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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Seamus Finnigan- Chapter 1 by wierdlikthat

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“Welcome to another year of Charms Class. I, as you may know, am Professor Filius Flitwick, head of the Ravenclaw House. This is going to be an exciting year, learning new charms, their counteractments, and …”
Even though I was a valuable student, I got bored from time to time, especially when Professor Flitwick rambled on about random things that not even I cared about. So, like I would usually do, I began to doodle on my piece of parchment with my brand new quill.
“… And we will also start doing more things in partners.”
I looked up automatically when he said the word “partners”. Seeing as I was very shy and my two best friends would usually pair up with each other, I didn’t enjoy working in pairs.
“I will assign you to your partner so that you do not have to choose one.” When Flitwick said this wave of relief washed over me, but then one of nervousness and anxiety. What would happen if I ended up with some git who had no idea what was going on, or some bully that would torture me until the end of the class.
“… Tiffany Evans and Neville Longbottom, Marla Daley and Ron Weasley, Destiny Spirit and Seamus Finnegan, Hermione Granger and Dean Thomas…” So, the professor had decided to pair me up with Seamus Finnegan. He was very cute, about 5’8” and had chocolate brown hair, and matching eyes but he had a problem with having his charms backfire upon him. In our first year, Seamus blew up the feather that he was trying to levitate. He looked pretty funny after that happened. His face had been black with ash and his hair was dusty with soot and standing up stalk straight.
“All right everybody lets pair up!” Flitwick began, bringing me back to the present. “Today we will be learning the charm Surculus Pulvia, which shoots rainbows out of the wand, used to distract your opponent so you can get away or defend yourself. I will give you a few minutes to practice before you produce them in front of the class. Commence.”
The classroom was filled with the noise of shuffling chairs as the students got out of their seats to find their partners. I sat in my chair in shock. I had always liked Seamus Finnigan and noticed him first in this very classroom when we tried to levitate that feather. Even thought it didn’t go to well for Seamus (he blew his eyebrows off) that day was the reason that I was excited to have him as my partner.
I glanced around to see Seamus striding* over to where I sat, towards the middle of the room. He looked absolutely stunning** in his Gryffindor robes, not a hair out of place.
“Hey, I guess we haven’t officially met, my name is Seamus Finnigan.” He said, looking at me with his auburn colored eyes.
“I-uh- I’m De-Destiny Spirit.” I spluttered out. I quickly looked down at the floor, feeling my cheeks getting redder by the second.
“So, I guess we should “commence” about now.” He pointed out.
I giggled. “Yeah.” I agreed, wishing I could say something funny as effortlessly as he could. A few seconds later, Lavender Brown, bounded over toes.
“Hi Seamus!” she said ecstatically. “Can you believe we are actually going to produce a rainbow? Isn’t that spectacular? I can’t wait to see how beautiful yours is.” She batted her eyelashes and smiles sweetly.
“Oh, uh, yeah… I guess.” He said.
“So Seamus, there’s a Quidditch match tonight and I was wondering-” Seamus was looking at me with pleading eyes. I could tell he didn’t like Lavender and I could also tell that Lavender was about to ask Seamus to the match.
“Uh,” I began, thinking fast, “Parvati wants to talk to you!” I said, pointing across the room.
“Oh, well, I’ll talk to you later Seamus.” She said as she leaped over to where Parvati and Padma Patil were chattering in hushed voices.
“What was that all about?” I questioned, as I suppressed my satisfied smile. I was about to burst with excitement. All this time I had thought that Lavender and Seamus both liked each other, seeing as they were always talking. But all along it had only been Lavender being obsessive. We had never liked each other, Lavender and I.
“She’s just so annoying and really gets on my nerves. She’s too hyper all the time, and I can’t understand how anybody can put up with her.” Seamus’ voice interrupted my thoughts.
“I agree completely, but let’s start on those rainbows; we wouldn’t want to get detention on our first day back.” I responded, this time not able to hade my smile.
“Alright class. You have had enough time to practice, now let’s produce them in front of the class.” Professor Flitwick announced after Seamus and I had only been practicing for two minutes, and had successed in not blowing anything up.
“Can we go first Professor?” Hermione asked without bothering to hide the excitement in her voice.
“Of course dear, you will do an amazing job, so please demonstrate for us what a good rainbow looks like.”
Hermione practically ran up to the front of the classroom, with Dean trudging slowly after her. She turned to face the class. “Surculus Pulvia!” she shouted confidently. A bright burst of light suddenly erupted from the tip of her wand. The stream of dazzling color shot toward the ceiling and arched, looking magnificent. The rainbow, bright with color, hung in the air for a minute or so before fading away.

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