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Non-HP related Fanfics >> skate romance by imene

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It has been one year and a half now since they left the island, everything changed after that; sawyer was taken to custody and Kate found herself alone. Time passed and she lost hope of reuniting with sawyer so she gave up on him and accepted to be with jack, eventually she learned to love him or at least she thought she did, until her wedding day when sawyer paid her a visit.

She stood facing the mirror lost in her thoughts not noticing that someone had entered her room.

“Missed me freckles?” sawyer asked closing the door quietly.

Kate stood still, not sure of what to do. It couldn’t be him, he was in jail and if he was out she would have known.

Turning around she saw him, Sawyer was there standing in front of her, wearing a black suite, well shaved and more handsome than ever, hands in pockets he stared at her with a small smile.

“James” she whispered staring back at him with a surprised look

“Ready for your wedding day I see” he said, his smile faded as he came closer to her “I can’t believe you did this, you gave up on us so easily and now you’re marrying jack” he stood there waiting eagerly for her answer

Tears filled Kate’s eyes as she turned away from him, she could not face him after all that time trying to forget about him. “you shouldn’t be here” she uttered quietly trying to hide her tears “I made my choice Sawyer and I chose Jack, so just leave!” she added, a tear rolled down her cheek, She couldn’t believe how hurt she felt, she tried to stay close to him for months when he was in jail and he kept rejecting her, and now there he was, came to blame her for moving on with her life.

“Kate, don’t do this…don’t push me away, I know you think I gave up on you before but it’s not the case”

“Look James,” she started “I am not going let you destroy my relationship with Jack. I love him” she pointed “besides how dare you come back now after what you’ve done to me! Every time I’ve come to see you, you pushed me away-”

“I did it for your own good” he said interrupting

“The hell you did! Now you expect me to welcome you with open arms?!” she yelled at him.

Kate couldn’t help it, hot tears rolled down her cheeks. One part of her wanted to scream at him and slap him for all the pain he’d caused her but the other part wanted to hold him close and tell him how much she loved him, she kept repeating to herself that she loved Jack but to stand there facing the man who she truly loved made her hopeless and weak, she still loved him and could leave everything for him, but she wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

“I have to go” she said weakly and turned to leave the room but Sawyer grabbed her by the arm preventing her from doing so.

“Kate, don’t leave, please…you have to give me a chance”

“You had your chance a year ago and you screwed up everything…I will marry Jack and you better stay away from me” she said trying to free herself from his grip.

“You love me and you know it!” He said through gritted teeth tightening his grip.

“I love Jack” she said coldly.

“Maybe you do” he moved closer to her and added “but you love me more”.

“Don’t you freckles?” He took her chin gently and tilted it upwards. His stormy blue eyes looked back into her green depths. She trembled holding her tears “I do” she whispered vulnerably after a long moment of silence. He couldn’t hold back any longer. His hands wrapped around her waist and his lips caught hers. Kate sobbed against his lips as he savored every second of that special moment he longed for. His tongue slid in her mouth and Kate muttered his name under her kiss…


About 30 minutes later they were in a modestly dressed hotel room looking out at the beach, Kate had decided to run away with sawyer, start a new life with him and she new this time he would never leave her again.

Sawyer watched Kate for a moment, noting for the first time how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress, he had tried to imagine her in a wedding dress before but never thought he’d live to see it He always wanted her to be happy but he knew now that pushing her away when he was back in jail was a mistake and had to make up for all what he’s done. There was so much that had been left unsaid between them both, but neither one knew how to approach it. Both knew that they loved each other, that was enough for now.

Sawyer paused bringing his lips to her neck once again placing kisses there. He slowly pulled down the zipper of her Gown, taking his time allowing his fingers to graze against her skin. She squirmed slightly letting out a gasp as he brought his hand to her lower back tracing his way to her neck with his fingers as the gown slowly fell to her feet. He lifted her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips. They collapsed on the bed…


Kate had her head resting on his chest feeling his strong heartbeats, and he began to stroke his fingers through her hair.

“I missed you” she said softly

Sawyer smirked at Kate as she looked up at him with a smile.

“I missed you too freckles” he replied softly.

Kate smiled as she put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes, he pulled her closer to him, wanting to just lay like that forever. Thinking maybe they could…

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