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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> A Second Chance Chapter 1 by cannis_lupus

Simple Text - To view MORE chapters use the chapter jump box to the right.
Disclaimer: Everything in JKR’s. I’m just playing in her world.

Chapter 1: Of Happy Returns

Expecting to hear Mrs. Weasley’s call for breakfast any minute, Harry rolled over determined to stay in bed every minute possible. With the Twins living one floor below you, an ample amount of sleep was never something guaranteed. However, a splitting headache made it quite hard for him to fall back asleep. Groaning at the inconvenience Harry reached over to grab his wand to perform the simple charm to cure it when his hand brushed, a rock?

Surprised, he opened his eyes, blinked, opened his eyes again, and felt his jaw drop wide open. Around him were rocks and debris that used to be stone benches. To his right were the remains of a staircase that now had a hole blasted out of it. And below him, was the Veil. The Veil that two years ago swallowed his godfather, Sirius Black. He was in the Department of Mysteries.

“What am I doing here?” Harry thought. However thinking quickly became hard due to the increasing intensity of his headache. Muttering about annoyances, he reached into his robes, to find, that not only were they tattered and ripped but that his wand was gone. “Great! No wand, in the Department of Mysteries, how can this get better?” he thought sarcastically.

Looking around Harry could see that something had occurred he not to long ago. There were black marks on the stone walls and floor where spells had hit them and left their mark. There was even some blood in the center of the floor about 10 ft in front of the Veil. Harry tried to think of something that might relate to why he was here but he got only a heavy throbbing in his head for his efforts. The last thing he remembered was kissing Ginny good night in front of her room at the Burrow and then going to bed. “One doesn’t just go to bed and wake up at the department of mysteries though,” he thought.

“Well when one doesn’t know what to do, the best place to go is home.” Thinking this and of how a good breakfast would feel in his now rumbling stomach, he conjured up an image of the Burrow in his mind, and dissapparated.

After the usual unpleasant sensation, Harry found himself in the yard of the only place besides Hogwarts, that he ever called home. The welcoming sound of chickens and bird song filled the air. Walking down the familiar dirt pathway to the large dwelling, Harry was starting to feel better all ready. Ever since 6th year when Dumbledore died and Hogwarts didn’t reopen, Harry had spent much of his time here, lots of it with a certain redhead. After getting over the “it is too dangerous” Harry and Ginny’s relationship was looking up. They were happy, well as happy as anyone could be with a dark lord roaming about, and Harry was heavily considering proposing soon.

Lost in his thoughts, Harry didn’t even see Mrs. Weasley who was feeding the chickens with her back to him. Colliding, Harry apologized before saying, “Good morning Mrs. Weasley.” Mrs. Weasley spun around quickly, saw Harry and ran quickly into the house slamming the door and dropping all of her chicken feed onto the ground. “That’s odd,” Harry thought. “Why would she do that?” Harry proceeded to walk to the door but he didn’t make it another four steps before it burst open again, four redheaded males streaming out onto the lawn, wands raised.

Fred and George Weasley, who always liked Harry, especially after he gave them the 1000 galleons to start their joke shop, were now looking at Harry with a murderous expression, panting slightly. Beside them was Mr. Weasley. His face showing none of the warmth that it usually did when he usually looked on Harry, who he thought of as a second son. Instead he held a grim expression like one does when they are about to do battle. The most disturbing sight to Harry however was the figure on Mr. Weasley’s right. Ron was standing there, his wand gripped in a death grip, his arm shaking from uncontrollable rage. He looked like an angry bull prepared to charge.

Harry stood, bewildered, not knowing what to say or do. “How dare you!” Ron bellowed. “How dare you show your face here? First Bill now Ginny and you come here!! I’ll kill you!”

“Wha-” Harry stammered, but Fred interrupted before he could get anything else out.

“No. Death would be too merciful for him. He needs to suffer for what he has done to this family.”

“The Cruciatus Curse then Fred?” George asked his brother. “Or should we just do to him what he did to Ginny?”

“What the hel-” Harry tried again to ask but Ron intervened.

“You didn’t want to talk before you bastard. No, you had your chance now it is our turn.”

Mr. Weasley, the only one who had not spoken yet raised a hand to stop his sons. He then spoke in a voice cool and controlled but yet full of contempt, “His fate is not for you three to decide. He’ll be brought before the Order. They will decide what becomes of him.”

Then before Harry could even move, or think about what was happening he saw Mr. Weasley raise his wand and Harry heard him cry “STUPIFY!”

The blast of red light hit Harry square in the chest causing him to sail backwards ten feet into the air and fall to the ground. The last thought before darkness enveloped him was “Welcome home Harry.”

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