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A Ron and Hermione Fanfic
“What are you doing up there with her!?”

Ron looked terrified. He and Hermione had just walked out of the boys dormitory after Harry, who was under his invisibility cloak, and apparently Lavender saw.

“I-I” stammered Ron

“I don’t want to hear it Ronald!” screamed Lavender

“Lavender, we can expl-” started Hermione, whose face was as red as Ron’s hair

“Like I said” said Lavender “I don’t want to hear it! You two have been meeting in secret all over the place haven’t you?” she screamed at Ron

“N-no!” said Ron, although he didn’t look too upset at his girlfriends screams of anger, hoping that it’ll be over and done with soon.

“Well you know what Ronald??!!” shrieked Lavender.

“What?” said Ron, finally talking back to her.

“You and Hermione really have a lot in common,” she screamed back “You both are cheating scum”.

“Don’t you bring Hermione into this!” Ron said back.

“Fine!” screamed Lavender “It’s over Ron!” and she stomped away to the common room, looking furious.

Ron and Hermione walked back into the boys dormitory, thinking it wasn’t best to go into the crowded common room, now full of Lavender’s angry friends. Ron sat down on his four-poster and rubbed his eyes, looking as though nothing had just happened. Hermione, on the other hand, looked completely shaken and embarrassed.

“Ron, I’m sorry if I-” Hermione started.

“Don’t worry about it” said Ron “It’s better this way, at least I didn’t have to end it”.

Hermione hugged him, Ron looked startled, and blushed madly.

“Coward” said Hermione, looking amused “I’m guessing that going back to the common room would be like walking into my own death trap with Lavender in there, can I hang out here for a while?”

“Sure” said Ron.

“Do you think Harry will get the memory from Slughorn?” she asked him still a little red.

“Yeah” Ron said “He took the Felix Felicis didn’t he?”.

“Yeah, but the way he was talking after he took it, it sounded like he drank a bottle of-”.

“Essence of insanity” Ron finished “What was he going on about, going to Hagrid’s, he must really know what he is doing”.

Then the dormitory door opened, Neville and Seamus walked in. “Oh! Sorry we’ll just leave-” Neville said looking embarrassed.

“Oh, no we were just hanging out” Hermione said, turning red again.

“Okay” said Seamus “What the bloody hell is going on out there? Lavender and Pavarti look like they are going to kill someone”.

“Yeah, then you’d best stay here for a while Hermione” said Ron “We don’t need a murder in the common room”.

“Ha ha, Ron” she replied.

Then they heard a clatter of feet outside the door, some angry yelling, a few swear words, and the occasional mention of “Ron” after those words. This indicated that Lavender and Pavarti had gone to the girl’s dormitory.

“I think it’s safe to go down to the common room now” Hermione said, standing up and heading for the door.

“Wait I’ll come too” said Ron, following her.

They walked down the stairs into the empty common room. Obviously Lavender’s sudden uproar scared everyone out. They sat in the arm chairs nearest the fire and just stared at the bright orange flames for a while. Then Hermione spoke up.

“So, why did you really date Lavender?” she asked.

“Wh-what do you mean?” said Ron, a little confused.

“Oh, come on Ron. We all know that you couldn’t stand Lavender”.

“N-no that’s not true” Ron said, still looking confused.

“Oh really, ‘won-won’?” Hermione said.

Ron’s face went as red as his hair. Hermione grinned.

“Okay then, why did you go out with her?” she asked, the light of the fire on her face.

“W-well I j-just…” Ron started, stammering like a broken record.

“Just what?” Hermione “You can trust me”

“I-I… A-and…” Ron stammered “Well why did you go out with McLaggen?!”

“Well… I… b-but…” Hermione said, looking embarrassed “Probably the same reason you went out with Lavender!”

“You’re probably right” Ron said, looking at the fire again.

“To make someone jealous…” Hermione said in a low voice.

“Y-yeah…” said Ron.

“Um.. w-well.. I’d better get to bed” said Hermione, Ron could see that her face was red, “Good night Ron” and she walked upstairs.

“’Night” Ron said, looking a little disappointed.

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