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HP stories following Canon including OotP >> Heart in Heart by JesscaPotter9594

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Authors Note
Heyy, this is my first Harry/Ginny fic, hope it’s not the same as everyone else’s.
Chapter 1
Hmphh. A whirlwind of red hair fell onto the seat in the compartment of the Hogwarts Express. She had just heard Romilda Vane saying that this year was Her year and she would get Harry Potter if it was the last thing she did. If she did get Harry, Ginny would personally make sure that it was the last thing she did.
Luna looked up from behind The Quibbler,
“Harry again? He still not noticed you? Is he with someone else? I bet its Romilda Vane, but she isn’t even that pretty you know you have nicer hair than her by the way, reminds me of Jelognites.”
Ginny just threw her head back and moaned.
“It’s not fairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” She began stamping her feet like a 3 year old. The compartment door slid open to reveal a whole new person. Over the summer Harry had definitely been busy, his new muscles were now visible through the thin, white fabric of his school shirt, and his biceps were now very prominent and threatening to burst the sleeves of his shirt if he flexed them. Ginny gasped her eyes traced his entire body and ended back at his face, he winked at her than began to move into the compartment, she immediately stopped acting like a toddler.
“Move up, we all want to fit in here!” shouted Ron from behind Harry. Ginny began trying to collect herself together and move but Harry just picked her up bridal style and moved her to the corner of the carriage. Ginny blushed magnificently. Harry sat down next to her and Hermione sat down next to Luna, But where would Ron sit, Next to Harry his best mate, or Hermione the girl he had secretly loved for 3 years.
He awkwardly sat down next to Harry. Well at least he is opposite her, this way he could have a conversation with her. Unfortunately or fortunately due to Harry’s new size it was quite a squeeze having 3 people on one side and Harry was squashed right next to her. He moved his arm and it brushed against Ginny’s thigh, she felt her cheeks burn, but not with embarrassment. She turned her head to look out of the window, if he saw her now he would know the truth. She hadn’t given up on him like she had said; in fact she wanted him now more than ever. He let his hand rest on the top if her leg, no one could see under the table. She felt her whole body shudder, Harry felt it as well. He began to rub small circles on her knee with his thumb slowly moving up her inner leg. She gasped in shock and pleasure but nobody noticed. She hadn’t worn tights today instead she had worn stockings. It was the first day at school and it was a kind of tradition of hers to wear her favourite sexy underwear.
Harry’s hand traced along the tops of her stockings, he thanked the lord in his head for that table because if it hadn’t have been there he would have been in serious trouble. His trousers were now unbearably tight. His hand stroked her wet French knickers and she moaned under her breath.
The train began to grind to a halt in Hogsmade Station. Harry withdrew his hand from under her skirt.
“Later, meet me in the common room at midnight,” he whispered into her red hair. All she could do was nod. She gave herself 5 minutes to catch her breath before standing up and making her way to the carriages. This is going to be an interesting year.

I just had to see if i could write a hot scene, don’t know if it worked, please let me know :)
This story will hopefully develop please review i would love feedback, please please review
Jess x

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