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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> A New Awakening by xtremerockaddict

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Chapter One.
Dudley's Girlfriend.

Harry James Potter dragged in his trunk, he wrestled it up the stairs and surprisingly enough was helped by Dudley to move it into his room. After Dudley placed it down he quickly vanished as if he hadn't been there in the first place. As much as Harry normally hated to the Dursley's for the first time ever he found himself counting the days until he escaped from his over protective friends and Headmaster.

Harry collapsed onto the small bed in the corner of his room, the door was finally closed as were the curtains; due to the instruction that no normal person was to see Harry doing magic in his room. Harry was alone. He finally had the chance he had been waiting for ever since Sirius died. He buried his face into his pillow and cried. Harry eventually fell asleep through the tears giving his body a chance to refuel.

Harry's afternoon soon wore away and after crying for 3 hours, he felt he had no tears left to cry. Harry crept out of his room and down the hall, into the bathroom. He looked into the mirror, he looked terrible. His hair was pointing in all directions, more out of control than ever. His eyes were bloodshot from the crying and were looking emotionless. His cheeks were all red and puffy and he was looked a wreck. After washing his face it was still red and his eyes bloodshot, not nearly as bad. His hair had flattened but still held it's usual messy look to it.

After he returned to his room he fell onto his bed and slept for the first and only night void of nightmares. He was exhausted from the crying and the emotional state he was in so it was no surprise he slept until one in the afternoon of the next day.

He clambered down the stairs and into the kitchen, his face was no longer red and his eyes bloodshot but instead his eyes looked weary and defeated. Even the Dursley family could not help but feel a little sympathetic for the young man. He sat at the table awaiting his lunch after noting the time of day. Vernon and Dudley Dursley both sat around the table that midday looking considerably smaller in size. Although they were still huge compared to the regular person of their age, Harry could see the difference the diet the school nurse had thrust upon them had made. His aunt still scurrying around the kitchen as Vernon and Dudley kept their eyes transfixed on the television.

Harry watched as his plate was loaded with beans on toast, and was soon accompanied by a glass of apple juice. A small plate was positioned in the middle of the table it held some extra slices of toast and beside it stood the carton of apple juice.

Random conversation was made throughout the meal and Harry was not addressed until his aunt insisted he eat another slice of toast, claiming he looked rather skinny. Harry wanted to raise an eyebrow at this Molly Weasley like outburst. After he had ate Harry returned to the small room he called a bedroom. He looked around at the bare walls noting how the grey colour reminded him a lot of a prison cell.

Yet again the day wore on, Harry passed it by flicking through books. He was looking for answers a loop hole maybe or a way to prove something. This something was the innocence of Sirius Black. Harry was determined and remained uninterrupted throughout the course of the day.

By the time it reached dinner time Harry had been through 4 of the possible 12 he had that he suspected may hold the answer. Harry had found nothing so far and was beginning to doubt it was possible.

He had continued like this until 9 o'clock and was only called for when the Dursley's had announced dinner was ready and on the table. His eyes focussed only on the book he didn't hear the knock on his bedroom door, or the sound of Dudley enter the room. It wasn't until Harry's youngest family member cleared his throat that he noticed the second presence in the room.

“I was, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a couple of minutes?” Dudley announced revealing his reason for being in the room. Harry raised an eyebrow to his cousin and tapped the chair that sat under the desk as a way of gesturing to come in. Dudley closed the door and sat on the wooden chair.

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for saving me last year. I'd be dead or uh soulless? I think you said, if you hadn't saved me,” Harry tried to muster composure after a look of dead shock passed his face. He studied the face of his cousin. It looked genuine that just caused more confusion for Harry, he had never been thanked by any of the Dursley's.

“It's no problem, I tend to find myself doing it a lot. Saving people I mean. I didn't get into trouble either, so I didn't lose anything and you gained your chance to live. It's um nice to hear you have took advantage of it as well” Harry said thinking about the improvements his cousin had made to his lifestyle. His diet had been going well and there was the fact that he had rapidly improved his behaviour in school, Harry had been impressed when he learned this, apparently the head teacher had sent a letter to the Dursley's mentioning it because that was one of the things that popped up during conversation at dinner.

“Thanks anyway. The second thing is, I really need some help with something.” Dudley said. Harry started thinking. He wasn't strong so Dudley couldn't need help in that department, he wasn't smart so that couldn't be it either. Unless...

“Dudley. You know I can't use magic outside of school unless of an emergency it's against our laws. Not to mention your a 'muggle' so that makes it all worse, we're not allowed to reveal magic to you even if you already know” Harry said repeating the information that Dudley had learned three years ago, from his flamboyant uncle. Dudley continued to shake his head, telling Harry that the fact Harry could use magic was not the reason for the request.

“No. It's not that Harry. See there was a girl that moved here just after you had left for Hogwarts, before Christmas time. Anyway she's uh she's my girlfriend now, but that's really not the point. We went to the Zoo, you know the one where we went for my eleventh. Anyway the snake that you had talked to, she uh she could talk to it to. Apparently it told her she was the second to talk to it in the entire time it had been there. Of course I knew the other was you, but I didn't care to tell her that. And that's not all, she told me about a lot of weird things that have happened to her. I think she's a witch Harry. Just she doesn't know.” Dudley explained. Harry looked at him yet again he looked genuine. 'This is starting to creep me out' Harry thought.

“I'll tell you what. I'll help you if you promise you won't break up with her if she's a witch because she's a witch” Harry reasoned. He was immediately met with a pleased Dudley nodding his head up and down like a bobble head.

“I'm meeting her tomorrow, you can come if you like?” Dudley asked.

“Okay. I'll come tomorrow but we better get some sleep it's already eleven.” Harry agreed. Dudley walked out the room turning the light off and closing the door but not before thanking Harry once more.

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