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HP stories following Canon after HBP >> The Chamber by Sami_Weasley

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A Ron and Hermione Fanfiction
The Chamber of Secrets
Remember in the Deathly Hallows when Harry discovers that Ron and Hermione went down to the Chamber of Secrets to get Basilisk fangs? Ever wonder what really happened on the mini-adventure? Well here it is!

Ron and Hermione stood there watching Harry run down the corridor until he was out of sight. After a few minutes of listening to the battle in the floors below them, Ron spoke up. “Hey, wait a second!” he said.

“What?” Hermione said with a worried look on her face

“Well” Ron said, “Even if we do find another horcrux, how will we get destroy it now that we’ve lost the sword?”

They stood there thinking to themselves when suddenly Ron thought of it, the perfect idea.

“I’VE GOT IT!” he said.

“Huh? What is it Ron?” Hermione said, a little shaken from Ron’s sudden outburst.

“The basilisk!” Ron said

“The bas- what?” said Hermione, completely confused

“We can use the fangs to destroy the horcrux! You said yourself that basilick venom-“

“Is one of the few substances powerful enough to destroy a horcrux!” finished Hermione. “That is brilliant!”

Ron looked quite please with himself. “Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!”

Running to the boy’s dormitory for a brief moment to grab a broomstick, Ron grabbed Hermione’s hand and together they ran down the corridor, down the stairs, and into the girls bathroom on the second floor. There a ghost of a girl with round glasses was sitting on a toilet, sobbing as usual.

“What are you doing here?” the ghost girl said.

“We don’t have time to talk Myrtle, now Ron, how do we get in?”

“Let’s see” said Ron, “Harry spoke parsel tongue to get in last time.”

“But we can’t speak parsel tongue! How will we-“ started Hermione.

“I think I remember how to say ‘open’ in parsel tongue…” said Ron

“What? How? YOU CAN?!” said Hermione, completely bewildered, and looking a excited and impressed.

Walking to a sink, Ron looked for the tap with a small snake on it, when he found it he said “Here goes!” and he made a terrible hissing noise, but nothing happened.

“Try again Ron!” squeaked Hermione

Determined not to let Hermione down, he made the hissing noise again, but it was different.

Suddenly, another hissing sound not coming from Ron was distinguishable from the depths of the sink. It lowered slowly into the floor and opened up to a large, deep pipe that went into the depths of the ground, almost endless in appearance…

“D-do we have to… go into that?” piped up Hermione

Ron grabbed her hand, “Don’t worry, we’ll be okay” and together they sat down on the ledge and slide into the pipe.

Deeper and deeper they fell, Hermione gripping Ron’s hand tighter and tighter still. Soon enough, the pipe slanted into a kind of slide, and then dropped them onto a musty floor. Standing up, they realized that the floor was made up of small rodent bones. They shivered in the cool, damp air that surrounded them.

“I-I…” started Hermione, obviously terrified
“C’mon, just stay close, ok?”

Hermione gave a weak nod, and grabbed Ron’s hand once again. They walked deeper and deeper into the tunnel, coming across a barricade of boulders and rocks blocking their path, with an opening at the top just big enough for a man to fit into. This sight brought memories of fear and despair to Ron, as he waited here once before, waiting, hoping…

“C-come on” Ron said, pulling Hermione up the large mountain of rocks to the opening. Climbing through it, they walked even deeper still. After about twenty minutes that seemed like a lifetime, they came across another door with a snake carved into it. Ron made the same hissing noise, and the door opened. They climbed through the hole and it opened up into a chamber, and in the middle on the floor they found it,

The Basilisk!

“You did it!” squealed Hermione, hugging Ron “You were brilliant”

Ron looked bewildered, but he still had that pleased expression on his face.

“T-thanks!” said Ron, blushing madly “Let’s get the fangs”

They tore as many fangs as they could hold from the bones of the dead basilisk, and they walked back to the opening of the pipe. Ron pulled Hermione onto the back of the broomstick and they flew up into the dark pipe, Hermione’s arms wrapped tightly around Ron’s waist, as to not fall off.

When they got out of the pipe, dismounted the broomstick and stopped to take a moments breath, completely taken aback at what the just did, Hermione hugged Ron again,

“You were absolutely brilliant” she said

You know what happens next, they find Harry, Ron says they ought to save the house elves too, and Hermione kisses him for the first time. I bet Ron is really appreciating S.P.E.W. now, right?

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