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HP after Hogwarts >> chapter 2 by wayneg

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Harry waited for Kreacher for some time. He finally arrived back five hours later bowing again. “I am sorry master that Kreacher has taken so long but Kreacher is finding the house with lots of curses sir. Kreacher has countered a lot sir but there is still some terrible curses that Kreacher cannot counter. The house is really untidy and will need a lot of work but Kreacher cannot begin until the curses have all gone. I am sorry master Potter”

“It’s ok Kreacher. Thank you anyway. I will go see Bill and ask him for some help.” Harry again thought that he shouldn’t potentially put another Weasley in danger but he couldn’t stay at Hogwarts forever.

Harry grabbed his cloak and walked through the castle and off over its grounds and through the gates, apparating at the same moment.

Harry reappeared exactly where he wanted to be. His talent for apparating was superb because last year he had been doing it to keep one step ahead of the death eaters. He knew he still hadn’t got a license but also knew he needed to get one but the ministry still hadn’t got working again yet properly and thought that he wouldn’t have a problem especially since Kinglsey had taken on the role as Interim Minister.

Knocking on the door to The Burrow and walking into the kitchen he noticed the house was a little quiet. He walked through to the lounge and spotted Bill and Fleur sitting before the fire.

“Harry,” Bill began “are you visiting just like us?”

“Not exactly Bill. I wanted to see you and I forgot you have your own place now. I need your help.” Harry began to tell Bill all that Kreacher had told him about the curses and when he had finished Bill just nodded and steeped his fingers and simply said “I see. Well at least I have something to do. Let’s get going. Fleur could you let mum and dad know where he have gone would you dear?

Bill and Harry apparated behind the tree opposite where number twelve would be. They looked around before walking over the road. As they got nearer Grimmauld place appeared before them. Looking around Bill and Harry walked up to the front door. Harry taking his wand out was just about to tap the door when Bill pushed it away.

“No Harry, the door might be cursed as well.”

Bill began muttering some incantations that Harry could not hear. The last one he said made the door begin to glow red. “Yes Harry that means the door is cursed. Ok right lets get to finding out which curse it is.” Bill began muttering again and after five minutes he stated “It’s similar to the blasting curse. It’s an easy one to counter.” Again he muttered what Harry though to be the counter then the door began to glow blue. “Ok that one down.”

Harry tapped the door with his wand and the locks began to click and then the door opened. He entered and looked inside and was disgusted with the sight before him. The house was strewn with litter, shards of wood from what Harry assumed were the chairs and tables were scattered everywhere but worst of all there were a wall missing. ‘Wait a minute it isn’t that bad’ he thought, that wall had a portrait of someone’s mother. Sirius’s mother was no longer their but what did remain was a pile of brinks and rubble.

Bill continued around the house whilst Harry just watched in amazement. When Harry began to get hungry he realised that the morning had gone already. Bill, looking exhausted strolled back to him. “Harry I think they are all gone. I have cast a detection spell around the house and anymore. Can you call Kreacher and ask him to also check?”

“KREACHER.” Harry yelled and with a small pop he appeared. “Kreacher, Bill has checked the house and he thinks all the curses have be neutralised. Can you do a final sweep and check for anything further.” Kreacher bowed and disappeared again.

“Bill, can you sell a house with the fidelius charm on it?” Harry asked

“Yes Harry.” With us all now being secret keepers if anyone of us advertises it then anyone reading that paper will break the fidelius charm That’s why we didn’t do it when Dumbledore passed because it would have been visible to all magical folk, being un-plottable still makes it invisible to Muggles though and if anyone buys it then the charm is broken completely. Why do you ask? Thinking of selling?”

“Yes Bill. That house has so many memories and not many of them are good. I think I need a clean break from it all. Somewhere quiet with a lake. I have always liked sitting beside the lake at Hogwarts at that would relaxing to have my own. How much do you think I should ask for it?”

Bill thought for a minute then said “Well Harry, that sort of property should fetch around two hundred maybe two hundred and fifty thousand galleons, but seem as it is yours it might fetch another hundred thousand on top. Everyone would want to brag that they are now living in the house formerly owned by Harry Potter ‘Destroyer of Voldermort’. He giggled at this statement knowing Harry hated his fame. “Anyway are you coming back to The Burrow to get something to eat or do you have plans Harry?” Bill asked after he too realised that he was hungry.

Harry just nodded and disappeared just after Bill did.


Harry stayed at The Burrow for the next few days. He and Ginny began seeing each other again. Harry had to do some explaining and grovelling to get her to forgive him, but forgive him she did as in her eyes they never really split and she just wanted him to realise how stupid he was by leaving her in the first place. They were often seen kissing, and whenever they wasn’t they would be holding hands or laughing. Mrs Weasley often thought it was nice to see Harry happy for a change and she was glad that her only daughter was the reason for it.

Harry had been getting The Prophet since he had been staying at the Weasleys. Looking at the front page he knew life was returning to normal. Only a few death eaters remained now so not that many tales of death or destruction had been reported. The aurors had been rounding them up and imprisoning them. Kinglsey as the Interim Minister of Magic had made it his highest concern and instructed the aurors to capture them as soon as possible. The ones that they hadn’t got in custody had either gone into extreme hiding or fled the country.

Thursday morning post brought a letter from Minister Shacklebot asking him to return for a demise gathering in the great hall. The gathering was scheduled for Saturday 1pm. He noticed that Hermione, Ron and Ginny all had similar envelopes so he assumed them to be the same note. ‘Well it was to be revealed in two days’ he thought.

