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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Protector by TeddyLupinForever

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I sat on my couch doing my nails as my flat mate Remus Lupin scowered the house looking for his papers, He was like a lost puppy trying to find a home, The door bell rang and Remus' best friend Sirius walked in with his hair soaking wet,

"It lashing outside Remus," He muttered taking his coats off, Remus bit his lip,

"Urgh, try this," I said taking my wand out, "Accio papers," I said, Suddenly a couple of papers came flying into my hands, I handed them to him smiling,

"Thanks Danny," He murmered stuffing them in his bag, Sirius sat down beside me yawning,

"Are you here to babysit or something Sirius?" I asked smirking, He wasnt supposed to be here tonight,

"Yeah, I was bored at home so i wanted to come and spend the night with my girl," He said shrugging, He sat down beside me, I smiled,

"Aww," I said putting an arm around him, He grinned and lay his head on my shoulder, Remus rolled his eyes and pulled his coat on,

"Ill be back in the morning, Dont you two get up to anything on my sofa now," He warned us walking to the door,

"Eww!" I said smirking, Sirius pulled me closer grinning, He walked out and closed the door, Sirius smiled at me pulling my legs over his, Me and Sirius had been going out for a pretty long time now, We liked to joke about our relationships sometimes and act like were just best friends, He smiled at me and put his nose against my cheek, I turned my head around and found his lips with mine, I jamp and fell off of the sofa as the front door opened, James Potter walked in like he lived here and just sat down on th couch beside Sirius, I clambered to my feet, "Excuse me your not supposed to be here!" I shouted, James smirked,

"Its not like you said that to Sirius," He said crossing his arms,

"Yeah well obviously, because hes my..... Urm, Hes my soul mate," I said placing a fake grin on my face,

"Great save girl," Sirius said opening his arms wide, I sat on his knee and hugged him, James rolled his eyes,

"Now out!" I told him smiling, James sighed and then walked out of the house, Me and Sirius had a quiet night just sitting in the livingroom watching films, I woke up in the morning lying on Sirius' chest still on the couch, He was playing with my hair, Remus was walking around the house chucking his things everywhere, "People have to live here you know Remus," I croaked placing my hand in Sirius',

"It would be much better if you werent inviting people round every flaming night," Remus mumbled sitting down at the kitchen table, Sirius smiled at me stroking my face, I grinned at him, "Oi you two get up and go somewhere else, I dont see why you cant just move in with each other!" Remus shouted,

"Great idea Sirius you can sleep in my room," I said sitting up, Sirius chuckled,

"Very funny, I mean why cant you just move into Sirius' house" Remus snapped, I got to my feet and walked over to him,

"Because i love you Remie pie," I said kissing his head, Sirius laughed sitting up, I yawned before walking into my room to get changed, I chucked on a striped black and red top, skinny jeans, My Ipod around my neck and sneakers, I walked into the livingroom rubbing my eyes, Remus and Sirius were sat at the table, Remus was scowling at Sirius who had just poured himself a bowl of cerial,

"You already act like you live here Sirius," Remus said rolling his eyes, I smiled and sat down on the couch and closed my eyes, I pulled my speakers into my ears and listened to some muggle music, A couple of minutes later Sirius scooted down beside me smiling, Later on that day i found myself down in diagon alley with Lily Potter, James' wife, We were clothes shopping, My favourite part of going to diagon alley, We were shopping until we were dropping, When i got home i swear i had about sixteen bags of clothes, I fell onto Remus' couch with Lily and sighed,

"That was soo fun," I said as she raked through her bags, Suddenly my tabby cat Logie jamp up beside me, "Heya Miss Logie," I said stroking her soft fur, She purred jumping on my lap, "Sorry i havent got anything for you today missy kitty," I told her in a babyish voice, She meowed and buried her head into my jeans, Lily stroked her smiling,

"Hello ladies," Said Sirius walking into the room yawning,

"Remus is going to kill you if you just keep on letting yourself in like that," I told him frowning, "And then hes going to chuck me out," I added, He sat down at the table, Logie immediatly ran over and jamp onto his lap, I sighed, Remus then walked in out of his room and put his hands on his hips,

"Do you see what i mean Danny?" he asked me pointing to Sirius and Lily, Lily got to her feet,

"Okay, Ill see you guys later, bye," She said before dissaperating,

"Aww you scared her Remus," I said getting to my feet, Sirius chuckled,

"Your skating on thin ice Danny," Remus told me, I frowned putting my hands on my hips,

"Okay," I said turning to Sirius, "Bugger off," I said smiling sweetly, He grinned pushing Logie off of him, He walked over to me,

"Whatever you want sweety," He told me pecking my lips, I smiled watching him walk out of the house, Remus rolled his eyes and sat down on the sofa,

"You know, If you want me to move out i could, Sirius would welcome me with open arms," i told him sitting beside him, He didnt speak, "Is that a yes?" I asked,

"You do love Sirius and its pretty weird your living with another guy if your going out with him," He told me, I sighed, "Whatevers best for you," He said hugging me,

"I think i should move out, Give you peace and quiet," i said smiling, He grinned, "Ill go ask Sirius," I said standing up, I dissaperated to his house nd found him lying on the ground staring at a picture of me in his hands, I grabbed it, "Eww thats a horrible picture," I said putting it on his cabnit, He got to his feet and put his arms around my neck, "Me and remus were talking, We think it would be best if i moved in with you," I told him grinning, His lips curved up into a massive smile,

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" He shouted spinning me around, I laughed, He lifted me up and put my legs around him, "Now were going to be a proper couple," He whispered smiling, I grinned stroking his face, He pressed his lips against mine, Heaven was definitly a place on earth,

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