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HP stories following Canon but PRE-OotP >> Emotionally Prisoned by Random-Banana

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I lay on the lush grass listening to the stream slowley trickling away. 'He' lay beside me, Staring at the cloudy sky. Sirius had been my best friend ever since we were little, We grew up together, But that was all going to change and i had no way of knowing that. Sirius lay, His mouth open. My jet black hair lay draped on the floor, My neon green eyes staring at him. He rolled onto his side to stare at me, His arm supporting his head up.
"Glaze..." He whispered, his tone quiet but harsh. My breath stopped without warning. "I dont want us to be friends anymore..." He told me. I let out a sharp breath, Not believing it.
"Stop messing around." I breathed smoothly. Sirius brought his hand up to my face, Brushing my hair out of my eyes.
"Im leaving, Glaze..." He assured me, His eyes staring directly into mine. "I wouldnt joke about this to hurt you." He whispered pulling himself to his feet slowley. I lay on my back to get a better view of him.
"Sirius..." I whispered my voice braking as i watched him walk away. My heart sunk as i saw his eyes glistening with tears, and then he was gone...
I woke up, My hands shaking, My lips trembling. I was saying his name over and over again, Tears streaming from my eyes. I rolled onto my stomoch letting out a low groan, my hands clutched into tight fists. The dream was my past, We had only been eleven at the time, He had got his letter for Hogwarts before me, Obviously he had thought i wouldnt have got one, But i proved him wrong...


I stumbled down the corridor, My eyes on the floor. I had a pile of books clutched to my chest, Clearly embarrased. My hair was plastered to my face with a nervous sweat, I had just embarassed myself infront of the whole of Gryffindore by tripping up in the great hall when leaving, There were roars of laughter. My breathing was deep and ragged as i edged around the corner, My body suddenly came in hard contact with something that felt like a massive brick wall, I fell back, My breath leaving me and landed on the ground with a massive thump, my books clattering over the floor. Second time that day i had fallen over. My hair covered my face as i let out a loud wince, Pain searing through my back. I reached up with my hand to push my hair out of my face but stopped when i realised i was being pulled up onto my feet by two pairs of strong hands. Pain ran down my back as this happened. My hair slipped out of my face, Two boys coming into view. One was tall with jet black hair which was messed up around his face, The other was pretty much the same, They could have been brothers. They were much taller then me and looked much older.
"Sorry about that..." A first one spoke, He had hazel eyes which flickered about the corridor constantly. The second one looked familiar, He had mysterious grey eyes which were on my frightened face. "Im James, James Potter." The first boy said propping me on my feet again.
"Gracey..."I breathed as he held out his hand. I placed my hand in his shaking it gently. "Gracey Patterson..." I added nodding my head smoothly.
"Glaze, Glaze Patterson!" The second boy shouted pointing to me, A wince escaping his lips. "Glaze!" He cried out practically jumping up and down. "You have no idea.. How much ive missed you.." He whispered calming down, His feet placed firmly on the floor. He pulled me into a bone crushing hug, I stood still, allowing it, Confused.
"Stop... Stop touching me..." I muttered my back still searing with pain. He pulled away staring down at me. James looking very confused.
"Glaze, Its me, Sirius." He murmered smiling down at me, His smile haunted my past. I didnt know what to think. My breath was gone, and so was the triggar to my anger, I had pulled my fist back and launched it forward right into his jaw before turning on my heel and stomping away, Leaving my books in a pile on the ground.


I rolled out of bed, Beads of sweat dripping down my cheeks. I had a shower and got dressed in the usual routine and then went to look for my permission slip for the Hogsmead Villiage trip, Which sadly, I couldnt find anywhere in the Gryffindore common room. I was soon running through the corridor's of Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft And Wizardry to find my brother who probably had it stashed in his trunk. My feet thumping on the ground as i did. I stopped at the top of a new corridore as 'they' came into sight. The Marauders were a gang of sneeky teenage boys, Always playing pranks on people and hanging about the corridores looking for there next victims. Sirius, Was one of this gang, Along with James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. I had never forgiven Sirius for what had happened five years previous, He had got his letter one years before mine came because of our age difference, I was in fifth year and he was in sixth. I stood very still hoping they wouldnt notice me, But sadly, They did. Remus, One of my best friends had started waving to my dissapointment everyone turned to look.
"Hey Glaze, Up for hanging about round the villiage?!" He shouted over, His voice pretty quiet. I pointed to the other corridor seconds before i spoke.
"I.. I need to find my permission slip. Seen Lloyd?!" I shouted back to him desperate to go. Remus shook his head.
"Nah, He hasnt, Sorry Glaze, Hope you get to come though, You make everything funner!" Sirius shouted at me suddenly, I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He used to always try and make me blush, He knew how to embarass me, Make me stand out. There were roars of laughter, Obviously he had shared the joke with the Marauders. Remus was grinning like an idiot. I gave them the middle finger and then stomped away, But then stopped as i heard them talking. I listened quietly to them from round the corner, my back tight against the wall.
"That was nasty Sirius, She hates you, You shouldnt make things worse.." Remus scolded. I heard the shuffle of feet.
"Thats not fair Moony, You know why she hates me, Dont use that against me." Sirius hissed through gritted teeth. "You know i would give anything up to go back in time and stop myself from leaving her, Do you know how much that hurt me, Do you know how much that hurt 'her'?" He asked them.
"Im sure it hurt her lots and i suppose you didnt know... But still... You shouldnt treat her like this, 'You' cant help your feelings and either can she." Remus snapped back. I moved away from the wall to carry on searching for my slip, Their conversation floating in and out my mind. I gave up on finding my permission slip, I would be more interested to look around the castle then go to the villiage anyway. I liked being on my own, It was the one point of the day where i couldnt get angry. While the students left the castle i sat on a wall on the Astronomy tower staring at them all. No one seemed to notice me except 'them'. The Marauders came into sight quickly, All howling with laughter. They all reminded me of clowns, always laughing, Always joyful. They were as i would call it 'laughoholics'. Remus noticed me first, He sent me a glimmering smile and then turned to the group, But where was Sirius?... I felt a hard hand whack my back all of a sudden, I cracked my head to the side to find Sirius jumping over the wall to sit beside me. I gritted my teeth hard getting ready for his first words.

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