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I don't want you, I need you

Ginny stared out the window of the Burrow. How could she stand this agony? Not knowing how everything would turn out? Her hair was always on end every day. Her husband had left her. Draco was always the stupid charmer that got her fricken' pregnant. She sighed and pulled her hair up in an elastic. Where was he? Where was that night in shining armor?

She had sent an owl to all of her immediate friends... And enemies. Ron, Hermione, Harry. Harry... Why did she send a message to Harry? The boy who lived and then got caught up in the spotlight? The boy who she had loved. The boy who would kill her when he figured out that she was pregnant with his biggest competitor in the ministry.

Her head was directed at the floor, her heart just as low. How could she bear this terrible suffering? Why did it always happen to her? She felt tears that threatened to leak, but sniffed, slowly getting onto her bed, her hand on her belly. That was how she went to sleep. She was awoken when she heard her mothers faint call from the kitchen. "Darling, someone's here to see you."

I don't care for you, I love you

Ginny pulled on her jacket and ran down stairs. She wasn't very surprised to see Hermione, but what really surprised her was that Harry was standing behind her. A blush only a redhead could have sprouted on her face. She was done for. Dead. Period. Her mother had a concerned look on her face, and directed the guests to Ginny.

She smiled just the tiniest bit and waved. "Hi, guys." But they weren't looking at her hand, or her face. They were looking at her slowly growing stomach. She was in her third trimester, the baby due in a few weeks. Harry looked furious, but Hermione touched his shoulder. "It wasn't her fault," Ginny heard Hermione say.

Ginny picked herself off the ground, figuratively of course. "What's your problem Harry?" she challenged. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't really fought with anyone since Draco. "Well, let me think. You got pregnant with my worst enemy. And you're like my little sister. And I can see your hurt." He said, not showing the faintest hint of a smile.

"Well, I think you need to back off. I don't need your help Harry." She sighed and said, "Got what you’re looking for? Huh? Something to make Draco embarrassed?" Ginny found a chair and sat down. "I don't need you." She said again. But deep, deep, deep down inside she knew that something was wrong with her not loving Harry. Or maybe that was just the baby that was kicking. Either way, she figured that something needed to change in her life.

I'll be there for you because of you

Harry looked up at Ginny and then turned to Hermione. Hermione sighed, leaving the room. She could take a hint. Ginny pleaded for her to stay only to be turned down. “Gin, what happened?” Her heart was beating faster. Faster. Almost to the point that she couldn’t breath. “Leave Harry.” She said again. Her heart protested, but she began screaming at him. “Do you want to know what happened? YOU LEFT ME! You and your pigheaded self. You didn’t even care. You didn’t-” But she couldn’t talk anymore. She was sobbing.

Harry was stunned. This was a beautiful girl that was standing in front of him, but he had never realized he was in love with her. He liked her. And he had gone out with her, touched her, and breathed the air she breathed. He guessed that he had never noticed that he was in love with her, because he never looked. And now he had made her miserable, and she had made him furious. “Do you think I wanted this? DO YOU?” He asked, walking up to her and putting his arms on her shoulder, shaking her slightly. He had tears streaming down his own face, and watched as she looked up at him and whispered, “Yes, Harry. You did, and you still do. Just say to me in a straight face that you wanted to see me. Then I’ll believe you.” She looking in his eyes, scanning his face for honesty.

He was lying of course when he said that he had originally came to see her. And she could tell. Her face contorted into a grimace and she said, “That’s what I thought. Leave.” Harry still had his arms on her shoulder and she shoved them off and pushed him away from her. “LEAVE!” She said again, the tears coming back. She was in for a rough night.

I'll do anything for you

Ginny was in pain. Emotionally. Her face had been blotchy all morning and her hair entangled in a jungle that no one could possibly decipher. She had stopped smiling hours ago, when Harry entered the house. A bowl of her mother’s homemade ice cream was in her lap and she was scooping generous amounts into her mouth. This wasn’t like her. She wasn’t weak. She pondered how this had all started and started laughing.

Okay, she was probably going insane. Must’ve been the hormones that came with pregnancy. But she was laughing. Harry had never liked fame, and then he let it get to him. Ginny had never liked Draco, and then she let him in her pants. The whole situation was mildly ironic to her.

She considered letting the baby up for adoption, but that was out of the question. She had always wanted to have a baby to take care of, and this might be the only chance she got, seeing that she never got out anymore. Her face was starting to gain her color back, and her mother gave a sigh of relief.


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