Harry?” Vis asked.

Harry allowed himself a small smile. “It was the implantation of fear, I systematically withdrew ten of Snape’s worse memory’s and played them back in rapid succession,” his smile grew a little wider. “I also added a green dress, a red handbag and a vulture hat.” Harry winked at Lupin, so fast the man wasn’t sure he had seen it before Harry’s face was of stone again.

“I’m impressed.” Vis smiled. He was talking as if it were just another lesson. “Brain told me you had advanced, but not to that stage.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Harry said, he stepped back beside the other two and pulled his hood back up.

“As you can see Albus, Harry is a lot more advanced than when you last saw him, he has actually finished his training, he went on his fist assignment not a week ago, and accomplished it it such a little amount of time we were not sure he has telling the truth until we saw tha papers.” Vis told the old man. “he is so well trained and we are so satisfied with him, we are allowing him to go this week, he is returning to his Uncle’s house, where thanks to his training he will not be abused, and for some reason, he wishes to return to Hogwarts for his final year. In this I hope it is acceptable, but Mia, who originally attended Beauxbatons wishes to accompany him.”

“It is acceptable, but they will not be allowed to be armed within the castle grounds.” Dumbledore told Vis. He then turned to the two people dressed in black who weren’t Harry. “Which one of you is Mia?”

Mia stepped forwards and pushed her hood down. “I am, Professor.” she smiled and then pushed her hood back up.

“Very well, I expect to see you two at Hogwarts on September the first.” Dumbledore said.

“Sir, please do not tell my friends I am coming back, I wish it to be a surprise.” a black figure said with Harry’s voice.

“Very well, Harry.”

A/N: Chapter three: Privet Drive
Dudley Dursley the Smeltings Heavy Weight Champ Vs Harry Potter the Blackmane of the Altus Caedo

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