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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Whispers by TeddyLupinForever

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I woke up early the next morning after a whole night of packing my bags, I grinned to myself jumping to my feet, I could hear Remus snoring from the other room, I rolled my eyes and got dressed into a pair of skinny black jeans, A red top, sneakers and my favourite necklas with a ring on the end of it, I stumbled into the livingroom fastening my laces, Logie padded over slowley,

"Come here baby," I said picking her up, "We're moving out with uncle Sirius today," I told her kissing her nose, She meowed and stroked her head against my cheek, I smiled and lay her down on the couch, There was a knock on the door, I opened it smiling, Sirius stood there with a big grin on his face, "Why didnt you just come in?" I asked him smirking,

"Because you said not to," He said shrugging,

"Im getting kicked out anyway," I said letting him in, He sat right down on the sofa beside Logie smiling, Remus walked out of his room rubbing his eyes,

"Hi Sirius," He muttered sitting down beside him, "Hi Danny," He added stroking Logie,

"Ill be right back," I said walking into my room, Sirius followed me,

"Need any help?" He asked smiling down at me, I handed him my biggest bag, "Oh thats bloody heavy!" He commented staggering, I grinned and took my smalled suitcase, We walked through to the livingroom and dumped them on the floor, "When are we leaving?" Sirius asked smiling,

"Any moment now," I said as Remus stood up, "Thanks for everything," I said hugging him, He stroked my hair,

"No problem," He said pulling away, I picked Logie up, "Bye bye princess," He muttered stroking her, I grinned, Sirius lifted the massive bag up,

"Bye," I said pulling up the small case, He smiled,

"VIsit," Remus told me grinning, Me and Sirius dissaperated back to his house, I collapsed onto the couch after dropping my bag on the floor, Sirius sat beside me and stroked Logie,

"Thanks Sirius," I said pecking his cheek, He put his arms around my hips smiling,

"No problem babe," He whispered, Logie jamp down from the couch and padded through to the kitchen, I grinned stroking his hair, "Lets go out tonight, Yeah we could go down to the pub and do something," He whispered in my ear,

"Yeah okay," I said pressing my lips against his neck, Later on that night i washed my dark brown hair and put it in a loose pony tail, I put on a black jumper and met Sirius in the livingroom, He was sat down reading the news paper with a very shocked face, I walked over, "Whats wrong?" I said trying to see, He pulled the news paper away from me quickly and crumpled it up, "Let me see," I told him, He shook his head, He was silent for the rest of the night, We sat in the leaky cauldren in silence, He looked really worried about something, I got to my feet staring at him,

"Im going to nip down to Madam Malkins to give a top back," I muttered walking out of the bar, He stared after me, I walked down the deserted dark street listening to my ipod, I turned down onto the street that Madam Malkins shop was on, It was quiet dark exept her shop light, I opened the shop door and walked in slowley, "Hello?" I shouted walking down the isles of clothes, There was no answer, I walked over to the counter taking the top out of my hand bag, "Hello?" I shouted walking behind the desk, I walked into the back room pulling my hair out of my eyes, The back room was empty, "Mrs Malkin?" I asked looking around, I climbed the stairs biting my tongue, It was very dark, She wasnt there, I stumbled back down the stairs, All the lights were off now, I stood stalk still staring into the darkness, I suddenly heard a creek from beside me, I jamp back in fright, I grabbed my wand out of my pocket and raised it up in the air, "Lumos," I whispered, It lit up shining through the room, I looked around slowley, Everything was still, I suddenly felt something like a tone of potatoes smash onto my head, I fell to the floor wincing, My wand dropped out of my hand sending me into darkness,

"Protector," Came a small whisper from above me, I held my head staying still,

"Danny?" Came a voice from in the shop, I heard a door closing,

"Help!" i shouted gasping for air, All the lights turned on, I closed my eyes at their brightness, Sirius ran over and bent down beside me,

"Danny are you ok?!" He asked helping me sit up,

"No, there was someone there," I gasped looking around, He put his hand to the back of my head,

"Your bleeding," He whispered, I looked at him, "I should have come with you," He muttered to himself,

"They whispered something," i murmered closing my eyes,

"What?" He asked staring down at me, I looked around again,

"Protector," I whispered, His face went into shock, He stared right into my face like he was seeing nothing, "Sirius?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder, "Sirius your scaring me," I added, He just stared at me, "Sirius i want to go home," I whispered on the verge of tears, He just kept on staring at me, I burst out in tears holding my head, I was bloody scared, He snapped out of it and pulled me up into his arms, He dissaperated with me, We arrived at the house in seconds, He layed me down on the couch and got me an ice pack, We didnt talk for the rest of the night, He called Remus, James, Peter Pettigrew and Lily to come over and talk, They stayed cooped up in the kitchen talking quietly so i couldnt hear them, I lay under the blanket staring at the couch wall, My head was frobbing, I had tried closing my eyes but it just made my head hurt more, "Protector," I whispered to myself, Logie was layed beside me purring softly,

"Okay," Came a voice at the door, I rolled onto my side, They were all at the door staring eagerly at each other, Lily nodded, They all walked to the door,

"Get well soon Danny," Lily told me smiling, I flashed her a tiny smile and then they all walked out, Sirius sat down beside me stroking my cheek,

"Im not ill, am i?" I asked burrying my head into his waist,

"No," He whispered staring out of the window,

"You scared me," I whispered staring up at him, He stroked my hair, "Why were you so worried?" I asked sitting up,

"I wasnt," He muttered in my ear, "The thing is," He whispered taking the crumpled news paper out of his pocket, he handed it to me, A small picture of me walking down a street was in the center of it, then a massive headline was under it, The Protector? It said, Danny Main a common girl has become the next big thing, Reporters have claimed that word has been spread around that we have a new famous body on earth, Danny has been tagged as the protector of an unborn baby boy, They are in big risk of murder by You-Know-Who, Turn to page A3 for more, It said, I stared at it for ages, I didnt want to turn the page, Sirius stared at me,

"Oh my god," I whispered cocking my head to one side, "What a bad nick name, The protector," I added, Sirius bit his lip,

"Danny do you know what this means?" He asked crouching down on the floor, "Nothing is safe anymore," He whispered, I closed my eyes, The protector, I kept on thinking,

"I couldnt even protect a rubber duck," I muttered, He stared down at the ground, I put my arms around him, "Whats wrong?" I asked kissing his cheek,

"Im am accually worried," He whispered staring me right in the eye, I swallowed,

"Ill be fine as long as im with you," I murmered, His lips met mine eagerly, I felt as if i was on top of the world even though i was on the bottom,

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