Saturday morning came all too soon. He dressed in his best robes and as the entire Weasley clan had been invited they decided to take a portkey to Hogsmeade.

After they had all exited The Burrow they all placed one hand on the yard brush they were using as the portkey and at precisely 12 o’clock the portkey activated, grabbing their navel and pulling them through the air and arriving in Hogsmeade a few seconds later.

After arriving in Hogsmeade they began the walk towards Hogwarts hand in hand with Ginny. They chatted and giggled between them before Harry noticed that there were rather a lot of people, a lot of student’s in fact. They all were heading in the same direction and that was the same place they were heading.

Arriving at Hogwarts they entered into the great hall. The great hall had been refitted with lots of chairs. The table at the front where the teachers sat was still there and there were a gap down the middle of the chairs to allow people to access that table. People had already taken their seats so Harry and the Weasleys began to take theirs.

The great hall was now almost full and it was nearly 1pm, so sooner or later they would find out what the presentation was all about. At 1pm the room hushed because ministry officials and the Professors began the walk towards the top table. They each took their seats before Professor McGonagall stood back up, cast the sonorus charm and began.

“All of you know that this hall and the rest of Hogwarts was the stage of the demise of V-Voldermort.” A few gasps erupted around the room at the mention of Voldermort. “Please, please, settle down. You must not fear this name no more. Voldermort is dead, dead at the hands and planning’s of Mr Harry James Potter. Voldermort went beyond the realms of decently and nearly secured immortality. But Mr Potter had taken time off from school to destroy his immortality and on May 2nd 1998 came to Hogwarts where Voldermort was threatening the school to destroy him for the last time. I assure you this time Voldermort has gone for good he will not return.” Cheers went up around the hall at this statement.

“Settle down, settle down. Outside people, teachers and pupils,” she said indication with her hands “fought for survival here, some unfortunately are not here with us no more. Some of our own pupils battled against us with the forces of dark. But they have either been imprisoned or are too not with us. We are here today to recognise those that did fight for the forces of good and protected those that couldn’t or wouldn’t.”

“This as you may know is our new interim Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebot.” Cheers went up for the minister as McGonagall took her seat after removing the sonorus charm.

“Thank you Headmistress. That was a lovely speech. Like Professor McGonagall has just said, Voldermort is gone for good and we are here today to honour those who died and those who helped defeat him. Today we will be doing a first. There will be one hundred and eighty nine awards to be awarded so when I call you name please come to the front. First I would like to say that it is an honour to award the Order of Merlin Third Class to……….”

Fifty 3rd class awards were given to all the pupils who died battling for the side of good and their grieving parents collected it on their behalf. Another Twenty five surviving people were also awarded the 3rd class.

“Next I would like to award the Order of Merlin 2nd class to all the DA. These people fought the dark forces on a few occasions and took the frontline on that fatal day. These people are……….” The Minister began to read out all of the names of the DA including the rest of the pupils who had died which included Fred Weasley. “……….Lavender Brown…..Luna Lovegood…..Neville Longbottom…..Ginerva, George and Ron Weasley…..Hermione Granger…..Katie Bell and Harry Potter. “The list finished and another round of applause and cheers went up.

“Next I would like to announce the awards for Order of Merlin 1st class. These people fought of the front line against Voldermort and his forces for quite a few years. These people where commonly called The Order of the Phoenix. Please step forward……….” This list was long as well and it too had people missing but The Minister ploughed through them regardless. “…..Arabella Figg…..Hestia Jones….Molly and Arthur Weasley…. And your very own Rubeus Hagrid and Minerva McGonagall.”

More cheers went up and these but was soon quieted when The Minister raised his hand once more. “Before I continue I nearly forgot to tell you all that all the people I have mentioned this afternoon have also received 10,000 galleons for each award. Getting that out the way I now would also like to announce three more 1st class awards to three young but very unselfish people who without them this war could of continued so these last names are…..Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. All the people I have mentioned this afternoon have also received 10,000 galleons for each award.

The three just sat there dumb struck and these events. Not only did they get the 2nd class awards they also had a 1st class award. Harry was thinking that he must be the youngest ever winner of this award. They made there way to the table once more where Kingsley gave out his final three awards. When Harry accepted his award he also accepted a further three 1st class awards for his mum, dad and Lupins. He accepted these but Kingsley asked him to make a little speech himself.

Reluctantly he stepped forward and cast his own sonorus charm and began. “Thank you Minister for these awards, I would like to thank you again on behalf of my mums, dads and for Remus’. But I would like you to also acknowledge the other people who fought in this battle. These people being the centaurs, Grawp, Hagrids brother and the many Hogwarts house elves all of which gave it just as much as any of us have. I would like you to look into the Care of Magical Creatures department and ask them to give all these creatures and the ones like werewolves for equal rights because if it wasn’t for people like them this war would have been bloodier. I would like to nominate Hermione Granger as a spoke person for these beings should they not want to speak for themselves and I also want to see a change in how they are treated.”

More cheering went up around the great hall with Hermione’s being the loudest. When the room quieted down again Professor McGonagall stood back up. “I would like to congratulate everyone who has won an award today and commiserate with those of lost their loved ones. As this has been a long afternoon we decided to lay on a meal for you all and you will find it just outside on the Hogwarts grounds, and we have asked the Hogwarts express to arrive this evening around 7pm to take anybody back to platform 9 ¾ “

For the next half hour the Great Hall was full of chair scrapes and the noise of everyone talking at once.


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